14 May 2012

Premier League victory? It’s better than men!

It’s not that often you get a free Latin lesson in the Arndale Centre – but anything seems possible in Manchester tonight.

Martin, from Stockport was only to happy to help with Superbia in Proelia emblazoned on the City flag: “Pride in battle,” he smiled.

As they gather for the open-top bus parade, the rain has passed. But no City fan cares about the weather now, after the agonising rollercoaster of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat snatched from the fangs of despair snatched.. well, you know the story.

“It’s better than getting married. It’s better than men. It’s better than an orgasm,” offered Pauline from Blackpool, clearly the event taking on a personal motif  I scarcely asked about.

I think I’d just wondered how it felt after 44 years of waiting, though she’d not be old enough to say.

The thrilling climax can only have contributed. The evening paper souvenir special mixing stills of a distraught Wayne Rooney and an Old Trafford pub full of blokes holding their heads – along with the mayhem and pitch invasion at the Etihad.

On Deansgate every dog has his day, and Mario Balotelli is out to see the parade. It’s not clear whether or not he’s trained to react to red in an adverse manner – but, strangely, I’ve yet to see a red top in Manchester this evening (cue ribald comments about how they all live in Taunton etc).

Resplendent in her blue and white jester’s hat, Joyce Spencer from Manchester with quite a week on her hands. She’s no sooner done with her diamond wedding bash and now this – hat on, miniature wooden football rattle (yes).

An evening and a half in store. As someone said yesterday: “Anyone who wins this league deserves to win this league.” That was a man called Sir Alex Ferguson.

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3 reader comments

  1. Ian says:

    It was a brilliant end to the season.

    Either team could have won the Championship.

    I support neither, yet was out of my seat.

    Great advert for football after all the B/S in Scotland this year over the cheating of the establishment team & the cover up by the SPL & SFA.

    In a time where teams are skint, the authorities allowed Rangers to trade while insolvent, using withheld tax to cover their seasons running costs.

    This cost EVERY SPL Team, except Celtic a place & money which they cannot afford to lose.

    It would better to watch real competition on Sky than support a mickey mouse bent league in scotland.

    If the SFA don’t sort this out HONESTLY, I reckon a few more people will think the same way.

  2. Saltaire Sam says:

    Congratulations to City but can’t help thinking football has lost its soul.

    Compare Balotelli with, say, Tony Book the bricklayer who spent several years in the southern league before Malcolm Allison took him to City. An inspirational captain, he had his feet on the ground and was aware of what life was like for the majority of fans.

    Clubs have become toys for men with more money than sense – nothing new there, except that in the old days (I swore I’d never say that!) people like Bob Lord at Burnley were embedded in the community. They bought the club because it was the club they had supported all their lives.

    John Charles, a better player than any in football today, used to catch the bus to a game. Once, his delighted chairman told him he was so pleased with his play that he could fill his car up with petrol for free.

    ‘Thank you, Mr chairman,’ John replied, ‘but I don’t have a car. I can’t afford one.’

    They were heroes of the people. Today’s players are just heroes for the people.

    1. Ian says:

      I think the MEN involved in football then were a different breed.

      They were working class & had known adversity.

      I reckon the four best managers Scotland has produced, in my lifetime, were Stein, Busby & Shankly all of mining stock & Ferguson who served his time in shipbuilding.

      There are a load of players who looked at their mates & knew which side their bread was buttered on. They had skill & took the knocks, got up & played on, think of Jinky Johnstone as a perfect example of this.

      The overpaid prima donnas of today, who dive, roll about as if they have been shot & kiss the badge, until a better offer comes in, couldn’t lace their boots.

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