7 Feb 2013

Rangers – a public wrangle over £400,000

Let us consider what Shakespeare wrote:

 “All that glisters is not gold,
“Often have you heard that told.”

Words all football fans would do well to consider. Rangers fans in particular need to heed this, having been promised golden times from Sir David Murray, Craig Whyte and right now from Charles Green. If you believe his figures RFC is suddenly cash-rich after what the club calls a successful flotation. They’re talking about a genuine milestone reached.

Well – let’s see how much cash has really been raised and how much is promissary notes and all manner of other forms of not-all-that-hard-cash-at-all, to make up the fabled £20 million or more.

What really matters right now is confidence in the club, its finances and its flotation -and when it comes to confidence: the spectre of an unpaid £400,000 threatens to loom large.

Rangers strategy when Channel 4 News broke the story yesterday seemed to be to say and do nothing for many hours, before eventually issuing the statement we put up yesterday, in which they said that the sums sought were insignificant, agreement had been reached subject to the necessary paperwork and that the club was “capable of meeting any debts presented to it legitimately”.

This morning a source close to Orlit Enterprises contacted Channel4 News to respond to Rangers position.

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Ranger have said that the issue is settled subject to paperwork but refuse to explain what this means, they’re keen to sweep the entire business away by insisting it is insignificant.

My understanding from Rangers is that the club does not regard this as “debt” so its statements about being a “debt-free club” remain accurate and truthful. Rather, for Ibrox this is a little local difficulty about a contract.

However my source close to Orlit Enterprises in Singapore says that “no settlement has been reached” with regard to the outstanding sum of £400,000 which unlike RFC they do not regard as insignificant.

All of which leaves Rangers with – at the very least – a PR disaster which they appear either unwilling or unable to clear up. They have not explained at all why the contractual dispute arose? Or what the disputed issue is? Or why Orlit completely refutes Rangers assertion that the matter is settled barring some paperwork? Or what that paperwork is? Or frankly answered any detailed questions at all about this matter whatsoever.

Yet by the same token Rangers do not dispute or deny there is outstanding money. Nor the party involved. Nor the reason why the services were contracted. Nor the time frame involved. We gave them every chance to do so.

Nor does Rangers FC deny or dispute anything in our story yesterday concerning Orlit’s reluctant intention of beginning winding up proceedings against the club to recover the £400,000 it claims is owed it by RFC.

You have to ask why? Surely the fans are due this? Surely they who are again putting hard-earned cash into the club deserve to know what is going on?

So might other parties like potential investors and those watching from beyond Glasgow, in the City of London for instance. However you carve it up, getting into a now-public wrangle over a relatively simple matter of £400,000 is PR suicide when you are touring the world touting the new club as an attraction to investors.

They will have questions. We do. Fans do. And Ibrox is incapable or unwilling of providing answers. Sitting in Govan calling it all insignificant and minor should not satisfy fans as it does not satisfy us and will not satisfy investors worried that £400,000 might not be a minor or simple matter for the club.

The club tells the world it has raised over twenty million in the recent share offer. If it’s an “insignificant sum” – answer some simple questions and pay up?

With each hour that passes in silence and non-payment from Rangers, the deeper the damage to the club and investors confidence in its real level of financial security.

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85 reader comments

  1. FrankieB says:

    Deary me. Yet another blog about a football club in Scotland. Is this really the best use of the time of Channel 4’s reputed ace reporter?

    Charles Green has been answering questions from Rangers fans in Dubai and Perth (Australia) over the past few days. When fans in Perth asked him about this business he told them Orlit had been pushing for more money because of the success of the share issue. Of course, Mr Green wasn’t keen to give them more money. We’ll see if anything else comes of it…

    As for Mr Thomson’s repeated claims that Rangers took a long time to respond to his story, they are pathetic. Rangers responded pretty quickly, especially given that Mr Green was halfway round the world.

  2. Patrick says:

    Yesterday, it was all in hand (subject to paperwork).

    Today, they will not pay and invite Orlit to start legal proceedings.

    This is fun.

  3. franco #ZombieSlayer says:

    OMG…a journo who actually investigates & chases up leads….id shake yer hand sir;-)

  4. Retired IP says:

    I have noted from other reports elsewhere that no petitions are recorded at Court which is the first stage in the legal process of a Winding Up Order which may or may not request the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator (that in “Newco” case seems inevitable in the circumstances). When it is lodged in Court it becomes part of public record and accessible, The notice of the petition then needs to be served on the debtor company and no winding up process can begin until at least eight days after public advertisement. This allows a negotiation opportunity to settle the debt when (to the creditors satisfaction) the petition can be dismissed.

