28 Apr 2010

Amazing scenes at Gillian Duffy’s front door

Gillian Duffy said in an earlier interview that she’s a fan of Sky News so she may be watching these extraordindary scenes on her telly indoors as the media trample over her front garden.

She’s just sent a Labour press officer out to ask everyone to clear off her front path. Moments before that the Prime Minister left her house after a 45-minute meeting in which he said he’d learnt a lot about her family!

Gordon Brown then made a doorstep statement of “profound apologies” and said he was a “penitent sinner.” Gordon Brown said that he called her “bigoted” because he misunderstood what she was saying to him earlier. Mr Brown said that Mrs Duffy accepted his apology but she hasn’t been seen since to confirm that herself.

A Labour strategist was telling me not very long before this incident that Labour now desperately needed to pull back former Labour voters who’d been alienated over the issue of immigration. Some, he said, were drfiting off to the BNP and some weren’t going to vote.

The problem with Gordon, the aide said, was he just didn’t manage to get himself heard by these voters, unlike Tony Blair. Well, they can hear him now.

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