29 Jan 2014

Red, Whyte and blue: the Rangers saga continues

Just when you thought it was all over…

It may no longer be panto season, but the curtain never seems to drop on the Rangers Show – no doubt that is just how the lawyers and accountants want it.

This morning comes a call from the Craig Whyte camp. For some time now the word in Glasgow is that the disgraced former Rangers owner has been having some colourful discussions with people there concerning his ongoing claim that he still owns the club.

Glasgow Rangers club owner Whyte watches from the stand during their Scottish Premier League soccer match against Hearts  in Edinburgh

I simply relate to you what was said to me today and you can make your own judgement about it.

My source insists, vigorously, that Craig Whyte’s claim to own the Rangers assets is alive and well and we should all “expect significant movement in the legal case in the next few weeks”.

The source insists the previous transfer of assets under the then boss Charles Green has no legal basis and will be contested openly in the near future.

Many had rather assumed Mr Whyte’s claim over Rangers, already set out in a lengthy legal document, was dead in the water or lacked the necessary funding. Not so, according to the source who says the claim that Mr Whyte’s ownership of the club “absolutely extends to Ibrox site, the training ground, the players, the entire entity as it stands”.

“There is no question about that, ” he continued. “The ownership of Rangers by the Sevco company of which Craig Whyte is a director is beyond question.”

No doubt many around Ibrox will just laugh this off, and they may or may not be right in so doing. But with the club asking players to take pay cuts, times remain financially critical at the club. So the timing of Mr Whyte is as unwelcome there as it is deliberate.

So, somewhat taken aback by all this, I asked how Mr Whyte would see all this actually working out in the real world.

The scenario unfolded to me would be a legal merger of the disputed camps laying claim to Ibrox under the banner of Craig Whyte’s Sevco and no doubt a new share offer.

Since he has been banned from Scottish football for life and is as near as one can get outside North Korea to being a Non-Person in Scottish football terms, a degree of caution might be advisable in all this.

I understand, for instance, that Mr Whyte believes the ban would not hold up in court for a second, were it to be so tested. Many may choose to differ with that sentiment.

As ever, it totally depends upon where you stand and like I say, I put this out and it’s for others to judge. Though one thing appears certain, the Craig Whyte Claim has not gone away.

We’ll know if this is all just more bluster and hot air in the coming weeks, it appears.

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80 reader comments

  1. Geedublu says:

    The gift that just keeps giving !!!!

  2. Tonys says:

    I take it Ticketus are not far from his side, cough! Cough!

  3. Jack Irvine says:

    Craig Whyte tried this line with a Scottish tabloid a couple of days ago but they weren’t gullible enough to use it.

    Give it a rest Alex and get on with some real journalism.

    1. Jo says:

      You don’t control the media down here, Irvine. Tough titty.

      1. Jack Irvine says:

        I am “down here.”

    2. tccokey says:

      Jack Irvine wot a larf !!!

    3. Mac Tomas says:

      Mr Irvine….. You seem to be confusing gullibility with culpability…..As Alex Thomson say’s, Craig Whyte has not gone away. I think this particular, hovering vulture is circling something beginning to resemble a carcass.

      As for the land deal obsessives, that red herring of a story doesn’t seem to be standing up does it?

    4. Mac tomas says:

      “Give it a rest Alex & get on with some real journalism”….. wow… ! that’s about as unsophisticated, and as childish a response as you could get.
      I wonder, how much are “POOR” Sevco forking out for this dynamic service?

      1. Bruce67 says:

        Jack, when a spin doctor becomes part of the story, isn’t it usually time for them to quit?

    5. R. MacGeddon says:

      Ha ha! Would that be real journalism from war-torn Syria or from the control room of the farce that is Ibrox? Give it a rest, Jack.

  4. Joe Paterson says:

    What do you mean the panto season is over!
    Oh no its not…hes behind you.

    Forget the spivs, If it wasn’t so serious for the supporters it would continue to be laughable.

  5. scott says:

    Still not brave enough to tackle political corruption, sporting fraud and state aid? still peddling the whyte story. sad.

