25 Mar 2012

Old Firm clash ‘more carnival than cauldron’


Half-time at Ibrox and to be honest, it’s a hell of a lot tamer than fans of both sides make it out to be.

Strathclyde have it policed to bits in and around Ibrox where I’ve been warmly welcomed by fans at both ends.

Inside it’s noisy, yes, but hardly intimidating – more carnival than cauldron. Though being a goal up and clearly dominating matters that’s not surprising.

Plenty of chants of: “What’s that comin’ over the hill – is it a taxman? Is it a taxman?” from CFC – though they were pretty quiet – no, very quiet – after that first Rangers’ goal. One Celtic fan in bowlerhat and pinstripes in homage to the HMRC.

Rangers fans belting out Rule Britannia though no sign of The Billy Boys as yet.

Even singing The Sash caused one or two sheepish looks. Does it contravene the law now on sectarian songs? Well certainly the “F*** the Pope” bit – not that many seemed put off.

Right now Rangers fans are singing along to The Great Escape. Knowingly or otherwise, ironic or straight, it’s impossible to tell.

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  1. joe strummer says:

    The anti-British racism by Celtic’s infamous and notorious Neo-Nazi supporters today was predictable. Then again, they do support the IRA who were open collaborators with Hitler’s Nazis during WW2. Well done on 3-2, Rangers ! The sun truly shines on the righteous.

    1. joe strummer says:

      Are Celtic fans denying that their heroes who they celebrate at football games, the IRA, weren’t Nazi collaborators during WW2 ? C’mon, even your new found friend Alex can confirm that. You do know the history, don’t you ?

      1. John C says:

        Was there a member of the royal family ever a nazi sympathiser ?
        Was there a national British newspaper publically sympathizing with fascism ?

        Please remind us of the number one fascist recruiting groung in the UK, thats right Ibrox ask your fascist friends for thje figures.

      2. GSy says:

        This article from The Scotsman sums it up, especially the reference to Moseley and the KKK:


      3. joe strummer says:

        You can’t handle the truth, John, which is understandable. Its a simple question…..do Celtic’s infamous racist and fascist supporters every week celebrate IRA Nazi collaborators who openly colluded with Hitler’s Nazis ? Yes or no ? Maybe we should ask the black footballer Mark Walters of his opinion concerning Celtic’s Nazis ? It is no surprise either that Celtic’s fascist fans are known in Ireland as ” Ireland’s National Front ” ?

      4. scarlet says:

        You’ve opened up a can of worms that’s only going to bite you on the nose. If it’s fascism and football you’re looking for, there really is only one place in Scotland you’ll find it. Try this link for starters –


        Scotland’s shame? We’ll let the world decide who that title belongs to.

      5. Bruce says:

        Oh, the bigot’s back.

        ‘You can’t handle the truth?’ Nice line, you should copyright it.

        Anyway, is it not time you stepped away from follow follow? You live with this demented stereotype of the Celtic supporter as some buckie swilling monobrowed Ra-screaming buffon. Honestly, believe that, and you seem to do, and you’re an idiot.

        ‘Celtic’s infamous racist and fascist supporters every week celebrate IRA Nazi collaborators who openly colluded with Hitler’s Nazis ? Yes or no’. No, glad to clear that up for you.

        ‘Maybe we should ask the black footballer Mark Walters of his opinion concerning Celtic’s Nazis ?’ – Jeez, is that all you’ve got? Okay, most black players of that era sadly had to put up with that crap. The celtic support realises it was wrong and changed its behaviour. To drag ourselves into this century perhaps we should ask Bobo Balde how he felt at hearing money noises from the Rangers support. Or Maurice Edu about being racially abused by his own supporters – at least this latter one proves that every support has its idiots. You don’t need keep proving that point.

        ‘It is no surprise either that Celtic’s fascist fans are known in Ireland as ” Ireland’s National Front ” ?’ – Now you’re just making stuff up.

        How old are you? 12?

      6. John C says:

        The Queen laid a reath at the foot of the IRA memorial to comemorate the fallen of the Irish emmancipation from British tyranny. The Queen no less.
        The Irish govt has long ago made amends and apologised for thier actions during that war.
        If I’ve got my sums right more Free Irishmen died fighting the nazi threat than Northern Irish men, also more were decorated.
        Oh and the IRA have long been known as a socialist organisation.
        The Germans were not responsible for 800 years of tyranny the British were.
        Its a wee bit like the arab nations welcoming the Nazi’s as liberators.
        So whats your point ?

