Diana Magnay

  • 11 Sep 2017

    We were told nothing and received no help. We feel like third-class citizens. This from a barrister living on Anguilla, barely able to contain her frustration at Britain’s hurricane response. The UK and France are now promising more help, and attention to their territories battered by the storm, but does all this show that Britain…

  • 8 Sep 2017

    A woman who procured victims for a grooming gang in Newcastle has been jailed for six years after admitting trafficking for sexual exploitation. The court heard how Carolann Gallon took a 13 year old girl who’d run away from foster care to a flat in Tyneside, knowing she was likely to be sexually abused. Gallon’s…

  • 6 Sep 2017

    Six new reports into the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal have blamed “widespread systemic failure” rather than any specific individuals, saying there was now little they could do to take action against former staff. The council commissioned the reviews after the Jay Report revealed how at least 1,400 children were left at risk of sexual…

  • 4 Sep 2017

    In Syria,  US-backed Kurdish forces have retaken Raqqa’s old city from Islamic State militants. US officials say their coalition forces have now taken control of two thirds of Raqqa, which was deemed to be the capital of the Islamic State group. The coalition forces said retaking the old city represented a crucial milestone, but it…

  • 28 Aug 2017

    Save The Children has called on all sides fighting the Islamic State group in the Syrian city of Raqqa to do all they can to allow civilians to leave safely. The charity says between 18,000 and 25,000 people are left in Raqqa, almost half of them children. Diana Magnay reports now on life in a…

  • 26 Aug 2017

    Once magnificent, now dilapidated. The Venezuelan director Jorge Armand’s new film La Soledad is set in a crumbling mansion in Caracas which was once his family home. Now, it is a metaphor for his country’s inexorable slide into decay.

  • 25 Aug 2017

    Officials in Texas have warned residents to get out now, as the powerful Hurricane Harvey heads towards land. And with it, warnings of 125 mile-an-hour winds and up to three feet of rain, with forecasters already calling it a “life threatening storm”.

  • 24 Aug 2017

    An attack on a hotel on the outskirts of the Yemeni capital Sa’ana by the Saudi led coalition left dozens of people dead. As the coalition steps up its air campaign – the rebel alliance fracturing… 300,000 people joined a rally in Sa’ana today in a public show of support for the former president amid rising…

  • 22 Aug 2017

    The men accused of plotting the Barcelona terror attacks have told a court that a much bigger attack was being planned, striking at the city’s major monuments, according to Spanish reports. And they’ve reportedly claimed that an imam, who died when the gang’s alleged bomb factory blew up, was the ringleader.

  • 21 Aug 2017

    The US navy is ordering a “wide investigation” of its Pacific fleet after the second collision in as many months. In the latest, a search is still under way for 10 US navy sailors missing after their destroyer crashed into an oil tanker near Singapore. The USS John McCain was on its way for a…

  • 18 Aug 2017

    The search for survivors is grim, and, say aid workers, hopes of finding anyone alive beneath the rubble of their homes is dwindling by the day. Six hundred people are still missing after the deadly flooding and mudslides in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. Up to 450 people have now been confirmed dead, many of them children.

  • 17 Aug 2017

    Further updates on the terror attack in Barcelona.

  • 15 Aug 2017

    A river of mud came out of nowhere and swallowed entire communities, an aid worker said today, after devastating mudslides hit the Sierra Leone capital Freetown. The Red Cross said3,000 people are homeless and almost 400 are now confirmed to have died, but that figure is expected to rise as rescue workers desperately search for people beneath the rubble…

  • 14 Aug 2017

    Theresa May will return to work this week, after a walking holiday on the continent. Her Government is expected to publish more detail on the future of our relationship with Europe, including the UK’s negotiating position on customs arrangements and on the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The first “future partnership” paper…

  • 13 Aug 2017

    Ministers who have been at polar opposites of the Brexit debate have joined forces to reassure businesses there’ll be no ‘cliff edge’ after Britain leaves the EU.