10 Jul 2012

Your questions ‘answered’ by Football’s governing bodies

Let’s start at home, before our world tour.

Lots of you want to know if the Scottish Football Association (SFA) considers itself bound by Friday’s vote? Curiously, you’d think this would be a yes or no – but nothing in this is simple is it?

If you ask the SFA they say they’re staying out of all this and don’t wish to pre-judge the vote. If there is a vote.

Odd – because the question is will you be bound by it and that does not entail pre-judging anything. It is just a simple, procedural question. Many will find the inability or unwillingness to say in public that the SFA will be bound by the league club’s vote curious. Some will find it ominous.

Let us leave these shores for a moment…

Many of you have been asking for some kind of FIFA/UEFA response to the now general crisis in Scottish football.

Disappointing news

The news that the email address of Michel Platini has been leaked onto twitter can only enhance communication with UEFA and – as someone who regularly publishes my email address – I welcome the leak.

However, those who thought UEFA/FIFA would descend like the cavalry to help, are in for disappointing news.

I sought clarification too from the Scottish Football Association to some of your questions.

It is not easy to get anybody to answer a question at UEFA. Fair play to the SFA, SPL and SFL – they’re an example of responsive efficiency compared to the Switzerland–based body.

To the raft of questions concerning fair play, sporting integrity, financial ruling, liquidation and membership issues, the following response from UEFA:

“Whatever sanctions are taken in the case of Rangers FC are up the the SFA and SPL as they run their domestic game according to the regulations they have passed.

“UEFA rules and regulations apply only to European competitions.”

Or – nuffin to do wiv us mate. Ce n’est pas notre affaire. Wir haben nichts hier zu machen…

And with “Rangers” now “out of Europe for four years” as a senior SPL source said yesterday, UEFA seem to think this is not one for them.

Direct action

Curiously, FIFA appear rather more engaged. Curious, since one might have assumed football’s world body to be a tad more distant.

Asked what involvement – if any – FIFA had they said this concerning recent court action:

“FIFA was in touch with SFA reminding them to follow the general rule that in case a club is seeking redress in front of ordinary court, the Football Association shall take direct action in order to safeguard the principle laid down in art. 64 par. 2 of FIFA Statutes… Other than that, FIFA was contacted by SK Rapid Vienna with regards to an outstanding transfer compensation regarding player Nikica Jelavic.”

So I then asked the following:

1. Does FIFA plan to intervene in any way concerning the ongoing problems in finding a league for “Rangers FC” to play in Scotland?

2. There is great concern from football club chairmen and fans across the country that the football authorities intend forcing Rangers into Division 1 and not Division 3 for commercial rather than sporting reasons which appears to be against UEFA regulations and FIFA Regulations as well.

3. There is widespread concern in the Scottish game that the following principles of sporting regulation may well have been broken namely:

FIFA Article 19

“1. A club’s entitlement to take part in a domestic league championship shall depend principally on sporting merit.

2. In addition to qualification on sporting merit, a club’s participation in a domestic league championship may be subject to other criteria within the scope of the licensing procedure, whereby the emphasis is on sporting, infrastructural, administrative, legal and financial considerations.

3. Altering the legal form or company structure of a club to facilitate its qualification on sporting merit and/or its receipt of a licence for a domestic league championship, to the detriment of the integrity of a sports competition, is prohibited. This includes, for example, changing the headquarters, changing the name or transferring stakeholdings between different clubs.”

Domestic issue

What is FIFA’s response to this?

FIFA’s response to this is that it is nowt to do with them:

“…we would like to highlight that this is a domestic issue which falls under the remit of the SFA, however, FIFA is monitoring the situation and hopes a solution can be found in conformity with the statutes and regulations and which satisfies all parties that are involved.”

Well – you call it. Just don’t count on football’s governors to govern on this, even when it is their rules too, which appear to be flouted.

So let’s come home. What does the SFA have to say in relation to your questions?

Looming large, how can “Rangers” gain league/SFA membership when they cannot produce requisite three years of accounts?

The SFA answer:

” the…policy relates to applications for a new membership. In this case, Rangers Newco will be applying for the transfer of an existing membership held with the Oldco.

