11 Nov 2014

The value of a human life in Sierra Leone? $5,000

I revisited Devil Hole Junction and found that Aminata, who we filmed yesterday very sick from Ebola, died at about 8.30 last night.

Her semi-naked body had been writhing around next to a very public track when she died. She had suffered in the blazing sun all day.

There is no cordon –┬ápeople pass close to her body. Nobody has any protective equipment here.

Mohammed, who we also filmed yesterday (see the film at the bottom of the page), is alive but has now been waiting around 30 hours for an ambulance. He looks sicker today.

All this as the Sierra Leone government announces $5,000 compensation for every health worker who has died. The value of a human life here, it seems.

Tony Blair, patron of an NGO working in Sierra Leone, is in Freetown today. We shall be speaking to him.

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