8 Jun 2012

Set up to be shot in Syria’s no man’s land?

Standing outside the Safir Hotel in Homs as the white UN Nissan landcruisers stood waiting, the Irish officer in charge, Mark Reynolds, came over: “Usual rules Alex OK? We’re not responsible for you guys. If you get into trouble we’ll leave you, yes? You’re on your own.”

“Yup – no problem Mark. Understood.”

I always say that, sort of assuming it will never come to that in any case.

Just two UN plus the local police white patrol car marked “Protocol” as escort, moving south through the peaceful areas of Homs, unmarked by war.

Barely ten minutes south from the city and it’s goodbye protocol. The last Syrian Army checkpoint is right on the main highway south to Damascus.

We’re headed west – just follow the direction the tank barrel is pointing next to the parked protocol car and you get the idea.

There’s always that slight tightening of the stomach across deserted no-mans-land, but this is open country, no sign of fighting.

Presently, the first motorbike picks us up and we are across and into the first Free Syrian Army checkpoint.

After a long and dusty half-hour of tracks across olive groves, we arrive at al Qusayr, to the predictable crowd scene.

The UN settles down for a long meeting with the civilian and military leaders here. It looks much like an Afghan “shura” to me. Everyone is cross legged on the cushions around the room, except it is Turkish coffee passed round rather than chai.

We settle down to filming outside. The women and boys bring us oranges and chairs in the heat. Shell fragments are produced to be filmed. They explain how the shelling will begin again as soon as we leave – a claim which, by its nature, must remain untested, though there is certainly extensive shell damage in some parts of town here.

So we while away the time, waiting for the UN to move – they’re the only way across the lines with any degree of safety of course.

But time drags. Our deadline begins to loom. And there’s this really irritating guy who claims to be from “rebel intelligence” and won’t quite accept that we have a visa from the government.

In his book foreign journos are people smuggled in from Lebanon illegally and that’s that. We don’t fit his profile.

He and his mates are making things difficult for our driver and translator too – their Damascus IDs and our Damascus van reg are not helping.

This is new. Different. Hostile. This is not like Homs or Houla and still the UN meeting drags on in the hot afternoon…

We decide to ask for an escort out the safe way we came in. Both sides, both checkpoints will remember our vehicle.

Set up to be shot?

Suddenly four men in a black car beckon us to follow. We move out behind.

We are led another route. Led in fact, straight into a free-fire zone. Told by the Free Syrian Army to follow a road that was blocked off in the middle of no-man’s-land.

At that point there was the crack of a bullet and one of the slower three-point turns I’ve experienced. We screamed off into the nearest side-street for cover.

Another dead-end.

There was no option but to drive back out onto the sniping ground and floor it back to the road we’d been led in on.

Predictably the black car was there which had led us to the trap. They roared off as soon as we re-appeared.

I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian Army. Dead journos are bad for Damascus.

That conviction only strengthened half an hour later when our four friends in the same beaten-up black car suddenly pulled out of a side-street, blocking us from the UN vehicles ahead.

The UN duly drove back past us, witnessed us surrounded by shouting militia, and left town.

Eventually we got out too and on the right route, back to Damascus.

Please, do not for one me moment believe that my experience with the rebels in al Qusair was a one-off.

This morning I received the following tweet:

“@alextomo I read your piece “set up to be shot in no mans land”, I can relate as I had that same experience in Al Zabadani during our tour.”

That was from Nawaf al Thani, who is a human rights lawyer and a member of the Arab League Observer mission to Syria earlier this year.

It has to make you wonder who else has had this experience when attempting to find out what is going on in rebel-held Syria.

In a war where they slit the throats of toddlers back to the spine, what’s the big deal in sending a van full of journalists into the killing zone?

It was nothing personal.

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  1. Philip Edwards says:


    How much more personal can you get than an attempt to kill you?

    Trust neither side, which is why the UN say, rightly, “You’re on your own.”

    And remember – the “rebels” have more to gain from dead Western journos than Assad.

    Please stay safe.

  2. MarkW says:

    Thank you for your on the spot reports.
    I’ve long believed the rebels weren’t these peace loving unarmed protesters as usually portrayed by most of the UK and US media.

    al-Assad is a monster but the alternative is possibly worse. We are seeing rebels funded armed and given logistical support by the Sunni salafis of Saudi and Qatar with NATO special forces close in neighbouring countries.

    Stay safe.
    As usual, the civilians suffer.
    An attack (as wished for by Senators McCain and Lieberman) by NATO would be a disaster. Libya is a total mess. Iran is their ultimate goal.

    1. S H says:

      Who told you that Assad is a monster..?

      1. Obaida says:

        Who told you he’s not? I wouldn’t call someone a saint for being solely responsible for killing his own people. Get with the program my friend……or if you’re with the ‘other side’…..get some medical attention.

      2. cannibalgod70 says:

        I’ve read no evidence of sainthood about anyone in Syria. The emphasis in the above question should be on the word “Who”. Who is selling what stories for what purpose? Trying to figure out what is going on over there might cause anyone to seek medical attention since it appears that media on both sides are purposely attempting to confuse the narrative.

        The truth comes out in general reporting outlets only after the fact. No WMD found. No chemical weapons factories. No babies thrown from incubators. No unprovoked attacks in the gulf. No pregnant women thrust with bayonets, etc.
        If massacres are indeed happening outside Hollywood studios, our brave propaganda stenographers will also refrain from investigating until long after the dead are ash and witnesses incommunicado.

  3. fireowl says:

    In all my years, I have never known anything like this, killing children in the most horrendous way. Its demonic in its purest form. Russia and China are the only ones who are against doing the right thing, which doesn’t surprise me. I think to Hell with all this, “jaw jaw jaw”, it is not working, so the only option left is “war war war!”

    1. ANtipropagandist says:

      “most horrendous way”-of course ” democratic way of killing children is more human, like NATO bombs in Belgrade, Tripoli, Iraq, Afghanistan. Even when turks kill kurds by “democratic” bullets every day it is different from Saddam killing 300 of them by non-democratic way!

      Societies where euthanasia is poses like “human” , dares to judge other nations.

    2. NFIL says:

      Go ahead and go then. Good luck with that war thing. I’m sure the rebels will welcome your personal assistance with open arms. Since our troops and tax moneys are still tied up in Afghanistan you will be on your own.