    Legal process is something that “Newco” are well acquainted and this may drag on somewhat. In Yorkshire parlance – there’s “nowt” like cash to persuade people to go away !

    1. FrankieB says:

      To clarify the legal process, if a petition had been lodged at Court and an order granted to proceed then a copy of the petition would have been displayed at Court. A newspaper has checked and there is no trace of a petition that has been lodged against Rangers.

      In fact I am not even sure the Singaporean company would be allowed to proceed with a winding-up petition given that the debt is in dispute.

      1. rabthecab says:


        “Orlit’s reluctant intention of beginning winding up proceedings against the club”

        Try reading that through a couple of times and perhaps you will see where you’ve gone wrong.

        Here’s a wee clue – “BEGINNING winding up proceedings”

      2. FrankieB says:

        rab, I suggest you follow the thread of comments. The comment immediately previous to mine was about “legal process” and – as I said – I was clarifying the question of “legal process”.

      3. rabthecab says:


        “A newspaper has checked and there is no trace of a petition that has been lodged against Rangers.”

        That’s not “clarifying….the legal process” it’s a statement of fact. I pointed out the word “beginning” for a reason, namely that there would not necessarily be a petition lodged at the beginning of proceedings.

        Can you explain the reasoning behind “In fact I am not even sure the Singaporean company would be allowed to proceed with a winding-up petition given that the debt is in dispute.”? As the poster prior to you said, servicing the notice often leads to a negotiated settlement before the petition is due to be heard.

  5. ROBBBO says:

    Your sad obsession with all things Rangers continues, sad that Channnel 4 give you time to waste on a commercial dispute.

  6. Alex McDougall says:

    You have to ask why Alex Thomson still gets a blog.. What have you or channel 4 uncovered here??? Not a lot.. Orlit have publicly said the wont comment on the matter, but yet you have a “close source” please give us all a break and apply fit a McDonald’s cleaning job where people will listen..

    1. Bruce says:

      Alex still gets a blog because people like you keep giving it the hits to complain about him.

    2. john says:


  7. Big Mike says:

    I don’t think Charlie likes parting with the cash, in fact I would hazard that he has not put one penny piece into Rangers.

    1. FrankieB says:

      Mr Green has again been answering questions from fans in Australia. He has reportedly said that the Singaporean company asked for £270,000 more than was agreed. Not many people or companies would want to give money away if it was above what was agreed.

      1. John G says:

        Do you believe everything Charlie boy says? Because he also said your history dies if you don’t get a CVA and are liquidated …

  8. Eddie says:

    This is a very clear simple statement. It should be answered with clarity, to keep all fans happy.
    Where there is smoke there is fire. If you have the solution, you extinguish.

  9. Tony says:

    Hi Alex, great piece that all Rangers fans should take heed of. to be fooled twice is careless, third time unforgiveable!
    Read a quote attributed to Charles Green on his Aussie tour that seems if true to highlight some risky and questionable practices. Quote:

    Re: Charles Green Perth Q&A
    “We bought back the Albion Car Park for £1.4m after Murray sold it to Lloyds for £400,000. Apparently we can make around £400,000 per year on it (or was it £150k?), we had a lease with Lloys which would have meant giving them around £4m until the end of the lease, but Green persuaded them as he threatened to ask the fans to boycott”

    So Charles is publicly admitting to threatening banks with boycotts to get his way?

  10. Davie says:

    RANGERS are the subject of media reports and speculation which are at best misleading and at worst malicious.

