28 Oct 2013

Marines murder trial: transcript released to court


The incident took place in Afghanistan in September 2011, involving Royal Marines, three of whom face a court martial for murder, currently under way at the military court in Bulford, Wiltshire.

The marines accused of murdering a gravely injured Afghan insurgent have been granted anonymity and may only be referred to as A to C.

If any of the men is convicted, that highly unusual anonymity order will be reviewed.

Central to the prosecution case are the contents of the marines’ helmet-camera videos.

The prosecution case is that these show the men were involved in shooting the injured Afghan insurgent at close range.

A transcript of the videos has been released to the court.

Letters A to C refer to the accused. M is unknown. Marine D is not facing trial.

A: Get his a*** over there.

B: F****** ****

M: F****** b******


Why couldn’t (you/he) just be f****** dead?…

Good effort lads…

D: You’re browners, fella.

B: Don’t give a f*** about you, son.

(Vocalisations probably from insurgent).

M: Does anyone recognise him?

Stop f****** whinging,

B: F****** p****.

A: Right, get him closer in so PGSS (surveillance balloon) can’t see what we’re doing to him.

M: (Place/push) him in there, come on.

A: Get him right in.

M: Come on.

A: Over by that corn.

M: That’ll do.

A: Right, in that – that clear space…Get him right over here.

M: That’ll do, that’ll do, that’ll do.

D: Do you want him back in?

A: Yeah, I want – I want him in this area here so I can see what the f*** (we’re/I’m) doing.

A: Anybody want to do first aid on this idiot?

M: No

B: No

C: I’ll put one in his head, if you want.

M: (Laughs)

C: Take your pick.

A: No, not in his head, ’cause that’ll be f****** obvious.

M: Just move him round here. Move him round.

B: Going to switch this f***** off.

These are the significant extracts of the second video:

A: Yeah, he’s got a f***** chest wound, mate.

M: F****** hell.

B: We’ll patch him (with) an FFD (first field dressing), Steve…

A: Yeah, send, over. (Speaking on radio).

B: That’ll do, won’t it?…Keep your eyes on my weapon, mate.

M: Where’s that – (where’s that Ugly (Apache helicopter) now?

A: He’s – he’s over there and he can f****** see us. Ah.

B: Better send up a nine liner, I suppose. (Request for helicopter casualty evacuation).

A: Yeah, er we’re just waiting for Steve to er get…He may well be dead. (Speaking on radio).

C: He’ll be on – be behind them trees in a minute.

B: For f***’s sake, I can’t believe I’m doing this.

C: Don’t – just – don’t – yeah- wait a minute, just pretend to do it, till he’s behind them trees.

M: Just strangle him


A: Yeah, he’s past. F*** it, he’s past.

M: Yeah

C: He’s dead.

A: Hello, one zero. One four hotel. (Speaking on radio).

B: F****** ****, shooting at Talander, you ****.

A: I hate to say it, administering first aid to this er individual, he’s er…(Speaking on radio).

B: Wait

A: Passed on from this er this world, over. (Speaking on radio)…
Do my best to er biometrically enrol him erm and then er gather a DNA samples er (Speaking on radio)…
To bag up with the evidence, the weapon and the er grenade, over. (Speaking on radio).

B: There was a grenade there as well, was there…

C: Yeah in his pocket.

B: F****** ****.

M: Yeah ****.

B: That’s probably re – ready to go on you boys.

M: Mm…(Get your) shot f******…F****** hell.

C: Yeah maybe we should pump one in his heart.

There then follows a period of radio traffic.

The video continues:

A: Er he’s dead. Don’t waste your f****** FFDs on the cheeser. Take it off him…

There you are, shuffle off this mortal coil, you c***… it’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us.

B: I know.

M: Exactly… All right…

A: Obviously, this doesn’t go anywhere, fellas.

B: Yeah, roger, mate.

A: I’ve just broke the Geneva Convention.

B: Yeah, roge.

A: Biometric data module, right. Er try and brush some of that s*** off his face.

B: If anything – if anything gets heard mate, it’s as a warning shot went down.

A: Yeah Steve, he’s er fully dead now. (Speaking on radio).

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11 reader comments

  1. mlow59 says:

    I find the concerns over ”propaganda” most disturbing. We are not above the feral insanity of anyone with a gun and a cause. Possibly the reason I cringe each time I hear the term ” Hero”.

    1. Fred Sagen says:

      How else, then, would you characterise someone who is prepared to risk their life to protect you and your loved ones?

    2. scapaflow says:

      The western world has no concept of “war”. War is murder on a massive scale. Trying to apply rules to fighting wars is insane because war is insanity. When the Taliban cut off the heads of their foe they are surely not concerned with the Geneva Convention. They never will be.
      Either accept war for what it truely is, mercyless brutality, or don’t send brave men to go fight them. Send lawyers and politicians instead.

  2. Fred Sagen says:

    What puzzles me is the Marine’s belief that he has broken the Geneva Convention.

    Terrorists are not protected by the Geneva Convention and it specifically sets out four conditions, any one of which, if unsatisfied permits the summary execution of ‘franc tireurs’ (as they are classified).
    Terrorists satisfy none of the four conditions.

    Because our politicians decided that they could rewrite the rules of engagement (The Armed Forces Act 2006) and ignore International Law (the Geneva Convention), I fear that this case will go all the way to the European Courts before the politicians accept their error.

  3. macca says:

    It would be interesting to hear from Fred why he thinks that the cold blooded murder of an injured man, lying helpless on the ground, and the cruel mocking that accompanied it, in any way, protects me and my loved ones…not in my name thanks very much….

  4. Hovis says:

    Fred didn’t say the actions for which the 3 RM’s now face punishment protects you and your loved ones. He said the 3 were prepared to risk their lives to protect you and your loved ones… Subtle but important difference and I don’t think anyone can judge these men who need and deserve help more than condemnation as they are a product of the machine that is our government and the war it decided to wage using men it tethers with cherry-picked rules to protect those who sent them in the first place… As for the mocking- Since before the Crusades, a classic step in canvassing support for sending countries and people to war is the dehumanisation of the enemy…

  5. macca says:

    Oh well, if it’s been done since the middle ages then that’s alright then….and should we stop pursuing war criminals, if they are all a product of their government’s war machine.

  6. andy says:

    I thought the terrorists were the foreigners who callously murdered a man in his country . Please tell me of one instance when the Taliban have attacked the UK , so don’t tell me that they’re in Afghanistan to protect me , they’re there to get closer to Iran because us/UK want their oil.

    1. Chris says:

      Do you think we have seriously spent so long in Afghan so we can get closer to Iran’s oil? What a complete idiot you are.

  7. Dave says:

    Completely agree with Fred couldn’t have put it better!!!!!!! Andy, macca have you forgotten 7/7?? All Taliban linked! Our soldiers fight in uniform!! The insurgents fight dressed as farmers and civilians as other terrorist groups of the past. Therefore they are not afforded the Geneva convention. Our boys do not know who they are fighting!! However this TERRORIST would have beheaded anyone of our brave young soldiers if they were caught wounded and have not given them Geneva convention rights!!

  8. Richard Mahony says:

    All these f***** asterisks are just f***** stoopid, know what I f****** mean? How typical of ‘Goody Two Shoes’ Channel 4. Young men in and out of uniform can kill and be killed. That’s OK to report on. But God forbid that the great unwashed read any Anglo-Saxon four letter words or their derivatives. What a prissy lot you bl**dy Poms are! You need to get your values and priorities sorted pronto.

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