Rangers Oldco submitted the necessary financial information for 2009 and 2010. It did not submit for the year 2011, which resulted in the Judicial Panel sanctioning the club a total of £160,000 for various breaches of its Articles of Association, and also imposing a transfer embargo which has been subsequently set aside after the Court of Session ruling by Lord Glennie.”

That is – transferring old to new is not the same as a new club pitching up and wanting in.

We can but continue delving for something more fruitful from UEFA and FIFA – but no breath-holding on this, please.

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83 reader comments

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks Alex. It’s clear that integrity in Scottish football depends solely on the fans mobilising themselves to apply pressure on their clubs. Those SFA, SPL & SFL employees who have been keeping Alex informed anonymously must be encouraged to go public with their information. There will be no other assistance from officialdom at any level.

  2. Derbyshirebhoy says:

    Does it not strike you as utterly ludicrous that according to SFA ANY New Company could apply for the share transfer of a Company/club which went out of business relying on the old Company’s accounts.
    Is it just me?

    1. Marty says:

      I doubt if this is as big a problem as some people would like to make it. A new company has taken over the running of a football club. As for the old company, as things stand it has not been liquidated.

      1. Bruce says:

        It will be and as the club and company are one and the same, the club will be gone.

        Out of curiosity, if you’re going to persist with the lie that the club still exists, Marty, can you provide proof that a separate company was ever created to take over the running of Rangers (1872-2012)?

  3. Philip Edwards says:


    There you have it…..nothing but a gang of Pontius Pilates who couldn’t give a stuff for the best interests of the game.

    Funny how it all sounds like the bankers looking at each other, smiling knowingly, and facing the public to say, “Yes, all terrible isn’t it. But bugger all to do with me. It was some rogue low level employee.”

    It’s the same old establishment game in everything. Why be surprised? Most of these wretches come from the same kind of incestuous public school system. Suited-up cheap hoods the lot of them.

  4. Neal says:

    Thank you Alex
    This whole story is about corruption and cheating not football.
    It all started with an ego which could not countenance losing to his greatest rivals in any business.
    So a corrupt business/team evolved who cheated their fellow members over many years while increasingly protected by their tame corrupt administrators who increasingly turned complicit and blind eyes as their corruption spread.
    They sucked in the football media too who still espouse their cynical and often ridiculous PR releases, although I have heard some of the succulent lamb and burgundy along the way was pleasant.
    And now the end game is sight and there will be a Lord of the Rings style battle when the wee guys from the diddy teams fight for the integrity of a nation while the dark forces continue to spread their poison.
    And our wonderful and independent politicians are deafening in their silence apart from Wee Eck who got involved but now won’t answer freedom of information requests about what he said and to whom he said it.
    But the truth will out.
    And the courts will be busy for years.

  5. Phil56 says:

    Our game is in a pathetic and corrupt state. Scottish football authorities appear to be bombproof and most of the monosyllabic press up here keep trying to put a positive spin on Sevco whilst scaremongering about how Celtic will suffer. As all the rules are being bent anyway, why is division 2 not an option for the liquidated ? Alex your writing is lucid, logical, sensible an unbiased. For that you are to be applauded.

    1. Carntyne says:

      Phil, The Scottish footballing authorities may be immune from censure of Uefa and Fifa, but not from football fans. No fans equals no game.

  6. Merciatic says:

    If Rangers Oldco did not submit for 2011 then is the SFA licence not lost and unable to transfer?

    1. Auldheid says:

      They either need a new licene or to renew the old one. Either way they cannot comply with licencing criteria but the SFA have detached licensing criteria from SFA Membership.

      Basically there is no SFA Membership criteria except that promulgated by the SFA Board from time to time (From Articles),

      They can do what they like therefore in terms of membership including ignoring their own licensing rules. One should be synonymous with the other but it is not set as so in their articles hence compete freedom to do as they see fit.

      Interestingly membership of a league, which they do not have at present, conveys SFA Membership automatically for THE SPL but for the SFL, if they get a yes vote and Div 1 or if its Div3 both require an application to be made to the SFA within 14 days to grant membership (against no published criteria) but with outstanding fines and an appeal and a two contact prima facie case it will be interesting to see how the SFA justify granting membership other than on commercial grounds and Clyde FC for one want a lot more facts on that.