    In an ideal world, for instance, one in which journalism wasn’t at such a damning low it has to be investigated by the highest authorities with culprits facing jail sentences, there would be no need for this Club to respond.
    However, because it has become clear Rangers cannot rely on basic honesty, decency or integrity from enough of the country’s media outlets we must speak for ourselves. We have a duty to our supporters to put the record straight.
    Rangers have been disputing a payment to a foreign company, Orlit, although it should be stressed we have never said there is no bill to be met.
    What we have said and what we are telling our supporters is that not all of the invoices submitted with regard to this bill are legitimate.
    Clearly there has been a lack of understanding within the media about this when all we have done is refuse to be forced into paying sums we do not owe. It is as simple as that.
    Who on earth would pay out when faced with a spurious request for money?
    No matter what anyone else says, Rangers have agreed a figure to settle this issue and it is a figure which, as we have already tried to explain, is significantly less than the initial demand.
    Only the wording, which would put this matter to rest once and for all, has still to be signed off.
    And despite what some over-excited but desperately ill-informed bloggers claim, there is no threat of this Club being closed. That is downright malicious and ludicrous.
    But let’s make one thing clear: If Orlit wish to instruct their lawyers to go to court then we will defend our position vigorously.
    We are absolutely convinced we’d win but we did think it would be better to avoid giving our many detractors another bar with which to beat us over the head.
    That’s why we made an offer to settle but we now find we are still being harassed.
    The thought process seems to be that if we have £22m from the recent IPO we should just pay up. Bizarre. Why should we?
    Of course we can pay the amount demanded – it is, as we’ve already stated, a small amount – but it is ridiculous to hand over more than is due.
    The money belongs to Rangers and we will not give it out to anyone who comes along with invented invoices.
    That would be reckless in the extreme and suggest that nothing has been understood from the past when Rangers were in effect mugged by money grabbers.
    We are here to make sure that does not happen again. We do pay our bills on time and we have always been prepared to pay this one.
    There are many people and journalists who will choose to disbelieve this truth but that is up to them.
    They will continue to attack Rangers no matter what we say but this statement is not for them.
    It is for our supporters. They deserve to know and understand the exact and precise state of play,
    Rangers will not be closed. This Club will never run up crippling debts and we will not pay over-inflated salaries to players.
    However, we will have a sensible pay structure which won’t threaten the club’s existence. That is what we believe the fans want.
    Having said that, Rangers are rising and we will return to the top flight where we will be competitive again.
    We are still very much at the beginning of a long road back and although there will be potholes to be negotiated, nothing will stop us.
    Rangers are no longer soft touches. We will not bow to or run from bullies and we will not be pressured into handing out even £1 if it is not merited.
    We are sorry if this, or the fact that Rangers are financially healthy, isn’t what people want to hear but this is the new reality.
    It is for others to come to terms with that and also our continued revival. It would, however, be a pleasant change if we could be left alone to get on with our business.

    1. listenteyerda says:

      HOW can Any FAN of Rangers,talk of Honesty, Decency,Integrity,when, if they ARE still Rangers, know they have almost 300 creditors still waiting on THEIR cash,while shouting from the rooftops about the Millions of pounds they have, and are Debt free! Honesty! Decency! Integrity! It,s Downright SHAMELESS!

      1. iain says:

        Perhaps if the SFA and spl bodies could see fit to release rangers prize monies to the administration officers who presided over the events of last year then maybe creditors would start getting paid .after all rangers were not found guilty of any dual contracts or e b t scams regardless of how ethical their business practices have been

      2. rabthecab says:


        “rangers were not found guilty of any dual contracts”

        So you’ve read Lord Nimmo Smith’s verdict, or are you psychic?

    2. Truthster says:

      Davie, by the content and structure of your ‘reply’ to Alex Thomson’s piece, it would appear that the jump from crayons and colouring books to writing has come too soon for you. Keep trying. Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some truth from time to time.

    3. rabthecab says:

      Wow, couldn’t think of an original thought so cut & pasted Jabba’s nonsense instead? Well done that man…

  11. BlueAndWhite says:

    Why do you persist in demonising the mighty Rangers. You should get a life and support a football team instead of constantly trying to screw our team. We are quite capable of making our own decisions about our owners. In fact we show our support for our team at the turnstiles but this is probably something you would never understand. Any chance you could let us know which team you really do support ???

    1. Bruce says:

      ‘We are quite capable of making our own decisions about our owners.’

      What, exactly, do you base that statement on?

      1. Redfive says:

        Bums on seats every other Saturday!

      2. Bruce says:

        Are those the same bums on seats that sat there during the second half of the Murray years and the Craig Whyte year? The same ones that attacked everyone who told them what was going on?

  12. OLEMUNGOBHOY says:

    Hi Alex

    Keep digging.

    Who instructed/commisioned Orlit ? Sevco 5088 or Sevco Scotland or was it Charlie Green doing it off his own bat expecting that his consortium members would OK the bill only to find that they aren’t playing ball cos they knew nothing of the fee arrangements ? The Court papers will be enlightening if and when it ever gets to court.

    To any “ordinary” Rangers supporters who bought shares….sell them now when you are almost ahead !!!

  13. pistoff says:

    Well done Mr Thomson, we can always rely on you to delve into the murkiness of Glasgow Rangers dealings and come out smelling of purity. You have again been scraping at the bottom of the barrel on your anti Rangers agenda. One of these days you are actually going to succumb to falling thru the erse of said barrel and land in the gutter, but hey, is that not where you have been plying your “trade” for all those years. Indeed a sad individual.

  14. David Smith says:

    Have Channel 4 commissioned you to write only about Rangers. It’s all you have to comment on! You seem to get whispers and half truths and crack right on with drivel. If it is proven this company are being creative with the invoices it’s another slap down for you. I see your still really really hoping that the TAX tribunal will go against Rangers so you can call us cheats, Which would now be no more than a clerical error. Away and do some real journalism. Instead of regurgitating Phil multi names mince and quoting Rangers Tax case blogger or any other of those crack pots. You also have your name attached to a foreword in a completely fabricated book. Top work Alex. Even though I have not been in any way abusive. I bet this doesn’t make it past your regulator? Eh Alex, only for clowns who share your rabbid hatred for Rangers who get to comment on here?

