Published on 2 Jan 2013

A happy new year for Rangers fans?

Happy new year!  To you and to Rangers supporters everywhere. Almost all football fans are screwed by a game that often seems deeply confused as to whether it’s a sport or a business – but the Ibrox faithful have been more screwed than most.

So what can we hope for out of the Ibrox wreckage for 2013?

1. The end – and a return to football matters for Rangers. That means the end to the Big Tax Case. The appeal must be dealt with speedily, unlike the absurdly long spectacle of the First Tier Tax Tribunal (FTTT) last year.

According to the HMRC press office today, they expect the high court to be the next part of the process. Ultimately of course, the bizarre world of EBT loans needs sorting via the public accounts committee, Treasury and parliament. We cannot go on in football – in life – with the loans-you-never-really-pay-back-but-are-loans nonsense while the rest of humanity pays its way.

2. Justice – we now know from the FTTT that Rangers Football Club copped to dodgy tax arrangements for several players which is an unfair financial advantage. This is cheating. Sanctions from the taxman must presumably follow from that, as we would all agree.

3. More justice – everyone wants rid of the payments declaration issue one way or another, and the Nimmo-Smith independent review needs to decide swiftly whether or not Rangers also cheated on this and the rules enforced in terms of sanctions. Everyone needs to move on.

RFC, though, were right not to agree a ludicrous deal with the SFA/SPL to forfeit trophies without due process. The club is innocent of any wrongdoing until such time as LNS finds otherwise – or not. But let it all finally end soon, please, for football’s sake.

4. Rangers won’t die, and all the claptrap about zombies and dead clubs needs immediate deletion. A club is – must be – its culture and fanbase, and as Rangers have shown, that will not be killed by the suits who gambled with their passion and their loyalty and then all walked away when they lost so badly and made the once-great club, first, unsaleable and second, liquidated.

5. Stand up for your club – the last point should get us thinking. As Rangers fans rediscover that football should be about affordable standing tickets for young people who make noise, so should the game’s leaders. Hillsborough was a tragedy – but one caused by fences and poor policing, not terracing.

The Germans and other leagues know how to make football safe, noisy, and a place where teenagers and thus The Future can go. Every senior official in the game should experience the modern German terracing operation, see that Taylor got it wrong, and apply the lesson.

6. Integrity came onto the field late – but what an impact player it was in Scottish football. Long may it continue, after The Chairmen came from across Scotland to tell the SFA/SPL precisely where to stuff their tawdry plan for Rangers in the SPL at any price. Remember all the “armageddon” forecasts? Now we have exciting times up at Inverness Caledonian Thistle. We have Annan, Brechin and the Hedge – a land of new possibility and sporting topiary! And credit to RFC and fans for wanting it so – whatever the reasons.

7. The underclass- all clubs have one, it seems. Bigger the club – bigger the problem. Celtic’s self-image of being one vast family of Mother Theresas is somewhat at odds with their Boxing Day display. Equally the intimidation of public figures and journalists (arguably entire newspapers) by Rangers fans was a dismal aspect of the past turbulent year. Signs are, the police are now beginning to take matters seriously in and out of the new legal framework.

8. The succulent lambs – the media kowtowing to big clubs because of the need for stories or terror of falling circulations, played a significant part in Rangers’ downfall. It’s to be hoped the persistence of some in the Scottish media will continue to show up the silence of the lambs. But there are some alarming signs. One commentator in the Herald recently offering the following:

“Newspapers once broke the stories, but as the Rangers saga showed, they are now better placed to analyse them, to provide perspective, reason and commentary.”

As a statement of journalistic capitulation, this takes some beating. Firemen put out fires. Doctors cure people. Journalists break stories.

9. BDO – the liquidation process will take years now. There ain’t no money in terms of assets of course. So the only place it can be got is from litigation and thus there may well be a great deal of it as the liquidators go about their business. Who knows, one fine day the charities, small businesses and educational establishments still out of pocket to Rangers may one day get their money.

10. Follow the money – the millions raised from the share issue need close examination where possible. In particular, how long-term this investment might be and how locked in the major stakeholders really are or want to be? Fans should be given answers to difficult questions on this so they won’t get fooled again.

