5 Jan 2014

Celtic – Scotland’s modern Millwall?

You can only hope that things will change if enough people point out the bleedin’ obvious: shiny new Glasgow, city of the Commonwealth Games, needs to take a long hard look at itself and try to come into the 21st century.

I refer to Glasgow’s bizarre blindness to racism, bigotry and all manner of criminal activity which would scarcely be tolerated in any other British city outside N Ireland.

Yet, in and around Glasgow it’s scarcely noticed.

But like I say, if enough people call it out things can change.

Nobody around the West Coast seemed to think David Limond’s foul online racist bigotry and intimidation of a woman was odd, or wrong, or unusual. Still less, racist.


In fact it was clearly criminal and eventually Police Scotland were able to act when Channel 4 News gave them evidence they couldn’t refuse. And now one at least of the Ibrox Underclass is awaiting sentence for racially and religiously aggravated online intimidation. Yes – racially.

The victim here is not black, she’s of Irish descent. But racism is racism in fact, in reality, in law – however blind important sections of Glasgow remain to this reality.

So the racial element makes it obviously a landmark, groundbreaking prosecution.

So groundbreaking in fact that it was all but ignored by the Glasgow-dominated Scottish media. You really do have to wonder why? They’ll have another chance this week when Limond is sentenced in Ayr. Will they take it?

So quite rightly Police Scotland are on a roll here. They’ve successfully taken the law to online criminality. It’s a significant step. But there’s more to be done. A lot more. Right now, for instance, the police should be very interested in Celtic’s underclass doing much the same thing as Limond. I know for certain at least one key detective involved in the Limond case already has evidence.

Huddleboard & Celtic’s increasingly toxic image

Take, for example, the site known as the Huddleboard.

This purports to be a fans’ forum where people come and sound off from behind their keyboards in relative anonymity, brave men that they are – and they are mostly men it seems. Fair enough, passion and free speech and all that.

Except that those running this site either don’t seem to know or care that comment is one thing, crime is another.

Hot on the success of prosecuting Limond the excellent detectives of Police Scotland may well now be taking a close interest in Huddleboard and those who run it.

In reality Huddleboard is just another facet of the increasingly toxic public image of Celtic. The Seville days are ancient history. Like a bully with no natural competitors (though Rangers are on their way back), the Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums as if we’re living in 1974.

They are Scotland’s modern Millwall: an underclass of extreme politics and mindless violence – the same old toxic brew.

That’s the Celtic Underclass on tour. The same cancer is reflected online. On Huddleboard for instance in recent days.

Open threats

Here so-called Celtic “supporters” openly threaten precisely the same journalist as Limond did. They threaten her with blatant physical and sexual assault for doing her job. It’s disgusting and laughably stupid – and yes guys – deleting any of it now is far far too late.

Even in the unlikely case of it being Rangers ‘fans’ on the stir, it is apparently being tolerated by the people moderating and running the site who bear responsibility in law. The details of the criminals engaged in this vile, inadequate idiocy will be known to those running the site. Their details are logged. And no, you can’t delete them either. Should they wish not to give such information to Police Scotland they will place themselves in an interesting position legally.

I have good reason to suppose the police may well soon require such information and rightly so.

Hiding behind having a server in the US is unlikely to hold up before a determined and professional police force. Hiding and huddling – not exactly heroic. I would advise the Huddleboard moderators to start moderating, publicly apologise for the criminality that has been published by fans and wipe this stuff from their output forever in future – though it may well be too late for that, legally speaking.

Calling time on Glasgow’s culture

Yet again, alongside Limond the obvious criminality on this site is startlingly clear to an outsider yet around Glasgow of course few even appear to notice.

But this is now. New Year. 21st Century. Post-Limond. Police aware. If Glasgow culture’s still stuck in early twentieth century tolerance of this filth, there are many outwith Clydeside who are not, and are calling time on you, here and now.

There are many well-moderated Scottish football sites run by grown-ups who can distinguish between a comment and a crime – The Scottish Football Monitor is one. Huddleboard is not one.

And just as Rangers should have publicly condemned Limond’s criminality what of you Celtic?

What do you say about a website tolerating comments threatening physical and sexual assault against a woman journalist who simply pointed the finger at your violent, hate-filled underclass?

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193 reader comments

  1. Michael Blower says:

    Why the need to reference Millwall in this article?

    Disgraceful, lazy journalism.

    1. Timo says:

      Spot on son.When we were formed we were,and always will be to some people,’London Scottish.’
      That is exactly where it ends.

    2. jimmy says:

      the past has caught up with celtic fans .success after success OFF the field compared to Rangers fans gave them an air of invicibility .a monster was created and now the towns and cities of scotland and further afield are paying the penalty . lawwell must take a huge portion of blame but journalists like alex thomson watched it all unfold too

    3. Macs says:

      How many times have Scottish foot ball fans been banned from games in Europe a big fat zero how many times have Welsh fans been banned that’s right a big fat zero ,how many times have Irish fans been banned that’s right a big fat zero ,now for this one there’s a different answer,how many times have English fans been banned from Europe……????

  2. Sandy says:

    You’re absolutely right about anonymous kyboard hardmen in general, and some of the posters on the Huddleboard in particular, and I’d be glad to see them get a visit from plod, however your claim that the Celtic support is Scotland’s Millwall in terms of violence are ridiculous. Can you back these up with any sort of statistics? If you’re going to mention seats at Motherwell, and that was a disgrace, please mention all other instances of broken seats in the past few weeks.

    1. @IanAlexanderRFC says:

      he could be referencing Dens Park , Tynecastle, Fir Park, The Scottish Youth Cup at Firhill, Amsterdam, Brentford, Lincoln to name a few

  3. kiza says:

    At least you’re starting to get a sense of balance by understanding that bigotry is a two way street in the West of Scotland and not a one sided affair, Alex.

    We’ve had this sort of intimidation for years by both sets of old firm fans, now the east end clubs fans are starting to be found out.

    1. Peter says:

      Probably the most ignorant and idiotic statement to make is that bigotry is something that was confined to the west of Scotland, Glasgow or two clubs. (Or three clubs if you include Rangers old and new)

      Bigotry is something that is enshrined in this wonderful country of ours and as long as public displays of anti-catholic hatred are allowed via thousand of Orange parades every year, don’t even think of blaming bigotry on that wonderful “sit on the fence” comment “both sides”.

      Let’s take a look at two extremist organisations – EDL & Orange Order.

      The EDL can dress up their demonstrations any way they want but underneath the mask the core reason for being in existence is a hatred of Muslim / Islam / Black

      The Orange Order can dress up their demonstrations any way they want but underneath the mask the core reason for being in existence is a hatred Catholics / Irish

      If the BNP or EDL came to your town you would probably be appalled.

      If you aren’t equally appalled at the Orange Order then you are the one with the problem because you accept bigotry as part of the fabric of this nation.

      Institutionalised bigotry is part of your mindset and you can’t even begin to understand it let alone deal with it.

      You want to talk about bigotry? You want to bring it out into the open and sort it?

      Good – i’m all for it.

      But if you think this is merely a football issue where all the bigotry is a product of two sets of clubs in Glasgow – you have a lot of learning to do.

      1. Bear says:

        So I assume you would think Republican/IRA Parades are for everyone and not extremist in the slightest? What a fud!

      2. Bruce67 says:

        I’d happily see none of them, but lets get real here – how many Republican or IRA parades (whatever they are) do you see compared to Orange Walks?

      3. Anon says:

        Spot on Peter.. Alex you should perhaps do an article on growing up as a Catholic in Ayrshire as you ain’t even close on what it’s really like.. Football is only on the periphery

      4. Patrick says:

        Well said—–this nonsense that anti-Catholicism and anti-Irish racism is all to do with football must be exposed.

        The insidious influence of the Masonic Order is far more malign than that of the drunken no-surrender monkeys for whom everyday is the 12th of July. It pervades all sections of soclety and by its nature goes un-noticed until one is on the receiving end of it.It exists from Gretna to John O’Groats.

      5. Derek B says:

        Scotland is by no means awash with sectarianism. Overwhelmingly, people of various faiths and none coexist and interact perfectly peacefully and happily in modern Scotland. There is no significant discrimination in employment or any other field. The tribalistic elements of behaviour associated with two football clubs are certainly not representative of Scotland as a whole. This is good news – but for some reason some people don’t want to hear it.

      6. john Redmond says:

        so where does Bigotry start? does it start when you separate children when they are 5 years old based solely on what religion they are?
        The Orange order is not a catholic hating organization and you are showing your ignorance by thinking it is, I suggest you do some research before you start spouting your biased views.

      7. Jamie McGowan says:

        So why do we not have this same level of bigotry in any other country that has Catholic schools? his argument is a smokescreen to hide the fact thst catholics have been treated as second class citizens for years in Scotland, particularly the west of Scotland. Oh, and take a look at the education successes of Catholic schools, or doesn’t that fit your hate filled agenda?

      8. Bruce67 says:

        Quite. Kids get separated for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes its economic, when some kids get sent to fee paying schools, sometimes its even just because they live in different catchment areas. When I was 5 my neighbours went to a non denom school, I went to a Catholic school. We weren’t seperated, we still played together.

        This canard about the schools is nothing less than an attempt to shift the blame for sectarianism onto catholics. The truth is that bigots learn hatred in the home. Schools can rarely overcome that.

      9. kiza says:

        Fine, bring it out into the open, no problem with that, as long as you are accepting that bigotry in Scotland, more so the WoS than the rest of the country is indeed a two way street, in that there are are indeed bigots from the Catholic population of the country. You mention the Orange Order, are you so ignorant to think that every Protestant supports the Orange Order, the organisation has approx. 60,000 members in Scotland, hardly representitive of the Protestant population of the Protestant population I hasten too add. As for the EDL, I’m sorry but in what way are they a factor of any relevance in Scotland, or are we to assume that the Scottish Protestant is responsible for these peoples’ actions as well.

        However if you want to expand this, let’s look at the RC Church and their stance of one religion education, that is Roman Catholic only schools, is that not helping to create a problem and suspicion between religions from an early age or is that opinion persona non-gratis because it doesn’t fit into your general idea of what bigotry is. Try and accept that this is indeed a problem from two sides instead of allowing your obvious distaste of one part of Scottish community cloud your judgement.

      10. thomas haverstock says:

        We have no problem here in Canada with the Roman Catholic schools They do not create problem at all They give a first class eduction to there pupils But this is not Scotland is it

      11. Alan Hollis says:

        No, catholic schools do not promote intolerance and bigotry, at least not from within. I can say that wholeheartedly as someone who attended such schools.

      12. kiza says:

        Peter if you can’t understand that bigotry in Scotland, more so in the West of Scotland then I’m afraid you’ve got a lot of learning to do as regards the subject. It’s not solely about the clubs they are only the focal point for many, it’s about the fact that many from both sides of the Protestant/Catholic divide won’t or can’t accept that each has a right to practise their own outlook. As far as the football is concerned both sets of support have got bigots in their midst, try and accept that.

  4. Eddie Docherty says:

    What utter dross, Alex. I post on the Huddleboard and don’t deny that there are some loonballs posting on the site – and have consistently criticised the women-haters on there. However, your generalisations about the Celtic support are laughably inaccurate. Violent incidents involving Celtic fans? Name them. Stadium damage? Motherwell. Any others in the last 30 years? You’re the fact-finder- let’s see some.

    1. choochooblue says:

      Celtic fans damaged 200 seats at Hampden in cup defeat versus Killie , 150 seats damaged by your own fans in section 111 in league defeat by St.Johnstone at Celtic park , 1100 seats broken at Rugby park the day Celtic won league ’07 , Stewards assaulted & pie stalls ransacked at Tynecastle , Dundee riots of boxing day ’12 , dreadful scenes at Fir park , some dreadful behaviour in friendlies down south, Dam square speaks for itself , do not forget 8 charges & fines by Uefa for misbehaviour of Celtic fans since ’03 , a section of your fans are a disgrace and have been for a number of years , open your eyes Eddie, sweep sweep no more.

