9 May 2012

Next 24 to 48 hours are vital for Rangers’

Being in Brussels doing something completely different and thus probing Rangers part-time is less than ideal but I can now reveal something of what’s been going on and where we are now headed.

Broadly, the Scottish Sun story is correct this morning so cap duly doffed etc – but there’s a lot more to it of course. I can reveal that the group of England-based businessmen with UK big-football club experience has, in fact, been in talks with Rangers Administrators Duff and Phelps for around a week.

That is, all the time that D&P were staging “bogus” press statements at Ibrox and giving pitch-side interviews, they were also talking to this group at least, and possibly at least one more outside-bidder from beyond the UK.

As Channel 4 News indicated last week, much of the whole Miller-meltdown appears now to have been little more than a very public “smoking-out” exercise to see if the Tennessee Trucker really was serious or liked what he saw at Ibrox when he looked at the books or heard the Bears growl “Yanks Out” and other welcoming noises.

Craig Whyte is certainly serious about the Sassenach Saviours and is talking with them today and tomorrow. My information is that, unlike the Miller’s Tale (with apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer), we are now talking something more real with individuals whom it would not be helpful to name at this point.

As one at the heart of it all said:

“Alex – you can certainly say the next 24 to 48 hours are vital for Rangers Football Club.”

And this time around I’d be strongly inclined to say this is more credible stuff after last weeks Caledonian-American ceilidh-of-the-absurd.

So where’s Craigy? The majority shareholder of Rangers, Craig Whyte is talking, talking seriously I believe. And he is shifting. Not long ago he was asking whistfully for £30 million from a club you’d do well to extract 30p from, just now.

I’d say that position’s changed or changing as we speak. He will, I know, be extremely angry at all the time this has taken and the turbulent courtship of Mr Miller will have improved nobody’s mood around these talks.

In sum: expect an English-led deal from people with genuine football experience, minded to avoid liquidation via a CVA (which will be treated like a Newco, UEFA tell me with a 3 year ban), and expect Craig Whyte to agree a final exit strategy.

I’m saying expect something like this to be put on the table, that is not the same as expect this to happen.

But…but…this is Rangers Football Club. I’ve done what I can to map it til, say, Friday but…check against delivery.

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  1. Carntyne says:

    If this latest bid is successful fine, but with Rangers at the gates of the cemetery, why now?

    Would it not have made more sense to launch this bid weeks ago, giving time for required due dilligence.

    It is difficult to see how any new bidder can effect CVA in the time remaining, a CVA which almost everyone now accepts is most likely to fail.

    Likewise with setting up a newco in the event of liquidation.

    Can any new interested party really have a completely new squad in place for the start of next season?

    The present squad are unaffordable in the present set up, and will be for any newco.

    Too many obstacles in my opinion.

  2. Domink says:

    Unless they are W.A.S.P and have mega ‘off-the-radar’ millions and want to get drunk with the 1690 pinheads, then they will get the same treatment as old Tennessee Bill…go back home and leave us to die in peace…

  3. william munn says:

    this has to end soon……all credit to alex.shown up scottish media who I feel hid murrays mesd

  4. Malkatraz says:

    Why, Alex, this all sounds dangerously like positive news!

  5. S.B. says:

    If a Rangers newco, under whoever or whatever guise, walks straight back into the SPL with minimal penalties then many Scottish football fans will turn their backs on the game for good. If Rangers are allowed to leave most of their debt behind and continue in the top tier while still in debt to clubs in the same league then Scottish football will have admitted that those who break the rules still make the rules and that nothing has changed. Already some Rangers fans are now boasting that they will emerge virtually debt free from all of this and this proves that ‘they are above the regulations’ and are indeed ‘The People’. Given their notorious reputation and past form this will just add more fuel to their bigoted songbook and give them an even greater twisted air of arrogance, superiority and bigotry over other fans who will not just roll over and let this happen. Furthermore if the Celtic board are found to be in any way compliant in letting Rangers off the hook then they could find a lot of empty seats at Celtic Park next season as many of us won’t go back near Scottish football. This also applies to other SPL clubs who vote for selfish commercial reasons over honesty and integrity by voting Rangers straight back in. The choice is clear, sporting integrity or anarchy rules.

  6. Bruce says:

    So…the latest rumour is that Ticketus is involved. Hmmmm, The another rumour that Ticketus is suing Whytey for £27 Million. Hmmmm.

    None of which makes a CVA any more likely given that HMRC will have to agree.

  7. Bee says:

    Any truth in the rumour that Dunfermline FC are suing the SPL for failure to comply with its own rules.
    rangers have been allowed to go an entire season without paying tax/N.I./Vat and buy players they had no intention of paying for. This brings with it unlimited sanctions i.e. expulsion from the league

    1. Bruce says:

      They’ve used that unpaid PAYE/NI to part pay for players. That’s clearly cheating all the other SPL clubs.

