14 Sep 2009

Union boss warned Brown: ‘You could be finished’

GMB boss Paul Kenny tells a private meeting that he told the prime minister on Friday at Chequers that “you will be finished as a political force and as a human being if you follow the Conservative spending cuts agenda.”

Happily for him, it appears that the unions do believe that the PM will mark out a different path to that of David Cameron. There’s some evidence for that, though scarce detail, in Lord Mandelson’s speech today.

In a fringe meeting, three of the major union leaders suggested the unions would hold their nose and try to help Labour get re-elected, or limit any landslide.

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  1. James B says:

    I sometimes wonder about the sensibilities of some people. Why do they hang on, or is it cling on for dear life to something that is so unstable they would be better off swimming off to the nearest island and starting some new that has a better ability to float when the storms arrive. I am, of course, talking about the system. There will come a time when people will get fed up of the aristocratic behavior of our politicians that a revolution will happen and might just be beyond the horizon. And if you think that a revolution wont happen in this civilized society, then how civilized do you think the aristocrats are behaving?

  2. Ray Turner says:

    I agree: some sort of revolution is not entirely inconceivable. We are living through some dangerous times…

    The Bankers aren’t helping matters by paying themselves stupid money again, and as the solution to a debt-fuelled problem is to reflate the burst balloon by taking on more debt, the lunatics really do seem to be in charge of the asylum at the moment…

    I’m also afraid that Gordon is effectively finished as a respected political figure. He’s absolutely no credibility when he says that it is right to borrow heavily and spend now. This is because he’s tarnished by the frequent high-profile claims that he was being prudent, that there would be no more boom and bust, that light-touch regulation was appropriate etc. etc.

    Anything Gordon says these days, has to be taken with a very large pinch, nay a Tablespoon, nay a bucketful of Salt…

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