      1. newman says:

        Any Rangers 1872/The Rangers 2012 fan,commenting or complaining about Celtic fans is like the Yorkshire ripper phoning the council to complain about litter. This is a set of fans who left Manchester looking like a 3rd world warzone , rampaged their way through many European cities. They even managed a ban following Euro cup winners cup win in 1972.

      2. boaz says:

        im sick of hearing selic fans rubbish Rangers fans for what happened in manchester , it was clearly mismanagment of the fans by police that caused most of the problems, apart from the element that was nothing to do with rangers and were just there to cause trouble . but what if we did cause damage to an English city a couple of hundred years ago we would have got medals for it!

      3. Liam says:

        Dundee “Riots” ? Was at the game a totally exaggerated, not exactly on par with Manchester, Barcelona, Romania, Newcastle, etc etc

        Rangers fans vandalise celtic park toilets.

        When rangers newco damaged falkirks AstroTurf with a flare causing thousands if pound worth of damage.

        The Youth Cup was Rangers “Fans” aswell as Celtic.


        At Home at Ibrokes.




        Celtic park singing anti catholic songs infront of Police while vandalising the Tiolets

        I am just glad their was no damage to any seats during this Hmmm.


    2. blueburritto says:

      Lets not forget Dundee and Hearts last year or preseason down in Brentford,its all there on youtube.

  5. Fraser Iain Munro says:

    Well said Alex , instead of celebrating our successes A large proportion of Celtic fans want to sing about Norther irish politics. The dont even believe its secterian to do so!! I am completely sick of secterian beliefs I am Scottish , a Celtic fan and though I dont practice any religion I am Protestant.
    I would be less disgusted if these so called hard liners had the courage of thier convictions and , Maned up , like Millwall to fight for these extreme belief’s. HH

  6. joe strummer says:

    When is the blog appearing on the endemic anti-British racism and sectarianism in Scotland ?

  7. Raymond Lee says:

    Unfortunately their are centuries of bigotry in this country and it will take generations of hard work to get rid of it!
    It is not the majority but the minority of ‘dunderhead’s’ who preach this rubbish as anyone with half a brain can see through it but the authorities need to grow a set of b***s and deal with it.
    I am an ex member of the armed forces and watching the next generation of them being trooped out to the bile that is spewed out at Ibrox is embarrassing but what is worse is that it was not dealt with afterwards! Shame on those in charge.

  8. joe strummer says:

    No blog yet on the endemic anti-British racism and sectarianism, Alex ?

  9. Alexander Donnelly says:

    “The Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums as if we’re living in 1974.”

    This is a very strange statement to make, Alex. As far as I’m aware, there has been one well-publicised (and admittedly bad) incident at Motherwell. Aside from this, what other incidents do you refer to?

    After all, to be “consistently violent” there must be more than a single occasion.

    Furthermore, if the next point you make in response is “Amsterdam” – I would remind you that a large number of foreign supports have visited Ajax in recent years and been embroiled in similar trouble. There is a single common denominator in that trend, one which I would suggest does not hail from the East End of Glasgow.

    Aside from the seat breaking at Motherwell, what other violence have Celtic fans committed? Millwall hooligans were rightly dreaded due to bringing a chaotic and seemingly uncontrollable violence against people wherever they went, and so to compare the two you must have some sort of evidence for this?

    After all, as a journalist, you wouldn’t simply post some sensational attention-seeking comparisons without substantiated proof, surely?

    1. blueburritto says:

      Lets pretend Dundee Hearts Lincoln and Brentford didn’t happen over the last few years Mr Donnelly, btw I believe Celtic reported an attendance of 51000 against Partick……….hahaha

      1. ethel cardew says:

        Who cares did your old club pay their taxes like ours always has? will your NEW CLUB have enough money left after paying the Pie Muncher his 800K/per annum to pay taxes?

      2. ethel cardew says:

        It just struck me that there are fair amount of supporters on here from Scotlands newest club RangersSevco 5088. Now why would fans of a 3rd tier outfit that plays Jiners and Binmen feel the need to comment on things about a club they have never played?

        What makes them so special that they feel they need to wade in on a topic that as supporters of a team that has never been in the top flight they feel entitled to have an expert opinion. I would take the opinion of a Morton fan over one of this Sevconian outfit anyday.

        I mean talk about Obsessed.

      3. kiza says:

        Ethel, either try and debate about bigotry without the nonsense reference by calling a football club a name that it very evidently is not known as. Either that or stay in the kitchen and peel some spuds.

  10. Nick says:

    How DARE you mention us (Millwall) in the same breath of those IRA sympathising (or worse) anti British anti forces anti Monarchy scum ! We are more like Glasgow Rangers in beliefs . You lazy journo , whats up ? Needing attention ? Wanna make a name for yaself ? Next time do some homework you ignorant fool . And of course my beloved Millwall is an easy target for you vermin journo’s right ? We are use to it . But do NOT EVER liken us to THEM !

    You are a disgrace .

    Nick / Millwall fan

    1. Coldo says:

      Alex, always been a fan of your journalism but the inaccuracies in this column is atrocious. You have absolutely no evidence to support these claims. I dont visit the huddleboard forum and have not for around 7 years now but and my opinion was always that even a well balanced debate would be ruined by a handful of idiot, more than likely niave kids! Forums like this have their place but you are right, need to be correctly moderated but its only a small step in eradicating generations of sectarian hatred which, quite frankly, has no place in modern society.

      I dont agree that this is only a problem in the west of scotland, sectarian marches are widespread throughout the country. Even to eradicate sectarianism from football grounds the nation is still awash with Orange lodges, Hibs Walks, Sectarian Marches etc. Until someone stands up to eliminate this element of society then the problem will still exist for generations to come… sad truth is football is only part of the issue!

      Like i say, i enjoy your blogs on both football and foreign affairs. I can only trust that you will put more research into future blogs than you have into this one.

      Nick the millwall fan, your attitude sums up everything that Alex has touched on for the best part of two years now… your mind set of what celtic represent is misguided and idiotic and its no surprise to see that its closely associated (as you so freely admit) with the blue side of glasgow!

    2. Iaon Robertson says:

      Sorry Mr Griffin I don’t think he meant any insult.

    3. Pat says:

      I am a Celtic & millwall fan. Why do you pigeon hole all football fans as if they belong to a sect. That’s actually what holds the wotking class apart .follow your team .

    4. Iain says:

      You should be proud a club like millwall should be graced in the same island as celtic.

  11. rab says:

    The huddleboard comments rightly publicised and should be dealt with, no doubt Celtic have fans that bring shame on our club, just as every club has a % of morons and criminal idiots.

    On a par with Millwall? Get a grip Alex, sure there has been pyro, banners and broken seats in one stadium, but you make out this is a Celtic phenomenum. Check the damage aberdeen fans done at Celtic park recently, motherwell damaged a lower league stadium when being put out the cup, sevco burning falkirks pitch with a flare, sevco still singing famine song and billy boys, hearts and hibs fans fighting on the pitch at the new year derby.

    Your hyperbole belittles your status as a very good journalist, no need for such anti celtic rhetoric when it is clearly not a serious or celtic only problem.

    The huddleboard stuff could and should have been the point of your blog, and hopefully is dealt with swiftly and severely. But you do Angela a disservice by diluting the main point with outlandish claims of violent celtic vandals destroying stadia across Scotland. Again i say, hibs and hearts fans where fighting on the pitch during the sell out new year derby which could have resulted in some very serious trouble.

    You done some superb work on the rfc scandal up here Alex, dont ruin it by trying to appear all things to all people, stick to the facts, report them fairly, dont try to appear impartial by over egging your initial serious point about Angelas abuse by including one sided hyperbole and exaggeration.

  12. Paul O'Neill says:

    An uncomfortable truth for those of us who love Celtic. A once lively and freewheeling Celtic fans forum, the huddleboard, has over the years degenerated into a cesspit. The moderators are criminally responsible if they have tolerated threats against a journalist or anyone else.

  13. Paul Beer says:

    “the Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums as if we’re living in 1974.”

    “Consistently”- can you please supply supporting evidence of this please Alex?



    1. blueburritto says:

      Youtube is a wonderful thing Paul just type in Celtic v Brentford it will show the so called greatest fans in the world in all their glory.Hey when you get the Celtics supporters spokesperson stating that the Celtic support should be allowed to sing IRA songs what do you expect

  14. shirley watson says:

    Im in paranoia of the media, but do hold c4 news in high regard on representing the news.So lm shocked when you refer to certain Celtic fans in the same breath as that of Millwall.I don t use the Huddleboard website so have to rely on journalists like yourself Firstly l do believe that sectarianism and bigotry is unfortunately part of Scottish society.At times, it is allowed to breathe even under the eye of Police Scotland and the Justiciary.But lm shocked that to equate it to Millwall is too extreme and more complex up here than down south.It is worrying that a small element have become more radical.But l think for me, l worry more about the folk who don t belong to the underclass, becoming more and more marginalised because of who they support what church they go to and the colour of the political flag they fly.

  15. Michael Lyden says:

    This is a minority of our supporters that let the club down (every football club in the world has this minority of fans who do the same). Its obvious to me that your just writing rubbish to fill the news. Celtic is actually known across Europe for having some of the best fans there is. You could have chosen any club to write this about, the problem is in football in general. As I said previously it is a MINORITY! that let the sport down. Your talking about ONE comment made by ONE fan on the internet! This fan does not represent our club, nor does he represent ALL our other fans. He is the minority.

  16. Paul says:

    Very disappointing article and point of view Alex. The actions of a small minority being made out to be Celtic fans as a whole. I agree there are some idiot fans who are damaging our reputation but what about the thousands of fans who follow Celtic every week without the slightest hint of trouble.

  17. Lesley Paton says:

    Well said Alex , another Alex (Sir Alex Ferguson) said ” Celtic ” It’s a classless club with no respect towards others. They’re not popular at all amongst the big clubs ”
    It appears neither do their fans , they have been protected way too long by the powers that be . Perhaps now something maybe done about it.

  18. Fitzy says:

    “the Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums as if we’re living in 1974”

    Asides from a couple of dozen plastic seats being broken at ONE match in the last twenty years (approx 800 matches), I am unaware of any other incident of Celtic fans ‘attacking’ stadiums. It thus seems quite a jump to claim Celtic “is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums”.

    Please provide evidence to support this claim, or retract it due to its being completely inaccurate.

    Although I suspect you won’t because your false narrative – namely that Celtic fans AS A WHOLE endorse violence – is shown to be illogical and wrong.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Quite. Its a ludicrous statement. As I’ve asked else where here, how many Celtic supporters have been jailed for attempting to murder an opposition manager? How many Celtic supporters have been jailed for actual physical assaults on an opposition player or manager? Most violent support in the UK? We’re not even the most aggressive and violent support in our home town.

  19. John Pollock says:

    My initial reaction to this article is one of utter disbelief Alex. Where is this violence you speak of? This stinks of the old media classic in this country of evening the score. One is as bad as the other. Notwithstanding the undeniable idiots who are out there, your slanderous comparisons are laughable. Provide this evidence of violence or apologise.

    1. Blueburritto says:

      I will provide them,Lincoln Dundee Hearts Brentford,just google those ,then type in Celtic,its all there.

  20. Owen Mitchell says:

    This is the most lazy, unfounded and tenuous piece of nonsense I’ve clapped eyes on in a fair while. Millwall have for years spread their racism, violence and downright poison, gaining a reputation as the most odious set of ‘supporters’ in English (and British) football. Celtic fans on the other hand – minus a minority of buffoons who’ve shamed the club occasionally – have built a reputation as great fans, as many, many sets of supporters, were you to actually get off your stiff behind and do some proper investigating, both nation and Europe-wide, would testify. It is just so, so lazy to make such a tenuous connection. If, as you say, posters on this ‘huddleboard’ have made comments of such a heinous and disgusting nature, then I condemn them wholly and hope that they are dealt with accordingly. However, as others above me have highlighted – you’ve presented no factual content, and your article smacks of nothing but desperation and bitterness. I wonder if huddleboard rejected your application…

    1. James read says:

      I’m a Millwall fan so is my 12 yr old boy and my dad and he’s dad , it’s our local club , we’re from South London .
      I’d rather not that myself nor my family where labelled racists , or thugs etc etc . The small mindedness of people who believe the papers and take no time to form their own opinions is the real threat . Hopefully when your all grown up enough to think your own thoughts other than that which you are spoonfed you will realise that the stereotypes you talk of makes you the bigot ?