  6. Alex Moir says:

    You not sick of this rubbish yet, Tomo?
    Have you not heard the story that should be every investigative journalists dream, ie Co-op Bank and ridiculously low rates, GCC and pathetically undervalued land deals.

    Now if You were a real Journalist, you would be salivating at the thought of getting to the bottom of these sensational stories

    1. Paul Mcfarlane says:

      Exactly what punishment would you expect for these claims, brought up by Chris Graham the guy The Rangers love to hate? Its total nonsense. When was the last time a bit of land scored for Celtic, lets face it you’s are clutching at the straws here, you would be better trying to get you’re own house in order before you’s end up Third Rangers FC with the history of Rangers and The Rangers still intact and carry on as the same club Mwuahahahaha

    2. Bill petterson says:

      What are you clowns like. Your club is going down quicker than HMS Hood and whats your retort, switch the guns on Parkhead and blame them for your previous chairman’s leadership….it is all your own stupid gullible faults…..Remeber the ( WE Deserve better campaingers) you lot foolishly rubbished those guys when they tried to tell you all the truth and now look at you.

  7. Jim Walker says:

    Good post Alex, what about now Glasgow City Council, Co-op Bank and Celtic FC and financial fair play, something of a story developing about them all, (not to mention the Labour party influence)

  8. Sean South says:

    Jelly and ice cream big man?

    Hail Hail

  9. Jamie says:

    But, what about the land deals……… :D :D :D

    Not sure I can take much more of the sevco trainwreck. Oh, Ma splittin’ sides

  10. john mac says:

    Now we see why the minor Celtic hit piece was necessary. A not so subtle attempt to inject some basic (and long overdue) Journalistic balance within the arena of Scottish Football with the obvious intention to restart the obsessive campaign against Rangers.
    Although it needed something much more potent than this. This article is simply puerile tittle tattle and nothing more. Its embarrassing that a serious Journalist once held in regard should stoop to this level.
    Obsession and madness are bedfellows Alex. I worry for you.

  11. Craig says:

    Your “source” isn’t an obsessed Irishman with lots of different surnames is it ???

    1. PJFox says:

      Phi MacGiollaBhain has an Irish surname. Is that so difficult to get your head round? Why are so many Rangers/Sevco supporters racist? Disgusting.

  12. Ewan Ross says:

    Typical Alex. Instead of being a proper investigative journalist you write a fluff piece, using an unnamed source, with the (one must assume) mission of spreading as much unease amongst the Rangers support as possible.

    Meanwhile the European Commission has in recent weeks written to a Scottish football club and Glasgow City Council requesting details on alleged state aid and stories continue to appear on blogs and twitter regarding further questionable dealings between the football club and council and the Co-Op bank.

    Where is the journalist who wrote;

    “‘Right – let me make two things absolutely clear at the outset.

    First, I am writing this imagining that one or two people outside Glasgow use the internet, so I might make some observations familiar to Clydeside surfers.

    Second, this arises from my continuing investigation into Rangers which is still in early stages. That is to say, I am not investigating Celtic. If I were, rest assured RFC Bears – they’d get just the same treatment.”

    One might suggest that given your inability to report (what a journalist does) on a potentially giant story breaking in Scottish football with documents, facts and figures in the public domain already, contrasted with your continued determination to comment and speculate (what a gossip columnist does) using unnamed sources render your above comments nothing but a smoke-screen for a determined attack on a football club, and by extension a section of British society.

    Who knows, the above article may yet turn out to be true, or it might prove to be once more all Craig Whyte bluster. The European Commission may yet find Glasgow City Council did not partake in “State Aid” and that everything is squeaky clean in the East End of Glasgow. Or it might find a level of dealings which may border on corruption. This is all speculation.

    What is for certain the continued double standards of all reporting on football matters in Scotland stinks to high heavens, and will continue to do so while editors a one sided agenda such as yours to continue.