Hoping to see some of you at Napier in Edinburgh on January 21st – and wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and taxpaying New Year!

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  1. Frankie says:

    I’ll comment on some of Mr Thomson’s points:

    1. Just to clarify, at the moment HMRC are merely seeking permission to appeal.

    2. There may be some tax owed by Sir David Murray’s companies including the company that previously ran Rangers. But then Celtic owed tax on Juninho’s EBT, Hearts owe tax for paying their players in Lithuania, etc. Just to put things in perspective.

    6. “Sporting integrity” was mainly fans wanting to bash Rangers and their club chairmen giving in to them.

    However, for once, Mr Thomson writes a relatively balanced and accurate article on this subject.

    1. alfredthepict says:

      For the sake of truth and clarity, it was not a holding company that was liquidated ( there was no such thing ) it was Rangers football club itself, check the company registration number. The Tax on Juninhos EBT was paid voluntary hence no issue with the Tax authorities.
      As a newly formed club, Sevco had no right of entry into the premier league ( or any other league for that matter ) In point of fact the rules were broken to allow a new entity into the bottom level of the game without the required three years of accounts. I realise it must be hard for the former Gers fans but please do stick to the truth.

  2. Naefear says:

    Mr Thomson, I can prove that the company and not the club (Rangers 1872) was liquidated and I challenger you publicly to prove me wrong!!!

  3. Moi says:

    Good call Alex, well done!

  4. Damo Lennon says:

    I agree with mist if that Alex, except the bit about what constitutes a club.

    Football clubs, according to UEFA (UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, Article 12) are, “legal entity responsible for football teams.”

    I’ve no problem with The Rangers positioning themselves as a successor club to the now-defunct Rangers FC, but the price that club paid for its years of gross financial recklessness was death.

    Financial Fair Play is dead in the water if a club can ditch any amount of debt and carry on as “the same club.”

    1. Frankie says:

      Damo, companies (including companies that run football clubs) can ditch debt. That’s just a fact of financial life. It also happens when a CVA is agreed – and some clubs have been involved with that more than once.

    2. Naefear says:

      I will only deal in facts, not what I won’t to believe, not because I am a Rangers fan, not because I hate another club, just facts!!!

      SFA Transfere of membership (not new membership)

      Agreement on transfer of membership
      Friday, 27 July 2012

      Following the completion of all legal documentation, the Scottish Premier League will conduct the formal transfer of the league share between RFC (IA) and Dundee FC on no later than Friday 3rd August 2012. At this point, the transfer of Scottish FA membership will be complete. 

      There were a number of complex and challenging issues involved but, primarily, the Scottish FA had to be satisfied that the new owners of Rangers would operate in the best interests of the club,

      We have reached agreement on all terms and conditions attached to the transfer of membership and are able to grant conditional membership, ahead of the formal transfer of the SPL share a week today.


      The Law, yes the LAW!!!

      RANGERS FC 1872.
      It will be recalled that in Article 2 “Club” is defined in terms of “the undertaking of an association football club”, and in Rule I1 it is defined in terms of an association football club which is, for the time being, eligible to participate in the League, and includes the owner and operator of such Club. Taking these definitions together, the SPL and its members have provided, by contract, that a Club is an undertaking which is capable of being owned and operated. While it no doubt depends on individual circumstances what exactly is comprised in the undertaking of any particular Club, it would at the least comprise its name, the contracts with its players, its manager and other staff, and its ground, even though these may change from time to time.
      In common speech a Club is treated as a recognisable entity which is capable of being owned and operated, and which continues in existence despite its transfer to another owner and operator. In legal terms, it appears to us to be no different from any other undertaking which is capable of being carried on, bought and sold. This is not to say that a Club has legal personality, separate from and additional to the legal personality of its owner and operator. We are satisfied that it does not, and Mr McKenzie did not seek to argue otherwise.
      Source: THE SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE LIMITED REASONS for Decision dated 12 September 2012
      The Commission appointed by Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Scottish Premier League Limited dated 1 August 2012 in relation to RFC 2012 Plc and Rangers FC.