      7. John C says:
      8. pira 2012 says:

        crawl back under the rock.

      9. mick jones says:

        Respect your democratic right to reply Joe, but I’d choose another user name perhaps?

        “By calling in the pages of the NME for “Troops out of Northern Ireland” and wearing an H-Block tshirt onstage in London, Strummer became an apparent target of a loyalist terror outfit, the Red Hand Commandos. Salewicz also includes an account of a solidarity speech Strummer gave in carefully rehearsed Spanish during a Clash concert in Madrid as IRA prisoner Bobby Sands lay dying from the effects of his hunger strike. The author concludes that he would have been prepared to give a similar message in front of a British audience but was simply out of the country at the height the of Republican hunger strikes.”

      10. Scotty Thomson says:

        Joe please supply proof for the facism and neo nazism at celtic and also provide the evidence that there were neo nazi instances at Ibrox. If you can’t I expect to see an apology from you

    2. Malceye says:

      What a beanbag you are

    3. paul martin says:

      i was at the game and the only nazi salutes i saw were from a couple of rangers fans at half time.
      maybe they were “red hand” salutes though – they are easily confused, as i’m sure you’ll agree.
      see these neo nazi celtic fans that you speak of – how do you identify them ?
      i really want to know as i want to look out for them. they do sound like bad news.

    4. Peter says:

      I suppose in times of great despair, if you find a crumb of comfort in a situation, you’ll cling on to it and refuse to let it go.

      This is what poor Joe is doing here. It’s obvious he finds some kind of solace in trying to paint Celtic fans in a bad way and to somehow connect Celtic supporters with the Nazi ideology.

      I suppose if you tell a lie often enough, some will eventually believe it.

      The problem for Joe is, he could not be more two-faced about this argument even if he tried.

      A closer look to home would inform Joe (although I doubt he would want to admit it) of a real link between Rangers fans and Fascist ideals.

      The much loved song of hate – “The Billy Boys” was attributed not to King Billy as some would believe, but to Billy Fullerton of Bridgeton in Glasgow who was a former member of the British Fascists, and was awarded a medal for strike-breaking during the 1926 General Strike.

      This song and all its values, were adopted by Rangers fans and carried on through many decades.

      There you go Joe. There’s a REAL link for you between Fascism & football fans, only problem is its not for the set of fans you hoped it would be.

      And I haven’t even mentioned the Nazi salutes proudly displayed by Rangers fans as they trip around Europe on many occasions.

      Nor have I mentioned the swastika being proudly flown over Ibrox as Scotland played Germany.

      And I didn’t even mention the fact that extreme right wing publications were being sold outside the ground of a certain football club for many years. Guess what club Joe? Why would organisations like the BNP or the NF even consider using Ibrox as an opportunity to sell their magazines and gain support IF there was no extreme right wing ideology there in the first place?

      Truth hitting home yet Joe?

      I notice in other posts, you made reference to Mark Walters (& Celtic’s Nazis ???)

      The treatment Mark Walters received on that day in 1988 was appalling and shameful. There will never be any other way to describe it. And that has been on record for many years.

      But Joe, if you are going to use the Mark Walters situation as a stick to beat Celtic fans with, you need to also realise that there have been Rangers players who have admitted to receiving racist abuse from their OWN fans; Maurice Edu being one of them.

      And we haven’t even begun to mention the anti-Irish racism which is almost a hallmark of Rangers itself.

      Why was Aidan McGeady verbally & racially abused for many years? Noel Hunt of Dundee Utd? Robbie Keane?

      And don’t dare tell me Neil Lennon was sent bullets through the post because he was “an aggressive player”. If you do, you are a liar.

      You want to play the racism card Joe? I’ve got a full deck of card to play Joe, not just one from 1988.

      Lastly, I see in another of your posts you mention the word orange only you put it in capital letters; as though you were trying to emphasise it and I wonder why? Actually Joe, we all know why and it only makes you look a bigger fool than you already are.

      Oh, let me just mention the jelly & ice cream – it’s still in the fridge Joe. You had a nice wee day on Sunday – although 11 v 9 for most of the game is not really anything to be gloating about but as I said right at the top of this post, in times of despair, people will cling on to any crumb of comfort they can.