    3. Alexander Anufaryan says:

      Because of my bad English I’m not sure will be understood rightly, but…
      Please try for only one minute to think. Try forget those Russia or China. And open your eyes and let your conscience to say. I do not know how one can explain to somebody like you, that in Houla was the provocation made by rebels, with intent to start the intervention, the provocation which was made by unofficial agreement with London and Washington and …
      Remember how many hundreds civilian people was murdered by your NATO in Europe, Iraq, Libya. 150000? 500000? 1000000? Only during last 15 years. What do you want for the and killing this people?
      And something else.
      Before you open your mouth please, be decent person. First off all please SAY THANKS TO RUSSIANS FOR GITLER DID NOT IN YOUR HOME.

      1. Alexander Anufaryan says:

        “Like or Dislike”, here and there…
        I see the dogs of the war are racing and beating everywhere.

  4. R D says:

    Not surprised. All is fair in love and regime change.

    Very glad you made it out and that somebody had the guts to actually investigate what is going on on the ground. I remain to be convinced that this is a one-sided war, I think external powers and internal dissidents are collaborating to overthrow a difficult to defend regime.

    As always, who benefits ?

    1. Rouda Ramzi Sarraj says:

      It is not a one-sided war. It started with a plea for freedom, morality and human dignity. By not acting as we should to stop the aggression, we, citizens of the world, let everything happen. Don’t let the gray shadows of this war distract your mind from concentrating on what’s real. Think only of facts that are obvious to everyone:
      1. Regardless of who is igniting the fight, the Syrian regime is not able to protect the people and therefore it should be replaced.
      2. Since political negotiations are going in slow motion and Syrian children are the ones paying the price, protecting them should be our priority now.

      1. R D says:

        If I hadn’t seen killing and slaughter coming from both sides in this mess I would agree with. Whilst all of these tyrants were palatable for the past decade or two they are now enemies of humanity. It’s hypocrisy and badly disguised belligerence.

        Death of innocents is horrific but the picture is not as monochromatic as you make out. The real solution is an external arbiter who would silence the guns in hours, the UN is being shown to be the LEague of Nations of it’s time. Your solution is far more partial and betrays your allegiance.

        The world is riddled with examples of why humanitarian arguments for war are hypocritical. Do not mistake critique for endorsement of any of these warmongers.

      2. MoT says:

        If foreign entities are helping to make the Syrian governments attempts at keeping the peace impossible then how can you then blame them for the current disaster? That’s like blaming the cop for your house being robbed by a thief whom you yourself have armed! It’s crazy.

      3. Dee Cape Town says:

        Replace with WHOM Rouda?
        A malcontent traitor bought with Saudi money who was a former drug runner – who has sat through the war in 5 star luxury hotels, whining like a spoilt little girl to be given power and his payout with no election – and who is rejected by the Wahhabi savages who now form 80% of the so called ‘rebels’?!!

        Or another appointed puppet with zero legitimacy nor capability to rebuild the nation as we see in Iraq and Libya?

        That Assad has commanded the loyalty of his forces and majority of the populace – let there be an election.
        Of course – the ‘opposition’ will stall and stall on this as they know full well that they currently do not have much support.

      4. Anne says:

        So relieved that the truth is coming out I was getting sick of this one sided Assad is bad and rebels good. Chemical attack was same thing trying to blame it on Assad to get the Americans to attack and topple Assad. Glad that evidence was not strong enough to allow that to happen. Also very happy to see that there are real journalists still around who risk their lives to find out the truth. Enough arm chair journalists in foreign countries taking info from Syrian journalists on the ground who are obviously backing the rebels 100 percent..

  5. gav says:

    Bloody hell Thommo,
    In the truest sense. No offence mate but I’m glad you’re over there between the bad guys and the ,er, bad guys??? and not me!
    Your missus on the other hand , even though she’s a journo, probably thinks it’d be best if you were a royal correspondent.
    Stay safe!

  6. Ras says:

    Well atleast you witnessed first-hand the manipulative nature of the “Free” Syrian Army.

    1. Bruno says:

      You got dislikes b the FSA supporters

  7. Aye well says:

    Scary stuff. God bless and keep you all safe.

  8. Agent_007 says:

    First, they cause you to withdraw their own slaughter.
    Then try to kill you. The cunning plan. )))

  9. Y.S. says:

    Keep out of trouble Alex, its all a game in the Middle East.
    While everyone looks at Syria, Israel plans to build more houses in the West Bank.
    As for Syria i cant see how the different communities will be able to live together after, looks like another carve up of a country.
    As more houses will be built …. in the West Bank.

    1. hana says:

      i was surprise to read ur comment , to know the truth and say it in this way .

      i like ur words

  10. Derek says:

    “I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian Army. Dead journos are bad for Damascus.”

    Alex you obviously made a mistake there, the rebels are brave honourable heroes – it must have been them nasty shabeehas that were impersonating the heroic rebels. You’ll never get yer knighthood with that kind of slip-up.

    Facetiousness aside I’m glad you made it out. Don’t be a naive lamb to the slaughter; you are not on the side of the angels.

    1. Syrian UK surgeon says:

      Such statement I believe should make prime news material not only channel four but across all British Channels and not limited to a personal blog but will it? I guess as Derek eluded it is not Knighthood material after all. I heard of it first in a Syrian Pro Government TV (Addunia) on a post via Facebook. Hardly mainstream media. Being a UK resident, I listen to BBC radio 4, Chanel 4 news, Sky news etc. If you were killed it would have been the world’s news with a very different twist. You might even become the spark to light up a NATO attack may be who knows. Luckily, for you, for your family and for the truth you were not. This is why we need more experienced Journalists with open mind and I guess a bit more care (joke) on the ground to avoid another WMD style propaganda. I just urge you for the sake of preventing a war don’t spare an effort to tell your story. You are the first one who could stop this crazy momentum taking place. I would like to see you at ten o’clock on a week day on every British News Channels as a leading headline not an anchor, obviously, alive and telling your version of the story not via a Skype caller from no man’s land, obviously. Keep the good work.

  11. Max Kutnyashenko says:

    Welcome to the real world, Neo! To the world, where so-called “rebels” are just bandits ready to use anybody’s death for their own purposes.

    1. hana says:

      i’m happy to know that there is someone out of Syria and see the picture so clear

  12. fernstualbert says:

    Its a civil war – and you are collateral damage – another opportunity will present itself. Time to pull stakes and retreat – the first casualty of war – truth. You are useful to both sides. Get over the naive assumptions of honour, hospitality etc., it doesn’t exist.

  13. ivanov_su says:

    But they are freedom fighters, right?

    1. Crip says:

      No, they are *rebels*. There is a difference.
      Would a freedom fighter kill innocents for propaganda? No, and not for ANYTHING.