      Accountancyage, thay are qualified to interoperate between a Club and Company!!!
      The corporate entity that formerly housed Rangers FC, now in liquidation, had the scheme in place between 2001 and 2010 to pay £47.65m to players and staff in tax-free loans.

      From Companies House showing a company est in 1899 not a club est in 1872 being liquidated :


Name & Registered Office:
RFC 2012 P.L.C.
G2 8JX 
Company No. SC004276

Status: Liquidation 
Date of Incorporation: 27/05/1899

Country of Origin: United Kingdom 

Company Type: Public Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC):
93120 – Activities of sport clubs

Accounting Reference Date: 30/06
Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/06/2010 (GROUP)
Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2011 OVERDUE
Last Return Made Up To: 27/01/2012
Next Return Due: 24/02/2013 

Last Members List: 27/01/2012
Last Bulk Shareholders List: 27/01/2011 Insolvency History 


Date of change: 31/07/12

      The European Club Association has confirmed that Rangers remain as members of the organisation but that their status has been downgraded following the transfer of ownership.
      Following administration and the subsequent transfer of assets to a newco owned by Charles Green’s consortium, Rangers lost their place in the Scottish Premier League and were later admitted to the third tier of the Scottish Football League.
      The ECA is the sole independent body recognised by UEFA and FIFA as representing clubs at European level. Ordinary members of the group are required to be playing in their domestic top division and be licensed to play European football.
      Rangers do not hold a UEFA club licence as a result of a break in their accounts and, having lost their top-flight status, are no longer ordinary members of the ECA, the organisation confirmed.
      “Rangers FC held ordinary membership with the ECA before entering into administration and later into liquidation,” an ECA spokesperson confirmed to STV.
      “Meanwhile Rangers FC, owned by the Rangers Football Club Plc, transferred all its assets, including its goodwill, to Sevco Ltd (Sevco Ltd later changing its name to the Rangers Football Club Ltd)
      “Alike at Scottish FA level, this ‘new entity’ had to re-apply for membership with ECA as according to Swiss law, membership of an association is neither heritable nor transferable (article 70.3 of the Swiss Civil Code).
      “In dealing with these re-application, ECA applied the terms and provisions of our membership policy and statutes.
      “According to the prerequisites set out in the membership policy, Rangers FC did not meet the requirements to be granted ordinary membership (top division and European licence).
      However, Rangers are permitted to hold associate membership, which holds no voting rights, as they are one of the founder members of the ECA. The organisation considers the club’s history to be continuous regardless of the change of company.
      “With regards to associated membership, the membership policy states amongst others that founding members are granted automatic membership,” the spokesperson explained.
      “Taking into account that the ‘new entity’ also acquired the goodwill of the ‘old entity’, it was held by the ECA executive board that the goodwill, taking into account legal and practical arguments, also included the history of the ‘old company’.
      “Consequently it was concluded that Rangers FC was entitled to associated membership of ECA as considered to be a founding member.”

      Last but not least; It is illegal to lie to the stock exchange!!!
      Rangers International Football Club plc following admission
      will own and operate Rangers Football Club Limited. Rangers
      Football Club, based in Scotland, has become one of the world’s
      most successful clubs, having won 54 League titles, 33 Scottish
      Cups, 27 League Cups and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972.
      Playing at the 50,987 seater Ibrox Stadium, Scotland, and benefitting
      from the world class 37 acre Murray Park training facility,
      the club has been a dominant force in Scottish football for
      decades. The club generates revenues from match-day sales, broadcasting
      rights, retail and merchandising as well as other media rights.

      Now Mr Thomson, I have challenged you, not some obsessed Rangers hating poster to prove all these bodies wrong; you said “Rangers won’t die, and all the claptrap about zombies and dead clubs needs immediate deletion.” this is now your chance to stop it too and accept the facts!!!

      1. joe says:

        naefear,will you agree that FIFA governs all football?

        click on this please just so you can see the source

        Rangers go under
        14 June
        Rangers’ perilous financial position had been an open secret but there was still shock when, after 140 years of history and a world record 54 league titles, the club was consigned to liquidation in mid-June. The Glasgow giants were subsequently reformed as a new company and granted entry to the Third Division, Scotland’s fourth tier, which they currently lead by nine points with a game in hand.

        tell us,will you get a sleep the 28th January!