      They used debt in the last 4 years to win honours. Its preposterous that they could shed that debt without also shedding those honours.

  8. Joseph Robb Buirds says:

    RANGERS [NEWCO] UNITED,,,Some of the team for next year:

    Naismith, Naimoney, Naiground, Naiplayers, Naitrophies, Naihope, Naifuture….Hail, hail

  9. old codger says:

    The celtic trust had a meeting with representatives of the SPL recently, on the subject of RANGERS. Just how bad is their obsession? and for those who haven’t read it, Kleenex anyone?

    1. Carntyne says:

      Nothing to do with obsession.

      Just making sure Rangers get their deserved spanking.


    2. John C F says:

      In a 2 horse race is it not vital to know how the other is running (or is someone else going to challenge for the SPL?)

    3. John C F says:

      In a 2 horse race is it not wise to keep an eye on the other one’s form? Or is ome other club about to mount an SPL challenge?

  10. Legally Blonde says:

    Has anyone actually looked at the legal implications of trying to implement a CVA. If Duff and Duffer have as they say 3 bids on the table. They have to go through the whole process again and time is running out. Doesnt there need to be around 6 weeks minimum statutory time to set up a CVA? Rangers dont have 6 days never mind 6 weeks. The Scottish Media are full of fairy tales but none of them have actually looked at the facts.

  11. ross says:

    if this goes ahead all you lot in this blog who consistently are making these very bitter comments about the rangers support will be crying in your suit and I would imagine be inconsolable………why dont you give it a rest with all these bigoted comments….we are both from the same city and are the same people who work together daily…..both sides have their bampots and this overly moral high and mighty attitude is childlike……take a look in the mirror

  12. ross says:

    looks like HMRC may be the final obstacle….hope they will accept a CVA and then their just might be a very very very small glimmer of hope. Bill Miller was only flushed out it would appear and was never close to taking over as Alex suggests. If by a wholescale miracle rangers came out with a CVA an open question to Celtic fans…..will you still boycott your own teams fixtures next year??

    1. martin kennea says:
  13. StreamingPandora says:

    The way D&P have behaved in this has been nothing short of disgusting. Bill Miller was invited to the table as part of a consortium of buyers, and then possibly thinking that he could get his finger in the pie of one of the most iconic sporting entities in the world, decided to bid himself when the group fell apart. I am assuming that he was probably of the mind that ‘soccer’ is becoming a big game in the US and he could possibly take that back to the US and market it it in some way. Whatever, his reasons for doing so are neither here nor there, but for D&P to be setting the guy up, putting his name out to the public in such a way to be scrutinised by the fans to see if he would hold up is despicable. D&P know that there are sections of the Rangers support who have already threatened SFA members, and what they did was no better than Ally McCoist demanding to know names when he already had them. It is a singular and most duplicitous act of immorality that I have ever seen so nakedly employed. To treat a potential buyer, whether you believe him to be credible or not, with such contempt and duplicity, that you are putting the person on display to be challenged in the way that he has from the fans of the team he was hoping to save, whilst at the same time sneakily dealing with anonymous parties in the background to take the heat off them is shameless and morally bankrupt. They put this man in the firing line for death threats and vile abuse which appears to be acceptable to D&P. What way is this to conduct any business? I think it is time questions are about the administrators and their behaviour so far.

  14. fasty says:

    you’ve got to love the fact that the average rangers fan just can’t get their head around this self inflicted fatal wound. They are like the junkies who run around blaming the world for their misfortune whilst breaking into houses and stealing old ladies purses. Our friend Ross above sees every comment against his club as bigoted regardless of content. Ross your club is disliked because the rest of us, cash paying scottish fans see clear as day the despicable and unforgiveable behaviour of RFC across every aspect of their clubs activity. On the park you have players who don’t believe they should pay their dues to this country, off the park the directors similarly living champagne lifesyles at the expense of the taxpayer, trophies titles and swagger that has been bought with other peoples money, like the banks Rangers thought we’re too big to fail,an inflated sense of self worth by a wee local business who don’t turnover in a year what the local asda turns over in a month. Fans who shame this country on every trip abroad and never more publicly than in Manchester. Regularly fined and sanctioned by the international footballing authorities for their shameful vilification of catholics and yet they cling top their sectarian bile like the aforementioned junkies cling to their smack. Deep down fully aware that it’s killing them but unable to let it go incase they’re seen jumping the dike from their cultural morass.

  15. fasty says:

    can i just add that one of the reasons given by HMRC on their website for refusing a cva is stated thus :
    that the business in question had “funded their business or lifestyle by consistently withholding Crown monies”
    So unless RFC is some kind of extra special case, which it clearly is not, there will be no CVA.

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