    1. rabthecab says:

      @David Smith

      “no more than a clerical error”

      Suggest you get hold of a copy of the FTT Decision and read page 10 lines 30-39 re how EBT “loans” were handled before you regurgitate the utter pap being dealt out by Traynor etc.

      1. David Smith says:

        Rab the cab,
        Are you actually quoting lines from the FTT decision that Concluded that Rangers used EBT’s correctly to highlight how incorrectly they were used. You utter dimwit?

      2. rabthecab says:

        The FTT Decision said what? You obviously haven’t read it yourself, have you? Or even paid any attention to the actual outcome.

        In 5 of the sub-trusts investigated by the FTT it was found that there were social taxes (that’s PAYE/NIC in case you’re wondering) due – that is NOT “using (them) correctly.”

        Not to mention of course the 31 (read that again, 31!) that RFC/MIH admitted to before the FTT even sat. So that’s 36 out of 81 (45%) sub-trusts which were most definitely NOT used correctly.

        That incovenient little fact aside, if you had read my comment properly you would have seen that what I was pointing out was that the mechanics of how the “loans” were paid cannot possibly be said to be “no more than a clerical error.”

        I assume the “utter dimwit” comment was made to the mirror.

  15. Prodolski says:

    Where exactly did you get this figure of £400,000 from may I ask?

  16. John says:

    Watched the last 20 mins of the online debate last night! Got my time wrong?? Quite enjoyable, although obviously upset I missed a good 10-15 mins. I am just astounded that it takes you, Paul at SLT, Phil Mac and others to pick up these things? Who do you blame Alex? Rfc fans themselves for not blogging or investigating (question 1 rfc statement) or the SMSM for failing to report the true goings on round ibrox way? Mordern day chicken and the egg I know, but surely if rfc websites weren’t so over the top with their carte blanche support for CG this would show some are not just willing to be ladel spooned whatever nonsensicle haverings he and JT decide to through at them today?? The new rfc statement is bewidering, more questions than answers, but yet rfc fans are lapping this up as some sort of defence of their club and culture?? Very strange indeed! Anyway, interesting times here in Melbourne, apparently the whole of Australian sport has been involved in doping and orginised crime across all codes of sport! Really shocked by whats been going on, but really pleased and comforted that the media over is all over it!! Tale of two cities, and I really hope ”glasgow takes a leaf out of Melbournes book on this one! Keep safe and keep asking the questions that need answering!!

    “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky bloggers”

    All the best, JOhn :-)

    1. Redfive says:

      So let’s clarify something if we can John, you get you information from an obsessed journo, a disbarred lawyer and Phil “tarred with the brush of sectarianism” (quote from the Press Complaints Commission)
      Nothing gets by you lot eh?

      1. rabthecab says:


        ““tarred with the brush of sectarianism” (quote from the Press Complaints Commission)” paraphrased from the Sun.

        Try getting your attributions right & people might start to take you seriously, otherwise you’re just another cut & paste merchant without the capacity for original thought.

  17. HNJ says:

    He just can’t help himself, the stench of anti- Rangers bitterness pervades almost every word he scrawls. Channel 4s Rangers hater supreme Thomson is a joke and an embarassment to any half decent journalist anywhere.

    It is clear that Channel 4s Alex Thomson passionately wants bad things to happen to RFC and their fans. Alex, just because you post your fantastic and wishful ramblings on the internet does not make them come true.


    1. Redfive says:

      It’s not easy being a keyboard warrior these days, go easy on him.

  18. Paul fitzpatrick says:

    You’re just a rangers hater & bigot according to the head in the sand loyal, keep it up Alex !

  19. Alfie B says:

    Follow, follow boys. Like lemmings off a cliff.

  20. John says:

    Does McGillivan put his hand up the back of your shirt to work you from behind. Or is it the entire hand right up yer jacksy?
    It’s very unusual to see a so called journalist, especially an English journalist so embittered and hateful towards Rangers.

  21. Michael says:

    Not only have TRFCPLC stated in thier response last kight “insignificant sum” but said they had agreed a payment plan with Orlit! Or have I got that wrong.

    To me it’s simple if you have the money to pay a bill you pay it, asking for a payment plan means your skint.

  22. Duncan Adams says:

    Alex is this journalism or another biased attacked on a club hat you loathe, grow up and stop wasting your employers money by alienating at least half of your Scottish market good job well done keep up the terrible job

    1. rabthecab says:

      “good job well done keep up the terrible job”

      Fascinating that you manage to contradict yourself in such a short sentence.