  21. Sean mcmonagle says:

    Deeply respect your jornalistic integrity. One of the few British journos that I would. But your generalisation of Celtic fans and supporters is a major disappointment. I accept that a small number of numptys are attempting to ‘ultra’ the support presents problems. First the image of the club and fans second presents cover for the sectarian anti Irish racist to undermine club atomsphere and roots. The key determine for these numptys has been genuine fans, facing them down and rejecting their negative actions. Huddle board should do same. But they nor huddle board commentators are no reflection of wider Celtic support and should not be presented as such.

  22. lee b says:

    Any legitimate reason to mention Millwall? No, thought not. No research into the links and similarities you claim? How about you get off your lazy ass and just spend ten minutes doing some actual journalism work and look into things, then come back and justify your article. An apology or justification would be nice, will even accept a lazy one! Disgraceful article

  23. Fr Hiroshima Twinkie says:

    I wont hold my breath on any convictions being made from the huddleboard site. They seem write such things on a daily basis with impunity.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      You know that how? You have a log in? As far as I know, you have to know a member of the Huddelboard to get on.

      And, no, I’m not a member. Which also means I can’t look in to see what’s being written.

  24. B V says:

    Alex , I’ve always admired your incredible and inspiring style of journalism . One if not possibly the main reason I’ve converted to CH4 news.
    However this is far below you. I’m not arguing or even up for debating the bile that goes on in internet chat / websites etc. there is no justification for Racisim, sexism or sectarianism anywhere especially a modern day Scotland .
    But to call us Scotland’s Millwall is just simply pathetic and quite ridiculous. I could go on about free speach what we want to sing is about choice. Weather you agree with it or not.
    Can you explain how you are able to claim =, the Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK who attack stadiums as if we’re living in 1974. – As this is quite a remarkable and without hard evidence scandalous statement and inevitably below you .

  25. justshatered says:

    This is an easy article to write considering the amount of column inches already written in Scotland regarding these incidents. I must admit I don’t think I have ever visited the Huddleboard website however it is not just Celtic fans who are no causing issues in stadia.
    In the recent Hibs Hearts match there was two fans seemingly fighting on the pitch when Hearts equalised as well as general disorder within the stadium itself. A steward was recently injured at a St. Johnstone game which did not include Celtic. At the same time fans of other clubs are also letting off flares and smoke bombs.
    These issues are also not restricted to the top league. There was major disorder recently in a Championship game where more arrests were made than at Celtic’s Boxing Day game at Dundee.
    While not trivialising any of the above events Celtic clearly sell copy and it is easier to write five articles about every incident than it is to report other issues.

    One exception with your article Alex. Rangers are in liquidation and when ‘The Rangers’ arrive in the SPFL it won’t be a return because they have never been in the league before. For a journalist dealing in facts this is one you really ought to get correct. ‘The Rangers’ fans may claim that they are the same club, and threaten everyone who claims they are not, but when it is not true it should be pointed out at every opportunity. If ‘The Rangers’ fans demanded that everyone believe the earth is flat would you be so accommodating? I think not.
    Please don’t encourage fantasies as this is one of the main issues preventing Scottish football ‘moving on’.

  26. Emmett says:

    It is genuinely funny that Alex would put the only fanbase in Britain with a left wing and internationalist hue into the same category as Millwall.By all means try and get some attention for yourself Alex but do try to keep some perspective and keep an eye on yourprofessional reputation for yourself.Seems a bit mean-spirited too that Alex chooses to pontificate about some broken seats and laptop hardmen but forgets to mention that the trial of the alleged murderers of Celtic fan Kevin McDaid commenced this week…..strange prioities indeed.

  27. don says:

    Tell lies about rangers is okay your their hero,tell truth about celtic they go banannas g f i t world in your dreams scotlands shame dont use old anti irish card either thats wearing thin.Ironic phil and angie claiming abuse couldnt give them red neck with a blow torch.

  28. David says:

    Alextomo- what allot of utter codswallop !! You should be sectioned for that and the rest of yiz who are agreeing with this idiot

  29. Jeff Lynn says:

    Oh dear Alex ,who,s got at you. To blame sectarianism ,bigotry,on football clubs is like blaming soldiers for World War One, when I can practise any religion I want to and be prime minister or king of my beloved country then I will accept that this land is not institutionally corrupt. I do note the cynical contempt for our fine professional police force ,was this Your real point.

  30. Iaon Robertson says:

    Alex, I am gob smacked. I would expect this sort of rant from the Scottish media, but from you, some one who I follow with regard I am appalled at such rubbish.
    As for the ‘gentleman’ who follows Millwall and does not with to be associated with Celtic as they are more like the club that used to be rangers……. well that speaks volumes.
    As for the Huddleboard I cannot comment as I do not use it, so I take your word for it…or would have until I read your ‘piece’.

  31. Cosmic Truth says:

    Lesley, I’ll accept what you claim, that Alex Ferguson said Celtic are a classless club.

    Mr Ferguson also told us he was forced out of Rangers for the heinous crime of marrying a catholic, and who said he would never take his team back to Ibrox after the constant abuse the Rangers support dished out to his players in a pre-season tournament.

    Much as it’s disappointing if he has said these words, I’d much rather be labeled classless than sheer bigots who not only refused to employ catholic’s, but who got rid of players who married catholic’s.

    As for the story, yes, like all clubs, there is a small element of our support who let the club down, but to label the Celtic support anywhere as bad as Milwall is insanely over the top Alex.

    1. John Donald says:

      How many protestants have there been on the Celtic board ? Don’t bother looking for the answer coz here it is NONE. So don’t give it the rangers are a sectarian club because pacific shelf fc are as well

      1. Bruce67 says:

        The make up of the Celtic board obsesses some of you. If you’re saying that there’s no-one on the Celtic board who isn’t a catholic, then you’re just plan wrong. Do some basic research before you post such nonsense.

        The reality is that Celtic signed a Protestant manager some 40 years before Rangers signed a Catholic manager. Had players of all denominations during that long, long period when Rangers wouldn’t play a Catholic. Indeed, several of the most loved Celtic players, like Danny McGrain, were Protestants. A player or manager’s religion has never been of any consequence to Celtic or the Celtic support. The sheer nerve of you to suggest that Celtic is a sectarian club when your own club’s polices were famous around the world.

        You’ll be looking up what school Celtic’s groundsmen went to next.

  32. Robert Lake says:

    Has the author ever been to Millwall FC. Another sloppy journalist using the club as an analogy but has no idea about the club nor majority of supporters. Admittedly the club has struggled with idiots attracted to a media created image but this does not reflect the majority.
    The “real” fans first voted for a black player of the year in 1977, Phil Walker and he has subsequently been followed by Trevor Lee, John Fashinu, Tony Witter, Tony Warner ,Tamika Mkanawire, Jimi Abdu and Danny Shittu amongst others. Three of the last four players of the year are black men.
    Millwall had the first affiliated women’s team. Millwall was the first club to have an equal opportunities policy. As a club they become involved in social issues affecting the local community; just ask the recently ennobled Mizen family of the support the club has proffered in facilitating their campaign against knife crime. Ask Health minister Jeremy Hunt about Millwall football club’s involvement in thwarting his campaign to close Lewisham hospital.
    In 50 years of attending the ground I have never seen any connection to far right politics and historically has if anything supported left of centre campaigns

    1. Paul Kennedy says:

      I found your points very interesting mate. I will be honest, I assumed the negative press about Millwall was true, which is hypocritical of me because I get frustrated at the ill-informed and frankly (in many cases) bigoted, anti-Celtic nonsense thrown around as fact. We have a minority of clowns, as do all supports but Alex, who I respect, has been very lazy here, in an attempt to prove how unbiased he is? I am not blinded and my head isn’t in the sand but his swipe at Celtic here is ott and it appears he’s also way off the mark regarding your own club. Come on Alex, you are better than this.

  33. Raymac says:

    Alex,in your attempt to appear even-handed you have presented hearsay as evidence.No doubt seats were broken at various stadiums. This happens everywhere.Where there is no option vis a vis standing areas it will occur regularly.I would contend that the Celtic support are well behaved apart from a very small minority.
    You are also well aware that the media in all it’s guises in Scotland are just waiting to pounce if anything at all occurs that can be used to tar Celtic supporters with the same brush as a recently formed club.
    The Huddleboard should have moderators.
    They should protect the name of the site and that of Celtic football club.
    I imagine you to be a more accurate broadcaster than most.
    This article is not accurate.
    PS—If you want to look at online wrecking go to Youtube and watch the old Rangers suort destroying toilets at Celtic Park, aided and abetted by the Scottish Police.
    Alternatively you could sing a song like the Roll of Honour (terrible song by the way) and get a visit from Scotland’s finest at 4 o’clock in the morning.
    That should give you your jollies.

  34. Pogue_Mahone says:

    “Nobody around the West Coast seemed to think David Limond’s foul online racist bigotry and intimidation of a woman was odd, or wrong, or unusual. Still less, racist.”

    99.9% of the West Coast would never have heard of Limond or his disgusting comments until Ch. 4 raised them. As you say he’s now awaiting sentence so don’t make ludicrous sweeping statements like the one above.
    The Huddleboard posters should be treated the same as Limond if found guilty but to liken Celtic fans to a modern day Millwall is lazy sensationalistic journalism which I thought you were better than.

    p.s. no club or company comes back from liquidation.

  35. Jennifer Bradley says:

    Wow, you sir may even have surpassed the MSM with this inaccurate and downright lazy ‘journalism’. Please provide evidence of your claims other than the fact you’ve viewed an online forum for village idiots or retract this pile of utter garbage.

    Wasnt so long ago Alex you were hanging around the Gallowgate like a rotten smell attempting to get anyone to take notice of you as you hailed the wonderful support of our club. Now no one is reading the drivel you have been recently writing you have returned to our city and attempted to damage our almost impeccable reputation for your own gain.

    Not only lazy and inaccurate but slanderous and self serving, shame on you … Millwall indeed!!!

  36. Balticblue says:

    As usual all we can see is whataboutery from celtc fans and only one guilty plea as they’ve been getting away with miser for years as both lennon & liewell
    Praised the GoonBrigade. We’ll now it’s come he to roost as they rampaged at Firhill v Rangers & Dundee Dec’12 and at Tynecastle 18 months ago and at Lincoln 3yrs ago and at Brentford pre season then of course they were all innocent in Amsterdam Aye Right. The MSM in Scotland are as much to blame in this as they’ve pandered to them constantly and its nice to see someone take them on at last but expect torrents of abuse as your lovers will turn on you like no other as you’re looked upon as one of the bhoys by the deluded and get ready for the deny & deflect mob in abundance

  37. ethel cardew says:

    Yesterday’s man now just like the rest of the MSM is Scotland.. LAZY and uninformed How can he make such accusations without actually being a member of the HB? its a referral site only. Now if he is a man of credibility he does not need to mention who referred him but let AlexThomo reveal his user name. This way we have a real understanding if the man actually did his research or is he taking it as gospel from some grass up?

    I’m going with the latter

  38. paul says:

    Why the millwall mention.
    Very very lazy journalism.
    But is the norm for left leaning writers to use the name of millwall to hang its hat on when trying to dirty a clubs name in an article just like the indy did last year

  39. *THE KING VIC 67* says:


    Celtic – Scotland’s modern Millwall?

    To answer your question….. NO!

    Both clubs and fans ethos are at entirely different ends of the spectrum.

    This really is a poor piece of journalism from a top reporter. Did you read it
    Back? did you cringe? I did!

    As a Celtic supporter, I am acutely aware of the media focus on our club at this period now that are rivals are gone.
    I suggest to help Scottish football and society grow, the media should report on similar issues in a proportionate manner.
    Not only have Celtic “ultras” used pyrotechnics, not only have Celtic fans damaged seats. Did you see those hooligans in maroon at the Edinburgh derby?