      So I am glad you had a nice day on Sunday.

      I have a far nicer day to look forward to. :)

  2. Bernard Thompson says:

    I’ll skip through most of your nonsense and simply point out that the sun seems to be setting on Rangers.

  3. scarlet says:

    Who are these righteous you talk of?

  4. Stuart says:

    Rangers last hurrah; let’s not begrudge them one final Pyrrhic victory.

  5. joe strummer says:

    Which melted quicker today, the ice cream held by Celtic’s anti-British racists and Neo-Nazis in the Broomloan Stand or their joke team humiliated in the bright ORANGE sun at Ibrox. ? Tainted titles mean nada ! Enjoy !

    1. Bruce says:

      You really are quite the little bigot, aren’t you?

      Just a guess, but I reckon the real Mr Strummer would have been disgusted at seeing you misappropriate his name to spread such bile.

      1. Barney says:

        My Sentiments exactly Bruce. The boys’s obviously a bigoted imbecile. Don’t waste your time responding to such hate filled nonsense…. and yes Joe will be certainly turning in his grave.

        I despair for this country!

    2. Scotty Thomson says:

      Joe I would like you to provide proof of the neo nazis in the broomloan stands? Can you also tell me what groups Celtic have with neo nazism and also provide evidence for that?
      In this country we call that slander and it can be a very costly accusation with no basis to what you say

  6. jack r says:

    For all good-natured Scots, today was a reminder why this country will be a better place when the vile organisation that is Rangers, ceases to exist.

    I am not a fan of either side, but if there’s one that Scotland could do better without, it’s them. Particularly for supporters of independence like myself.

    The songs about World War 2, Rule Brittania, God Save The queen etc. are bad enough for those English people who wish to be shorn of the jingoistic nonsense that goes with their national team. To see it at a Scottish club is nothing short of embarrassing.

    Let me make it clear – as I know the sensitive souls from the blue half of the Old Firm will react to my comments – I do not like either side. But, as I’ve also made clear, the sooner Rangers go, the better.

  7. rod3mc says:


    What are you talking about?

    Its interesting youve mentioned tainted titles, Rangers have indeed tainted many titles but this one? No.

    Oh and please take you ORANGE bile to Ulster or wherever will have you.

    Oh and before you rattle out more trash, please remember the decent Rangers fans, whom Im sure must be embarrassed by your comments.

    At least Marty and Simon dont indulge in this kind of nonsense.


  8. old codger says:

    Well Alex, you’ve had your first taste of an old firm game, and witnessed first hand the poisoned chalice that is the SPL/SFA. All you have to do now is examine the ‘establishment bias’ against ‘ra sellick’ on show today. Surely now you see the hidden agenda. (tongue stuck firmly in cheek)

  9. Simon says:

    “For Rangers though it´s about more than hating Neil Lennon..”

    Emotive language that on gameday again is unbalanced.

    Another line provided by your providers of info Alex ?
    Tony McKelvie, McGlone, Phil…who was it ?

    Same or different to source of “Loyal club routinely at odds with HM inspectorate…”

    1. scarlet says:

      Simon, you started off on this blog by getting a platform as (and try not to laugh too much at this,) the voice of reason among Rangers supporters. But you have now sunk to nothing more than a laughing stock with your continual ludicrous allegations. I always thought it was supposed to be the Celtic supporters who were the paranoid ones. When Rangers finally go into liquidation with debts the size of a small country, whose fault will that be?

      1. Simon says:


        alex thomson ‏ @alextomo Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
        @TonyMcKelvie just the quote that’s been in my mind – will use in Pt 3 – cheers.
        In reply to Tony McKelvie
        12 Mar alex thomson

        Do you deny the source of AT´s up and coming exclusive is from the Celtic-Minded ?

      2. Simon says:
      3. Simon says:


        Gabrielle Marcotti said no thank´s !

      4. scarlet says:

        It’s ironic you picked Chris Graham’s blog to source your links. At least Alex allows you the privilege of exercising your right to free speech on this site, unlike your friend Chris who bans anyone with an alternative opinion to and his followers.

        When are you going to get it into your thick little head that this whole saga has nothing to do with some timmy plot? It is years of mismanagement and sycophantic reporting that has allowed you and your fellow bears to sleepwalk into the nightmare you now find yourselves in.