  5. steven gillespie says:

    rangers are a zombie club & most of the trophies won in the 90’s to 05,should be stripped,& as reporting in the press celtics bowing day performance,4arrests were made,it said in most papers there were over 70,source strathclyde police,&why are the green brigade openly videod by police,when there is full cctv at celtic park,that is just harrasment,we are not all mother teresa’s,but also fair to say celtic fans are the only fans ever to receive the UEFA fair play award,rangers fans destroyed manchester,so don;t compare the celtic family to them in any way,thanks,always enjoy your blogs thought i had to respond.

    1. Mike McLaughlin says:

      I could have sworn Dundee United have a Fair Play stand – wonder why they called it that?

      But congratulations on Celtic being the only team ever to win the UEFA Fair Play award. Well done – wonder why they’ve never given it to anyone else?

  6. Barrie says:


    You really need to seek some help, possibley psychiatric.

    With all that is going on the world, you seem hell bent on antognising one set of people.

    Your getting rather obssessed with what happens in a country of less that 6 million?

    You really need to get out more, why not try one of those countries that is war torn, try sticking your head over the parapit for once, Someone might get a lucky shot off!

  7. William says:

    Sad , pathetic individual.

    1. Jimbo says:

      That’s a pretty accurate self portrait you’ve posted there.

  8. John Miller says:

    your obession with Rangers is becoming more laughable by the day

  9. Naefear says:

    You say that “The club is innocent of any wrongdoing until such time as LNS finds otherwise ” yet you say at FTTT “This is cheating” Rangers have won the FTTT, make your mind up??? your views are becoming even more bitter and twisted!!!

    1. joe says:

      naefear,in your quote you forgot to add “- or not” …are you trying to cut short the sentence for your own use?

  10. rabthecab says:

    Oh dear Alex. While (rightly) having a pop at the Scottish MSM, there are one or two flaws in your own piece (the numbers refer to your list):

    !. “the absurdly long spectacle of the First Tier Tax Tribunal (FTTT) last year….”

    Part of the problem here was the fact that RFC(IL) deliberately withheld documents until the last possible minute, thereby leading to a snowstorm of late paperwork which had to be dealt with.

    4. “Rangers won’t die, and all the claptrap about zombies and dead clubs needs immediate deletion”

    Rangers have already died; the tribute act playing at Ibrox are called “The Rangers”.

    7. “The underclass…Celtic’s self-image of being one vast family of Mother Theresas is somewhat at odds with their Boxing Day display.”

    A total of 5 (yes 5!) arrests were made, and at least one of those was a Dundee fan; the The Rangers match v Annan resulted in 8.

    Agree with the rest of your points, but I would hope that your own journalistic standards don’t slip.

    1. joe says:

      1 Dundee 4 Celtic still no conicvtions yet.

  11. C Guthrie says:

    It seems to me you are an expert on everything and why such an educated man would want to spend so much time rubbing loyal Rangers fans noses in it baffles me Surely not hidden agendas.

    1. joe says:

      this is the biggest case of football doping in the UK history of football,why should’nt he investigate it?

  12. SFTB says:

    “Rangers won’t die, and all the claptrap about zombies and dead clubs needs immediate deletion. A club is – must be – its culture and fanbase”

    I think you misunderstand the perception of football fans from other clubs. The vast majority of us have no desire to interfere with the delusions of the fans who transferred their allegiance from Rangers to the new club. If I was in their position I too would be asserting that my club had survived and was continuing. I would expect my fellow fans to do so too. I have no problem with the line taken by the fans of the new 3rd Division club.

    No, our point all along has been about the fair application of existing SFA and commercial rules. By that token, any liquidated club, such as Third Lanark, Airdrieonians or Gretna, must start up as a new entity outwith the Senior Leagues. Gretna 2008 and Airdrie United inherited no history from their former club that died. The new 3rd division team should have been treated in the same manner because rules are meant to be administered fairly and evenly.

    Even if you are fearful that the former fans of Rangers WOULD walk away, and I have more faith in their loyalty than that, you still should not invent some dubious commercial concept of a duality between club and company in order to find a way forward from some feared Armageddon in the Scottish game.