      Well done indeed!

  23. GoofyBhoy says:

    Thank you very much for updated info Alex , thank god for good journalism , Scottish media seems incapable of this , cheers

    1. jinky says:

      The Blue Lagoon next to Central Station doesn’t have Chips as big as you have. Hilarious

  24. John Paul Coyle says:

    Hi Alex. Firstly I’d like to thank you for your honest journalism which is a novelty in Scotland. I’ve followed your updates with interest and I admit to having a fair wee chuckle at the dark side’s misfortune but I’m beginning to worry that some of them might start listening to you and taking steps to save their filthy club. To give you some background to my story I was born in 1976 in Glasgow into an Irish family and was originally going to be named John Patrick Coyle. My parents knowing what it was like for Irish Catholics in Glasgow decided to name me John Paul instead to give me a fighting chance but along came Pope John Paul 1 then John Paul 2 and I can tell you, getting a job in this city has not been easy. I read your posts and the comments at the end are either Celtic fans laughing or deluded rangers fans abusing you. As much as it’s great to see a journalist publishing the facts and I can see you are giving rangers supporters every opportunity to stand up and save their filthy club from extinction, I’d rather you let them implode and cease to exist. Our country would be a much better place if they weren’t here. Let Charles Green spout his nonsense and let their supporters lap it up. At the end of the day, they will have to pay the price for their evil wrong-doing and maybe one day Scotland can be free from this nasty disease.

    1. Alan Thomson says:

      And so say all of us…..outside of the Ibrox mob

  25. John Paul Coyle says:
  26. p j fox says:

    How can Company House allow a business called “Rangers FC” to continue trading? Having fleeced the tax payer and other businesses for millions of pounds are you now telling us Alex, they may well be allowed to do so, under a similar trading name, all over again?
    It’s simply disgusting.
    Not withstanding the findings of this current fiasco, I would suggest the name Rangers FC should be forever consigned to the Company House incinerator.
    Surely someone out there can protect the tax payer, shareholder, or investor?
    In sayiny that, maybe common sense should just prevail: Dont touch anything to with Rangers FC with so much as a bargepole.

  27. john j says:

    dear alex,once again a fabulous blog,asking the questions we all wish the mainstream media in scotlandwould ask but avoid so as not to upset THE rangers. i dont know if you heard the james traynor interview played on local radio but this was moonbeams galore,rangers are THE biggest club in scotland and that was just for starters…have a listen,comedy gold and all this from an airdrie fan…a ha a ha a ha!!! keep up the honest work sir its a wonderful read.

    1. Redfive says:

      Blog is all he can do because………


      Nobodys child…….

  28. S.B. says:

    Come on Alex FFS, Shakespeare!! Many of RE PEEPLE are still at the colouring in books stage and you are quoting the bard?? Do you not think they are having enough trouble trying to work out the Highland Roads network to find their next opponent without you confusing them by bringing in lefty, Fenian, tight wearing, beardy writers and exposing such trivial things like debts and share issues? You will of course be totally unsurprised to discover that you publicised all of this before most of the Scottish media who remain true to form when it comes to their favourite team Sevco.
    I would imagine that the North Korean hacks are attempting, as we speak, to contact Scotland’s finest to discover how to keep the truth and facts from the masses. If there were awards handed out for smoke and mirrors and burying the truth the Scottish media would win hands down every time. You will also be unsurpised to hear that the fans of the club formerly known as Rangers have made another doll of you to stick pins into. Why do you persist with such triviality like facts, figures, economics, numbers and the truth? Are you working for the anti-Protestant, Papish European Union; Pope Benedict; Opus Dei; The Knights of St. Columbanus or Sinn Fein/IRA? Tell us the truth man RE PEEPLE need to know! It’s all a big conspiracy…………………AAAAHHHHH! Where’s King Billy andThe Glorious Protestant Revolution when you need them?

    1. Alan Thomson says:

      Wonderful. I love it.

  29. GoofyBhoy says:

    i forgot to say , keep up the good work , cheers !!!!!!

  30. p j fox says:

    If newco Rangers fans think they own shares in The Rangers Football Club, think again. They own shares in the company that owns The Rangers Football Club. A company that could sell The Rangers Football Club, then award it’s directors big bonuses and it’s other shareholders (if they own the correct share type) a tiny dividend. The company could then dwindle into nothing, leaving the shareholders with the same.

    That wouldn’t be allowed to happen. Would it? Pfffft. Fools gold indeed.