    “Hearts – Scotland’s modern West ham?”


    Did you see those green flares at Easter road?

    “Hibernian- Scotland’s modern St Pauli”?


    “Motherwell – Scotland’s modern hamburg”?


    Partick thistle chants about peodophiles
    At Celtic park?

    You get the picture, lazy disproportionate journalism Alex.

  40. Barty says:

    To this day it still puzzles me why Celtic supporters get so upset about a supposed dead entity. This blog is about the Celtic cancer, their likeness to the actions of other football fans. Teams all over Scotland and England, and a lot more that you wouldn’t like to admit to in Europe, know how these so called fans behave. It’s been witnessed many many many times. That Celtic fans think all their own fans are innocent and lovely cuddly bunnies doesn’t, and will never, hide the truth about a lot of them. Accept it and deal with it. Only then can you take the moral high ground. At the moment you’re at the bottom without a ladder. Happy new year X

    1. Bruce67 says:

      There is no Celtic cancer.

  41. Bigmouth strikes again says:

    Think everyone will realize that there are internet bampots the world over. Sure Alex Thomson could visit every independent fans forum to realize that there is way too much abuse all over the WWW.

    May I point the author of the piece in the direction of the Official Celtic FC Foundation – can be found on the official Celtic FC website and have a look at this years recipient of last years (Christmas 2013) appeal. If you don’t have the time to have a look it was GEWA (Glasgow East Woman’s Aid), before you write another ill informed article, please do your research first. This donation reflects the decent majority of Celtic fans. Who do know right from wrong and trust the club, our club, to do the right thing – as they have done in banning the youthful idiots who caused so much damage and embarrassment for the club on that Friday night at Fir Park.

    Maybe the author of the article should take a train to Bermondsey the next time Millwall are at home to the likes of Leeds, Chelsea, West Ham, Cardiff, ManU………or for that matter a fans forum of any of the teams listed on the lead up or aftermath of such a game of football.

  42. Ewen Cameron says:

    Alex. I’ve enjoyed your journalism, but I think you’ve go t t wrong here. I use the Huddleboard. I’m a fifty something, boring, ordinary sort of bloke. I see a lot of stuff on the HB that I don’t like much – and more that I do, but I’ve never actually seen AH threatened.

    Personally I think she’s an attention seeking nonentity who isn’t much of a journalist and is trying everything to get herself some kind of public image. My opinion – right or wrong.

    On the HB I’ve seen people say they’d love to punch her face, boot her arse, kick her in the f$%%y etc. etc. that’s a long way from a threat.

    Virtually every time David Cameron or George Osborne appears on TV my wife will attest to me saying very similar things. Would I raise my hand to either of them – of course not – I’m venting my spleen – and maybe it’s peculiarly Scottish way of doing so; but that’s all it is.

    Limond released information about AH and “encouraged” people to contact /email/tweet her. I’ve never seen anything like that on HB. Lots of vitriol about how much people detest her – and that’s their right – but nothing encouraging violence against her or any type of contact.

    The woman is trying to self publicise – and you have fallen into the trap of helping her do so.

    We are fast reaching the stage in this country (Scotland) whereby any criticism of anyone will be considered as offensive and hence a “crime”. A shocking state of affiars that really does need investigating – more so than the rantings of a self seekng pseudo journalist.

    With regard to the Huddleboard.

    If you take the time to read what goes on there you’ll find it full of humour, satire. sarcasm, and love of humanity. Are there arseholes on it – yes. do you ocasionally see stuff you’d rather not -yes; but in general I find nothing less than a group of people who want a fairer world where the less fortunate are looked after and everyone is given the same opportunities and all are treated equally – regardless of race or creed.

    I suggest you join and get a better understanding before commenting.

    1. bobmckay says:

      Ewen….its been a while since you presented a football show and maybe you are out the loop (Or hoop). Or maybe its thew wifes family who are badgering you…but just search twitter for the hatefilled threats towards AH- copied, pasted and retweeted.

      Either its wrong..or its not; no amount of sophistry can continue the professional class denial and deflection from the celtic masses- the millwall of British football- seems apt.

  43. Mark McKell says:

    This is hilarious!

    All this effort and cost to produce a report based on a few actions of minuscule proportion of the Celtic family!

    What a joke!

  44. Peter Jones says:

    Lazy Journalism!, when you talk about Millwall, you are talking about me, my mum and my daughter!

    Do not generalise every Millwall supporter.

  45. kev says:

    As a Catholic can’t be prime minister or king in this country i think that let’s you know we’re bigotry starts Alex get ur facts rite b4 judging

    1. don says:

      Always the victim,poor you.So you wreck football grounds because you cant be prime minister belter.

  46. Iain says:

    To single out Glasgow and Norn Iron is a joke, any Scot ir Irish person having lived and worked in London will have received far more racist abuse from the indigenous population than mentioned in the above article . The difference is people like Tomo and other journalists do not regard racist behaviour by English towards Scots and Irish as news worthy .

  47. James says:

    Please name any violent incidents of the last twelve months involving Celtic fans (and please, refrain from citing violence against seats; seats have been broken at football since the dawn of time), and then compare with the number of violent incidents from the followers of any football club in Britain. There’s no unique problem with the Celtic support. In fact, you’re likely to discover that Celtic fans are far less prone to wanton acts of violence and destruction than their counterparts at other clubs. This comes from being one of the few ‘big’ supports in Britain to have a genuine political awareness and stoic socialist mentality. Again, where on Earth is this ‘consistently violent’ reputation coming from?

    But headlines with Celtic in them (and, dare I say, with Millwall in them) are far more widely read than those containing the names of other clubs in general. Cheap and lazy from Thomson, probably one of the last you’d think to see falling for the ‘bbbbut they’re both as bad as each other’ crap.

    I also take issue at the term ‘underclass’. How very bourgeois. One thing the Celtic support are ‘hate-filled’ with regard to, and have been since our club’s inception, is inequality, bigotry, racism and sectarianism. If there is an edge to the Celtic support in recent years, maybe look at the fact that the Scottish government is in the process of outlawing the expression of Irish Republicanism, as if it were Fascism (except, of course, you can legally express your Fascism in Scotland).

    I know precisely what thread Thomson is referring to on the Huddleboard, and he’ll know as well as me that the cretins making the type of embarrassing and dated sexist comments were shouted down by the rest of that particular online community. If Thomson feels differently then I would love for him to produce unedited screenshots of the entire thread; not just the incriminating one or two, but the tens afterwards that criticised and harangued them.

    To the clown Millwall fan above, we are indeed anti-Britain, anti-forces and anti-monarch. And for very good reason, too. Deal with it.

    1. blueburritto says:

      Hello James did you forget Dundee where the club stated they had not witnessed in years the wanton vandalism visited upon their club by the Celtic support,or indeed look what Brentford thought of Celtics visit………go ahead take your head out of the sand

    2. saul says:

      the tram in the dam? is that enough for you? I like how you put a 12 month barrier on your comments.(Dundee, Juventus and several EUFA fines) Well, what about Brentford (Lee Rigby disgrace) and under 17s Old firm! is that enough!

      1. Bruce67 says:

        The ‘Lee Rigby’ disgrace was a lie spread by Sevco supporters. This was a game covered by Sky cameras, BBC radio mikes and thousands of supporters with cameraphones yet there is not one single clip supporting this lie.

        I trust your apology will be forthcoming.

  48. Phil says:

    What the hell has this got to do with Millwall? Your ignorance is at least 30 years out of date and Millwall are no different to any other club now or even ‘back then’; or have you fallen for sloppy media hype? We are working class but have never been an underclass.

    Mr. P.W. Cole
    MSc, BA(Hons)

  49. Michael says:

    I agree with some of this blog. The Scottish government came up with an anti-football fan law aimed at leveling the statistics of arrests between Celtic and rangers fans so that they could claim that they’re as bad as each other.
    A few dozen Celtic fans have played right into their hands.
    I’m not sure it warrants a whole blog dedicated to it though.
    Nothing else worth discussing today?

  50. stewart says:

    alex a sad blog from you. As the comments that follow it show your main point..the FACT that the scottish media have ignored the racist crime committed by limond is lost due to your tabloid hyperbole which now allows the focus to be on the tit for tat that football fans excel at.our fans are worse than you etc etc…. and the liking celtic fans to milwalls’ in the 70’s is so beneath contempt one can only imagine channel 4 are desperate for the clicks that your clickbait blog will provide. Shame a journalist can allow a real issue to be lost…not your finest hour

  51. stewart says:

    i was going to post links to the dozens of articles you can find on millwall hooligans online in two minutes….we are talking abandoned games organised battles (described as bloodbaths..etc) but a quick look at your frankly arrogant tweets made me realise it wasnt worth bothering. this blog has not started a debate on whether or not celtic fans are nas bad as the millwall fans of the 70’s…it is a premise with no grounds to have a debate…if someone posted a blog that said the holocaust never happened and nazis posted..great blog and everyone else either ignored as the posting of a mad man or posted to put right the lie…..could the original blog writer proudly say my blog started a debate about the holocaust??? you are so wrong on this alex your credibility has vanished. feel free to attack celtic fans ..but do so as an intelligent journalist not like some tabloid hack…and to have mixed that poison with a serious fact regarding the non reporting of a racist crime is just mind blowing.

  52. Robert says:

    I completely agree with everything in that article. Celtic fans have been running riot around Scotland for the last 2 or 3 years – ask any home supporter or steward when the Sinn Fein away mob come to town – and its all sweep sweep from the media. And the racist slurs from the terraces are also never mentioned. They should be hammered. Greatest fans in the world – aye right!

  53. Craig Beaton says:

    “shiny new Glasgow”
    “Glasgow’s bizarre blindness to racism, bigotry and all manner of criminal activity”
    “Nobody around the West Coast seemed to think David Limond’s foul online racist bigotry and intimidation of a woman was odd, or wrong, or unusual. Still less, racist. Still less, racist.”
    “Celtic’s underclass”
    “Glasgow culture’s still stuck in early twentieth century tolerance of this filth”
    “They are Scotland’s modern Millwall”

    Alex Thomson is a journalist I follow with interest and without prejudice. His reporting of many issues, foreign and domestic is typically enlightened, informative and important.
    It is important that he highlight inhumanity, wrongdoing, racism, sectarianism and criminality that go unpunished. However, this latest blog which attacks Glasgow, Glasgow Culture, and Celtic contains exaggeration at best, and at its worst – indeed at its core – is a prejudiced and bigoted view of Glasgow and its football fans.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course there are mindless idiots who are guilty of the crimes he refers to. They exist on ‘both sides’ of city and indeed beyond this city. There are far too many of them. But, and thankfully, they are in a minority. Sizeable, but a minority nonetheless.
    Glasgow has its sins, as any city has. But the power of the words you have chosen, and they are clearly carefully chosen, imply your view is of the city as a whole, and that its dominant culture is that which you describe. Minorities idiots apart, it is NOT a dominant culture I recognise and thankfully so.

    In fact, Glasgow has a proud tradition of resisting National Front, BNP or EDL thuggery; often when these loony racist groups have tried to organise in this city, ordinary folk have gathered to obstruct their meetings, oppose their rhetoric and when necessary drive them away by force. I have seen this with my own eyes and been part of it. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with other likeminded Glaswegians who abhor their racism and prejudice, and their attempts to grow their poisonous roots in this (and other Scottish cities). Strange to you perhaps, but I have done this in solidarity with those who in your view I must ‘hate’ or be sectarian towards. I speak of course of those from the ‘other side’ of the city as you may refer to them as. And of course let us not forget that these groups have always tried to pitch these sides against each other. In this they have failed – with the exception of a few morons who will inevitably join their cause.

    The real irony of course is that south of the border these very same racist groups are far more popular, enjoy greater membership, and sadly have enjoyed far greater electoral success. Does that mean that English people are more racist than the Scots? Or Southern England is more racist than the Midlands or the North? By your analysis and logic it probably does evidence a positive answer to those questions. However, I would simply say: let us not be silly, let us not tarnish an entire region or country (or city as you do) because of a minority of mindless idiots who spout poison.