      What has happened is the SFA are as commercially oriented as the SPL and pay lip service to sporting integrity.

  7. joe mccormack says:


    the abject failure of the Scottish football authorities to act swiftly in matters relating to Deid Club is hardly a surprise.

    The links between Ibrox and those that are in charge of Scottish football have always been there. There is no requirement to prove that corruption has taken place, the very fact that so many former Deid Club’s personnel, and shareholders, have worked at the SFA/SPL/SFL,leaves these people heavily conflicted.
    We had a dual contract investigation which, as far as I know, has been halted by Doncaster for reasons unclear to me, despite his assertion that there is a prima facie case against Deid Club.
    If Regan, Ogilve, Doncaster or Bain were interviewed by the FTT panel they will all already be aware of what’s been going on for over a decade. Tacit acceptance or totally complicit, we need to know.

    When you have former Deid Club employee who have received EBT payments many years after leaving the club’s employment and employed elsewhere in the game surely these questions have to be asked and answered in full before the extent of the corruption can be gauged.

    Deid Club’s UEFA licence for 2011/12…who at the SFA signed off on this? Surely not the President perchance?

    Lord Nimmo’s report has never been published, why?

    What is being hidden, what else is there that has yet to be uncovered because as sure as night follows day there will be more revelations to follow.

    1. dangleberry says:

      Yeah thats right Joe.

      Only Rangers had any influence in the corridors of power.

      Celtic NEVER had Jack McGinn, in any position of authority, nor do they have Lawwell on the board of the SFA and Eric Riley certainly does not hold a prominent position at both the SPL and the SFA. Your paranoia runs deep however dont let facts get in the way of your green tinted specs. Alex and Phil wouldnt like that !!

  8. gedboy says:

    Sooo….. they still don’t have three years’ accounts to hand in. I hope Spartans have very hungry lawyers. When will their leashes be slipped? Am I too cynical to imagine Rangers and one other team to be admitted to the SFL – to prevent spontaneous outbreaks of litigation?

    1. Marty says:

      There is no requirement in the SFL regulations that clubs entering that league have to produce 3 years’ accounts.

  9. don says:

    keep trying your getting desperate why do you depend on daftys to get your stories only the deluded believe them .

    1. ripfootball says:

      this coming from a dafty with no team to follow me thinks.

  10. AngusOg says:

    Perhaps it would be worth asking the SFA two questions
    1. Have the SFA or SPL or SFL ever had a presentation on EBTs from Paul Baxendale Walker
    who is the Tax Lawyer who introduced EBTs to RFC?

    2.Which current employees or members of the SFA SPL or SFL(if any) gave evidence to the RFC First Tier Tribunal?

  11. Scott says:

    Good stuff as usual Alex.

    The next time you speak to the SFA could you ask them to clarify how the transfer of membership from Rangers Oldco to Newco fits with Article 16 of the SFA Articles of Association?

    The text of this article states that a transfer of membership is “not permissible” except in the case of “transferring its membership to another
    entity within its own administrative group for the purpose of internal solvent

    I’m no expert in insolvency law but I’m reasonably sure that the word “solvent” could not be applied to Rangers Oldco and that far from being an internal reconstruction this is an attempt to pass membership from one company to another (external) company, albeit one that now holds the assets of the Oldco.

    1. Auldheid says:

      Is the SFL in the same administrative group as the SPL? If not then there can be no transfer and its a new application.

    2. Marty says:

      Still frantically trying to devise ways to kill off Rangers completely.

      But it’s all about “sporting integrity” of course….

      1. Bruce says:

        No need. The process is well under way.

  12. Brien Trainor says:

    Thanks for that, Alex.

    I’ve been going on about the three years accounts thing too.

    So if they are ‘transferring’ the membership from oldco to newco, the three years accounts thing is still valid, as they still haven’t submitted audited accounts for 2011…

    Or am I missing something?

    You could never have guessed what a shambles you were getting yourself involved in when you first started to investigate this, Alex.

    I really don’t know which way to turn with this now.