  31. p j fox says:

    pss The Newco Rangers Story – “Of Mice And Men”:

    George] heard Lennie’s whimpering cry and wheeled about. “Blubberin’ like a baby! Jesus Christ! A big guy like you!” Lennie’s lip quivered and tears started in his eyes. “Aw, Lennie!” George put his hand on Lennie’s shoulder. “I ain’t takin’ it away jus’ for meanness. That mouse ain’t fresh, Lennie; and besides, you’ve broke it pettin’ it. You get another mouse that’s fresh and I’ll let you keep it a little while.”

  32. stu82 says:

    It baffles me that even after Craig whyte, rangers fans continue in their defiance and pretend nothing is wrong. when will they learn that people who want a quick buck, don’t care who they hurt.

  33. Johnr says:

    Why yet again are rangers financial position or situation out there for the public domain, we have even issued a set of accounts yet, yet again these men mr thompson being one of them persist in hounding the club I love, if you think there is wrong doing in football fair enough by why always us, you pursued the ebts, look where that got you, everyone had rangers guilty yet they were found not to be, I hear corruption is rife in the champions league go away and investigate that

  34. Madalyn says:

    Alex, I continue to be impressed by your dogged pursuit of the truth. P J Fox above raises a very interesting point re the ownership of shares and the various companies named in the overall enterprise.
    I can only see a really disappointing conclusion to all of this from the point of view of the objective and rational fans of the football club who unfortunately continue to be hoodwwinked by those in control at Ibrox. This saga still has a long way to run.
    Scottish football would probably benefit from the presence of a strong, well supported and managed club with no historical baggage. I have very serious doubts that it will be the one currently under discussion.

  35. tambo says:

    Alex, you are asking of Rangers questions that are logical questions to ask, questions that are on the tip of every persons tongue.

    What is refreshing is that someone, like yourself, dares ask them.

    Twas ever thus at Rangers and Ibrox, no one dared ask meaningful ,common sense questions lest they be labelled “paranoid”.

    They reaped what they sowed and their cover ups and arrogance and silence in the face of those questions led to the Ibrox clubs downfall, administration and finally to their liquidation.

  36. tam g says:

    rifc do not have any banking facilites so my question is how are the players paid what does it say on their wage slips my guess it is an offshore account or an investment broker i can see major problems ahead with the tax man again

    1. Doug says:

      Comedy gold! Do you see what I mean Alex? You are winding up these deluded half-wits, have some pity for them and stop giving them false hope.

  37. Simmie says:

    Cant wait for zombie hun fc to go t*ts up!
    get the popcorn on, the orcs are gan bust (again)

  38. Alan Thomson says:

    Unfortunately, the Ibrox faithful carry the same historical baggage as their club so any hope of a future for Scottish football untarnished by this scourge must therefore preclude the involvement of that club.

  39. Hector says:

    “The Rangers” fans continue to be blinded by their right wing hatred of everyone who has anything to say about them. To be caught out three times in a row is beyond laughable, wake up and smell the coffee; you are simply filling up the retirement plans of the asset stripers and the usual “legend” hangers on, Walter, could you even name a third division team before your new club applied to join the Scottish leagues?

  40. Hector says:

    News Flash, “The Rangers” dont pay bills, I think there was another team that had a history similar to this, an orange for the first one with the correct answer………history can be repeated but not transferred

  41. Doug says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog Alex, especially the ” Have your say” section. The hurt emanating from the Rangers haters is particularly satisfying. Their disappointment that Rangers won the first tier tax tribunal, are now on a firm financial footing, after the spectacularly successful share issue, attracting world record crowds to Ibrox and were not killed off, is driving them nuts. I can’t wait until the result of the SPL witch hunt is announced in Rangers favour, the Erskine bridge will be busy that night.

    Please, please keep up your good work in continuing to give these deluded wishful thinkers some straws to clutch. Your latest one about the winding up order was brilliant! Oh how they lapped it up and gave us all a great laugh.

    Can’t wait until your next fantasy, hope you and sectarian brush are working on it as we speak.

    1. Bruce says:

      ‘Rangers won the first tier tax tribunal’ Lets see what happens with the appeal, shall we, and even allowing for that Rangers remained tax cheats and still stiffed their creditors for £50+ million.

      ‘are now on a firm financial footing, after the spectacularly successful share issue’ Really? Running at a loss and the first significant bill to come in is looking likely to end up in court. That’s a firm financial footing, is it?

      ‘attracting world record crowds to Ibrox’ When? You haven’t even attracted a British record for a fourth tier match.

      Sectarian brush? Is that like one of those steam mops?

      1. Doug says:

        I rest my case! Keep them coming Alex, this is hilarious!