    This company/club duality, details of which are hidden within the notes taken at the 5 way meeting which invented this monstrosity, has done untold harm to the commercial future of our game. Leaving aside the issue of sporting integrity or morality, as our press seem to feel we cannot afford to consider such trifles, the reason that clubs need to suffer sanctions for financial irresponsibility and others need to be rewarded for financial probity, is that these clubs need to raise cash from investors and lending institutions, at reasonable rates of interest, and they need to be seen as a good risk for repayment. If they can operate with a casino mentality and suffer no sanction because they can dump debt but continue as the same club, following liquidation, which investors and banks are going to lend to clubs in the future, except at crippling rates?

    The only sanction which will persuade clubs not to play fast and loose is the death of a much valued history. No so-called demotion will be commensurate. No financial penalty can be applied to a bust club and no transfer embargo is ever going to reflect the magnitude of the original offence and dumped debt.

    That is why I, and other fans of Scottish clubs, needed the official bodies to recognise, by the application of existing commercial and football rules, that Rangers 1872 had died in the same way as Airdrieonians and Gretna. No special treatment and the application of an apt sanction for the level of financial irresponsibility and use of hidden contracts, was called for and was not forthcoming.

    When the sporting body we operate under makes open “special case” treatment of any club, my own included, we no longer have impartial and even administration.

    Rangers fans can, and should, go on believing reality to be what they want it to be. The fans of those clubs who have behaved responsibly and who have not cheated, deserve better.

    Otherwise, the sporting element is bust and the card sharks are back at the table.

    1. Naefear says:

      OMG!!! what age are you??? read “The ECA is the sole independent body recognised by UEFA and FIFA as representing clubs at European level. Ordinary members of the group are required to be playing in their domestic top division and be licensed to play European football.”

      You post your wee diatribe on a blog and you know better that ECA??? read again ”

  13. Allan Cairns says:

    You claim charities and educational establishments are out of pocket.

    Can you name them for us?

    1. joe says:

      we can have a look at the creditors list and see who exactly is on it…quite a list is’nt it,over 260 people on it,how many have been paid?would it not be a good idea to have a list which shows us exactly which creditors have or have not been paid,then we can all see cant we?maybe that will quieten some people for you -or not?

      see what i did there ;)

    2. Bruce says:

      North Glasgow College, to name one off the top of my head.

  14. Philip Edwards says:


    Agree with virtually everything except a return to standing terraces. If that happens this is one fan who will leave, never go back and won’t even look over my shoulder. I couldn’t care less what German football has done on this issue. Standing terraces encourage more than just noise – they encourage the kind of mindless tribalism that brought football to its knees and nearly did for it.

    Don’t kid yourself the midnless tribalism has gone away. You need only attend derby games anywhere in the world. We let that beast loose again and we KNOW where it will end. Try attending an Old Firm game and listen to the religious/nationalist hate that disfigures the game in the name of “atmosphere.”

    Standing terraces are anathema. Just say No.

    As for football finances, Italian and Spanish football is now tottering on the edge of the same financial cliff as British football. If the system is not changed radically THROUGH EUROPEAN LEGISLATION clubs will simply become money laundering entities or shares profiteering/asset stripping exercises.

    Happy New Year and Keep Up The Good Work.

  15. Henry Clarson says:

    Expand, please, on your impenetrably vague reference to Celtic’s “Boxing Day display.”
    I haven’t the slightest idea of what it is that you’re referring to.

    1. joe says:

      yip,didnt quite like that myself,if you had read the same news papers reports and compared what happened at ibrox with 8 arrest and fighting with the police and then the minor incidents that happened at Dens park plus the condemnation from columnists like KJ of the DR,it beggars belief

  16. we haven't gone away you know says:

    quite a good piece Mr Thomson.a football club is nothing without fans(I believe a Mr Stein said something similiar)
    ordinary innocent bears(rangers fans) have suffered because of the suits,we’ve lost our best players,our position in the spl,trust in football directors etc.
    also,Celtic fans are not all mother theresas-as shown at Dundee,when Mr Dallas was injured,that goalie,Mr diouf abused,gazza threatened,players cars vandalised,pro IRA songs,jokes about death etc etc

    more than a name,more than a game.

    true blue,
    co down n ireland

  17. trueblue says:

    and an end to idiots like you putting your oar in

  18. Macca says:

    Bloody hell…….don’t tell me you have been intimidated by them now……you used to talk sense.

