28 Apr 2010

Amazing scenes at Gillian Duffy’s front door

Gillian Duffy said in an earlier interview that she’s a fan of Sky News so she may be watching these extraordindary scenes on her telly indoors as the media trample over her front garden.

She’s just sent a Labour press officer out to ask everyone to clear off her front path. Moments before that the Prime Minister left her house after a 45-minute meeting in which he said he’d learnt a lot about her family!

Gordon Brown then made a doorstep statement of “profound apologies” and said he was a “penitent sinner.” Gordon Brown said that he called her “bigoted” because he misunderstood what she was saying to him earlier. Mr Brown said that Mrs Duffy accepted his apology but she hasn’t been seen since to confirm that herself.

A Labour strategist was telling me not very long before this incident that Labour now desperately needed to pull back former Labour voters who’d been alienated over the issue of immigration. Some, he said, were drfiting off to the BNP and some weren’t going to vote.

The problem with Gordon, the aide said, was he just didn’t manage to get himself heard by these voters, unlike Tony Blair. Well, they can hear him now.

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  1. Andy S says:

    Good that he apologised but he did overdo it a bit with his ‘political’ smiley explanation outside the front door…..I wonder what he was saying when he got in the car a second time. Too late now i’m afraid for Gordon, he really has ****** in his chips this time. I think Clegg will gain even more support.

    1. Meg Howarth says:

      Beware Clegg, too, Andy, given the telling piece in yesterday’s Guardian (Clegg accused of hypocrisy over Brussels home sale, p 12). Seems the Lib Dem leader made a £311,000 profit (!) on his Brussels home bought jointly with his wife (in only four years, by the way: bought 2001, sold 2005; quite a return).

      The problem with this for Clegg appears twofold: that he might have used his living/housing allowances over the 10 years he spent in Brussels to buy the house/pay off the mortagage, thus profiting at the taxpayers’ expense, the very thing he denounced during the MPs’ expenses scandal, eg: ‘Politicians who sell their houses and pocket the money still haven’t been held to account’.

      I won’t go on, but snowbloggers can check the piece online if they wish.

      [Adrian: on the matter of LVT you queried on another blog, I’ll respond later today. Just saw this from Andy as I checked the latest blog.]

  2. adrian clarke says:

    He is not used to apologising and i think this attempt to ingratiate himself with the voting public not only will fail but needs to fail .We now see him for the statesman he clearly isnt.

  3. Ayoubi says:

    It takes a brave man to go back to his victim and admit his mistakes, which Mr. Brown has done. An excellent example of ‘restorative justice’. Hope the Labour Party will not kick him out after the elections.

  4. Ray Turner says:

    Watching the story unfold on C4 news today, I can’t help thinking that the media has been stirring things up here.

    Having said that, they have revealed once again what Gordon, and many other politicians, is/are really like.

    Why on earth do we vote for them on the basis of the smiley, hand-shaking, double-glazing salesman stuff…

  5. JustAnObserve says:

    Now we know what Gordon Brown REALLY thinks of voters – and his own Party’s core vote no less.

    Mention immigration, and you’re ‘bigoted’. If memory serves correctly, Labour made a hoo-hah about immigration back in 2005 during the election campaign. They got away with it.

    Not this time.

  6. Zuzana B says:

    I’m very upset about this comment and feel it was xenophobic. I’m from Slovakia and I haven’t flocked here, I came to work and live here because I was headhunted from Slovakia due to my skills. For all those who feel it’s ok to say that, let’s rephrase: “but all these Indians/Arabs coming in, where are they flocking from?” Still sounds ok to you?

    1. Steve Daly says:
  7. Daniel P says:

    WHAT A NON-STORY! There’s no way of having a proper immigration debate in this country. I’m fed up of trying to explain to people who are supposedly well-informed that “immigrant” doesn’t mean “people on benefits”.

    1. adrian clarke says:

      Daniel, i am sure you are right , but this island has a limited capacity and a large number of indiginous people out of work .I believe we need to get these people in work before we can accept more migrants .It is not only the benefit system that is affected , it is housing and health services which we can not properly fund at this moment in time

  8. Ray Turner says:

    Seeing Mrs Duffy’s reaction when told the news of Gordons words, clearly downhearted she said “I can’t believe that, having voted Labour all my life…!”

    That shows the foolishness of voting for the same party time and time again, just because that’s what you always do, its what your grandfather always did etc…

    Particularly after the 2009 Parliamentary expenses scandal, we must all take greater responsibility to look at the politicians, asses their personalities/characters, guage what they are really like and what they really think about the issues.

    Don’t just vote for the badge or the flag…!

  9. Plum Tart says:

    Gordon appologized profusely and sent her some flowers addressed to Mrs. Smith……

  10. Ray Turner says:

    BTW. Liked the end to C4 news this evening. Very witty/appropriate…!

  11. Mudplugger says:

    Wonder which party would dare to paraphrase the Blair slogan with:-
    Immigration ?

    Chances are they’d get even more votes than all the Labour postal-vote fillers can manage between now and next Thursday (and they’re on the case 24/7).

    1. Ray Turner says:

      The BNP or UKIP or the English Democrats might….

  12. Saltaire Sam says:

    I do fear that immigration is rather like the crime statistics – the preception is worse than the reality.

    The trouble is that, as with the economy, none of the parties is giving us the facts. Some are mixing immigration with asylum, whcih are two different things. Some claim that Polish workers are working for peanuts – so why aren’t their employers being prosecuted for not paying the minimum wage.

    We don’t appear to know who is coming in, who is going out; we don’t have statistics on how many British people are benefiting by working abroad. Let’s have some real facts instead of all this anectdotal evidence and spin to win votes.

    1. Andy S says:

      igfnore anyone outside of Great Britain…thats irrelevant. Its about capacity planning, we need a strtegic plan with 1) a tight immigration system 2) deportation of illegals 3) a cap on population based on infrastructure capacity plan……’trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot’ is an obvious analogy for those familiar with measure before metrication.

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