    So let us be clear. The idea that “Nobody around the West Coast seemed to think David Limond’s foul online racist bigotry and intimidation of a woman was odd, or wrong, or unusual. Still less, racist,” is utter nonsense. The idea that Celtic as a club or its fans behaviour can be reasonably compared to Millwall is pure fantasy. And the idea that Glasgow as a city has a culture rooted in “early twentieth century tolerance of this filth”, I will put down to imaginative writing.

    For the record, I am not a Celtic fan. Indeed I am in fact a Rangers fan. I write this not because of any issue I have with your previous blogs about the club; I have NO axe to grind and have already stated that I have admired your writing. I write this because of the distorted reality that you present. Yes, this city has issues to address; but this is mindless minority on both sides of the divide. This latest blog is exactly the type of prejudiced and exaggerated journalism we expect from the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s journalists. Not from you Alex.

  54. crescent says:

    My g!od you have fair upset the Savco mob! They are Foaming!

    You are spot on!

    As for Haggerty,she is well out of her depth.

  55. NumbNuts says:

    Hi Alex,

    As much as I have enjoyed much of your reporting on football and other significantly more serious topics, this article is not one of your finest moments.

    It is a confused mess of an argument that touches on the vagaries of the internet discussion forum, stadia damage, politics, and a recently concluded court case.

    Your ability to weave these elements into a compelling and insightful narrative has completly eluded you on this occassion.

    If you are going after discussion forums then good: there are many appalling ones worth considering.

    If you are outing CFC fan behaviour then you’ll need more substance and balance to try and make your point clear and convincing.

  56. joestrummer says:

    Celtic’s notorious far-right, racist and sectarian support have been rioting in Scotland for years, but this mayhem has been consistently played down or ignored by the Scottish media. Boxing Day at Dens Park a season back seen the worst violence in a Scottish football stadium since the 1970’s when they ran amok.

    Only since UEFA stepped in has forced the Scottish media to play out a fire-fighting exercise and blaming it on a ” minority “. Citizens of other Scottish cities would say otherwise.

    Millwall fans will naturally feel affronted to be compared with Celtic’s infamous knuckle-draggers.

  57. Ade says:

    Lazy, Daily-Mail-inspired journalistic hyperbole!

  58. Gerry says:

    Took my 5 year old daughter to Celtic v Brentford, she loved it. No trouble, lots of noise and a couple of friendly pitch invasions. Best preseason friendly I’ve ever been to. There were no riots in Dundee, Amsterdam was provocation, only ever time I’ve seen bother at a Celtic game this side of the 80’s was Amsterdam in 2001, they’re fans and police are appalling. Motherwell was a disgrace by a small group which, rightly or wrongly, has been addressed by the club.

    1. blueburritto says:

      Brentford didnt enjoy a friendly pitch invasion ,for example the groundsman was distraught at the damage done to the pitch…………..but hey your 5 year old enjoyed it so alls good

    2. kiza says:

      Talk about head in the sand and denial, you’re certainly showing both traits with those comments of yours. Celtic fans caused trouble at Brentford, maybe you should have opened your eyes and see what was there in front of you.

  59. Murdo MacLeod says:

    I’m loving the outrage here from Celtic fans with regards to being generalised by the author.

    I don’t remember them having the same feelings towards previous blogs from the author and his cronies ill Phil and AH where they generalised Rangers fans as an underclass and referred to us as the Klan. You loved other journalists when we were labelled the Stasi. You didn’t object to the big tarring brush coming out and painting all the Rangers support in a bad light.

    But now the author seems to be crossing the line with this blog. How dare he do that to TGFINT (self praise is no praise at all by the way).

    Oh how so many of you said the author was full of integrity. One of you even said he was inspiring. You fawned over him because he said some bad things about Rangers and their supporters.

    But now….. Just take a look at your comments.

    Big bad Alex.

  60. James McErlean says:

    I cannot believe a well respected journalist like Mr Thomson has stooped this low. The article above screams of ‘desperation’ in trying to win favour with so many he upset over his recent investigations into events at Ibrox.

    This article contains no factual evidence to back up the quite poisonous statement that Celtic have ‘consistently violent fans’. Mr Thomson is actually talking about fans who have received an award from UEFA for good behaviour (how many other sets of fans have received the same?), who have received dozens of invitations to play in testimonials over the past 50 years throughout europe and who are acknowledged in the football world as having a fun and vibrant support re: Stuttgart head of police 2002/2003, Joan Laporta 2008.

    Mr Thomson, you have lost the respect of a one time avid viewer of your work with the poor/lazy piece you have just published, an article containing a statement (already mentioned above) that is quite vicious with absolutely no factual evidence to back it up.

    Mr Thomson, I do hope in future you would use factual evidence when writing such a controversial piece, even though i will not have the pleasure of reading them.

  61. Ian says:

    Why the Millwall reference ..An apology should be made to all Millwall fans everywhere for associating their club with this despicable club.They smashed seats at Motherwell,Firhill,they wrecked Brentfords pitch ,they set fire to Ibrox at a youth match ,they attacked trams in Holland ,yet they play the victim card as soon as their caught .was’nt all that long ago you were their hero because you wrote about Rangers now your the devil because you dare to mention their antics ..

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Smashed seats? Will someone think of the children! Destroyed Brentford’s pitch? A little fantasy of yours. Attacked a tram? Actually they were after a Dutch cop who had committed several acts of police brutality, on camera. They shouldn’t have gone for him, but there was extreme provocation in Amsterdam, a city which is a magnet for football violence, and the cop got himself hospitalised after colliding with a pole. But the then the pole was green and white…

      Comments like yours show how ridiculous the comparison with Millwall is.

  62. Stef says:

    I see Alex Thomson is now preening himself on Twitter for having “started a debate” about the behaviour of Celtic fans. Pass the sick bag. If he took time to read the Huddleboard thread he references, rather than relying on screen grabs fed to him by a Rangers blogger who has taken time out from abusing him, he would realise that the comments he refers to were shouted down and the individual who made them banned.

    He makes a valid point about Angela Haggerty receiving mysogynistic abuse. But why make some nonsensical attempt to frame it in the context of Celtic fans being “Scotland’s Milwall” – itself an anachronistic reference to a problem at Milwall that has largely died out – rather than in the context of mysogynistic abuse being a problem online?

    Ask Caitlin Moran, Helen Lewis, Suzanne Moore or any other prominent female commentator about mysogynistic abuse. It exists everywhere. It is not a problem unique to Celtic. Unruly behaviour among football fans is not a problem unique to Celtic. Indeed, Alex Thomson’s own club – Newcastle United – have had more fans arrested in the past year than any other. Which he would know if he had had taken even the most cursory trouble to research this risible excuse for a blog. Does that make Newcastle United “England’s Cancer?”

    Stick to what you know, Alex, which is award winning reports from world trouble-spots. Leave the pathetic generalisations about Celtic fans, fed to anyone who will listen by malicious Rangers-minded bloggers, to the intellectual pygmies of the Scottish sports media.

  63. 31003 says:

    Even-ing up Alex? …..shame on you

  64. Dave says:

    Why not mention Celtic fans sick obcession with IRA chants and songs?

  65. BigRubberPants says:

    I’ve always wondered about one thing. Celtic claim to embrace all cultures. As a club they do, but why oh why would any Protestant football fan support a club who’s supporters frequently sing “…soon there’ll be no Protestants at all…”.

    Anyone? In fact there’s a CFC supporters club in Coatbridge called “The One Road” – does this ring any bells in relation to the above wee ballad?

    Don’t tell me … it’s only (yet again) a wee minority. Change the record, please.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Errr… maybe the fact that the song you reference is no longer being suing by the Celtic support.

      1. BigRubberPants says:

        Bruce67 – ah well that’s fine then. You stop singing so you stop believing. Yes? Total nonsense.

      2. Bruce67 says:

        If you seriously believe that anti-protestant sentiment is widespread among the Celtic support you know nothing. Can I suggest you ask some of the many protestants who support Celtic about it?

  66. Bruce67 says:

    Wow, Alex finally succumbs to whatabootery. Some of the comments in this are simply absurd. He shows every sign of having been reading too much, too uncritically, of the Scottish press. They went completely overboard on the undoubtedly out of order vandalism at Fir Park – he and they ignore similar vandalism by Aberdeen, Ajax, Sevco and errr… Motherwell fans. Likewise the Scottish press uncritically reproduced one persons comment about a riot at Dens Park – Tayside police have never, ever claimed there was a riot. The only one were there was any real trouble and people got hurt was Amsterdam. You ignore the provocation from the Ajax support and the Amsterdam police. Even there, the footage clearly shows that one of the cops who got hospitalised did it because he ran full pelt into a lamp-post – after a lot of footage also showed the same cop guilty of acts of police brutality on Celtic supporters. You also ignore the fact that Amsterdam is a known magnet for football violence. Manchester United and City supporters were also involved in similar trouble in Amsterdam.

    Shocking, lazy stuff, Alex.

  67. Njoro says:


    I am no fan of Celtic FC nor Rangers and I see them both equally as Scotlands shame… offended by everything, ashamed of nothing. Both clubs have blatantly set out their stalls to trade off sectarianism, bigotry and nationalism – be it a British, Irish or Scottish flavour. Both these clubs are responsible for the terminal decline of Scottish football, and in my opinion are also disruptive to both league set ups in Ireland, especially the Northern Irish leagues. In an Ideal world both these clubs would go away and play elsewhere – England, Euro league, Atlantic league – whatever.

    I am generally impressed with much of your journalism and have read many of your blogs intently over the years. This, however is the biggest pile of nonsense I have read in some time. As one of your readers it seems to me that since you gave Rangers such a hard time last year you somehow have to even things out.

  68. Lewis says:

    The whole central belt of Scotland has a massive problem with bigotry etc, although it’s probably at it’s worst in Glasgow.

    It’s continually ignored by all Scottish footballing authorities, the Glasgow based Scottish press, the “neutral” BBC, and most often by police Scotland. Until these organisations all collectively take the issue seriously and tackle it fully, the brain washed average citizen will continue with seeing it as normal.

    Segregated schools are a big part of the problem also in my opinion.

  69. Steve says:

    It would be funny if it wasn’t such a serious issue; Celtic fans constantly go on about their whiter-than-white (self imposed) image. This is the same crowd that produced the poppy banner, the Bobby Sands banner, the Brentford match, the Lincoln match, Amsterdam, Dundee, referee strikes, pro-IRA singing. But of course, that’s ok. It’s only the “zombies” that are the bad people (forgot about the IRA fighter shooting the rangers fan banner). There is a massive problem with bigotry in the Celtic support and there is a really bad normalisation of anti-Protestantism creeping into society. There is also really bad anti-Catholicism but this is highlighted and is definitely being vastly shunned. Unfortunately football has too big an influence on some
    peoples’ lives and it is time that the Celtic fans and the club itself would stop encouraging this sectarianism by actual admitting it existed rather than always blaming the other big bad boys.

  70. Millwall Caz says:

    So many of the commentators on here are unhappy (and rightly so) about the lazy and attention grabbing use of Millwall in the headline and article. However whilst they condemn the journo for generalisations about the bulk of their Celtic supporters and state that the bad stuff is a minority and only a rare occasion they seem to feel no qualms about doing the same to the Millwall fans. As a female season ticket holder who takes her young kids week in and week out I can tell you that the true Millwall support is not the one that the media perception has created. A minority of trouble makers come out of the wood work for local Derbys and big games, they still think the club is back in the bad old days of hooliganism.
    I wish that the media would stop using our name to create more bad perception of our club and fans and I would ask that fans from other clubs that may also be misjudged by the media did not do the same.

    1. bruce67 says:

      After AT’s recent record, and because of the relative size of their support, there’s going to be more Celtic supporters commenting than Millwall supporters, so few of us are going to know very much about Millwall other than the headlines, but by all means join in exposing this blog as nonsense. Besides, I think his reference point is the Millwall of the 70’s.

      1. Millwall Caz says:

        I know his main point is the Millwall reputation of the 1970’s but sadly a lot of the people commenting on here seem to think that we are still like that.

