Alex Thomson , Chief Correspondent

Alex is the longest-serving on-screen journalist on C4 News since the channel began. In more than 25 years he's covered over 20 wars; led major investigations and continues to front the programme from around the world.

His journalism has won several BAFTA and EMMY awards; two New York Film and TV Awards and in 2011/12 he was named TV Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society.

He's written two books about the 1991 Gulf War and a travelogue about cycling across India.

He has been External Examiner at Cardiff and currently Bournemouth Schools of Journalism and is Honorary Fellow in Journalism at Falmouth School of Journalism.

  • Published on 28 Jun 2017

    Louise Brookes, who lost her brother Andrew on the Leppings Lane terraces, says the Hillsborough families have shown people all over the world that if you never give up and stay united, hopefully there will be “light at the end of the tunnel”.

  • Published on 24 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    The Russian president enjoys approval ratings Western leaders can only dream of, even as they dismiss him as an isolationist and authoritarian leader. What is the secret of Putin’s appeal?

  • Published on 17 Jun 2017

    French President Emmanuel Macron has called their journalists “agents of influence and propaganda”. No wonder RT, formerly known as Russia Today, says its mission is to improve Russia’s image abroad. And in a rare interview, Margarita Simonyan , the editor of RT has told this programme that they are considering legal action aginst their French…

  • Published on 15 Jun 2017 Sections ,

    Why IS the weather so bad? Please can you fill in the potholes? What about that problem with Turkish tomatoes? Why haven’t you got married again? Did you really mess with the American election? Yes – today was the annual Putin phone-in, as the Russian President fielded questions from a nation getting everything, or ALMOST…

  • Published on 13 Jun 2017

    The Kremlin has dismissed criticism of its tough police response to yesterday’s anti-government protests, which saw more than 1,400 people arrested and the opposition leader Alexei Navalny jailed for 30 days. The authorities literally pulled the plug on his campaign, cutting off his YouTube channel, which had been broadcasting live to tens of thousands of…

  • Published on 12 Jun 2017

    Hundreds of people have been arrested across Russia in one of the biggest anti-Kremlin demonstrations in recent years. Opposition leader and presidential hopeful Alexei Navalny had called for nationwide protests against what he called Vladimir Putin’s corrupt rule.  

  • Published on 9 Jun 2017

    In Scotland, there was almost an entirely separate election campaign, with its own issues – notably the need, or otherwise, for a second independence referendum – and its own voting trends. The SNP is still the biggest party in Scotland by a long way, winning more seats than the other parties combined. But it also…

  • Published on 7 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    The Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon has accused Theresa May of arrogance, as she spoke to a final rally of supporters in Leith, declaring that the election is an opportunity to stop the Tories in their tracks. Four million Scottish voters will be heading to the polls tomorrow.

  • Published on 5 Jun 2017

    Just days before the election, Theresa May has made a campaign visit to Edinburgh, declaring herself a “passionate Unionist”. The Conservatives hope to capture seats on Thursday, but the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon thinks her party could deny Mrs May a Westminster majority.

  • Published on 1 Jun 2017 Sections

    The latest poll of voting intentions in Scotland puts Labour and the Conservatives running neck-and-neck behind the SNP. Both have 25%, the SNP 43% and the Lib Dems just 5 per cent.

  • Published on 30 May 2017 Sections , ,

    The Scottish National Party seem to have put the brakes on their drive for another referendum on independence, shunting it down their agenda until “the end of the Brexit process”. Launching the party’s manifesto today, Nicola Sturgeon said any attempts by the Conservatives to block Scotland having a choice would be “democratically unsustainable”.

  • Published on 23 May 2017

    The area is still cordoned off after last night’s attack, as police and forensic teams search for evidence. Throughout the day, there’s been condemnation of the attack from political leaders nationally and locally, as the city came together in extraordinary fashion through the night and across the day.

  • Published on 18 May 2017 Sections , ,

    In Northern Ireland voters could be forgiven for suffering election fatigue as they trudge to the polls for the seventh time – yes seventh time, in three years. But the parties claim the electorate are motivated by Brexit and the collapse of Stormont. And also motivated by the chance that Sinn Fein – even though…

  • Published on 15 May 2017 Sections , ,

    His father was shot dead by loyalist paramilitaries in front of his family. Now, John Finucane, the son of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane, is standing as Sinn Féin’s parliamentary candidate in North Belfast. The party is confident he can take the seat from the Democratic Unionists for the first time in its history.

  • Published on 12 May 2017 Sections ,

    The former prime minister Tony Blair has said a hard Irish border would be a disaster, with an agreement the best way of limiting damage after Brexit.