  19. A. Cameron says:

    A Happy New Year Alex.

    Sadly I see that “Out with the old and in with the new” has little appeal for you.

    Hopefully something newsworthy will happen along to distract you from what has quite clearly become a consuming obsession. Let it go, I’m getting concerned for you.

  20. Naefear says:

    The Cave report in 2002 recommended that C4 and others pay what’s called Spectrum Charges i.e. use of the airwaves for broadcasting their output. Private broadcasters and mobile phone companies pay vast amounts to the exchequer to do this.

    Channel 4 fought this tooth and nail and have hitherto paid absolutely nothing for this privilege, under the dubious avoidance scam of calling themselves a public service broadcaster.

    1. joe says:

      eh?exactly what are they providing to you then?

  21. Raymac says:

    Alex,4 fans arrested at Dundee does not a Manchester et al make.A game at 7.30 on Boxing Day evening? And you wonder that some may be pished?Check your facts Alex,and don’t fall for the succulent lamb yourself.The New Rangers—–meet the old Rangers,complete with compliant referees and the MSM.Have you checked the number of times they have been on Sky and the BBC?Shomething shurely amiss there.While your at it look at supporters sites for Scottish league three.You may find some comments on Sevco,The Rangers,Rangers International holdings—playing in Norwegian Blue–which may enlighten you.A Happy New Year to you and safety for you and yours wherever you may travel.

  22. NumbNuts says:

    Read that article too but MSM has shown track record or appetite for effectively and thoroughly analysing this story. So they cant break and cant analyse so what can they do? Probably exactly what that particular author does – regurgitate sympathetic prose with little/no original thought. The news is elsewhere.

  23. Robert says:

    It’s the small businesses i feel sorry for,not being paid for services to this once great club,yet no public apology from Charles green or indication that these bills will be paid in full in the future.
    Surely it would be excellent PR to assure that these payments will be paid?but alas i think the mentality over ibrox way is we will do what we like because we are the people and no one better get in our way.
    A sadly run club.

    1. KPW says:

      Robert – Do a wee bit of investigation and you may find that some of these are paid and maybe out of the RFF.

      1. joe says:
  24. mick says:

    happy new year to all at ch4 great read agian thommo keep up the good work and thanks for highlighting the need to get it over with and move on, also theres speculation ticketus are behind green and that hmrc are looking at the new board as it may be avoiding tax via the south atlantic islands tax havens the fact green has 30 % of the people who have shares secret and not mentioned in media is ring alarm bells lets hope am wrong time will tell ,a blame the sfa for the whole mess the rfc fans have been conned so many times d&ps are whytes mates it all stinks of crooks in suits at it agian with a free rain in the media any thing is possible up here

  25. Iain Short says:

    Alex…..give it a rest, its boring now.

  26. happytobeblue says:

    Any update in alleged cover ups in the 60s and 70s involving football officials ? Or are you only interested in one club ?

    1. joe says:

      you’re the only show in town!

  27. Stevie says:

    Lets move on then Alex while Mr Ogilvie sits at the top of the SFA whilst having a loan agreement with a club that you state lives on.
    What a fantastic way to fix Scottish Football.

    1. Frankie says:

      Stevie, the loans weren’t made by the club but by a Trust (the “T” in EBT).

      Incidentally, even HMRC’s lawyer told the tax tribunal tat the loans were not a sham.

      1. joe says:
  28. James baird says:

    I wonder what part of being found not guilty you do not understand – rangers were not cheating they were simply using legal means and imagination to circumvent tax like you for example getting tax relief on your pension – yes we look forward to you at Napier even though I’m sure you will try to ensure your audience are all mother Theresa’s – but some of us will be there Rangers then rangers now rangers forever

    1. joe says:

      2-1 appeal pending,the High Courts await it’s most loyal subjects ;)

  29. tambo says:

    8. The succulent lambs – the media kowtowing to big clubs because

    Disappointed in your comment there Alex.
    You know more than anyone the succulent lamb brigade only ate at the table of Sir David Murray.