        I noticed Gordon Waddell came out swinging this weekend. Having a go at Peter Lawell for trying to do what David Murray got away with for years, thus highlighting the different approach taken by the mainstream press.

        Alex mentioned in his succulent lamb article the other day that there are Scottish journalists out there who would like to have dug deeper into the affairs behind the scenes at Rangers, but were warned off for one reason or another. Maybe this is why Alex has to rely to a certain extent on other sources. It’s hardly rocket science to work that one out.

        On a final note, I see Game have gone into administration today, with the possibility of losing 6,000 jobs. Kind of puts the potential job losses at Ibrox into perspective. I wish the Game workers all the very best and hope someone or some consortium helps them save their jobs.

  10. J Maclure says:

    Questions has to be asked again about the conduct of Neil Lennon. He is not a player, he is the manager of Celtic Football Club and should remember his responsibilities.

    1. Bruce says:

      Questions should be asked why the police had to advise Neil Lennon that his safety could not be guaranteed in the directors box. There now appears to be a growing list of people who are in danger from Rangers supporters/directors.

      Will the SFA/SPL do their jobs and conduct an investigation into this disgraceful state of affairs?

      1. J Maclure says:

        Think you’ll have seen the latest statement from Celtic, Simon.

        Lennon has been in the directors box at Ibrox before, why did he state it was Rangers security staff?

        And he can always point out contentious decisions against Celtic, but never sees the ones his side get.

        Did Samaras and Commons dive, they were contentious decisions.

        But don’t let a rant get in the way of the truth.

        Your manager has form.

      2. Bruce says:

        ‘And he can always point out contentious decisions against Celtic, but never sees the ones his side get.’ – what manager ever does?

        ‘Did Samaras and Commons dive, they were contentious decisions.’ – No, both clear fouls. Both players were clever about inviting the fouls and the Rangers players obliged.

        ‘But don’t let a rant get in the way of the truth.

        Your manager has form.’ Such as? Are you calling Neil Lennon a liar. Do you have proof of this?

  11. scotty Thomson says:

    Congratulations to Rangers. They were hungrier. Why could the police not guarantee the safety of Neil Lennon in the stands. That is what he was informed of and he had to watch the rest of the game from an executive box in the stadium. Utterly ridiculous and shocking

    1. Simon says:

      Who actually gave him this advice ?

      I ask because there seems to be conflicting reports.

      1. scarlet says:

        Are you now trying to say he didn’t receive any such advice and is making it up? Did he decide it would be better to watch from a room as he was scared to show his face among the people?

        Your credibility sinks with every new post.

      2. Simon says:

        So it appears that Lennon tarnished the reputation of a country on his embellishment of the facts.
        Had he wanted to sit by the Celtic directors he would not have been under any physical threat whatsoever.

        However I do believe if as is claimed by Celtic, that the advice came from Celtic then it´s more likely they thought it better he didn´t have the chance to misbehave in the directors box aswell.


      3. Bruce says:

        So, how many people have done jail time for attacking him?

        Two people are on trial for attempting to murder him.

        In what way has he tarnished the reputation of the country by embellishing the facts?

        You have an irrational hatred of Lennon. We get it, we really do.

        Seek help, for your own good.

      4. joe strummer says:

        Spot on, Simon. The bitter Lemmon claims / lies that Rangers security staff couldn’t guarantee his safety in the Rangers directors box…..which is odd as he was sitting there in that very same place not long ago watching Rangers v Inverness Caley. The guy is an utter embarrassment and shows himself up every time.

    2. Simon says:

      BBC Twitter..Chris McLaughlin
      #Celtic say Neil Lennon was advised by his own security staff not to sit in the stand at Ibrox yesterday.

      Neil Lennon said (via Daily Record – direct quotes): “I would’ve sat in the stand but I was told by Rangers’ security people that wasn’t a good idea. That sums up this country.”

      1. Simon says:

        Asked if he hoped to get an apology, Lennon said: “I would like to think so, out of professional respect more than anything. I don’t like being lied to.”


      2. John C says:

        Would his own security staff been advised ?