        This article is shockingly bad though and I hope that Celtic do not become smeared in the media eyes in the same way that we have, once people have an opinion of the a club that is negative nothing seems to put it right sadly.

  71. timmy says:

    Anything just to push the two sides of the same coin pish with no evidence just generalised rubbish, come and join the Scottish media Alex you’ll fit right in with keevins and co.

  72. Celticsoulbrother says:

    From a so called intelligent journalist this really is a piece of unsubstantiated, sensationalist claptrap.

    Alex stick to what you do best and leave football to the sports journalists.

  73. Dave says:

    Fantastic article as always Alex. So refreshing to read something honest that tackles an issue the media in Scotland are terrified to talk about. Both Rangers and Celtic have been allowed to get away with this sort of thing for decades. Glasgow is indeed a vile sectarian pit. It’s so sad that the authorities in this country turn a blind eye to this cancer and the clubs themselves not only ignore this behaviour, they secretly condone it (to wipe out sectarianism at these two clubs would be to wipe out the clubs themselves). Having read some of the comments, people seem to be trying to point the finger at one side or the other. After a while they just blur together and sound the same. The harder they try to differentiate from each other the more similar they become. It’s tragic. Isn’t it strange how Celtics increasingly bad behaviour has coincided with the demise of their twin. How they must miss them. Nobody to unleash their bile onto. I pity visitors to Glasgow for the games, they don’t know what their in for.

  74. Mark says:

    “The Seville days are ancient history”. The Celtic supporters were awarded the 2003 Fair Play award from UEFA for their exemplary behaviour when at home and abroad in europe that season. Alex, you surely aren’t trying to suggest that in a matter of 10 years all these Celtic fans who received the award are now mindless thugs that ‘attack stadiums’. Very small minority have caused some damage to seats (which requires fines and expenses to be paid by Celtic Football Club so it is only harming Celtic and nobody else) and you have blown it out of proportion completely. Your comparison between Celtic and the Millwall fans of 1974 is laughable, ridiculous and hopeless. You’ve no got a clue pal.

  75. stewart says:

    i see ala the guardian you liberals like to censor free speech…
    but just in case you read this..although sadly you already know
    “Head of FoCUS Superintendent Stephen McAllister
    June 2013.
    “I think the last figures I checked up to this season, which took us to the end of February, I think there was something like 60 Celtic supporters had been arrested.
    Now how many people have attended Celtic games, there’s nigh on 50 games that they’ve had this season, it must be not far off a million people, and 60 people have been arrested. It’s miniscule”
    you really have destroyed your credibility with this tabloid trash..

    1. Bruce67 says:

      And there were something like 175 supporters of his own club arrested in the same period. Yet its Celtic he thinks are the problem.

  76. dennis says:

    ok you you want you link millwall with what happens or dont happen at cetic and you site racial hatred but you have also done the same but trying to link 2 different ppl as being the sdame as in we all the same . what a way to start a story yes thats what is it a story put MILLWALL in the headline will sell your story same as if you was to put BLACK RACIST ect ect ect yet what your are preaching is a mistruth its like calling all white ppl kkk or all Germans Nazis get your facts right and us millwall have had enoght of you dragging our name in the mud because it sells news papers

  77. M. Davros says:

    Celtic and even Millwall have many decent fans so it’s BS to slag them all.

    Especially If you were to compare anyone, it would be the followers of a club which once died.

    Finally bb, I was at Brentford.
    Nothing happened.

    The End.

  78. Joe says:

    “a woman journalist who simply pointed the finger at your violent, hate-filled underclass?”

    She made up a tweet with no basis in fact, there is no history of smoke bombs at Celtic Park this season, so they could not possibly be a contributing factor in any decline in attendance, her inability to get even basic facts right, suggest her desire was to generate some controversy just to raise her profile, rather than any other motive, the clever girl got what she wanted, didn’t she?

    As for the “underclass” Alex, Celtic Park is situated in the East End of Glasgow, there is a good reason for that, we have a song which goes ‘If you know the history” perhaps after you get someone to explain to you the reasons for Celtic existence (in short simple sentences) and why it is in the East End, you could then get someone to drive you around the East End of Glasgow, where you can view that ‘underclass’ from behind a nice tinted window, because believe me, the underclass that Celtic were formed to help still exists, in fact the majority of the Celtic support came from that underclass, it is not something we were ashamed of in 1888, and it’s not reason for shame in 2014.

  79. Iain says:

    This is laughable. Nearly everything he says is over opinionated and inaccurate simply to induce a reaction.

  80. Ross fully says:

    No. Who is this reporter? How does he get away with such a slant on the people of glasgow ??? Wither rangers or selick?! Sorry to inform you sir but there are over a million people in glasgow and you group them all together in your sensationalist reporting ( I don’t know what other world to use in favour of ‘reporter’ certainly not journalist ). In fact I bet if you asked about 80%+ of Celtic fans they won’t have even heard of the huddleboard.

    Is this the best you can do …in your place of work, is this what you are as a man, what you leave behind as you legacy in the work place. Pathetic.

    You have insulted a city and shamed yourself.
    I only hope …..journalism finds its name again.


  81. Paul says:

    Alex thomson… Who??

    Sensationalist . What people do to stay in a job eh

  82. Pat says:

    Laugh Out loud at the sadness of the comment above, one which highlights the inbred ignorance.

    ” Fraser Iain Munro 05-Jan-14 at

    Well said Alex , instead of celebrating our successes A large proportion of Celtic fans want to sing about Norther irish politics. The dont even believe its secterian to do so!! I am completely sick of secterian beliefs I am Scottish , a Celtic fan and though I dont practice any religion I am Protestant.”

    You are not a Protestant anything! About time someone told you that Protestant is a term that had some meaning – Centuries ago. It had little specific meaning then but no credible meaning for over a century, – except to completely ignorant people.

    You can be anti Roman Catholic Christian religion, but that does not make you anything but intolerant of Roman Catholics.

    A Protestant for information was a Roman Catholic who no longer accepts the Popes infallibility and made up or followed a new Christian based form of worship.

    You like most ignorant people in Scotland or Ireland who refer to themselves as protestant but do not actually attend any worship or have any particular defined faith! are no more a protestant than you are a Jew or Muslim.

    Inbred ignorance and intolerance is the age old disease, most usually used to cover over their inherited and ignorant racism. Most commonly anti Irish or Anti English.

    Pathetic, as is your claim to be a Protestant!

    1. john mac says:

      wow someone’s indoctrinated alright. You are so bitter, you actually want to deny the existence of a defined section of Christianity. You should move out to the middle east where that type of religious fanaticism is particularly welcomed!

    2. john mac says:

      Nice smokescreen Alex. You have clearly been taken to task over the anti-Rangers agenda you and your little Cabal ill-Phil and Ms Haggerty have obsessively pursued.

      This blatant attempt to inject some long overdue journalistic balance is far too little, too late. Its even funnier to watch than the OTT outbreak of bealing from Celtic Fans who previously hail hailed you (see what I did there) simply because you posted endless negative dribble about Rangers.

      Here’s an honest opinion free from the indoctrination which renders it impossible for most Celtic Fans to have a rational opinion….YOUR ARTICLE STINKS! You and your little Cabal are the story here. All three of you have helped poison an already worrying decline in relations between Rangers and Celtic supporters.

      Internet warriors like your friends drip-feed their bile almost on a daily basis…that bile is then magnified by the neds on their side or returned with a vengeance by the neds on the other side. You then condemn the symptoms rather than the cause. You and your friends are making a serious problem much, much worse.

  83. Kyle Stokes Giggie says:

    How could you say that? get a camera crew down on the 29th to our next home game do a doccumentary watch the game speak to fans and players and even manager see whats said??? you say that to them see what they say?

  84. Wiliam says:

    I am glad the tide is turning now, as someone from Glasgow who does not like football (shock) I am still subjected to sectarian abuse nearly every day because of my name. Apparently this makes me an “orange bastard” and a “hun”.

    I have heard all the bad things about Rangers supporters but to be honest it’s the other side (Celtic supporters) that I have ever had trouble with. I have been abused, spat on, had rocks thrown at me from cars on the way to Celtic Park (because I had a blue t shirt) and had random anti-British and pro-IRA abuse shouted at me when I don’t even care. These days the green side is far more bitter and violent and they seem to have free reign to do as they please because if any one disagrees they must be a bigot.

    1. Gianmaria Framarin says:

      Hi, lad, I’m so delighted to hear from you, because someone from Glasgow (and no football maniac) has given himself a chance to SPEAK HIS MIND OUT against the ongoing ‘Celtic-sainthood-fashion’.
      I’m a Rangers man, I’m also a Labour man (if ever Labour were back to being a left-winged party…), I cannot stand thugs sanctifying themselves and always being justified because ‘they’re the oppressed ones’.
      We’re Weegies, right? Okay, so who’s not encountering problems with unemployment in our city? Och naw, it’s only them, obviously, ‘cos we Scots invaded them (George Galloway would say) and then they came over here and we treated them like s****…
      This might have been ‘yesterday’, but now it’s been too many years they’ve been moaning on and on while they were spitting at you and telling you you were just another Queen’s servant, as you said.
      Let’s uncover this whole sanctified ‘Paradise’ and that’ll be the day this whole craze will be over.

  85. Hoss says:

    “we are indeed anti-Britain, anti-forces and anti-monarch. And for very good reason, too. Deal with it.”

    Yet crave to join the English Premier league whilst safe in the knowledge that our troops are keeping you safe in your bed at night .. The truth .. you cant handle the truth

    1. Bruce67 says:
    2. King George says:

      Is it called the English premier league. So what about Cardiff & Swansea and Scots who have actually govern the uk .tony Blair etc . Who are the enemy .ourselves I suspect..

  86. gerry says:

    when i saw your article about the army singing sectarian songs with sevco fans at ibrox got pulled-i worried that someone had pressured and got to you-my fears confirmed with this unprofessional distortion of the truth-sad alex-thought you were different-and brave

    1. john mac says:

      Ok so Alex is “different and brave” when he’s constantly attacking Rangers but you weep inconsolably into your Guinness when he attacks Celtic. Hmmmm I’m going to take a stab at this and guess your a Celtic Supporter!

      Have you ever had once formed or voiced an opinion that ran contrary to your party line?!? Even once?

      I’m a fairly left of centre Rangers Fan myself on certain issues, but I would gladly get the jackboots on and censor all people whose opinions never differ from that which is indoctrinated into them from birth and therefore not really their own opinions at all.

      This is the true issue here Alex.

      1. gerry says:

        you spout nonsense pal-
        i made a very pertinent point
        and you try and muddy my words
        the truth shall set you free

  87. Pat says:

    I would like to point out with regards to the negative press millwall receive .the amount of work millwall fc do in the community. Fact millwall are the only football club who every year attend the London st Patrick’s day parade.plus the bus was on show at the march to save Lewisham hospital . Millwall never receive good press regards these issues

  88. rOY wOOD says:

    I agree with most of what you are saying here Alex and I recognise WHY you wrote such a piece. I condemn the treatment of the journalist by all factions but declaring Celtic as a ‘Modern Millwall’……… nah, I’m not buying that.
    I go to the fitba (and read blogs for the sake of maintaining sanity in a sea of succulent lamb.) I see a lot of anti-social behaviour from both. I also accept that violence includes any harm to people or property but considering what I’ve seen from the Edinburgh derby recently (and what you experience when going to away games in Edinburgh btw), Aberdeen fans in Dundee and now the news of the Oldham fan in Liverpool, some perspective is kindly requested.

    I’d also question the application of Police Scotland policies in all of this. (You tube footage of recent Hibs v Hearts game for example) I see a distinctly different application from the G40 to EH6 postcodes.

    Stay safe in Africa and I look forward to some reasonable reassessment in due course.

