24 Apr 2012

Why Whyte is still leaving Rangers fans feeling blue

As ever, Craig Whyte has been forthcoming in his views this morning. We still hope to pin him down on camera later in the day for at least the chance to begin asking some of the many questions folk would like to see put to him.

He has presented something of a moving target in recent days, between the south of France, the Highlands of Scotland and, today, in London.

Unlike the club he still owns an 85 per cent stake in, which currently appears to be going nowhere fast except liquidation.

First off, reacting to the latest fines passed on himself and the non-purchase embargo on the club in terms of player-acquisition for a year, he reiterated his position that at no stage had he ever taken part in the process of investigation by the Scottish Football Association’s independent body.

He told me they never approached him and he never at any stage handed them any “documentary evidence”, and at no stage was he ever called upon to defend his position in any way.

He said: “I’ve been made a complete scapegoat for the mismanagement of Rangers in the 15 years before I came along.”

He blames the maladministration of Sir David Murray almost completely for the mess Rangers is now in and seems to see himself almost as a victim in all this, however bizarre and at odds with some stark realities that might seem. That the club was poorly run is obvious from the debt it was mired in when he took it over and the price tag he was offered of one pound.

“I didn’t make it any worse,” he claims – though the stark figures may say otherwise.

But even that is not, it seems, the fault of Mr Whyte. He talked at length about how there was discussion of going into administration back in October, which he claims he fought against then – and, in fact, this year as well, when it did happen and he left his post as club chairman.

He claims he wanted to pay the money owed the taxman and would have done so, but administration made it impossible due, he says, to the bank freezing the club accounts.

“I could not release funds to HMRC if I’d wanted to because the banks froze the accounts,” he claimed.

He says he still wants the club to have a secure future but claims to want to “maintain a presence” on the board of Rangers FC in order to “generate funds to release my guarantee”.

“I mean this is just common sense, and nobody would bat an eyelid in any other business or walk of life.”

Craig Whyte: “Going forward, of course, I need some presence on the board to generate funds to release my guarantee in the club.”

All in all, he paints a clear self-image of a man who somehow sees himself as another victim in this long and sorry saga. I venture to suggest that Rangers fans are unlikely to buy into this with great enthusiasm.

Probably no fans are. I look forward to discussing it all in greater depth at some point with him.

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  1. Stephen H says:

    Craig Whyte is a total cad and a bounder. but the thing is the people who sold Rangers to him and the more knowledgeable Rangers fans knew all along he was a cad and a bounder.

    They thought he was their cad and bounder though. They thought he would get through the season and do a funny deal – like he has done with lots of companies- that stiffed all their creditors and left Rangers laughing.

    Sadly the internet bampots were onto the game and McCoist borked the cashflow dropping out of every comp at round 1. So now Whyte can only save himself and not Rangers.

    Now the fans are all wanting the Blue Knights to save them, their business plan being err… do exactly what Whyte meant to do at first …stiff all their creditors and walk away from their debts, fire the rubbish players they don’t like and hang on to those they want. Nice plan.

    But now reality hits .. and it’s “nobody told us”, “we never knew” “a big boy did it and ran away” Except loads of people told them. How can it be that most Celtic fans knew Craig wasn’t paying PAYE/NIC in October but none of the Rangers directors or fans did till February?

    Can you imagine Gordon Smith on “The Apprentice” explaining to Alan Sugar in the boardroom how he never knew anything he was just a director it … Craig must have been doing all the paperwork himself, no-one at Rangers knew. It’s no fair.

    1. Marty says:

      Gordon Smith wasn’t a director of Rangers – and Whyte didn’t hold any board meetings anyway. I have no doubt Whyte kept a great deal of information to himself and his own men he put in place, one of whom faces serious allegations in a court case as reported in today’s papers. And please spare us the conspiracy theories about doing a “funny deal”.

  2. The Exiled Tim says:

    I tend to agree with CW that he is being made the scapegoat.

    The MSM are still not going after the real culprits, they have their patsy in CW.

    This is a club who have misappropriated hundreds of millions of the taxpayers money.

    This is a club who have rode roughshod over all in Scottish football since SDM took the helm, it was going on before that, but he escalated things to where we are now.

    This is a club who have cheated all clubs they have played against with their dual contracts.

    This is a club who’s fans have rioted throught europe.

    This is a club who’s fans are blaming everybody but themselfs.

    They have broken many rules and are now bleating cos they are getting punished cos they have been caught.

    They are being treated with kid gloves IMO.

    As yet they have not apologised for their behaviour.

    Many. many jobs are on the line here, and the retort is
    “It wisny our fault, a big boy done it and ran away”

    If the SFA had administered it’s own rules without fear of favor, it would have stripped RFC IA of it’s licence, they have got off very lightly IMO.