    Think I’m wrong Alex? Prove me wrong and do some digging into land deals and cheap loans like you promised you would back in 2012…

    1. Rabthecab says:

      Would that be the same “dodgy deals” Police Scotland already looked into & declared perfectly legal and above board?

  13. Carntyne says:

    “The scenario unfolded to me would be a legal merger of the disputed camps laying claim to Ibrox under the banner of Craig Whyte’s Sevco and no doubt a new share offer”.

    Ah!…Craig Whyte!…What a hero!

    A ‘new share’ offer Craig?

    Who in their right mind would pour money into the bottomless money pit that is the Sevco franchise, bearing in mind what happened to the £22mill allegedly earned from the last share issue?

    Having said that, there are many thousands of bears throughout this saga who have demonstrated they are not in their right minds.

    So, who knows.

    Maybe it will all work out.

    It’s all so entertaining though.

    Isn’t it.

  14. Sixlargebeers says:

    The Celtic land deals, Co-op Bank stuff from the blue side is a huge squirrel – see echoboy’s posts on TSFM for a comprehensive and well researched debunking of the whole thing. Anything to distract from what’s going on in Govan I suppose so knock yourselves out guys.
    Best not to get started on financial fair play…..

  15. Allan Nicol says:

    No doubt your source was your bitter pal Phil or was it Mr Liewell. What a pathetic sad life you lead.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Successful television journalist on a high profile and respected show, travels the world, lots of awards… I’d say that he probably has a pretty good life.

      But you don’t want actual journalists telling you what happened with your old club and new club, so you launch into a, frankly, pretty feeble personal attack. What a pathetic, sad life you lead.

  16. Mr Custards Cream Pie says:

    Craigy Bhoy doesn’t do walking away.

  17. The Exiled Tim says:

    Maybe in the order of fairness and equality Alex, while you are investigating all these shady land deals that some equate to State Aid, you could investigate this, State Aid land deal.

    Just to be fair.


    “RANGERS Football Club was yesterday given the go-ahead for a multi-million pound development to include a hotel and shops near its Ibrox stadium.
    It is hoped the development, reportedly costing 350 million, will breath new life into the run-down Govan area of Glasgow.
    Glasgow City Council yesterday agreed to transfer the land to Rangers. The club chairman, Sir David Murray, will now look for partners for the development.”

  18. Tony B says:

    Loving that Jack Irvine already knows about it, only lends credence to the story if the Greyskull media machine knew of it’s exisitence.

    He’ssssss Ba-ack!!!

  19. OZO says:

    When politics, finance and sport collide it should be a big story worth exploring. Especially with a whiff of cronyism, secrecy and obstruction to perfectly valid requests for information.between private companies and public owned institutions. Even the EU are intrigued enough. So why no Tomoblog on THE great scandal of the year re Celtic and State Aid? Sweep sweep?

  20. James Patrick Molloy says:

    I think Craig possibly is being made out to be the bad guy he is not

    Personally i think he is a likeable chap although possibly a bit of a wide boy

    Good luck Craig

  21. Andrew says:

    Ask yourself this Alex, if Rangers were currently being investigated by the EU for getting state aid and soft loans worth up to £40m, would you be ignoring the story?

    Or would you be filling your boots.

  22. Maggie says:

    Alex you are a tonic!

  23. Ed Paisley says:

    Mr Whyte was cheated out of his rightful claim on the assets. He is entitled to redress under the law – £1m per year and a perpetual berth in the Ibrox VIP section sounds fair to me. I’m with you Craigy – don’t let the shysters cheat you out of your rights. Hee hee hee ….

  24. the last nail says:

    If Sir Craig does still own the assets of of the former club Ticketus would surely be putting pressure on to sell them to recoup their money.Could be a new shop opening soon down Govan way

  25. Manandboy says:

    Alex, you touch again on the basket case which is Ibrox.

    Just imagine you’re on a visit to a psychiatric ward
    and you won’t go far wrong.

    Most of the patients are dressed in blue,
    as is the Charge Nurse, Jack Irvine.
    Jack’s all shouting and anti-depressants.
    Understandable I suppose, after what he’s been through
    since the CVA failed.