  89. Patrick says:

    Alex, that piece is nothing more than a desperate attempt to even up the score and appease the criticisms of the Scottish media / Sevco fans.
    Referring to the Celtic support as “consistently the most violent in the UK”? Factually incorrect. Breath taking unprofessionalism

  90. stewart says:

    clickbait pure and simple.
    luckily i never had much time for alex during his investigate rangers stuff…sadly journalism in the uk is about create controversy and gaining the onsite hits to sell advertising…journalists are no better than parasites…struggle to think of any who aren’t.
    the only serious point you have made ..which we all already knew..is the scottish media is incredibly biased…what you have done is let the braindead tell their tales of having rocks thrown at them for wearing a blue t-shirt ???!! funny if it wasnt so sad.
    and again dont have the arrogant nerve to suggest this blog has created a debate..an embarrassment.

  91. Rennie says:

    Lol this is some poor journalism but at the same time, as a rangers fan, I do find myself enjoying it…which is bad I know but, after all the vitriol and lies spouted by celtic fans about my club, I cant help myself enjoying the fact they are now raging at the spurious truth being printed about them for a change! I’m embarrassed every time I hear a rangers fan sing a pathetic sectarian song but by the same token, its the same when celtic fans do it. I for one would like to see both sets of fans hammered for such behavior but right now, I will enjoy the bleating from the tic fans because I’m sick of the abuse they have been dishing out which goes beyond banter and is one thing – veiled bigotry. Too many have reveled in the demise of rangers caring little for those who lost jobs or money and using the whole sorry affair to point score and in my view – its gone past banter into being an outpouring of bigoted hatred of rangers. We’ve got tic fans writing to UEFA, complaining to and about the SFA, unfurling hate filled banners (the IRA are not freedom fighters – as soon as they targeted civilians they became terrorists), and even turning on their own club, and for what reason – a blind, bigoted hatred of rangers – no matter how they try and dress it up as political or a bit of fun! Both sides of the old firm have some bad fans but the majority are decent folk out to enjoy a football game, nothing more. If this ill researched article turns the spotlight on Celtic for a change however, and considering their recent bad behavior it’s little wonder, then tough, but the truth is – its utter tripe and in fact smacks of bigoted views in the way it portrays Scots and more to the point Glaswegians.

    1. charlie says:

      Rennie the difference is that the the bulk of the critical comments made by Celtic fans about your club or clubs are true.
      Your club cheated their way to titles and cups . They ran up millions £s of debts which will never be repaid. The majority of your fellow fans are taught to hate and believe they have the right to physically attack people who they think are catholic or Irish. I know what I’m talking about because I followed rangers for 3 years as a teenager .I witnessed full-scale rioting and violence at Hampden after getting beat 2-0 by Celtic . All the agression comeing from the Rangers support.
      The pitch invasion when Celtic tried to do the lap of honour which led to laps of honour being banned . I was starting to realise their was a big difference between the supports . Not long after I went to another old firm game at Celtic park which Celtic won by 5goals I think . Afterwards more serious violence from Rangers fans. The difference between the two sets of supporters was like night and day and I started watching Celtic . I know I made a good decision especially as we won the european cup a year later.

  92. wiliamw says:

    Rennie- 100% correct – well written

  93. stewart says:

    Alex …just reading the title of this trash again “Celtic – Scotland’s modern Millwall?” surely you must feel a complete fool.
    and as Rennies post shows the only factual and serious point in your blog is completely lost. I would love you to pm me your motivation..sources and rationale for such a grim piece of work…..but as ive said it just stinks of clickbait.
    ps rennies points are perfectly fair for him as a rangers fan to make…but god even he recognises this as trash.

  94. SemperFi says:

    Firstly why compare a club whose support glorifies ethnic cleansing with Millwall.

    Secondly why the mock shock over the Celtic supporters causing trouble or indulging in violent conduct. In England their conduct is notorious whether in Newcastle or Blackburn; Lincoln or Brentford.

    Millwall once had a reputation for such conduct but they have taken steps to eradicate such anti social behaviour. Celtic apparently have not progressed.

  95. joe strummer says:

    Celtic’s notorious sectarian and racist bigoted thugs have been out of control for decades both in Scotland and abroad. Planes diverted mid-flight due to misbehaviour onboard, a Celtic fan jailed for 4 years in Barcelona, riots in Blackburn, Vigo Airport, rioting twice in Amsterdam, wrecking Dens Park, smashing up Motherwell’s ground. The litany of shame is endless where Celtic fans are concerned. As for this laughable ” left-wing anti-racist Celtic support ” lunacy………ask black footballers Mark Walters or El Haj Diouf.

    Celtic Park was closed down by UEFA in 1985 because of thuggery by Celtic fans. They’ll be repeating that action in the near future.

    Celtic fans also glorify the IRA, who were open Nazi collaborators during WW2. I believe that says it all.

  96. Frank says:

    What planet do u live on mate? This is just poor, reproduced, dull journalism that hopes (and fails) to shock. If you lived in Glasgow or spent anytime there you would have a different opinion.

    You have the cheek to make the comment:

    “increasingly toxic public image of Celtic”

    Have you ever watched the blue side of Glasgow on tour? Did u see them in Manchester? Have you ever traveled abroad when Celtic are there? Clearly your remarks are ill informed and just as ‘bigoted’ as the fans you so strongly oppose.

  97. Ian says:

    Celtic ,Offended by everything ,Embarrassed by nothing since 1887 ..laughable watching them trying to play the poor downtrodden Catholic card again ..

  98. Mr Fink Ployd says:

    All in all Celtic fans are just a poor mans’ Millwall.
    Hey You, out there at Fir Park,
    Breaking seats in the dark
    Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the smoke bombs? The banners are all gone, but the UEFA fines linger on.
    Remember when you were young. You sang pro-IRA songs? Shame on you crazy madmen!
    And did you you exchange A walk on part in Tram wars. For a lead role in a Dutch cage?

    1. Pat says:

      Reading most of the comments. I think you deserve each other . Scotland should change its name to paranoid schizophrenia ..I can only assume Albert Einstein was in Scotland .when he said nationalism is an infantile disease.it is the measles of mankind. . Fight the system .not each other . That’s what’s made you uneducated. .the blind leading the blind .

  99. Paul Kennedy says:

    Anti-irish/catholic bigotry is ingrained in scottish society. On every level of Scottish society. This bigotry however doesn’t just come from protestants. I know plenty of people who are actually Irish descent themselves and who were baptised Catholics who are most definitely anti-Irish/catholic bigots. I think we live in a society where calling someone a tattie muncher is acceptable banter. Calling someone a plastic paddy when their family tree goes back millennia in Ireland and has only spread into Scotland these past hundred years is fine. To me, that’s a form of ethnic cleansing. It’s also forcing people to feel shame and guilt about their own roots, thus wanting to be absorbed into the masses and betray these roots. Replace tattie muncher with the odious term, curry muncher? Tell someone they are not from an Asian background because they were born here?…sure you get the picture. I am Scottish of Irish descent. I am proud of my Celtic (keltic) heritage Scots and Irish. Celtic FC symbolize my own family. Coming from Ireland, overcoming adversity and now being fully accepted ss Scottish, with proud irish links. Yes there are bigots among the catholic community. There are bigots among the celtic support. These bigots are more likely to be anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant/anti-job seekers in this day and age than genuinely anti-protestant though. Sectarianism in Scotland has been here for centuries, fighting over kingdoms. Throughout history, the catholic church has been an opressive, sectarian regime at times (before and after Protestantism) but it so happens for the past 150 years or so, Protestantism IS the established religion in this country and newcomers faced prejudice. The descendants of those nenewcomers integrated into scottish society and now dish out prejudice to the latest newcomers. We need education and communication in this country. By the way, for those who want to blame Catholic schools for bigotry, there are catholic schools all over the world including the USA but no sectarian problems there and catholic schools originally had to be built because the protestant establishment refused Catholics an education so the reason for catholic only schools wasn’t entirely down to the RC church. People may point out we’ve moved on but again I would point out only in Scotland and NI are catholic only schools blamed for sectarianism. One thing the thread has done is open my eyes regarding Millwall FC. I admit I wss ignorant about the club before and simply believed the reputation. As for the digs at celtic, like EVERY club we have our problems but this OTT piece smacks of evening things up in order to appear unbiased and a fearless seeker of truth and justice. To the point of exaggerating the truth needlessly.

  100. Bruce67 says:

    The bizarre thing is that, from his tweets, AT thinks he’s somehow started a debate amongst the Celtic support. Sorry, Alex, there’s been a debate among the Celtic fans for while now about the extremes of the Celtic support. But then, if you’d actually read any of the Celtic boards rather than being spoonfed out of context screenshots by Sevco supporters you’d know that. Having now seen the screenshot on Twitter, my thoughts were – is that it? Yes, its moronic, stupid even. But by all accounts, other posters on the Huddleboard had a go a those idiots. But you don’t account for that, you tar a whole board, a whole support even, on a couple of out of context comments on a thread you show no signs of having even read. You see worse every day on any of the main Sevco forums.

    If your intention was to create debate then the hysterical comparison to 70’s Millwall, phrases like bully and ‘the Celtic of today is rightly gaining a reputation for the most consistently violent fans in the UK’ are so factually absurd that they don’t create debate, they embarrass you.

    ‘I have good reason to suppose the police may well soon require such information and rightly so.’ Hmmm, a very Leggatesque turn of phrase – a hint of threat but no substance and a complete ignorance of Police Scotland’s role in forcing legislation through which had been condemned by the courts, Advocates and most political parties and which was clearly, openly, intended to criminalise Celtic supporters.

  101. Ally Williamson says:

    If as some suggest here Scotland is rife with anti-catholic bias then why do most of the top jobs ie law,police,local council,football and members of parliament all have many catholics in them,surely if this country was so bigoted these people would never get to hold such powerful positions.I think certain people should take a good look at themselves and realize Scotland is not the terrible place certain individuals would have us believe.It’s just that it suits them to keep stirring this rubbish to fuel their own hatred of everything in this country.

    1. Graeme says:

      Other than the usual cheap dig, why exactly are Millwall mentioned at all in this “article”…

    2. Paul Kennedy says:

      Catholics have risen to top positions despite anti catholic bias. Many of those Catholics of Irish descent are now bigots themselves be that anti/protestant anti/muslim or ironically anti)’plastic paddy” prejudice doesn’t just vanish overnight. Of course there’s a hangover of sectarianism. When I was at school in 1990 dc Thompson woukdnt employ Catholics. People who held those beliefs are still around twenty years later. They just can’t be blatant about them now. The vast majority of people are just decent folks plodding on but anti-Irish bigotry exists. I’ve spoken to many nutters who would be horrified to be told their views and statements belong in the 19th century. These people usually think they are enlightened and progressive too. Lol. As I admitted, plenty bigots in the catholic faith and plenty bigots who may be catholic, protestant, Muslim or atheist who support celtic. I stopped cladding myself as catholic as a child because I don’t believe in organized religion but people should be free to follow it. I also pointed out catholic church have been guilty of persecution of other faiths too. Muslims, cathars, protestants…etc etc. To debate and move on though we gotta be honest.

    3. John S says:

      How do you know who is a Catholic ? Scotland is a wonderful place but to deny the inherent and long-standing sectarianism is pathetic.

  102. John S says:

    Black propaganda. But certainly not of the worst type; being uninformed, uneducated, exaggerated, sensationalist, lacking in credibilility, evidence and accuracy.
    The comments about social phenomena are fair enough, though these are not confined to football and can be found anywhere at any time on the internet. Moreover, how can one complain about lack of moderation when your own site is not moderating but censoring, deleting and eliminating received comments that are perfectly amenable, accurate and which expose this empty nonsense.
    The comments about Celtic FC are scurrilous and risible.
    Awarding a penalty at both ends to even the score and play to the gallery.

  103. joe strummer says:

    Sectarianism IS a problem in Glasgow and worthy of investigation by journalists from outwith Scotland. They may be surprised, Alex, by their findings.

    As example, up until fairly recently Glasgow didn’t see ONE Protestant Lord Provost for more than THIRTY years despite this denomination being the overwhelming majority population in the city. Why was this prestigious civic position kept firmly in the grip of only one other specific religious denomination ? And more importantly, why has no Glaswegian journalist, politician or anti-sectarian group spoken out on this blatant institutionalised sectarian scandal ?