    Poor show that you try to extend that to “clubs”.

    1. joe says:

      theres no room at the table James Traynor has all the seats now….and a tadge bit of room for DICKson.

  30. rick says:

    good points but for number 4,fact is club did die
    no amount of positive media spin can change this.

    1. Frankie says:

      So much obsession about a club that’s supposedly dead.

      The club goes on. The company that used to run the club was liquidated. Now the club is run by a new company (newco).

      1. joe says:

        you would’nt listen then,now,ever…. you were all warned this would happen,and it looks like you still wont listen,heid buried in sand :(

  31. Marie Pollak says:

    Thank you Alex for keeping this story in the public eye. The facts of this case are straight forward: all of us have to pay taxes on our earnings. Moreover, most of us do not get a LOAN from our company, let alone one that we do NOT have to repay. Totally agree that Rangers have behaved unethically and surely illegally (!) and consequently are liable to incur the penalties of the legal system to which they, like all of us, are subject. End of!

  32. Timmy says:

    what actually happened with Celtic fans on Boxing Day? I was there and have yet to see any photo or video evidence of any such wrongdoing. Hope you enjoyed the game anyway, never seen you there though.

    1. Michael says:

      He must have been working as a steward. Didn’t sound like they enjoyed the game much

    2. Neil says:

      Mibbe you could ask your Chief Exec? Remember the one that apologised for the actions of some of his clubs fans, after having so many complaints about it by other fans of his club.

  33. Alex S says:

    Good write-up this. One point not covered : I would love to see Ally take the moral high ground and bring to an end the situation whereby Rangers remain the only senior british football club (of 191) never to have featured a Catholic from the Republic of Ireland in their first team ? Not in fifty years of there being a FIFA-recognised FA of Ireland. Let’s end this nonsense.

    1. arniebhoy says:

      no self respecting irish catholic would ever want to play for zombie fc, just so zombie fc could manipulate opinion in their favour.

    2. joe says:

      mate,they have a young goalkeeper named Allan Smith from Cork i’m sure,he’s played for RoI under 17’s,strangely enough it’s rarely brought up.

  34. Rob Earls says:

    Decent post but trying to make up perceived lost ground with Rangers fans by having little digs at Celtic and their fans cheapens it.

    Otherwise I would say RFC can be positive about the future.

  35. Godscomic says:

    Agree with most of this except for the fact that the original RFC did in fact die, as well articulated by other commentators. If you didn’t know already, Alex, the standard response to any non-Rangers supporter questioning goings on at Ibrox is that you are “obsessed”. Their supporters should be thanking you and many Celtic fans for paying attention when they weren’t and challenging their blind faith in Murray and Whyte. Now Green is stringing them along too. It is, though,
    entertaining and can only get better when Green and his other co-investors sell up. They will not have long to wait.

  36. happytobeblue says:

    Oh, dear Alex seems you may have upset some of your most loyal supporters with comments saying Rangers did not die , and to even question their behavior is treason , batten down the hatches and you may well find out what they are really like and what us decent people have to put up with.

  37. we haven't gone away you know says:

    Manchester fairy tales again.

    any arrests are wrong but let’s put this in context.

    about 40 arrests out of about 200,000 fans – that’s
    0.02 % or 2 out of 10,000.

    more than a name.

    innocent till proven innocent.

  38. Scott says:

    Ok Alex , you have been digging the same hole for a long time if you want to be seen as impartial then have a long look at Celtics connections with people like stokes . Have they been laundering money for certain organisation , most would say yes in there heart of hearts , proving it would be a major coup for someone like yourself , are you good enough . Perhaps, time will tell

  39. arniebhoy says:

    well done alex for falling into line with all the other journalists and condemning celtic fans to even things out. gold star on its way.

  40. Macca says:

    Fairy tale, hardly, more like a horror story, from the cctv I saw there were hundreds involved alone in chasing that poor copper and that was just one incident. I don’t think the number of arrests is particularly reflective of what went on

  41. paul martin says:

    does it matter if they get fooled again??

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