  14. Brid says:

    “what’s the big deal in sending a van full of journalists into the killing zone?”

    Well it might give you the idea that these are not poor sad put-upon and rather amateurish “rebels”. They would have no compunction in having you killed if it would enhance calls for outside intervention, and blacken the name of Assad even further. Just as (in my opinion) their horrible massacres did. You ARE aware that there are reports of NATO Special Forces on the ground in Syria? Plus Saudis and Qataris.
    Oh yes they would … Bush bombed Al Jazeera, remember?

  15. Speakup says:

    Not in Kansas anymore toto

  16. Gozooheck says:

    Well Alex let that be a lesson to you. The FSA and their Saudi/kharaijite/najdi/CIA paymasters are slowly being exposed. To them you are a kafir (disbeliever) so no great loss or as their CIA paymasters would say ‘collateral damage’. The FSA have strange bedfellows. It appears Syrias paying the price for being allied with Iran.

  17. mo says:

    Why do you assume it was the Syrian Army shooting at you? The behviour of your “escort” suggests that they knew they would not be targetted

    1. Yana says:

      He mentioned that when it came to the UN car they did’t let it go the same way!!!

  18. Billy Gormley says:

    Was the interpreter who translated for you at the massacre site in the black car?

  19. aude sapere says:

    On the day of the 45th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, jets armed with nuclear warheads then sent towards Egypt before message got out it was Israel, and the story covered up, no repercussions, how many have even heard of it?

    If you think you were set up here, what else has been set up?

    Sun Tzu said ‘All war is based on deception.’

    Tell this truth.

    Stay safe, Alex.

  20. Rose says:

    Thank you Mr.Thomson for telling the truth .. finally western media not being controlled . I have spent much time in Damascus and i can say that the people love their president , yes reform is needed in some areas, but this attempt from out side Syria the try and over throw Assad is only for the good of USA. and as we have seen previously they will do any think possible to have their way .. This includes along with Qatar supplying weapons to the rebbel/terrorist forces “Free syrian army “.. in an attempt to over throw the Assad Gov. This is nothing like Lybia, Egypt… ect.. It is so much more complex and involves Gas, !!! Israel !!! and the greed for power.. America once again is wearing blood on their hands.. They helped supply these terrorist with arms that massacred those children .. It was not Assad he has nothing to gain from this. Infact now that the media is finally getting the truth out, America has called for all Syrian TV to be banned.. Dont you just love how the western world sleeps with USA .. !!! … May God Bless Syria and its people ..

    1. beeshp says:

      well I lived and still live in damascus my whole life and I can tell you I really liked and adored bashar al assad before 15 march 2011, but now I wish to see him hanged in alumawieen square! and bashar alassad has every thing to do with what is happening, the FSA appeared after 5 months of peacefull antigoverment demonstrations were shot at. Allah mhayye el jeesh el hurr!!

  21. Judy C says:

    I welcome your reports Alex. They are insightful and seem to try to get at the truth behind. Much commended in the current climate when a lot of the coverage seems to make the situation worse.

    Difficult I know, but I hope you make it back.

  22. Usama Akkad says:

    You are telling us that you were in the middle of fighting zone without having connections with neither any side? nor the observers? and you walk alone? seriously?

    How do you know that those people in the black car were form FSA? or was it the translator from Damascus who told you?

    I can simply say that you were setup by Syrian Government Army to fool you to think it was the FSA.

    If I were in you situation I would not believe four men because they were driving a black car.

    Any way there is no oil there and a story like this might help people sleep better. bad people fighting together, right?

    Guess what, Syrian government news agency SANA is very happy with your story http://www.sana.sy/ara/3/2012/06/08/424248.htm

  23. alaa says:

    it is simple truth from the biggest truth
    there are a lot of lie about Syria
    we know we have wrongs in our country but we dont change via killing and lie
    we need to media to show the truth not the lie
    trust me the people who called in media(rebels)
    they worst than regime
    they kill people to show on media that the Syrian army that killed them
    but the truth is not like that

  24. JohanHorn says:

    Some elements of FSA are spies for the Assad regime . CNN said .

  25. JohanHorn says:

    And , Dont forget , Assad’s army killed some Western journalists in Homs last February .

  26. Edward Bernays says:

    Are you suffering cognitive dissonance Alex?

    “In a war where they slit the throats of toddlers back to the spine, what’s the big deal in sending a van full of journalists into the killing zone?”

    That sentence only makes sense if the perpetrators are the same in both cases which is a truth I think you realize but are trying to suppress. The perpetrators of these throat slitting massacres are the foreign Salafi mercenaries bought and paid for by the ‘west’ and its allies.

  27. the-syrian.com says:


    after translating the blog to the syrian audience the blogger who did the translation raised these points
    “few points that i feel the urge to raise now that i read about Mr. Thomson’s experience

    1- admittedly, it’s brave of Mr. Thomson to put his life on the line by going to the hot spots in Syria in a bid to help his British audience to understand what is going on there. However i find it a bit odd that he took all that effort to get to “Qusayr” for him to later “while away the time waiting for the UN to move” rather than investing that time in more investigative journalistic work, but then again it’s up to him

    2- he mentioned that the UN convoy is “the only way across the lines with any degree of safety of course.” and yet he decides later to leave without them

    3- he speaks of a “hostile” atmosphere and cite it as a justification to want to leave without the UN convoy. and then he turns to those he did not trust, the same people who are the main reason for him to want to leave, for guidance!

    so at one point they are hostile and valid reason to justify his early departure ..but when it comes to lead him back to “safty” they become trustworthy! it does not add up for me…

    4- one very weird piece in Mr.thomson story is that he reffered to the UN lengthy meeting ”in the hot afternoon” as an additional reason for him to want to leave…so the weather played a role there…. typical Brit i may hear you say? well this gentleman has been to hotter places i guarantee you that

    I must say, however, that the points i am raising are not meant to undermine the respected journalist story in anyway, nore to lessen his experience. it’s simply meant to say that maybe the story as he put it is built on subjective speculation, by one who already made up his mind about certain people and a given situation, rather than objective facts”

    1. R D says:

      You must understand that this story flies in the face of almost every single report on Syria in the British media.

      History tells us of US/UK/NATO involvement in agitating regime-change when tyrants have served their purpose. The UK populace for one has been misinformed routinely by our mainstream media so to see a story confirming the complexity of the situation, countering the belligerent mainstream media confirms what those students of history suspect to be true.

