Published on 16 Dec 2013

‘We learned from you’ – Kevin Rudd on sexism and swearing in politics

Even for someone who’s proficient in Mandarin, there’s something a little OTT about the former Australian PM’s interest in all things China.

But I think I might have the answer to Kevin Rudd’s speechifying about the future of the world’s emerging super-power. (He’s at it again tonight, incidentally, with another speech on China-America relations.)

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I’m hearing from well-placed sources that a tilt at the United Nations top job may be on the cards for Mr Rudd.

After bowing out from domestic politics, he’s been strutting his stuff as a global statesman.

There are many who doubt he’ll make it. His stewardship of his own Labor party – and his ousting of Julia Gillard – was anything but statesmanlike, his detractors say.

He suffered a bruising defeat at the general election. And then there’s the little local difficulty of the current Australian PM Tony Abbott, who would be required to support a Rudd UN bid.

Mr Abbott said in a recent radio interview: “Do I think that a coalition government is going to rush to find a job for him? No I don’t.”


But for what it’s worth, he may find some backing in the coalition here. He’s well-regarded both by some Conservatives and the opposition, which is quite something.

So does he want the job? I popped the question, and he issued what can only be described as a non-denial denial.

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5 reader comments

  1. Chris says:

    Erm, how about hiring a sound recordist!!! Terrible off camera sound on an interview with an ex Prime Minister!! Channel 4 news technical level is becoming terrible.

  2. Robert Taggart says:

    The very idea – that the Aussies have learned anything (other than how to play sports – better than us !) – be laughable.
    The best the Aussies can claim in the world of politics – is they make up the numbers – on the world stage.
    Hence their obsession with sport – this being the only means by which they can make themselves known never mind heard – to the rest of the world !

  3. Philip Edwards says:


    Kevin Rudd?

    Who gives a flying boomerang?

    He’s just another neocon opportunist, Australian version.

    They come, they go. In his case, upside down and inside out.

  4. Brent says:

    He would introduce a lot of new adjectives and nouns to the UN staffers.

  5. Neil Craig says:

    Difficult to think those in charge would allow somebody from a country that dares to dispute the catastrophic global warming lie.

    Any more than it would be to believe that when C4 were reporting why he lost they would give sufficient weight to the winning party’s popularity being, to a significant extent, due to their opposition to ecofascism.

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