    1. Scott says:

      Turn to the right people instead of those who provide misinformation and agendas at every turn. There is no requirement for 3 years of accounts for entry into the Scottish leagues. Ask Airdrie.

      1. G-Man says:

        Airdrie had to buy Clydebank who were in administration, because when Airdrie were liquidated, a new club was formed, applied to join Division 3 and the Bank of Scotland warned Scottish Football that if they were let back in it would open the floodgates for indebted clubs to fold and re-form. But that was then, Airdrie had no value to anyone else. (PS, David Murray put Airdrie into administration with the following quote “it’s a business… these clubs need to live within their income” )

  13. John M says:

    Did the SFA not say before that Green applied to transfer RFC(ia) share but that was not allowed i think making sevco miss the application deadline. I am thinking that there are some brassnecks up at the SFA ….

  14. Hydraargyrum says:

    So if newclub “Rangers” can become Rangers after the latter stiffs everyone out of >£100,000,000 and all that happens is they drop one division that’s all fine and dandy? That the creditors get completely stiffed in the process? That the governing authorities are complicit in this fiasco is somehow OK? Talk about tainted. If I was a potential sponsor I wouldn’t touch the SFA/SPL with a barge poll should this be allowed to stand. Personally, I would essentially quit attending games, buying merchandise, paying any attention to the “sport” (haha). Who would want their name associated with these (at best) clowns? This is a lose-lose situation, except maybe for better run clubs that act to uphold the rules/regulations governing the game. To those that find my position naive, how do I explain honesty/integrity to kids given the “too big to fail” mentality that is such a disaster in, say, banking. Anything goes? Just don’t get caught? Rules should be applied to the letter. Thousands will walk away if they are not. I know I will. :-(

  15. Iain says:

    Alex, could the fans take the Scottish football authorities to court in order to ensure that the game is not tarnished by gerrymandering for the benefit of 1 former football club?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Scott says:

      The fans could take the SFA to court, but on what basis? Don’t waste the court’s time with silly cases please. I don’t think Legal Aid will cover your costs.

      1. rip football says:

        on what basis ? LOL they shouldn’t have got a licence to play in europe due to owing the taxman man money … ie the small tax case !!!!!!!! Rangers didnt dispute the money owed but the fines imposed on top of it, but still haven’t paid it

  16. greenginger says:

    The SFA want to transfer the Rangers membership from the old Rangers to the NewCo.This is specifically against the SFA Articles of Association , article 16.
    “It is not permissible to transfer membership to another member or another entity unless it is part of the same group for internal solvent reconstruction ”
    Regan is not just bending the the rules here, he is shredding them.

  17. jammydodgers says:

    ” the…policy relates to applications for a new membership. In this case, Rangers Newco will be applying for the transfer of an existing membership held with the Oldco.

    Oh…. so that share is currently held within oldco and therefore is being held by the administrators (or liquidators), for the benefit of the creditors who have been screwed over royally!

    In that case I’ll start the bidding at £20 then.

  18. James says:

    At the very least UEFA/FIFA should be doing more to see that the rules that are meant to be in place are being adhered to. The SFA and the SPL top brass seem to be making up their own rules as they go along.Hopefuly the SFL chairmen will ignore the claptrap armagedon scenario’s being bandied around do what every decent fan has been saying all along and parachute newco/sevco straight into division 3.

  19. Niceonecyril says:

    What chance have we got when most of these people have or have had shares in what was once called Rangers.

  20. Stevie says:

    Has the newco also applied for the oldcos debts.

    Surely Regan and Doncaster will asked to resign over these issues.

  21. Moomins says:

    Greenginger – sorry, you’ve done a bit of selective quoting there.

    It continues..

    “Any other application for
    transfer of membership will be reviewed by the Board which will have complete
    discretion to reject or to grant such application on such terms and conditions as
    the Board may think fit.”

    So sadly they can, if they wish transfer the membership – with or without sanctions, as decided by the SFA board. (Regan, Ballantyne etc)

    Makes you want to greet :(

    1. Ignatius says:

      “It is not permissible to transfer membership to another member or another entity unless it is part of the same group for internal solvent reconstruction ”

      I think this quote is telling us what cannot be done. i.e. if a club goes bust owing tens of millions of pounds they cant just liquidate and set up again.This rule is apparenty to stop this type of fraud.