      If the fight is a just one and the anti-regime argument is so strong then why the need for murderous pantomimes like the one described above ? People smell bs and react. I have and I am.

      p.s. This news provider is understood to be as near to impartiality as we have in the UK

  28. PeterD says:

    Does this mean that Ch4 will now be less gullible in its acceptance of rebel propaganda? Somehow I doubt it: ITV news didn’t bother to mention this incident.

    Ch4 and those like them willingly accepted the nonsense that the Syrian government were behind the first terrorist massacre and the mutilation of children – then supposedly helpfully left the bodies around for the rebels to film and post to the internet. It was the willingness of the press to play along with their tactics that encouraged a repeat. More children have died as a result. Shame on you all.

  29. Tiger says:

    “I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian Army. Dead journos are bad for Damascus.”
    The Syrian revolutionaries don’t need to kill you to justify that the Syrian regime and Al-Assad kill innocent people and children, especially After the last massacres.
    You actually were caught in a trap of the devil government, and you behaved as they planed. This story is good for Damascus, as many country are waiting for like this (witness) to use it as a pretext for their support or silence.

  30. truth says:

    most of the posts are strange.
    The truth you dont want to see is:
    1. In general, these men are brave and defend thier houses and families
    2. you should notice that, despite the fact that the regime, his army, and his shabihahs are from Alawites, the Free Syrien Army never targted the Alawites Villages
    3. We should all recognize that the Arabs deserve to be admired at least for thier courage. Un peuple courageux memme tres courageux qui meur pour sa cause.
    4. We want or not, these Arabes are about to take the lead. This Arab spring is the kik off despite the blood and the pain these Arabs are giving.

    Let us be brave and recognize and amire thier solidarity and courage.

    1. Gordon-D says:

      These ‘men’ are indeed brave when they are luring an unarmed journalist into a death trap, or driving civilians from their homes, or taking hostages for ransom, or hacking women and children to death. They are not defending their homes, they are foreign armed insurgents.

      The misplaced righteous anger and unthinking hatred of the Salafist thugs is not courage, it is blood-lust.

      The Arab Spring is an invention of Washington, the Arabs are not taking the lead in anything – they are fighting amongst themselves and stupidly doing the work of the US and Israel.

      If these Salafists are so keen on democracy and human rights then why don’t they fight against their own despotic regimes back in Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

  31. T. F. Harasta says:

    Rebels know the clendestine way out to Lebanon, they do not go to government areas – And you wanted to go to government area plus you told them you got a visa!
    They instructed you according to their knowladge, and as a journalist you should’ve known that, government errects ever shifting blocks surrounding rebel held areas!
    You asked for it! And rebels gave you their “up-to-the-minute” information!
    You should’ve exited to Lebanon, or stayed with them to witness the shelling after UN observers had have left …. Come on do not be paranoid…!

  32. Crip says:

    ohhh hell no! the [sarcasm]honorable, noble, and freedom-loving rebels of syria do that? This I cannot believe![/sarcasm]
    Yeah…just another piece that says this war is one of political value, not humanitarian concern.

  33. S A Khan says:

    Your quick thinking got you out of this set-up ‘ambush’. When talking to the ‘beaten up black car’ four did you hear an English or Yankee accent? Just for signs of SAS, Navy Seals, & the like (all deniable, of course).
    This is a deliberate attempt to start a ghastly civil war. Cui bono? Not the Syrians, that’s for sure. After bombing Cairo (suez 1956), trashing Baghdad (2003 on…), Tripoli (just now) there was only Damascus left of the great Arab cultural centres. I ask again, cui bono?

  34. Richard Westcott says:

    Alex, Outrage, do you realise I have just seen your piece on RT (TV channel 85). today Sat 9th June in their Top Storey. This is Russian propaganda used by Moscow against the West. They have just used your piece out of context to help their position.

    How can you be so Nieeve? I love your normal reporting but this is v silly. Please counteract.

  35. Jamie says:


    Russia Today seems to suggest that the rebels are carrying out these horrific massacres to gain propaganda points. I just don’t know which side of the story to believe anymore. We all know of Al Qaeda’s involvement and they’re a pretty ruthless bunch.

    Nice to have you home by the way.

  36. Yana says:

    Good you are safe. As a Syrian, who dies know who both sides are, all I can say is no regime in the world would have done such a massacre twice just before security council meetings! Saying that this doesn’t mean the regime is an angel. But in Hola, the first massacre, the majority of people killed are from the same family which a newly elected member in the parliament is from and was attacked by the opposition in the area. No soldier in the world would do such a crime! It’s the Wahhabi Saudi and Qatari Money, they are the “democratic” example of equality, human wrights records, women freedom!!! Isn’t it??? $300M funds from the gulf declared couple if days ago of which 150M already delivered, it’s for medicine ya??? Not sure how many westerners have seen the Syrian Army tanks being completely damaged, it’s a normal gun can do thus yes??? It’s a war of ideology my friend, moderate Islam and secular ones against stupid gulf multi rich hypocritical and radical beliefs!!!

  37. beesho says:

    I’m glad you made it out safely, but allow me to ask a couple of questions:
    how can you be so sure the black car belonges to the FSA?
    you getting killed (god forbid!) while with on the FSA side can be beneficial to the regime by blaming the FSA , can’t it? so immediately blaming the FSA is not “quite clear” in my opinion

    a final note to those who try to portray the FSA as a terrorist group trying to overthrow a legitimate government: most of the FSA are defected soliders from the army and most of their weapons (as you can see from the news or youtube) is light or medium weapons brought from the army by the defecting soldiers, and I don’t know what the western media shows but this is a 99% peaceful revolution , just last Friday (the weekly demonstration day) there were about 700 points of demonstrations across the country against the brutal murderous regime and saluting the FSA, and I can provide resources to those who don’t believe

  38. Victoria says:

    I agree with Mo, it sounds more likely that you shot at by ‘rebels’. What amazes me is that despite being shot at by these rebels, you still seem to think these terrorists have good motives for doing what they do. Isn’t it possible that if they tried to get you killed they have tried to do the same to others, and isn’t it possible that these brutes are also responsible for the massacres that have been reported in Houla and Qubair?

