25 Mar 2012

Old Firm clash ‘more carnival than cauldron’


Half-time at Ibrox and to be honest, it’s a hell of a lot tamer than fans of both sides make it out to be.

Strathclyde have it policed to bits in and around Ibrox where I’ve been warmly welcomed by fans at both ends.

Inside it’s noisy, yes, but hardly intimidating – more carnival than cauldron. Though being a goal up and clearly dominating matters that’s not surprising.

Plenty of chants of: “What’s that comin’ over the hill – is it a taxman? Is it a taxman?” from CFC – though they were pretty quiet – no, very quiet – after that first Rangers’ goal. One Celtic fan in bowlerhat and pinstripes in homage to the HMRC.

Rangers fans belting out Rule Britannia though no sign of The Billy Boys as yet.

Even singing The Sash caused one or two sheepish looks. Does it contravene the law now on sectarian songs? Well certainly the “F*** the Pope” bit – not that many seemed put off.

Right now Rangers fans are singing along to The Great Escape. Knowingly or otherwise, ironic or straight, it’s impossible to tell.

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