    The reason they are where they are,
    is that they all believe their team is still alive,
    even though the club is in the hands of the liquidator, BDO.

    They will call out to you as you pass through, Alex,
    but a smile is the tried and tested best response.
    Conversation is pointless.

    The local Health Board, the SFA, are, sadly,
    complicit in the maintenance of their condition,
    but that’s down to the fees they receive for their care.

    There are lots of really nice teams up here, Alex,
    all of sound mind, and all doing their best
    in very trying circumstances.
    Spare a thought for them.

    Anyway, nice to hear from you again, Alex.

    With very best wishes.

  26. Roky says:

    Once again naive Mr Thompson allows himself to be used; by people with an anti Rangers & even more sinister agenda. I thought an experienced “journalist” would know how to avoid such instances. Of course it would be silly to think Thompson himself had any agenda against the Institution that is Glasgow Rangers FC.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      You’re right. It would be silly. It was also suggests that you haven’t been paying attention.

  27. Gaz says:

    Are this Sevco mob for real whats illegal about getting a low interest loan due to good management ?. Whats illegal about helping a community improve the area ??.
    What’s illegal about negotiating wth GCC ??.
    Clutching at straws here me thinks Glasgows green and white! And green and white ruined the old club then the new club

    1. joebhoy says:

      the straws they are clutching at wont be green and white ones though,remember they banned those coloured straws at ibrox- END APARTHEID FOR STRAWS AT IBROX NOW! haha

  28. Chris says:

    Liquidation liquidation na nana na na

  29. joe strummer says:

    I’m going to take a wild and crazy guess at this, Alex, but your ” source ” for this latest myth regarding Whyte will be from a paranoid Rangers hater ? Am I close ?

    The current European Commission investigation into dodgy land deal allegations in Glasgow could be of seismic proportions, both politically and of a sporting nature. Is Channel 4 News operating a ” D Notice ” policy on this matter ? The media silence is indeed very strange on this matter.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Joe, Joe, Joe… you know as well as anyone that there isn’t an EC investigation of state aid. The EC itself said so.



      ‘On Friday Glasgow City Council agreed to transfer the land to Rangers, noting the project would make a “very significant contribution” to its own redevelopment plans.’

      Nothing to say about your now defunct old club receiving state aid? And from the same GCC that you’d have us believe is part of a giant Timmy conspiracy?

  30. Jim larkin says:

    1 – would it be the case that the Celtic “land deals” have got SFA to do with the club
    . . . It’s the company, so why should the “supporters suffer”.
    (Heard that one before)?

    2 – can i ask jack irvine
    . . . If Rangers and Sevco are one and the same club
    . . . Why are the millions of pounds of debt, not being paid [by Rangers*]?

    Cheers jack

  31. Graeme says:

    Person A: (statement concerning Rangers)
    Rangers Fan: Whatabout Celtic!

    Rangers fans take heed: There two types of people in the world, Old Firm fans and people who aren’t Old Firm fans. Not, as you seem to perceive it, Rangers people and Celtic people.

    Craig Whyte is the best guy ever.

  32. Sons of Truth says:

    Alex Thompson..we’ve you to thank for reporting things as they are.
    If only there was a broader inquiry in to the goings on in Scotland as a whole. By that i mean, the bias and blatant misleading reporting on much relating to the newco. Well done and thank you.

  33. kre says:

    Why hasn’t this been in any of the papers? Probably the same reason that none of the other twists and turns in this saga have been reported, because they’re cowards with an agenda.

    keep up the good work and keep exposing these SEVCO charlatans.

  34. Bob Russell says:

    Why do Rangers fans keep going on about Celtic’s land deals?

    Nobody is taking it seriously as everyone knows it’s just sour grapes from a bitter lot who are trying to drag everyone down in their fast sinking ship.

    The original accusations failed to identify the correct seller of the land and even got the land in the wrong council region.

    When making bitter accusations, it often helps if there is some facts to them.