  39. June Liveley says:

    I told you not to trust anyone. Syria is a very dangerous place now, and for the rebels what matters most is protecting their own people and areas. Some people talk about support for Assad, but they confuse support with self-preservation. The fear that kept Syrians in place has gone and they will not be silenced now. Massacres of innocent women and children only serve to make people more angry. Assad’s strategy is to try to make people afraid and crush their support for the revolution, but it is having the reverse effect. There are still those who depend on the assad’s for everything and they will not turn because they have nowhere to go. All my friends in Syria support the revolution and they are not only farmers or poor people, they are teachers, lawyers, professionals. All they want is to see the end of the Assad family and their coterie. They would like to see this family take their money and go. Syrians are more than capable of rebuilding their own country in the way they want it, but they need some support from outside. All outside support has been one way until now: Iran and Russia supplying arms and money to Assad. Those people who are now screaming about Saudia and Qatar were very happy to keep quiet about that for far too long, which gave Assad the confidence to do whatever he likes to stay in power.This is the real tragedy. If there had ever been such a thing as free and fair elections in Syria, the Assad’s would be long gone, but those with vested interests were happy to continue to support a brutal dictator, including the UK. But in the Middle East this is nothing new is it? So, stay safe. If you meet people you even slightly feel you can’t really trust, then don’t.

  40. Mehdi says:

    It is horrible that alot of western news channel are portraying the syrian crisis as a black-white scenario, where you have the good people (Opposition) and the bad people (Syrian government)! I think both sides have shady areas, and I am not up for defending any of the two. It is sad that the Syrian people are caught in between these two bloodthirsty parties, both of whom wouldn’t hesitate a second to kill innocent for personal gains!

  41. Aphrodisia says:

    I am not at all surprised by this.Makes you wonder about the real circumstances in which that female reporter and the french journalist met their deaths last year, but it was certainly good copy for the “rebels”. As far as I am concerned the so called “free” syrian army are nothing but a bunch of evil murderous scum, and many of them were also fighting against ghadafi in Libya. The real evil in all this is the wests knowing support (special forces boots on the ground) for the perpetrators of these atrocities just to further their own globalist agenda. There really is no hope for mankind and God needs to wipe out mankind and start from scratch.

  42. John Frenton says:

    And yet Channel 4 News continues to present a wholly unbalanced account of events in Syria. Why is this?
    Why does Channel 4 news persist with the narrative adopted by so many other Western news outlets that opposition rebels are entirely honorable in their actions against the big bad Assad? Where is the investigative journalism? Why is everything that we hear from “opposition activists” presented as fact, and accounts from pro-Government sources derided?
    This is one of just a handful of articles I have read in the past 12 months that offers a real critique of what’s happening in Syria.

    More please

  43. Hosam says:

    thanks Alex for all what you’re trying to do , i live in syria and i dont know you but i appreciate all the hard work you’ve done , please take care of yourself , keep safe and no matter what.. trust your instinct.

  44. Sam says:

    Mr. Alex, how exactly can you tell that the black car was a rebels car?
    Anyway, your attempt to make this revolution sound like the war in Afghanistan is working, so many people don’t do the effort of hearing the other side of the story… Does the name Edith
    Bouvier or Paul Conroy ring a bell?
    Of course the car might be belonging to the Free Syrian Army. I can tell you for sure that the FSA is not formed of saints, some of them apparently do still have ties to the regime, otherwise how would the regime be able to find their whereabouts and bomb them along with every living soul surrounding them?

  45. brian says:

    MarkWs odious remark:’al-Assad is a monster ‘

    has no reality as far as the syrians are concerned:
    see this rally:Oct 2011
    Your view is that of someone whos read to much demonising reportage.

    lets ask citizen journalist Gari Sulllivan, whos been to Syria:
    from a citizen journalist:
    ‘I am a British citizen in Syria for two monthson my 4th visit to the country. I am here as a citizen journalist. I can tell you from first hand experience that the vast majority of people here support Assad. Its just the truth: plain and simple. It may not be something the West want’s to hear, but it IS the truth. Why do they support him? Well, because the West’s reporting of Assad is nothing like the man that governs Syria. He is not viewed as an evil dicator here. He is viewed as a strong leader who has kept the peace in a nation spilt by religious factions. Now the US and UK has stuck their nose into Syrian business, by arming one side, the Syrian view of Assad has been proved right. For it is the support by the West that has allowed the increase in bloody violence. If you want to find out more about my visits to Syria – check out my website.

    1. Obaida says:

      Wow brian……I suppose you want us to believe you from a video of a rally that was collectively made up of government workers, school children, civil servants (i.e. police) and army personnel that were all bussed in to publicise what seems to be support for a non-elected Assad gang member who kills own people. The realities of what I just described above seems hard to fathom but in fact this is exactly what they’ve been doing for the past 50 years to show that the ASSadis have support. And if you do not attend, you can get convicted for not being patriotic and can be incarcerated. I suppose also just by showing a video that some people (you cannot fit 1/3 of that many people in that square….so it’s a blatant lie that 2 million were there) that the other videos of the constant shelling, torture and killing that his forces do are justifiable????? Try finding a video that is not 15 months old and you’ll see the square is completely empty….in fact when they want to do another rally like that, they bring the same video and say “this happened today”. There’s no doubt he had some supporters and some standing by him because of fears of being killed, but his popularity has almost diminished and this is fact. He blames terrorist for shooting a opposition rallies and not a single casualty is reported in the pro rallies?????? Something to think about.

  46. brian says:

    silvia cattori an italian journalist has this to say:

    ‘To understand what happens in Syria, it is therefore not possible to rely on the Syrian Observatory or on bloggers who are part of this rebellion. We also cannot rely on foreign correspondents who are, as we can see, systematically and from the heart and soul on the side of the armed “opponents”, qualifying them as “heroes” and presenting the battle that divides the Syrian people in an entirely Manichaean way: On one side the opposition which “struggles for democracy”, and on the other the terrible dictator.

    Things are not like that. As demonstrated by a recent poll [2] , as well as by the massive demonstrations in support of the Russian and Chinese veto at the UN, the vast majority of the Syrian people do not want this armed revolt, which seeks solely to legitimize NATO powers and several Arab states – notoriously known as champions of democracy, such as Qatar.

    journalists are contributing to the pervasive ignorance of events in syria among western readers..actually getting them to sympathise with bona fide terrorists many of whome are from outside syria and have seen action in afghanistan:
    russian journalist Anha Kochneva in syria: ‘There are a lot of soldiers of fortune among the bandits. They are Chechens, Romanians, French, Libyans, and Afghans. Moreover, there was a very funny accident with Afghan soldiers. A few Afghans were caught and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ They replied, ‘We were told that we came to Israel, and at night we are shooting at Israeli buses. We are fighting with the enemy to liberate Palestine.’ It might be funny, but it is true. The guys were really surprised, ‘Are we in Syria? We thought we were in Israel!’

