11 Sep 2014

Nearly all Scots registered to vote – a boost for the yes vote?

Registration of voters in Scotland ahead of the referendum has reached an all-time high: 97 per cent of the population is now registered.


It’s up 275,000 from December 2011, the end-of-year figures for the time of the last Holyrood elections. Not far off a third of that figure will be 16- and 17-year-olds.

The yes campaign say they think the rest are likely to be dominated by people from more deprived areas of Scotland where support for independence is stronger. That is where the yes campaign has been focusing its registration efforts.

There have long been registration efforts before electoral moments, referenda or elections. You can see on these tables  how this latest surge in registration is actually quite a bit stronger than surges before previous elections for Holyrood and Westminster.

This potential boost for the yes camp comes after a 24-hour period in which the no camp felt they were winning the air war, harrying the independence camp with warnings of economic gloom – some in the campaign team are calling it “shock and awe”.

The registration number boost is a reminder that the dogged and relentless grassroots campaign on the yes side is still a very potent threat, often operating below the radar. If some of the polls are right, the newly registered voters could make the difference.

These constituency tables show you breakdown for each seat.

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