    3. joe strummer says:

      Both the police and Rangers offered Mr Lemmon a seat in the Rangers Directors Box alongside the Celtic directors……but Celtic’s security staff advised him not to do so. Nothing to do with Rangers at all, but Mr Lemmon deliberately insisted on lying at the Ibrox post match conference that ” Rangers couldn’t guarantee his safety…..and that summed Scotland up. ” If Lemmon had any grace or self respect he’s had since Sunday to apologise to both Rangers and the Scottish nation for his lies. He hasn’t…..which says everything.

      1. Scotty Thomson says:

        It only takes 1 moron to do something stupid. Look what happened at Tynecastle even with all the stewards and Police.
        You want him to apologise for what he said? Why if a manager cannot sit in a main stand after being advised that his safety cannot be guaranteed then it is shocking. Obviously people will say that it is an overreaction but after bomb threats and bullets in the post does that happen in any other civilised country.

  12. Kieron says:

    J Maclure:- No questions need to be asked why the manager of Celtic FC is not allowed to sit in the main stand because of ‘fear for his safety’? you know those dignified seats that Craig Whyte used to fill.

  13. Adam Hume says:

    FTP was sung by the Rangers fans today? Wonder if Joe Strummer heard it…

    1. Gianmaria Framarin says:

      Just one wee word from Italy (btw, I’m half Scottish), a place whose TRUE ANTI-FASCISTS know a lot about what THE POPE and THE CATHOLIC CHURCH did throughout centuries of HATE, BLOOD AND CORRUPT POWER… and I’m surprised that so many people supporting Celtic can claim to be ‘progressives’ when they stick to defending such a backwarded institution…
      Let me tell you that the real Joe Strummer possibly shouted ‘FTP’ twenty-more times than the Rangers fans do… Strummer was an atheist, a self-declared communist, and he was TOTALLY OPPOSITE TO ANY FORM OF CORRUPT RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION, moreover the Catholic Church.
      I think you’d better come to Rome and have a real taste of ‘Catholicism’ before you name yourselves the ‘progressive and antifascist ones’… this aspect of Irishness and Celticness always surprised me, it’s absolute NON-SENSE and NOT KNOWING HISTORY…
      It’s called ‘Roman’ Catholicism, well, most of us Romans HATE IT. At least those who really are anti-fascists…

  14. Auldheid says:

    If that is the best result that can be achieved against 9 men by a team Rangers cannot afford, whats it going to be like when they turn out a team they can afford?

    Going to need a lot of young McCabe’s who looked useful. Question is are there enough and do Rangers dare to play the grow your own game?

    1. Simon says:

      I think the term is “hurting”.

      No treble, no title at Ibrox just broken bottles and melted ice cream.

      Even when it´s a one-horse race you struggle.

      I look forward to the day of McCabe, Ness and Hutton controlling the midfield in next season´s OF matches in the SPL thanks´s to Celtic´s vote to retain our presence.

      Are you going to write to Mr.Lawwell to tell him why he shouldn´t have Mr.Reilly for for Rangers ?
      It´ll be as effective as your letters to the SFA and UEFA on licensing which counted for nothing. You found out a few days ago that you´d been barking up the wrong tree all the time.

      All that time invested in matters Rangers and it´s only more melted ice cream for a return.

      1. Bruce says:

        Hurting? Celtic’re skooshing the league in record time, you delusional numpty.

        Your club’s going down the tubes, your history is at risk and you’re struggling for third place.

        If this is hurting, bring it on.

      2. Simon says:

        45 years since you won the title at Ibrox, Auldheid might remember it but not many more !

        You had a chance to to do it yeterday but you were let down by your team and manager.

        3 Trebles in your history.
        You had a chance to stay in the running for a 4th 8 days ago but you were let down by your team and manager.

        And to round it off your going to be let down by your board when they vote for Rangers to retain SPL status in the event of a Rangers2012 applying for an SPL “share”.

      3. Bruce says:

        The bitterness runs deep in this one.

        Obi Wan CSC

      4. joe strummer says:

        Everyone acknowledges Celtic’s worthless tainted title is an irrelevance, and that’s what’s eating up Celtic fans. It means nothing. That Rangers destroyed the potential “champions -elect” in their easiest game of the season says it all about any dregs of credibility this season in the SPL has left.