  47. brian says:

    DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Syrian TV is set to broadcast a documentary shedding light on the Damascus terrorist bombings and those behind it on Saturday after the 8:30 PM news.

    The documentary includes interviews with families of victims and relatives of the terrorists who carried out the terrorist attacks.

    lets see howe this agrees with Marat Musins interviews of the people of Homs

    also: from silvia Cattori:
    ‘The number of Syrian citizens appealing to to their president for intervention of government forces is very high. This is especially true in Homs, where the situation is alarming because large sections of the population are held hostage by these groups occupying entire areas of the city – the neighborhoods of Baba Amr, Khaldiyeh, Karm el-Zeytoun – where the people have been calling for months for Damascus to rescue them [3].

    Their fate has become even more a source of anxiety since the same Milan anti-tank missile launchers delivered to the Libyan rebels during the Libyan campaign, less than a year ago, by France and Qatar, began to be used….

  48. christophe says:

    After following the Libyan destruction by the west and its allies, so many “been there done that” moments appear in the Syrian chapter as well. It is as if a script has been written and just a name change at the top of the page is needed for a “protect the civilian” chant from the murderous pieces of s**t in who have not and never will care about the civilians, while they want to summon the UN’s attack arm NATO.
    The Syrian “human rights” opposition, just like the Libyan “human rights” organisation, appears to be nothing more than a propaganda centre for anti Assad ( or insert name) pro western multinationals and the governments representing them. In Libya they used every trick in the book to push the attack by NATO but once Gaddafi was murdered, the western media just don’t mention Libya at all, while tens of thousands get slaughtered. Gaddafi invited western media in but all we got was one sided propaganda. No wonder Assad doesnt let them in.
    I see this as what they want in Syria and I am amazed (not) that the rest of the MSM has not covered your story.
    The collaboration between the CIA, Mossad and Turkish intel, with mercs from Libya (alqaida) and Qatar and the rest , along with reports from the Brookings Institute “assessing options for regime change” include “bleeding Syria” as part of it, and suddenly everything makes sense. If you read all about how long this war has been prepared for (Wesley Clarkes you tube summation from 2007) just shows the lies and complicity from media and politicians all over.
    Disgusts me to the max.
    I hope you get your story out and about and please, don’t trust anyone as they will try to keep it low key or bury it.

  49. gazzahodge says:

    at the start of your report you state that the UN
    troops are in nissan landcruisers try toyota

  50. Yasser Ghalayini says:

    My Friend Alex
    Am Yasser your translator
    am very glad to write what happened with us in
    al Qusair
    am very happy to work again with you as i hope to be a member of your group

  51. Marty says:

    Very dangerous situation but perhaps it’s wise to heed it at a warning about who to trust and so on. Now you are there you will know that what you heard before you got there was wrong. Please don’t forget to note, if not report, that Syria is a very secular country as near east countries go, all religions are tolerated, alcohol is allowed, there are ‘westernized’ shopping complexes, only cheaper, and 90% of the people support Assad, and not the other way around – but you’ll no doubt have seen it for yourself already.

  52. hp says:

    It’s not like the precedent wasn’t set in Serbia/Kosovo(a).

    Fake massacres blamed on the Serbs.
    Fake acid mines blamed on the Serbs.
    Fake rape camps blamed on the Serbs.
    The Rambouillet gangsterism.

    The cluster bombs dropping on stores and bridges and bakeries weren’t fake.

    Neither were the hundreds of churches and monasteries burned.

    Bill Clinton’s legacy of Orwellian “Humanitarian Interventionism” can be found under “H” in the Devil’s dictionary.

    Yep, Kosovo was the precursor for all that’s followed since.

    Until then NATO had never fired one single bullet in 50 years. Since Kosovo? Yep.

  53. Mark says:

    Just because Syrian opposites don’t have enough money to arm the free Syrian army, this does not hide the fact that civilians are getting killed every day for no reason. Massacres are occurring every minute in Syria. This is against humanity to keep silent whilst such crimes are being committed. Intr’l community should take action by providing ammo to the free Syrian army, as NATO intervention is not a possibility anymore, at least by helping wounded civilians by pressuring the Syrian government to allow the Red Cross enter crashed areas and assist with medical care for critical injuries.

  54. pax mundi says:

    Alex, you have a duty to speak out against this genocidal policy of NATO’s which consists in arming criminal gangs against the government of Syria. I traveled all over the country last year and can say without doubt that Assad has genuine popular support in his fight against the NATO-backed terrorists. He has himself admitted that the majority in Syria are neither for him nor against him, that they want more democracy and that this is what the reforms are all about. Although the majority would like more choice, they also realise that they must support Assad in the fight against NATO-backed terrorists.Those who call Assad a monster no nothing about the complexity of international politics.The lies and disinformation have got to stop! The wars have got to stop! Professional journalists have got to choose between cowardice and courage. The latter requires you to openly denounce the lies and disinformation put out by the media and join the progressive camp of humanity who want this conflict to end, and the real criminals in Paris, London, Washington, Ankara, Doha and Tel Aviv to be brought to justice.

  55. matej says:

    I am glad that nothing happens to u guys. What is going on Syria,according to me is just a neocolonial war.Huge machinery of Western propaganda is involved. You will, as we said “10 on Ace” for them. And information from some independent journalists( Voltair network)said that Russian intelligence identify 13 persons from Free Syrian Army involved
    in first massacre! This sources said that is almost 100 000 Russian soldiers in Syria already! And some unidentified number of Iranians. Nothing of this end up in “free” western medias!

  56. Obaida says:

    Alex, glad you’re safe. I’m going to be the devil’s advocate here…….this is the first time i’ve heard such a story. All the other ones i’ve read and heard were the opposite in which the experience of foreign journalists in rebel-held zones were always of those of safety, security and understanding of the realities on the ground. Those stories are numerous in contrary to the one you experienced and the other you were tweeted. (let’s not forget the late Marie Colvin and….).No doubt, there are always bad apples, but there are always those who are sent in to stir up more problems. Not to say you were one of them because i’ve seen alot of your stories and are thankful that journalists like yourself seek to bring the truth out, but dealing with a regime that kills it’s own people, “what’s the big deal with” wanting to take precaution and perhaps not believing in a foreign element in a very volatile situation. In any case, I hope this does not deter your great work….i sincerely respect your efforts.

  57. Bruno says:

    Alex how do you know it was the Syrian Free Army? did you notice them by the flag?

