7 Feb 2013

Rangers – join the debate

If you missed it earlier, you can scroll down to watch our online Rangers discussion from earlier today. Hope you find it of interest and for once, a little more about the light than the heat.

Fair play to Gary Calderwood for being his own man and coming on when RFC and many a fans’ organisation would not do so. I hope they now see they ducked an opportunity. Gary’s views on life in the fourth tier; hopes for the future; lessons learned and the state of MSM reporting of the Ibrox implosion are worth noting.

Lawyer Adam Morallee took a number of wider lessons from the game and cast an alarming look across the border at the state of things in the English game as well – currently very much under scrutiny from MPs who recognise the warning signs that Rangers provided for the game.

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From journalist Stewart Weir, a crisp prescription for saving the game in Scotland well worth debating further and some bleak observations about lessons not learned in the past.

And across the panel, scathing criticism of the state of governance in the game in Scotland and more widely.

If you care – worth a watch!

The panel:
Gary Calderwood – Rangers fan
Stewart Weir – Football journalist
Adam Morallee – Sports lawyer

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