    We also have a sectarian apartheid education system, a catastrophic failure not only in poor academic achievement but also in promoting social cohesion. State-sponsored institutionalised sectarian employment policies are also still in place in these establishments in ” modern ” Scotland 2014.

    Are you aware, Alex, that an RC teacher can reach the top of his / her profession of Head Teacher in both denominational and denominational schools, a special favoured status and privilege denied to other teachers ? This is another appalling example of inequality that Scottish politicians wish to keep swept deep under the carpet.

    The worst, however, is the sinister two-tier and discriminatory judicial system in Glasgow where ” sectarianism ” is concerned.

    Everyday casual acts of anti-Protestant bigotry and hatred are not deemed worthy of criminal prosecution by either Strathclyde Police or the Glasgow Procurator Fiscal Office,( the Scottish version of the CPS in England. )

    . This behaviour, naturally, skews any supposed ” official Scottish Govt statistics ” produced on the issue. Both Strathclyde Police and the PF Office are seen as totally untrustworthy and discredited by Glasgow’s Protestant community.

    I urge you, Alex, to contact Glasgow PF Office to inquire as to how many criminal prosecutions and convictions they pursued last year regarding the infamous sectarian anti-Protestant verbal ” hun ” slur. I guarantee you it will be nil……..

    1. John S says:

      There have been a number of academic studies produced on sectarianism in Scotland and the results might surprise those who seek to re-write history. The old Rangers football club operated an institutionalised sectarian policy and were the focal point and vanguard of such activity. But even then that wasn’t new, it goes back to the Reformation, long before the hoary old chestnut of Catholic schools.
      Contrary to your assertion, the political class, judiciary and police are infected by sectarianism through membership of such dubious organisation such as the Lodge and Masons. Nor is this merely confined to Scotland – it is not possible to have a Catholic monarch and to be Catholic under the reign of Henry meant automatic burning alive.
      Who in their right mind considers a person’s ethnicity when talking about Lord Provosts or any other job ? Who counts the criminal statistics in order to blame some imaginery ‘menace within’ ?

    2. Bruce67 says:

      Sometimes you get a post so hilarious it barely needs comment and wee Joe provides us with a classic. Remember, some people think the Celtic support is paranoid.

      And he wants people jailed for the word hun. As has been pointed out, it isn’t sectarian and it isn’t anti-protestant. It was specifically aimed at Rangers. Or, rather, it was eventually specifically aimed at Rangers. When I was wee, Rangers supporters called Celtic huns, and they still call themselves huns. As it is, the fans of nearly every other club called Rangers huns. This attempt at making the word hun sectarian was cooked up on the Rangers messageboards about 10 years ago in a blatant attempt at whatabootery. It wasn’t particularly controversial before that.

    3. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      It may surprise you that protestantism is not a large majority in Glagow or the west central belt in many parts of which catholics are in a majority. All you have to do is check your school rolls to establish this fact.
      Your post and the stuff about non-catholic teachers disadvantage in promotion in Catholic schools only makes sense if the non -denominational schools are Protestant schools – which they are not. They are secular.
      Very obviously if you have an institution which is built on a Catholic ethos it has Catholic leaders in charge. Exactly the same rules would apply if you set up Church of Scotland schools or Islamic ones.
      Your post exhibits the sort of sour blinkerered bias we can do well without.

      1. Patrick says:


        you could repeat this as I have done for years but it still won’t sink in.

        Personally I blame the schools.

  104. Paul Kennedy says:

    Catholic schools perform well academically. Why do you suppose catholic only schools don’t get blamed for sectarianism outside Scotland and NI across world? Hun is not anti protestant. It wss a phrase coined by a journalist comparing rampaging rangers fans to attilas hordes and Nazis. Ott maybe but not sectarian and not half clutching at straws. You could involve the thought police I suppose in case protestant is the word people think of when they say hun!? All scottish fans call rangers Huns. Doubt 90 per cent of them care about Catholic-protestant garbage

  105. dean scott says:

    as a proud rangers fan and jock . i would like to see the media report more on the good that both sets of fans do rather than focus on the bad . because it is this press coverage which is giving the morons what they want . Attention and the chance to wind each other up . but not in a good humored way .

    they should maybe print some of the wonderful messages left to fernando ricksen on his fight against his illness . by the proper self respecting celtic fans

    and the same with the messages left for stilyan petrov in his battle with leukemia . by the rangers fans

    1. Bruce67 says:

      A laudable sentiment, but unfortunately journalists aren’t particularly interested, especially when lazy, inaccurate blog entries like this one can generate so much interest. It might also be worth mentioning that the Green Brigade, who the Scottish Press seem to credit with the collapse of civilisation, were also recently organising a collection of food for a food bank.

    2. Paul Kennedy says:

      Spot on Dean. Doesn’t suit their agenda though. I’ve got plenty good mates who are gers and we wind each other up but when you come on forums etc you get wound up by bigots from the “other side” then read on and see a few bigots from your own team. Both clubs and sets of fans are in s great position to do good but there’s so much hatred on both sides.

    3. Gavin says:
  106. McCoistAlly says:

    Celtic are a disgrace to society.

  107. stewart says:

    Alex you will be so proud that you have turned on the joe strummers of this world…sheesh.

  108. Alan says:

    Not up to the club to police a Morons forum. Really poor and largely uneducated article. Celtic FC have made their own position on matters of sectarianism and bigotry perfectly clear. The fact that Celtic have a history built on charity rather than one of antagonism as with the old Rangers (no longer in existence, but the fans have changed allegiance to the New club) should be noted, this does not however give uneducated and moronic ‘supporters’ to blighting the name of Celtic FC and behaving in the way Scotland had come to expect from rangers fans, thus tarnishing the name of the club.

    1. dean scott says:

      celtics way of dealing with the bigoted element inside parkhead . praising them up at any giving opportunity . pleading with other clubs to allow there sectarian flags in . and overturning a ban on section 111 after a week . yes this is the right way to deal with bigotry

      1. Bruce67 says:

        If the flags were sectarian, they wouldn’t be allowed in.

  109. joe strummer says:

    Scottish football yet again being dragged into the gutter. I assume you’re aware of this latest potential seismic scandal, Alex ?



    In more detail.


    1. Patrick says:

      I’ve got an account with the Co-operative Bank and vote Labour and I’m a Celtic fan who goes to Mass on a Sunday and sent my children to Catholic schools to whom should I turn myself in?

    2. Bruce67 says:

      The Sevcovians are putting all their hopes into this. Poor wee things are going to be so disappointed again.

      The EC has said that there is no investigation. They are obliged to look into any complaints made.

      The bank loans were made at a period when banks were throwing money about at very low rates (how did that pan out?) and before Wilson and Reid were on the Celtic board. Still, nothing like putting 2 and 2 together for 5, eh?

      Lennoxtown? How many developers, during a boom period in the building trade, tried to bid for the land? C’mon Joe, tell us. London Road school was offered to two other organisations, including a housing association, both of whom didn’t want it. That and the fact its location is more or less in the grounds of Celtic Park meant that Celtic had an extremely strong negotiating position. And, anyway, IIRC Celtic also handed over some of its land to the council as part of the price.

      Besides, you lot know and Lawwell and the Vatican run the EC, don’t you?

      Nice try, Joe, but you’ve backed a loser again.

  110. Martin says:

    Alex you’re talking utter rubbish, English football fans are a lot worse than Celtic fans. The last time West Ham played Millwall there was a full scale riot ( riots to that scale hasn’t happened in Scotland in over 30 years). Liverpool fans sing to Man UTD fans about the Munich air disaster, Man UTD fans sing to Liverpool fans about Hillsborough yet Celtic fans have never showed any disrespect at Celtic Park to Rangers fans about the Ibrox disaster. Also Glasgow Rangers can’t come back because they’re gone forever and they’re fans caused more trouble in Manchester in one than all the trouble Celtic fans have ever caused combined. Check out the things I’ve said here and you’ll maybe learn something, you clown.

  111. Gavin says:

    Having read most of the comments and respecting everybody’s view I see the future is bleak cause we let the wealthy do that they do , this is our world

  112. Gordon says:

    Alex, the answer to your question is no (and thanks for writing your piece under the guise of a question).
    Can’t say I’m old enough to remember the Milwall fans of ’74 – but until you can associate Celtic fans with such iconography as the Millwall brick – the answer to your question will always be no.
    “They are Scotland’s modern Millwall: an underclass of extreme politics and mindless violence – the same old toxic brew.”
    Yet to see this mindless violence you speak of (Fir park, was a sheer disgrace but vandalism is not violence), and the phrase “extreme politics” is entirely subjective. In fact grouping people together as an “underclass” may in many people eyes also constitute an extreme political opinion.
    In these days of blogs and mobile phone video clips, we look to professional journalists to provide commentary based on evidence – Alex please don’t let us down.
    However Alex, if like me its time for your 2013 bonus, and you need to get some traffic on the go, you will always be onto a winner with such a topic.

  113. timo says:

    I must admit,I only read this due to the Millwall link.
    I’ve got to say that some of the comments posted here are naive and bigotted to the point of dispair.
    Firstly,I don’t know how MFC became involved in a classic Celtic/Rangers/religion /violence debate.
    Secondly,if any of the opinionated,millwall criticising posters knew anything of old east end history(thats old east end-Whitechapel/Poplar/Mile end/Millwall/Wapping etc.-not East Ham/West Ham/Plaistow/Leyton etc.),they’d know of the racial background behind the club’s forming and it’s vicinity.
    Jews,irish,scots,Heugenots-all local communities.Deptford China town a stone’s throw away.
    It’s these beginnings that make a small Docklands club so proud.
    I’m not sure why we became a target though .

  114. Paul Kennedy says:

    I think Millwall became involved because Alex dragged then into a “debate” that had nothing to do with them. The “debate” is aimed at evening up negative reporting on Rangers by claiming Celtic have severe problems with violent behavior amongst the support…which is frankly ludicrous. Some of the comments about celtic by millwall fans above are sheer ignorance. Celtic were formed to provide for the impoverished Irish in the east end of Glasgow. From day one, celtic were open to all. Sectarianism has never been a problem st celtic. Support for extreme Irish politics by a section of the support yes but even then if people learned the history of British involvement there, it doesn’t make for comfortable reading for patriotic brits. Or at least it shouldn’t. The were as guilty of terrorism and brutality just ss much ad the IRA were

  115. Paul Kennedy says:

    And for the record I wish we would ditch the IRA chants and move on but this article is over the top garbage and ignorance

  116. Internetine Parduotuve Mima.Lt says:

    The one that frequently hhas 20% off their heas drabuziai internetu and faces as people decided they must bee picked.

  117. Gianmaria Framarin says:

    THANK YOU, mr. Thomson.
    Time has come to show what’s wrong with Glasgow ON BOTH ENDS…
    I’ma Rangers man, and I’ve had plenty to wonder whether the people inside Ibrox were doing just a wee bit of taunting Celtic or they were behaving like ignorant racists, so I’ve done my job as a human being still supporting my own team.
    What I could NEVER stand was the fact that Celtic have been acting the VERY SAME WAY all along the years, yet they always came out as a ‘socially concerned team’ and (worse than ever) SANCTIFIED THEMSELVES!
    Thus we bluenoses were the bigots, the racists, the fascists, the scum, and them hoops were politically correct, they were ‘the oppressed’, any horrible chant they performed was justified as if they really were like the Palestines fighting for their freedom…………. my Lord……… the Celtic lads, as far as I know, still live in Scotland and eat the same stuff us Rangers fans do, there is NO war of independence here, no-one’s oppressing anyone else, and so on… I know ‘some’ of them green-white brigaders still keep thinking the other way round is true, and they’re even backed by other supporters from out of Scotland, people who know NOTHING about Scotland or Glasgow. People who call us fascists although, as Weegies, we keep voting Labour or the SNP and there’s no ‘Ulster fascist’ phenomenon here…
    It’s about time people started talking about Celtic’s HIDDEN racism, which of course does NOT belong to a majority of their support, just the very same thing that occurs with Rangers… but I’m tired it’s only us bluenoses who keep being accused of any sort of scum, really.
    Thank you very much, mr. Thomson.

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