  58. hana says:

    Mr. Alex

    i don’t know u personally , i know u by ur channel
    i’m happy that u r safe .

    thank u for saying the truth , i really appreciate what u say .

    thanks again from Syrian woman

  59. Andrey says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It must be horrible to realize that you are a sacrificial lamb. Now you can really understand what goes through the mind of people in such situations in Syria. Everyday. And then your colleagues betray the truth.

  60. vetran says:


    Thanks god, you’re still alive… The outrage of your death would have been exploited to gear up an intervention against Bashar’ regime.
    I tried to watch your interview about the Houla massacre but could not get any audio on Youtube.
    However I have read Russian Marat Musin detailed investigation on Houla massacre.
    Do you have elements to corroborate Musin claims?
    Do you believe the FSA could be behind the massacres?

  61. alex rodionov says:

    To understand, who has killed people in Homs and Houla, it is enough to understand who benefits.
    Does Assad benefits? No. He gets only a lot of troubles after Homs and Houla.
    Does FSA benefits? Yes. A lot.
    Some links (not for acceptance, but for thinking):

  62. dont ask says:

    so you are telling us that Syrian Army really kills journalists.

  63. Dar says:

    Interesting how all comments not pro-barbarians…er…I mean pro-rebel “freedom fighters” are getting big thumbs down.

    Their supporters must be working over-time to sut down the truth about their movement.

  64. an Estonian says:

    Isn’t it telling that about twice as much of readers of this blog post (atm. 96 vs. 52) do not like it!?
    So most people do not like reality.

  65. just fyi says:

    ALL The thumbs down numbers have incremented like 80 for all the comments since yesterday.
    Just FYI.

  66. adil says:

    It is good to see such reporting. Of course, it’s not good to see people put in such dangerous positions. It would be wise to avoid as much as possible Western intervention in the middle-East and to allow the league of Arab states to police itself. There will be no thanks from any side if one gets involved in the situation. Perhaps it would be better for Western businesses to be governed by a code of conduct that prevents them from trading with states which advocate principles that are contrary to their code of ethics.

  67. D says:

    you people dont understand?

    The “rebels” are AlQuaeda, AlQuaeda is controlled by the UN and US goverment.
    He had been set up by BBC and UN because they control the “rebels”, the bbc is the “rebels” propaganda and the UN/US is the “rebels” weapons supplier and financier (if you are someones supplier, financier and mouth you control them).
    Please wake up…

  68. Victor says:

    As Sharon reminded Rice before the Gaza pull-out, there are only two problems with Arab people: “they’re bloodthirsty and treacherous”.

  69. refik says:

    I am glad you made it and am pleased that you try to tell the world your story. I truly think the free Syrian Army are the worst what can happen tot Syria and the world. This because their payers are salafists from saudia arabia and are the same that were responsible for 9/11, the same that are responsible for Al Qaida and the Taliban. Hope your story will get to all the journalists in the world.

  70. b ill-in-fife says:

    I’ve always thought Alec Thomson by far the sharpest reporter on Channel 4, but after his ambush in Syria he may be less willing to go along with the Channel’s naiveté and ignorance about the Middle East. The war in Syria has the same PR fingerprints as Lybia, and can you remember the neonatal incubators stolen by that nasty Saddam in Kuwait? (that one was confected by the Walter Thomson agency in Washington if memory serves). Many of the posts here seem better informed than the Channel 4 news team.
    The amateur film out of Syria Channel 4 broadcasts is virtually identical in pattern, same auteur with the lens swirling constantly from the horizontal. When Syrian government buildings are blown up Channel 4 has even accepted that the government was responsible! It seems the Avaaz people (coincidentally out of Washington) seem to be running the propaganda this time.
    Bernard Henri Levi got his war in Libya, but that was the last of its kind.
    The basic fact here is that Syria is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Russia and China will not allow Nato in this time.
    After Tunis and Egypt, the ‘Arab Spring’ moved on to Bahrain, and that brought the Saudi tanks in, and the beginning of the Arab winter. The Saudi and Bahrain princes, the most autocratic in the Middle East (but our autocrats), organised the Gulf Cooperation Council (who are in their pockets) to support the UN Security Council to pass a “no fly” resolution in Libya. You may remember the there was going to be a “bloodbath” at any moment.
    The ”no fly” resolution against Iraq attacked Iraqi aircraft and radar installations. The “no fly” zone for Libya attacked everything on the ground with a Libyan flag, with the clear aim of regime change. The UN will never again be so gulled.
    I was surprised to see Channel 4 in Libya find native English speakers with such ease. I was surprised even more to see the reporters film hospitals treating wounded promptly, but not realising that this showed a more sophisticated health service than elsewhere in the Arab world. Higher literacy rate too.
    Now the Libyan rebels (supplied with arms by Bahrein, and funded by Saudi and Bahrain) have moved on to Syria, and the same voices (stand up William Hague) are cheering them on.
    I can remember when we had a serious and informed press in this country, but now you have to get your news from France or Germany, or, incredibly, the US, to get undistorted facts. But then, with a PR man for a British Prime Minister, and the press in thrall to celebrities, it is perhaps not surprising.
    I reiterate my admiration for Alec Thomson–if he emails me, I’ll give him a Middle East reading list.

  71. Looking at you says:

    The ‘Free’ Syrian media arm have been at work, notice critical posts are being voted down. Must keep your paymasters happy eh!

    Glad you made it out unharmed Alex

    Nothing on the news though

  72. Usama Akkad says:

    @Alex Thomson
    Preventing you from going with UN observers (if it was FSA who does it) could mean that FSA simply did not trust you and did not want you to move with observers inside FSA region.

    Did your car have some mark so others knew that you were journalists? remember you have a visa from the government. This should have been arranged.

    Is there any bullet marks on your car? if you have not heard, in Syria government uses bullets to scare people away. No, they don’t use any warning signs, speakers… etc. Why would killers use such things?

    Did you know that protesters where bigging the regime to use rubber bullets instead of live ones in the early days of protesting?

  73. Ras says:


    German sources: Houla massacre was work of Syrian Sunni rebels not military

    DEBKAfile June 10, 2012, 12:17 PM (GMT+02:00)
    A report in the respected Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) claims the 98 civilians massacred at Houla on May 25 were in fact slaughtered by anti-Assad Sunni rebels, and most of the victims were members of Alawite and Shiite families in the predominantly Sunni town.
    The FAZ report, which is not confirmed by any other source, quotes opponents of Assad who withheld their names for fear of reprisals from fellow opposition groups. During a 90-minute battle between rebels and soldiers at three roadblocks set up to guard Houla, armed men reportedly murdered dozens of members of a single family which had converted from Sunni to Shia Islam, along with an Alawi family and a the family of a Sunni lawmaker regarded as a collaborator. The perpetrators are said to have filmed their victims and presented them as Sunni. This information if corroborated is further evidence that Syria is already beset by a full-blown sectarian war.