    Rangers fans have cried too often. Anything that comes from you lot is taken with a pinch of salt.

    I would say you’ll look even more stupid when the case is thrown out, but you lot already have zero credibility.

  35. Celticbhoy says:

    Celtic have no case to answer it’s all legal and above board. We laugh at your pathetic allegations. Your clubs a complete joke and all you have ever done is cheat for years. The quicker your put out of Scottish football the better. A disgraceful club who ripped off everyone and think they are the victims. Your a pur joke and I hope whyte does own the assets of the oldco which is liquidating…hope the BDO get good value for money for those poor wee businesses your corrupt vile club ripped off! You are Nothing in Scottish football and no-one wants your backward thinking fans…

  36. fenceclimber says:

    To all the sevconians on here attacking the messenger and dismissing all of this as out of hand and fantasy. How has that worked out for you so far?

  37. michael says:

    Can’t believe all the negative comments your getting for great journalism & why are Glasgow Celtic football club who have behaved impeccably though out the demise or rangers being brought into this breathtaking news that your breaking.

  38. malceye says:

    ‘Whit aboot the land deals, the cooncil, the labour party, the co-op?’
    Its all part and parcel of the great Catholic conspiracy isn’t it? Well isn’t it? Hey, don’t leave me here. Why have you locked the door? Why are the walls padded?

  39. mark patrick says:

    I don’t see why this blog has anything to do with Glasgow council land deals,if I was a rangers fan I would be more concerned if there was one grain of truth in the return of Craig Whyte than trying to deflect onto a non story

  40. Serbitar says:

    Now then now then, had Mr Whyte ANY standing at all in this matter then at least one of his legal challenges would have come to fruition, as yet no sitting official has voted in his favour in any of his wee strops and furthermore if he was so confident of his case in front of the bench why does he always seem to to be posted absent at proceedings?

    A sleight of hand distraction from Media House at best, “don’t look at the man behind the curtain”

    1. joebhoy says:

      the reason he is absent is maybe down to the little fact that he has had death threats from the mouth breathers over ibrox way

  41. Jacko says:


    You should be ashamed & embarrassed to call yourself a serious journalist with this article. What the people of Scotland are experiencing is nothing short of religious propaganda by certain media outlets & journalists alike.

    You are trying to peddle this as news when in point of fact the real news should be the investigation by the european commission into state aid. Just incase you & your fellow so called journalists do not know or choose to ignore is that a certain Glasgow football club your so called friendly acquaintances support are under investigation in regards to state aid which involves a city council, the Labour party & a certain bank.

    It would appear that a agenda that you are pushing for others is chrystal clear indeed. A news story is about uncovering the truth no matter in what direction the truth takes or where it may lead you. News is about uncovering truth & reporting to the public as fact.

    It would appear that channel 4 is the vehicle that you are using to legitimise these so called propaganda stories. A certain based scottish media outlet funded by the public so called employee’s are using the very same tactics.

    Deflection is a wonderful word indeed. If you have no stomach to investigate & report to the public a story that is important enough to effect a political party in Scotland & city council & a certain bank.

    Scotland faces tough choices this year with the independence vote. You & every other news outlet has a story that could effect the outcome which would effect generations to come history making you could say. You report on the warfront that a political party had chosen to participate our forces in. To my understanding by the same train of thought you should have no problem in reporting facts to the public in reporting the EC state aid investigation.

    This is not a football rivalry story at all. I simply do not care who supports what football team. This story is the public’s hard earned money & land being squandered to the benefit of others.

    Scotland deserves the truth & not a cover up. Let the Scottish public make up their own minds in a year that the scottish people ultimately make the choices that effect the future of generations to come.

    I state again a news story is about uncovering the truth no matter in what direction the truth takes or where it may lead you. News is about uncovering truth & reporting to the public as fact.

    I write this not to be offensive at all to anybody. Football colours do not matter. What matters is the truth & nothing ut the truth.

    This would appear to be a political story at least investigate as such.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Jacko, you talk about truth but the reality is that there’s very little truth in your comment.