      There may be other more benign reasons for a transfer of memberhip (not liquidation) and may be this is what is meant by “any other application for transfer of membership…..”

      Hope some of the legal people can clarify this.

  22. ripfootball says:

    could Celtic sue the SFA for allowing “rangers” to play in the league while insolvent ? in the champions league which should have went to celtic ? As for UEFA saying they only deal with euro comps … then surely having illegally registered players in the team for the last 10 years or so ( that we know of) they should get involved in the same way they did with Sion ?. Ps as for the (its not a new club thing its just transfering) surely that was binned once they didnt get the vote from the SPL to get in ? I’m past caring now …… anyone for tennis ?

    1. Scott says:

      Celtic don’t have the cahunas to sue and I’ll wager you a bet on that.

  23. SFTB says:


    “Rangers Newco will be applying for the transfer of an existing membership held with the Oldco.”

    On the last occasion when this was done, Clydebank’s share in the league was taken over by Airdrie United, who used to be Airdrieonians.
    Now Airdrie United are not credited with the Scottish Cup win of 1924 nor any other honours achieved by the former Airdrieonians in their official club history nor in SFA records.
    Yet we are constantly assured, by those bodies attempting to pull off this scam, that Sevco will inherit Rangers’ history when the share is transferred. Where is the precedent and justification for that?

    1. Matt says:

      Actually, Airdrie United were never Airdrieonians. Airdrie FC was a new club set up – much like Sevco – to try and acquire the league place that opened up in Division Three after Airdrieonians were liquidated. They failed to do so, losing out to Gretna in the bidding process, and bought Clydebank, who they renamed Airdrie United. Airdrie United do not have any of Airdrieonians’ honours because they technically have nothing to do with Airdrieonians, but they do retain Clydebank’s honours.

      1. SFTB says:

        Quite right Matt. In my hurry to make my point, I failed to indicate that Airdrie United see themselves as a continuation of Airdrieonians as some of the same characters were involved with both clubs and they inherited some of the fan base.

        The pertinent point is that, in buying the share of the former Clydebank, they did not inherit its history nor get to transfer the Airdrieonians history to the new Airdrie.

        We are being asked to believe that it is now possible for this new Sevco to obtain Rangers history via a monetary bid. If they improve and are successful, Celtic could then sell them the 1967 European Cup for £100m. they’ve spent more than that trying to equal the feat.

        It’s all very sad and ludicrous.

  24. Derbyshirebhoy says:

    It is a complete and utter nonsense for anyone with even a modicum of a brain to believe that Neil Doncaster and Regan would be mouthing off as they are without the complicity of the SPL Clubs. The grand gesture of exclusion from the SPL in the face of overwhelming fan pressure was exactly that only a gesture. Integrity is a concept alien to most of these people and I am only saddened that fans have not as yet cottoned on to their deviousness. Moreover I am perplexed at the lack of action of fans groups to form their own association to work for and demand changes in the Scottish Game using the only tools that are understood viz. the pounds in their pockets.

  25. greenginger says:

    Article 16 of the SFA Articles of Association is absolutely unambiguous. The membership CANNOT be transferred to Sevco F C. When is someone going to nail Regan for his downright dishonesty and breaking of SFA’s own Regulations.

  26. ian thompson says:

    kettering town fc had a winding up order stopped by hmrc in favour of cva.therfore if sold it will still be kettering town.rangers fc was liquidated by hrmc,new owner bought assets rangers fc no longer exists eg (chester fc )the club new rangers who own a large stadium are a new club and could enter div 3. thick football fans thoughts.

  27. Stef says:

    Statement from Clyde FC for interesting reading


  28. Gerry says:

    this cant be correct surely? I am no expert so stand to be corrected but how can a ‘New Company’ use the accounts of a previous company that is facing liquidation as evidence of their financial state? surely not?!

    1. Bruce says:

      Exactly. the accounts of a club going through the biggest financial catastrophe in British football are used to transfer the dead club’s share? Really? How stupid do the SFA think we all are?