  74. JimBhoy says:

    Be safe pal.. Come do more on Rangers, it is slightly more safe, maybe…!!!! Saying a wee prayer for you….

  75. Cruel Britannia says:

    A significant portion of the Colonize…I mean… Free Syrian Army isn’t even Syrian.

    They are Islamicists (including Al-Queda elements like the LIFG) brought by America, Britain, and other war criminal nations over to fight their dirty proxy war in Syria.

    This is the same America and Britain that claim to be fighting Al-Queda in their fake War on Terrorism.

    All you Brits and Americans and others who support the FSA should be careful:

    Somebody, armed rebels may arise in your OWN nations.

    And you will have no right to complain when other nations arm, finance, and support them, as the USA and United Kingdom have done against Syria, Libya, Sudan, Serbia, and elsewhere.

    What’s good for the goose will be good for the gander.

  76. Hugo Pieterse says:

    In Denmark news like this is filtered out. Every day the same story from the two leading public service news channels, Danmarks Radio and TV2.

    Assad forces have perpetrated this and this massacre, woman, and children, blah, blah blah.

    ‘This information comes from the Syrian rebels and cannot be confirmed.’ Or they show YouTube clips, more than once discredited afterwards. After mentioning the obligatory lines about the unconfirmed rebel information, they go on and make every statement based on this information soun like pure facts.

    When the get our ‘defense’ or foreign ministers in the studio, they have to explain why we are not already out there, and defending democracy and human rights against the evil dictator.

    The journalists are even more eager for war than the politicians in this country, and they don’t try to hide it.

    On a rare occasion a Syrian living in Denmark who supports the Syrian government in the Studio, they introduced him with the most hateful introduction and allegations, and then showing images of massacres.

    I don’t know what has come to the world, or at least to Denmark. Journalists here are mainly left wing, they used to criticize US policies, but now it is as if all of them, with the odd exceptions, act like direct representatives for NATO. I gues their former Marxist inspired ideology has been replaced by this “globalism” hype. But the so called centre right (libertarians) in Denmark plays exactly the same tune. So much unity in thought and action, no opposition, it is frightening close to totalitarianism and complete control of the main flow of information.

  77. javed yousaf says:

    The Syrian leaderships are heartless so and so’s. They should be condemned wholeheartedly, but not by hypocrites like the USA government and their mass media. The BBC showed some shocking scenes on their prime time news channel. I wish they had done the same when people were being massacred wholesale in Fallujah, or indeed in Gaza. Too many hypocrites in this world. This kind of stuff is wrong, wrong wrong whoever does it. China and Russia are no longer willing to let the USA continue to be the sole big player. Now there’s another unexpected consequence of the last 10 years of ill advised imperial adventure in the middle east. And of course Obama’s stupid comments about turning the military machine to look eastwards at the emerging economic super powers. Well China and Russia are coming out to play now. Try flying a few drones over their airspace, or killing their scientists and see what happens! My sympathies are with the innocent victims of this imperial hubris. The USA has succeeded in making the UN redundant it just isn’t a rubber stamp for USA foreign policy any more.

  78. Nuha says:

    Dear Mr. Thomson,
    I am Syrian, resident in the UK, and have done all my post graduate studies in UK. I do not belong to any particular interest or side in the Syrian story. I would like to get in touch with you. I just got back from Syria and I also saw so many different things and stories. My family was also subject to attack by the rebles. I also know of a similar story like yours of a recent attck by the rebles in Doma in Damascus against UN observers cars. I would really like to get in touch and would really like to get these stories to the Media.

  79. Neshoba says:

    Thanks for your story Alex and thanks to God that you got out safe. This is a distressing event. If freedom fighters can justify the sacrifice of a journalist to the slaughter for a “greater good”, then it is possible for someone to rationalize placing women and children in danger also-for the “greater good”….there are no clean hands on either side of this fight I fear except for the children and women caught in the middle.

  80. Niall says:

    The reports last November that MI6 was training ‘rebels’ in Turkey are starting to make sense now.

  81. Bruno says:

    A lots of FSA supporters disliking the comments i can se what your trying to do here.

  82. Roberto Aita says:

    This is not new to me, during the war in Yugoslavia I lost three colleagues in Mostar. They were there for Italian RAI-TV, documenting the ill fate of bosnian children. They were killed by a mortar shell when they were interviewing a kid outside a shelter. Their names : Alessandro Ota (cameraman), Marco Lucchetta (Journalist), Dario D’Angelo (Camera Assistant).

  83. Yes says:

    “But time drags. Our deadline begins to loom.”

    I suspect that you are not taking in fully the dangers of your situation if you are worrying that your editor will mark you late.

  84. This is what you'll find says:

    Fine effort with the write-up. I really intend to
    stop back to browse even more of your blogposts..

  85. mar says:

    so you count. this happen for three times .. four or five in 18 month’s !!so ?
    did you make a search about how many journalist have been killed already by the assad forces ?including the guys how take pictures and vids for you tube

    the rebels now bad that’s what u want to say …
    simply don’t u think way they didn’t snip u and others in your car ? you know both sides have the same snipers …
    any way we know ( as syrian ) that mistakes going here and their and we refuse all of them but i hope that u .. and i believe that you know how mach syrian ppl suffering from assad regime they killed alot of us ,that fear u c in Damascus we lived in for 40 years not because FSA or just at this time temporarily but becouse Assad regime father and son …. we need help so you can give advices …. not take a side

  86. Mr says:

    155 dislikes to the comment “Scary stuff. God bless and keep you all safe. ”


    Am I the only 1 who thinks thats strange?

  87. Thomas says:

    Regardless of the narrative destabilization of these regions, at this time, is key to the agenda of a small and powerful group intent on One World Government. The only reason these oppressive regimes were allowed to stay in power until now was that timing for this group is everything. We know now that a New World Order is a real agenda, it’s been officially announced by every American President since Bush Sr. and spoken of by them as something that has been developing with that intention for sometime. President Kennedy spoke of this group in one of his speeches and this was forseen long ago, with trepidation, by Abraham Lincoln.

  88. Carlo says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes which will make the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  89. Kristopher Gurevich says:

    some hot stuff in here, very creative

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