      The EC has not launched an investigation into Celtic. A bunch of slavering Sevcovians have sent their fantasies into the EC and they are obliged to look at it. It does not mean that the EC have found one jot of actual evidence that they are correct. Indeed there is significant actual evidence that in their obsessive hatred they’ve got it very wrong.

      ‘state aid which involves a city council, the Labour party & a certain bank’ There is no single allegation that encompasses all three. But the Sevcovians would have us believe that Celtic’s labour party directors used their party contacts to get Celtic loans on criminally good terms. But these loans were, at the time they were arranged, pretty much normal. Also, at the time the loans were arranged, these Labour Party figures weren’t on the Celtic board. So the allegation is clearly ridiculous. As for the London Road School, that was offered to two other organisations before Celtic bought it. And Celtic transferred land to the council in addition to the cash they paid. As for that city council. It also had an arrangement with Rangers to transfer land to help with its redevelopment plans.

      Ever since the Rangers support saw its club go bust and TUPE’d its support over to a new club, the Sevco support has been obsessed with digging up dirt on Celtic. Its reassuring that their efforts have been so fruitless that they have to resort to this transparently desperate nonsense.

    2. Jeff says:

      Religious propaganda,,,,,, I don’t see it myself”…

  42. Sakhalin Bhoy says:

    It appears some folk commenting here are more interested in tit-for-tat point scoring…..as a celtic fan my only concern is that ‘should’ there be any illegal activity….and I stress the word ILLEGAL…..then I for one would certainly like it all to be brought out in the open…..
    With regards this story……it will remain ‘rumour’……until it has been totally proved or disproved.
    Should it be true then it is obvious that Rangers have ‘serious’ issues that WILL impact on their registration within Scottish football…….if not, then they continue rebuilding their club…….

    I just wish these supposedly ‘adult’ posters would stop trying to use the ‘my da’s a better fighter than your da’ mentality…….
    If I were a dedicated Rangers fan I would be looking for concrete answers to all of these ‘alleged’ stories re: Craig Whyte and his ‘ties’ to Rangers NOT bleating about any other team nor their issues……
    Move on now lads and look at your own team…..

  43. StateAidFC says:

    Desperate times for State Aid FC when they have to rely on the deluded rantings of Craig Whyte for comfort.

    But who can blame them, as the clock is ticking towards the time when they will have to forfeit all trophies gained during the period of State Aid.

    And if there is anything left of their cult once the millions have been returned to the ratepayers and hefty fines paid, they can start again from the bottom tier,

    They might even be a “newco fc” by then.

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Time you changed your meds.

    2. BlueStu says:

      A newco again……what, you mean for the FOURTH time????

      State aid pretty much equates to being as bad as match fixing……they should and WILL be kicked out of football for good….oh what a sweet and pleasant day that shall be :)

  44. effindelicious says:

    Celtic: First. Foremost. Forever.

  45. Willhelm says:

    C’mon now Alex, you know there’s a bigger story just waiting to be exposed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve the blue 2/3’s of Glasgow. So in the interests of neutrality Alex, let’s be hearing what you have to say on Labour / Celtic and dodgy land deals?

    If you remain silent as you are now, it only proves how bigoted and one sided your reporting has been for the last 18 months.

  46. Philip Edwards says:


    Ah….THAT’S it….an argument over assets and property…..not football….not even superstitious religion or nationalism.

    Who would have guessed it?

    I’m still trying to work out why a Scottish football club has some “supporters” who wave an Irish flag instead of, say, the Saltire…..which would be at least understandable if at least as ridiculously chauvinist.

  47. BlueStu says:


    ANOTHER story about The Rangers………..99% of comments on it by the obsessed from the east end. THey are the only ones that actually believe your drivel Toxic!!


  48. laptoployal says:

    If Jack Irvine is trying this hard to kill a story, you can be sure its on the money…..

    His paymasters at Ibrox and their friends at the SFA do not want to have to explain how Whyte’s Sevco 5088 morphed into Green’s Sevco Scotland.