  29. Sconey says:

    SFL3 is too damned good for these cheats.
    Scottish football will survive, but is has to be without them.
    Do you think that all the key men in this scenario are being left in place – as they know what cupboards the skeletons are, and when the going gets tough, will sell out the major players in order to avoid criminal charges?
    Keep her going Alex.

    1. Scott says:

      We’ve never played in a competitive game, so how could we have cheated? Just be careful with the libellous comments sonny boy!

      1. Bruce says:

        So you’re one of the honest fans who admits that your club’s starting from scratch.

  30. Jason says:

    Ok, so we all sort of knew that FIFA/UEFA wouldn’t really get involved but at least that is mostly confirmed now.

    So, it’s onto option 2 (the only other option left) which is fan power and presenting a rather large and united group of football fans outside the door of – Hampden.

    This is OUR game – let’s take it back.

    1. Scott says:

      ‘This is OUR game – let’s take it back’
      That brought a tea to my eye. Bravo!

  31. Doncaster-Regan-OUT says:

    If Green wants to buy the old Rangers share and take it over with his newco, does that not mean he takes over the liabilities i.e. tax and debts???? Can’t have it both ways surely – “we’ll keep the history and the titles but you can spin for your money Rapid Wien, Dundee, HMRC”
    Perhaps it could work out that the newco end up liquidated too because they can pay the tax bill. My god that would be hilarious

  32. Dougie says:

    It’s my personal choice but I’m so disgusted that I’ll not spend a penny that contributes to the SFA, and that includes buying from, or using the services of any sponsors – http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_football.cfm?page=3305

    1. Hydraargyrum says:

      I expect many of these sponsors to walk when their contracts are up. I would not want my business/name associated with these (at best) clowns. The current leadership in the SFA and SPL are rapidly proving they are not fit for purpose, and have not been for some time. (I once had particularly high hopes for Regan, too, given that he was recruited from outside the usual circles.) They bear responsibility for much of this fiasco, as do many in the media, as had they actually been doing their jobs this catastrophe could have been nipped in the bud. The fallout from the Rangers meltdown is in danger of rendering the whole of Scottish football radioactive, the governing bodies being complicit. I hate using such nuclear analogies but we are there. :-(

    2. Scott says:

      My mole at the SFA has told me that this worries them. They’re rethinking their strategy following your threat.

  33. mmatim88 says:

    Thanks Alex for getting the facts out there for the fans so they can mobilise again and hopefully bring an end to this shameful episode. It is obvious that the only thing the other clubs can do is state their intention to resign from the SPL and SFL in order to retain their autonomy and appease their supporters.
    As it has been said many times before, Scottish football has been and always will be for the enjoyment of one club’s (follow) followers.
    As a supporter of their greatest rivals I have been hearing this since I was old enough to comprehend anything, only to be told I was “paranoid” by other clubs’ supporters.
    As it is increasingly obvious that the corruption runs far deeper than even the most skeptical of us thought, our only hope is for the HMRC to step in and put an end to this sham. There must be “phoenix” laws to prevent the share being transfered to a new club. Please use your influence and get some answers from the only people that we have a chance of treating this disgrace with honesty and impartiality.

  34. tambo says:

    Can UEFA and or FIFA not be taken through the Civil Courts if someone judges that they are not administering their own rules just in the same way Sevco5088 Ltd dragged the SFA through the Scottish Civil Courts ?

    1. Bruce says:

      Lets wait and see what the clubs who are denied entry to the SFL, but have fulfilled the qualifying criteria, do.

    2. Scott says:

      Sure they can. Take some advice from a qualified lawyer if you plan to take this action.

  35. JimmyS says:

    Re: “Whatever sanctions are taken in the case of Rangers FC are up the the SFA and SPL as they run their domestic game according to the regulations they have passed.”

    The problem is they’re not running the game according to their regulations.

    They’re breaking every rule in the book which is why UEFA or FIFA should be taking a look at it.

  36. CarloC says:

    Always knew the SFA, UEFA and FIFA were not fit for purpose! This is now being proven. Sporting integrity and financial fair play?! Yeah, right!