    1. Fine and Dandy says:

      The thing that’s amazed me throughout all this is how many people we are being told are to blame in this. Apart from David murray>
      The latest outpouring from McCoist claiming the SFA are to blame is something akin to blaming the police if you get caught mugging a pensioner.

  3. Clarkston Loyal says:

    DAvid Murray ran up the EBT debts that will kill our club. We were still splashing out millions of pounds on players (like Jelavic) despite the taxman warning us they were coming for their EBT dues.
    And Paul Murray et al expect us to follow them again!

    1. sutty says:

      so you deserve the punishment? Go on say it….

  4. John says:

    The end is fast approaching.The Blue Knights are quiet!This may well be the end of Scottish football aswell.Least we know who’s to blame.Its all very well blaming Whyte but surely Murray is just as culpable. Sorry state of affairs.

    1. sutty says:

      dry ur eyes…end of Scottish football my birdie…

  5. Henry Clarson says:

    Shameless liar that he is, Whyte is nevertheless correct about one thing – David Murray is the man who is completely responsible for the mess that Rangers and Scottish football are now in.
    Whyte is merely the guy who bought the Titanic for a pound AFTER it was too late to avoid the iceberg (and boarded his own lifeboat at the same time.)
    Murray was at the helm when it set its reckless and irresponsible course.

    1. Marty says:

      Rangers’ debts were at a manageable level when Whyte took over the club. Of course there was still the big tribunal case to come – but we still don’t know the outcome of that.

    2. sutty says:

      bit like winning that last game at ibroke…it was like winning the bingo on the titanic, lets hope you hold out to the last of game….history will be ours !

  6. Bobby Gillespie says:

    Roll on the big hoose is closing doon, succulent lamb anyone?

    1. Fine and Dandy says:

      I’m only liking this in case you’re the real bobby G. Next time I come and say hello to you at a Spiritualized gig in London, don’t be so shy man, wouldnae hurt you to say hello back

  7. Androcles says:

    Throguh the rabbit hole economics…..coming to a club near you!

    Unfortunately, the mess that is destroying Rangers is not unique in Uk sport or indeed many other aspects of life.

  8. P J Fox says:

    Duff and Phelps,“in our opinion do the panel fail to have properly apportioned culpability between the Club and Craig Whyte”.
    Interesting stuff indeed. It begs the question: have Duff and Phelps properly apportioned culpability between the company they are suing, Collyer Bristow and their employee Withey who is being accused of wrongdoing?
    Withey guilty, Rangers innocent, is that it?
    Let me get this right. Collyer Bristow are liable because Withey had the authority to act on their behalf however, Rangers arent liable because Craig Whyte, the owner, and although having the authority to act on the clubs behalf, should be considered as a separate entity from the club.
    I see said the blind man.
    Duff and Phelps know fine well Craig Whyte had the authority to act on Rangers behalf and the rules of the SFA are clear, Rangers are liable for the actions of their directors, as anyone using this very same argument to pursue £25m should be well aware. What hypocrites they are.

  9. HJC says:

    Henry Clarson, in your small comment you have ecapsulated the truth of this sorry saga and neither Murray or any of the other disreputable individuals have even thought to apologise for their part in Rangers downfall. There is no doubt a lot more pain to come for Rangers Football Club but the ones who caused it are appearing to walk away untouched by the mess they have created. In contrast the loyal Rangers fans who have given most to the club through thick and thin are suffering. What league will Ranfers end up playing in next season, if any

  10. mark sutty says:

    Alex. Loving your work big man. Getting everything that they deserve…..btw when is justice never merited by those being punished….when it is handed out to those that least expect it. What happened to no one likes us and we don’t care attitude of the ragers fans ?

  11. Smithy says:

    If Rangers, the media/press and the fans of Rangers maintain that they are the number one club in the world, then they should also accept that they have to set the highest example.
    When they claim to be the moral guardians of the game, the number one institution, then they should live up to these claims and be above reproach. They claim to be “simply the best”. The best do not need to lie, cheat and deceive. The best accept their punishment when they are caught doing wrong.
    It is a well known saying “if you can’t to the time, don’t do the crime” but typical of Rangers and their supporters, they believe they are allowed to do the crime with NO TIME.
    The actions of Rangers and their supporters is totally unacceptable and is nothing short of bullying and now we have thuggery and threats from them so serious that Strathclyde Police have to offer protection to the committee members less than 24 hours after they have passed judgement on
    some of the charges Ranges face, only some of Rangers crimes, there are more to come. So expect an escalation the threats and level of intimidation that will come from Ranges fans, the press and Scottish government in the weeks to come.
    This is typical behaviour from Rangers and their fans as it is evident from their troubled and violent past that has brought terror and destruction to towns and cities across the UK and Europe. They have never acted like leaders or justified their claims that they “are the people” They are an embarrassment to Scotland and football and are long over due this rude awakening to bring them back to reality in a civilised and honest society.
    We can only hope that the appeal panel are made of strong character and do not give into the threats and intimidation from Rangers fans or the
    pressure from the press/media and the Scottish government to let Ranges off lightly. This will only divide Scottish football and society even further and clearly show that Rangers are allowed to do what ever they like with no reproach or penalty. Every one else must abide by the rules EXCEPT RANGERS will be the clear message sent out if the punishment is diluted in any way.