  49. Pedro Pete says:

    ” Bluster”poor reporting targeted at the obsessed. WATP

  50. Jimmy says:

    Now then now then mr serbitar, if whyte is still hanging about then why not ask yourself why, if he has no claim then why would he bother? Now then that would concern me if I were you!

    He aint going away so there is something in it, worry about or don’t, but its all coming to ahead whether you like it or not, heads in the sand achieved nothing the last time, in fact it sped the inevitable to its conclusion, i,e the end of rangers as it was.

  51. Kyle. says:

    Yawn, Rangers fans tell Alex Thomson to shut up, Sevco haters (Celtic fans) think its gospel. I got bored of this two years ago.

    Even if it is all rubbish the man is just stating what he has heard. If you dont like it then dont be hanging around his blog.

    Also, if you are a Celtic fan still hovering around here talking about Sevco then you need yer head examined or need a life.

    From a Rangers fan who is just fed up with bigoted half-wits.

  52. gerry says:

    Well Alex-your back on the ball but i cant forget your strange Millwall comparison-
    it was as if a sevco fan had temporarily taken over your brain-AND- the lack of an explanation for the removal of your armed forces at govan article-still very concerned about that one-so-to the task in front of you-the reporting of the biggest football corruption scandal in Europe-if not the world-this opportunity is a journalists dream-correction-a brave journalists dream-if properly investigated and written- the final book will be a hefty tome-with global appeal-if you cant do it-someone else will-good luck

  53. Sons of Truth says:


    ……………………………These are the voyages of the spaceship Sevcotroid ……………………………….

  54. Lombardo says:

    Big story in the east Alex ………….. wake up !!! you are using the old journalistic smoke n mirrors trick ………… it’s not working …we could have predicted this kind of stuff and it proves that the PR machine in the east is getting desperate. As for panto season ….you have a point but this one is on an extended run ….and you know what happens in panto land ….. the good guys always win and we ARE gonna win ………….. I can asure you of that

  55. travis macbickle says:

    alex, you need to get doorstepped

  56. Keith Hepburn says:

    Lesson in Scots Law:Floating charge exists over assets.In the event of insolvency floating charge becomes Standard Security.Security holder becomes Preferential Creditor on lquidation.Sorry people,but Craigie Boy may be right.

  57. Scott G says:

    3rd attempt at posting……fellow bears, treat this joker with the contempt he deserves.

    State aid will give us the last laugh

    1. Bruce67 says:

      It won’t you know. First, your club already died. Second, State Aid won’t amount to anything. Its already been discredited as the obsessive fantasy of a support struggling with its own grief.

  58. mark says:

    You Sevco fans need to wake up.. stop falling for the smoke screens (land deals) your 2nd club is SO close to going into administration.. Going into admin while still getting promotion could turn out to be a black cloud that hangs over you for many years to come, no company will want to be associated with cheats, it just doesnt look good. Sponsorship could get even harder than it is now, any company associated with you after that would be putting a nail in their coffin, every person in Scotland not a fan of yours would be appalled at the clubs actions over the last couple of years & wouldn’t look kindly on any company associated with the tarnished club

  59. Castlerockson says:

    Loving the comments of the Sevconians on here. it is all part of great conspiracy by the Rangers haters to drag your new club, Sevco, down and hinder it. Oh, how I have laughed these last two years as time and time again it has been pointed out by anyone who isn’t a Sevocnian,i.e a Rangers hater, an obsessive, that your club was on the path to rack and ruin and how you derided those that carried the message. Well, guess what? Judgement day is upon us once more and who are you going to blame this time? Those that have led your club down the path to its destruction? Your manager, without whose help, none of the supporters would have been gullible to part with their hard earned money in a pointless share issue? No, don`t be daft, it will all be the fault of Liewell, GCC, the obsessed, the Rangers haters, Lord Lucan. those aliens that hang out over Bonnybridge. Wake up, smell the coffee and just for once grow a pair. Your old club died because of the poor financial management of ` Rangers men` and your new club as been destroyed from with in by ` Rangers men`.

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