  42. Prodolski says:

    Listen Rangers fans, you will need to humour all the John Paul’s, Patrick’s, Francis’s Philip’s, etc that write in this blog, they don’t care who they insult or cause grief to because they can go an confess it and be absolved of any wrongdoing then start again. It’s the ‘forgiveness’ of the Lord. The Lord God’s teaching are always correct, didn’t you know that? To question them is blasphemy and you will go to the ‘bad fire’. Therefore if ‘leading lights’ are filling the heads of these god fearing brainwashed ‘free thinkers’, what else would you expect but drivel. Let’s not stop there though, their beloved club bosses drive the masses to keep the ‘brainwashing’ going. Celtic programme their fans like the CIA prgramme their sleepers. Lawwell with his snide comments aimed at Rangers and their fans, Lennon with the tricolor on his track suit and the Celtic fans lap it up like kittens with a bowl of cream. And I’ll finish with todays latest news, the Pope resigns, the first Pope to resign in 600 years, it seems he DOES do ‘walking away’, just like Dalglish, O’Neill and Strachan did, something in the ‘holy’ water? (insert Rangers smiley here).

    1. Francis says:

      I shouldn’t grace these comments with a reply since they are so ignorant, offensive. They do nothing to encourage sensible discussion. This is the kind of person who judges people by their names and, if that fails, their schools. Shameful.

  43. Ron says:

    Looks like another pathetic non-story which your new found fans in the East end will lap up.
    Company decides not to pay a bill which seems excessive…..that’s headline news at Channel 4 is it? Worthy of taking up the time of one of their top (paid) journos?
    Give it a rest Alex, we know you’re still seething at the clown you were made to look over the tax case but try and put your vitriol aside for a while and actually do some of the investigative journalism you’re paid for.
    There’s quite a few citizens in Glasgow who would like an explanation of why expenditure on the commonwealth games seems so heavily weighted towards the east end of the city particularly the areas around Parkhead. Yes that area is run down and needs regeneration but so do several other areas around the city.
    Over the years there have been deals entered into between Glasgow City Council and CFC and it would be comforting to know that there is no favouritism being shown by the City fathers (most of whom appear to be Celtic season ticket holders) towards one particular Glasgow football club.
    Given your stance on Rangers and the accusations of financial doping surely it would also benefit sporting integrity to establish that public money has not been directed towards any particular organisation and that a deal such as that which saw parcels of land being sold to CFC for 1p was indeed the correct political decision for Glasgow’s council tax payers given the cost to the public purse of rehousing the inhabitants of that land .
    So there you are a new project for you which must be well documented within public records and, irrespective of your findings, investigating something other than Rangers in Glasgow may well go some way to re-establishing your credibility as an impartial journalist and not a puppet of the more fanatical element of the Celtic support who’s sole aim is to attempt to besmirch and if possible eradicate Rangers FC.

  44. Prodolski says:

    ‘Decency’, ‘ Integrity’, ‘Shameless’, these three terms and more have been aimed at Rangers, their fans, their management and their board by celtic fans of whom the irony of these comments is absolutely lost. Comments coming from fans who have a team AND a church inextricably linked to the systematic premeditated sexual abuse of minors of both sexes. An ex-Pope who ordered all catholic institutions not to inform the authorities of abuse perpetrated by priests, bishops, nuns etc but to instead, cover it up. ‘Decency’, ‘ Integrity’, ‘Shameless’? You don’t know your own history. If ever there was an argument for non-denominational schools, this is it.

    1. Bruce says:

      Oh, look Prodolski’s a bigot.

  45. Prodolski says:

    Have a read at this speech made by Stephen Fry and then tell me you are following your faith. This is part of the problem in Glasgow and has been for years.