  12. David says:

    Whyte’s a patsy, the real architects of all this let the kid loose in the sweetie shop for a few months hoping he’d get the blame.

    Today’s rant from McCoist has capped this whole debacle, Rangers should be booted out the SPL, who cares where they go.

    I’d also expect criminal charges for McCoist should any harm come to the officials of the SFA.

  13. Fine and Dandy says:

    Rangers have no-one to blame but themselves for the mess their in at the moment. Blaming the SFA for imposing sanctions is something akin to blaming the Police if you get caught climbing out your neighbours window with their DVD player under your arm. To justify evading sanctions by claiming that the game in Scotland will suffer without you is arrogance personified. Demanding to know the names of the members of the judicial panel, talk of boycotts of away games if they get moved to the 3rd division, all of it is the actions of a condemned man lashing out, and STILL unable to face up to the fact that they cheated every other team in Scotland for over a decade.
    They say today’s the day and that if a deal isn’t struck with a new buyer now then they will go into liquidation. If that’s the case, then justice will have been done.

  14. Drew Adamson says:

    Hard as it may be for fans to swallow, they are associated with their club, and thereby with the owners and officials of that club, ergo what happens at the club, as much as you dislike their embargos, punishments, etc, these are your crosses to bear because it is your club. Crimes deserve punishments,and the only way to deter criminal or fraudulent actions in any walk of life is to set up a tribunal system, whether courts or otherwise, to administer those punishments. if your club’s owner has so little regard for the possible effects of his malpractices on the club, and by association, the fans, then do something about it or get out. If you, the fans, don’t like the owners, protest like crazy unil they sort out their act or go away,and if they don’t, then tough as it may be to understand, it is no longer a club you should wish to be associated with, and you should go and find a club at which your principles will be understood and appreciated. rangers fans to an extent have only themselves to blame. They were warned by several on the blogs etc. to beware CW and chose to ingore the warnings, welcoming him as the New Messiah.
    Here we have a manager who by his ill-thought statements at worst elicits, or even encourages, the worst knuckle-dragging elements of his team’s supporters to grab their battleaxes and march on the headquarters of the SFA, pitchforks and burning torches (maybe ropes and whit e robes with pointy hats?) at the ready. He accuses the SFA panel of possibly putting the final nail in Rangers’ coffin, but a coffin needs many nails to secure its lid, and the other nails include Murray’s mismanagement, the financial sleight of hand of the EBTs, the sale to Craig Whyte, his financial wizardry, the threats and “bombs” directed at Neil Lennon, etc, etc. It may well be that Mr McCoist himself has put the final, final nail in the coffin, in that Scottish football might now say “OK, enough is enough, we’ve had it”, and decide that the best thing for Scottish football’s reputation, if not its financial well-being, is to euthanise RFC. Remember it was only a few years ago that Rangers (and the other guys) decided that they didn’t need the SPL, heading down south was their prime focus. Now, all we hear is “Scottish football needs the Old Firm”.
    And, now that Rangers are in the brown stuff, their fans are taking umbrage that people are apparently enjoying the schadenfreude associated with their potential extinction, it’s perhaps appropriate to bring up Super Ally’s comments, that he “couldn’t say he wasn’t enjoying it”
    Rangers have skewed the financial landscape of Scottish football to their advantage by their illegal dealings, perhaps cheating Celtic out of Championships, perhaps cheating clubs like Hearts, Motherwell, Aberdeen, etc, in years gone by, of 2nd places and depriving them of European participation and the resultant financial benefits, and should consider themselves luck that the penalties applied by the SFA this week are all they were handed down, in the current circumstances, it amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist, as even the transfer embargo means nothing, they can’t even afford to pay for some of the players they’ve recently sold, never mind still have.
    It ain’t all good for the other end of Glasgow where we have a manager, running about in a cheap trackie, foaming at the mouth and ranting at folk like a wee ned oot o his face on Buckie. Can any Celtic supporter mentally put Jock Stein’s head on that of Mr Lennon ranting at a ref and see it making a coherent picture? But that’s less dangerous, and more easily dealt with. I have a mate, a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Tic fan, since 1963, and his only word for NL is “ned”. He won’t waste any more of his (significant) brain power (2 degrees and a directorship of a major company) trying to come up with anything more. Perhaps the removal of RFC from the scene will help to eliminate that crazy, uncontrolled intensity from the equation, but still leave the necessary, and worthwhile, passion.

    If this club was a dog, its owners would be charged with animal cruelty, better to put it down quickly than have it suffer any longer when the outcome is already a certainty.

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