    UEFA and FIFA are only really interested in making money from the Champions League and the World Cup! The SFA are trying to bully SFL clubs to vote Sevco into SFL1, against the wishes of the majority of the Scottish footballing viewing public and most SFL member clubs, in clear contravention of their own rules and regulations!

  37. James Grieve says:

    After all the crooked gerrymandering, all the threats, all the shocking publicity, I would just send a letter to Charles Green, Sevco, Ally McCoist, Sandy Jardine, Joh Brown or whoever. The letter would ask them very cordially what they would like the rest of Scottish football to do, in terms of lying down to them, paying off their debts for them, paying off future debts for them, paying future National Insurance and Income Tax bills, getting their players back and punishing them for having the temerity to leave. The letter should further offer unlimited enhanced bigotry opportunities, permision to lay waste to towns and cities any time they get beat and immunity for the company from all civil laws and criminal laws of the land for their supporters.
    That is how fed up I am with the situation

    1. Scott says:

      I wouldn’t like to annoy you and get a really angry letter. OMG!

      1. Francis says:

        Your feeble attempts at sarcasm are very boring. Try to write something substantial and worth reading.

  38. Mac The Spoon says:

    Charles Green’s presentation to the SPL clubs stated current squad 8 players (5 senior). Please can someone advise how any organisation can be considered a licence for any professional league when by their own admission they do not yet have enough of a squad to compete in the tournaments. No doubt this will eventually be overcome but surely their application should be rejected out of hand until they can list a squad capable of completing a season?

  39. CarloC says:

    Is it not time for clubs to stand up to their corrupt national bodies(eg the SFA), the continental governing bodies(eg UEFA) and the world governing body(FIFA), and set up their own governing bodies in direct competition?!

    Far-fetched? Perhaps, but if enough clubs got together then why not! The top European clubs, for example, already have a lot of clout and UEFA know this. Many of them have been angling for a European Super League, and I believe this will come about sooner rather than later!

  40. Kate. says:

    Thank you, Alex. Good to get the updates here.

  41. bigt says:

    Alex, In the joint administrator report section 4.16 it says that the club applied to SFA and UEFA for a licence prior to 31st March 2012.- Both were refused because the club had not completed its annual audited accounts for the year to 30th June 2011 and in addition the company had overdue sums due to other football clubs and overdue paye/nic amounts – Whats changed ? There is still no audited accounts and they still owe money to other clubs and HRMC – So how can SFA/UEFA now grant them a licence – The SFL chairmen should refuse them membership as they do not pass the criteria to gain a licence, then they should concentrate on league reconstruction without this corrupt club

    1. Bruce says:

      What’s changed? That was a different club that applied.

  42. JOM says:

    Well done for your tenacity – regardless of how fruitless it must seem.

    I would just like to draw the attention of those so called upholders of sporting integrity at the SFA, SPL and SFL to the words of Sir Walter Scott:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!”

    The false truths and deceptions of those who govern Scottish football will surely bring both them and their corrupt empires tumbling down. Someday soon they will be held accountable for their part in destroying what remains of Scottish football.

  43. nutral fan says:

    I can sum scottish football up in 2 words MASONIC ORDER trylooking there for your answers Alex

    1. dangleberry says:

      Oh dear . You must be an angry Bhoy

  44. Agent One says:

    Hi All

    Here is a copy of a E-mail I sent to UEFA,

    Dear Mr Platini

    I would like to bring to your attention the current situation with Scottish Football, THE SFA,SPL AND SFL are a total shambles and are running Scottish Football like a gang of Thugs,They have kicked the Rules and Regulations and UEFA/FIFA Statutes right out the window.
    I myself have worked in Scottish Football for over 30 years in various positions, as A @@@@@,and as a @@@@@@@ @@@@@ ,this to me is the worse situation that I have ever Known,this situation has occurred due to the Demise of Glasgow Rangers FC PLC and also with the lack of leadership by the governing body,we have rules and regulation to make sure that we keep order and structure to life and when we are let down by the lack of rules being used it all ends in CHAOS .
    I feel it is now time for yourselves to step in and bring some structure back to Scottish Football as myself and many Hundreds of thousands of FOOTBALL FANS are being totally let down by the people in charge of football in Scotland.
    I await your reply

    We should all contact UEFA/FIFA this is a total shambles,How can WHOEVER FC have the right to Membership of The SFA ,the rules don’t allow for a transfer of Membership,they dont have a Share to change over,their membership DIED with THE DEAD CLUB .
    We really are all being Shafted here.