    Stephen Fry

    I genuinely believe that the Catholic Church is not, to put it at its mildest, a force for good in the world, and therefore it is important for me to try and martial my facts as well I can to explain why I think that. But I want first of all to say that I have no quarrel and no argument and I wish to express no contempt for individual devout and pious members of that church. It would be impertinent and wrong of me to express any antagonism towards any individual who wishes to find salvation in whatever form they wish to express it. That to me is sacrosanct as much as any article of faith is sacrosanct to anyone of any church or any faith in the world. It’s very important. It’s also very important to me, as it happens, that I have my own beliefs. They are a belief in the Enlightenment, a belief in the eternal adventure of trying to discover moral truth in the world, and there is nothing, sadly, that the Catholic Church and its hierarchs likes to do more than to attack the Enlightenment. It did so at the time: reference was made to Galileo and the fact that he was tortured, for trying to explain the Copernican theory of the Universe. Just imagine in this square mile how many people were burned for reading the Bible in English. And one of the principle burners and torturers of those who tried to read the Bible in English, here in London, was Thomas More. Now, that’s a long time ago, it’s not relevant, except that it was only last century that Thomas More was made a saint, and it was only in the year 2000, that the last pope, the Pole, he made Thomas More the Patron Saint of Politicians. This is a man who put people on the wrack for daring to own a Bible in English: he tortured them for owning a Bible in their own language. The idea that the Catholic Church exists to disseminate the word of the Lord is nonsense. It is the only owner of the Truth for the billions that it likes to boast about, because those billions are uneducated and poor, as again it likes to boast about. It’s perhaps unfair of me, as a gay man, to moan at this enormous institution, which is the largest and most powerful church on Earth, has over a billion, as they like to tell us, members, each one of whom is under strict instructions to believe the dogmas of the church, but may wrestle with them personally of course. It’s hard for me to be told that I’m evil, because I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love, and who feels love for so much of nature and the world and for everything else. We certainly don’t need the stigmatisation, the victimisation, that leads to the playground bullying when people say you’re a disordered, morally evil individual. That’s not nice, it isn’t nice. The kind of cruelty in Catholic education, the kind of child—let’s not call it child abuse, it was child rape—the kind of child rape that went on systematically for so long, let’s imagine that we can overlook this and say that it is nothing whatever to do with the structure and nature of the Catholic Church, and the twisted and neurotic and hysterical way that its leaders are chosen, the celibacy, the nuns, the monks, the priesthood, this is not natural and normal, ladies and gentlemen, in 2009, it really isn’t.

    I have yet to approach one of the subjects dearest to my heart, I’ve made three documentary films on the subject of AIDS in Africa. My particular love is the country of Uganda, it is one of the countries I love most in the world. There was a period when Uganda had the worst incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world, but through an amazing initiative called ABC—Abstinence, Be faithful, Correct use of condoms—those three, I’m not denying that abstinence is a very good way of not getting AIDS, it really is, it works, so does being faithful, but so do condoms, and do not deny it! And this Pope, this Pope, not satisfied with saying “condoms are against our religion, please consider first abstinence, second being faithful to your partner,” he spreads the lie that condoms actually increase the incidence of AIDS, he actually makes sure that aid is conditional on saying no to condoms. I have been to the hospital in Bwindi in the west of Uganda, where I do quite a lot of work, it is unbelievable the pain and suffering you see. Now yes, yes it is true abstinence will stop it. It’s the strange thing about this church, it is obsessed with sex, absolutely obsessed. Now, they will say we with our permissive society and our rude jokes, we are obsessed. No, we have a healthy attitude, we like it, it’s fun, it’s jolly, because it’s a primary impulse it can be dangerous and dark and difficult, it’s a bit like food in that respect only even more exciting. The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese, and that in erotic terms is the Catholic Church in a nutshell.

    Do you know who would be the last person ever to be accepted as a prince of the Church? The Galileean carpenter. That Jew. They would kick him out before he tried to cross the threshold. He would be so ill-at-ease in the Church. What would he think, what would he think of St. Peter’s? What would he think of the wealth, and the power, and the self-justification, and the wheedling apologies? The Pope could decide that all this power, all this wealth, this hierarchy of princes and bishops and archbishops and priests and monks and nuns could be sent out in the world with money and art treasures, to put them back in the countries that they once raped and violated, they could give that money away, and they could concentrate on the apparent essence of their belief, and then, I would stand here and say the Catholic Church may well be a force for good in the world, but until that day, it is not. Thank you.

    P.S. I hope Mr J.A. Ratzinger is not going back to his old job and finally I’d like to ask this question. When Ratzinger dies, where do you think his soul will go (assuming you believe in souls).

    1. John G says:

      Fry is a pompous oaf; nothing he says is of any interest to me. I tend to distrust people who’ve done time in prison.

  46. Hector says:

    “Big news, The new Rangers beat Queens Park” take a step back and really look at it, do you feel a tiny tinge of embarrassment?
    Whilst you make up your new world records that only you recognise and further fund Charlie and his legend hangers on (Wallie etc) can you please ensure that the tax is paid, the NHS needs it

    1. Prodolski says:

      Which post are you referring to?

  47. Macca says:

    I have just read the post from podolskI a couple of posts ago………Good grief…..is it any wonder no-one likes them or misses them..Mate you belong in the dark ages…..if you are typical of fans of “RANGERS“ then you and your club have no future and the world of football is far better off without you

    1. Francis says:

      Once again, no relevant point is made by P and he comes up with a lame attempt at humour, lame, cliched and secondhand like all his contributions.

      1. Prodolski says:
  48. Prodolski says:

    I love all these anti Rangers posters, they’re posts at Intermediate Level 1 are very easy to read and make nearly enough sense as can be expected at that level (Insert a gold star smiley here).

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