    To Be continued

    Agent one

  45. Henry Clarson says:

    It’s a bit odd that UEFA think none of this has anything to do with them. It is claimed that dozens of their players were not properly registered to play football or participate in official matches.
    Many of those matches would have been in UEFA competitions. Despite the fact that there is a prima facie case against Rangers, the SPL have suspended their investigation into the matter. As far as we can tell, it has been suspended indefinitely.

    Supplementary questions for UEFA:
    1. Did Rangers field ineligible players in the course of their run to the UEFA Cup final in 2008? If so, is that not a matter for UEFA to take action over?
    2. Similarly, are UEFA not concerned that they paid out tens of millions of pounds of Champions League prize money to a club which appears to have been fielding unregistered players?
    3. In what way is this offence different from that of Sion FC a year ago?
    4. How many Rangers players, improperly registered, played for their international teams in UEFA competitions during the years in question? What would UEFA’s response be if it turns out that many nations were fielding ineligible players?
    (This question should also be asked of FIFA with regard to World Cup Qualifying matches as well as the other football federations with regard to their own continental championships. For example, the USA has participated in several major finals with Rangers players in its team.)

  46. tambo says:

    alex, 3 weeks ago Lord Hodge gave Duff and Phelps that amount of time to prove to him that they did not act under a conflict of interest since february 14th.

    So far Duff and Phelps have failed to furnish Lord Hodge with that information, information that Mark Daly suggested they could NOT provide as his BBC documentary suggested that Duff and Phelps DID act under a conflict of interest.

    Why is more not being made or spoken of this as Charles Greens “deals” will be immediately undone should Duff and Phelps fail to convince the Scottish Judiciary.

    And is tomorrows meeting not premature given the “in limbo” legal position Duff and Phelps are currently in ?

  47. sid says:

    it is time for a bonfire of blazers from all 3 organisations why are regan,doncaster and longmuir still in a job ??????
    I wonder how this would have played out if the legend that was James Farry was still in charge at the SFA ??

  48. bigt says:

    As the board of Clyde fc have stated the SFL have not provided any business plan, list of directors,details of ownership,statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future of the sevco club. Longmuir and Regan expect the SFL clubs to vote sevco into the SFL even though they not have got a licence.-(both SFA and UEFA rejected sevco’s application in March this year). So unless the SFA break the rules,and give them a licence they cann’t play in any division – giving them a licence would show how corrupt the SFA are. Is it not possible for all clubs in SPL/SFL to get round the one table and reconstruct the leagues without the clowns of Regan, Doncaster and Longmuir

  49. blogiston says:

    Amazing to hear Gordon Smith on the late STV news program (that you were on too) still defending Sevco/Rangers right to ‘not be dumped’ into the SFL Division 3 (purely) because of their successful history. Also, tried to knock the gloss off the integrity sentiment by suggesting the prime motive behind this is a fans’ hatred of Sevco/Rangers, in reality.
    On the contrary, part of the success of Rangers, in the first place, WAS the reason for their recent downfall, namely financial sharp practice. The reason for the fans opprobrium is that very financial sharp practice and their wish to see rules and punishment applied, in consequence.
    Does Gordon Smith not get it? He probably does, but old habits die hard…and he is a Rangers ‘die hard’ first and foremost.

  50. Maxi says:

    Unbelievable reading all the bile on here. Strange why transferring the licence from oldco to newco is suddenly against SFA rules, because i dont remember any fans furore when Airdrie had Clydebanks share transferred to them when they bought them…..why is that?

    1. Bruce says:
      1. Bruce says:

        Looks like Maxi disliked my comment. Diddums.

  51. alex ayr says:

    they have cheated they have lied they have stole that rangers thats the sfa too kick them out and rid football of the biggest bunch of bigots in european football

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