      5. Bruce says:

        Meantime, as we leave poor little Joe’s cartoon world and emerge, blinking, back into the reality…

        You really are a bitter, bad loser. Even for a bigot, you’re out there, de-toxing from a diet of moonbeams. We’re going to win the league. We’re going to deserve to win the league and we’re going to enjoy every second of rubbing it in. And then… we set about righting the many tainted titles your team have won over the last ten or so years.

        So you ‘destroyed’ a team wrongly reduced to 9 men by 3 goal to 2? Funny thing about these games, they throw up freak results like that. I recall beating Rangers many times in the 90’s. I recall MON’s treble winning team losing 5-1 to Rangers. Freak results. That’s all they are.

      6. chancer67 says:

        your club is finished mate the succulent lamb has been sacrificed for the last time,i will ask the local priest to pray for your soul,hail mary

  15. S.B. says:

    I don’t know whether you received my previous post but well done Alex for shining a light into the dark, bigoted corners of Scottish society. You should buckle down because you are entering a world of smoke and mirrors which sinister Scottish, Ulster and British Masonic elements don’t want you to touch and where you will be obstructed, ridiculed and abused at every turn. I hope you have the resolve to continue your expose of Scottish football and the malign relationship between Rangers, the various Scottish football authorities, Scottish referees and the Scottish media. Many people in Scotland and Ireland have long been aware of this but up to now you are the only serious British journalist to start poking AND it is hasn’t gone down too well with some. I wish you well but also warn that you are up against some nasty elements within the Scottish Establishment, Ulster secret societies and Masonic Britain. Good Luck!

  16. Simon says:

    I see you do have some background WRT some of the issues that may unite many of the sources of your info.

    Congratulations on the Home News Award / Royal Television Society Journalism Awards for your reporting on Bloody Sunday.

    1. scarlet says:

      Simon, you’re becoming a joke now. Go have a wee lie down, I’m sure the doctor will be doing his rounds soon. There there.

      1. Simon says:

        AT said he´d be prepared to go to jail in the name of investigative journalism 8 years ago.


        I think it a principalled stance and am sure he won´t have any problem (unlike yourself) with a bit of digging.

      2. Bruce says:

        He is digging. That’s why he’s made it clear the story is Rangers.

      3. Simon says:

        The fact that most of his sources are “Celtic-Minded” involve them in the affair.

        If it´s official documentation they have, then it might be an issue for the police WRT how they came by that paperwork.
        Others will claim the “whistleblower clause”.
        OK, let´s leave that.

        However editorial slant is up for debate and has been unbalanced in several instances.
        eg. the emotive language used in an unbalanced fashion in the C4 piece yesterday (details in a post above).

      4. Simon says:

        The coversation amongst McKelvie, Low and Brennan at an Edinburgh restaurant a couple of years ago may be revealing.

  17. Craig says:

    Think you heard the taxman song up the gallowgate because i never heard that once yesterday at ibrox

  18. joe strummer says:

    So Mr Lemmon openly lied to the Scottish media regarding Rangers security staff being unable to ” guarantee his safety ” in the Rangers directors box ? That he’s been in the Rangers directors box before must also have slipped his mind. He can never quite get his story right, can he ?

  19. Pat Docherty says:

    Keep up the good work on Scottish football Alex, we desperately need a serious non Scottish jurnolists to help expose our dubious goings on for what they are ,
    I hope the onslaught from Rangers fans ,and The Laptop loyal who pose as jurnolists don’t hold you back.

  20. pat says:

    I believe there is a saying that people use on the internet from time to time:

    “Do not feed the troll.”

    That is all.

    1. Simon says:

      Would you like to pass comment on Mr.Lennon´s contradictory statements ?

      There is a saying that those he live in glass houses shouldn´t throw stones.

      Or those supporters who view matters from the moral highground are selective in what they preach upon.

      Common tactic when this type of thing happens is for those on the moral highground resort to namecalling (eg.bigot, troll etc.) more often than not with no justification….

      …whlist ducking the issue.

      Some of you guys would have a chance of Mark Regav´s job when it becomes vacant…

      1. Bruce says:

        No, Simon. We’ve read many of your posts before we cam to those entirely merited conclusions.

      2. joe strummer says:

        The so called Rangers owned Scottish media went mental demanding ref Dougie McDonald be sacked for ” lying to Lennie “. I’m sure they’ll adopt the same moral outrage after discovering that Lemmon blatantly lied to their faces in the post match Ibrox press conference.

      3. John C says:

        The Scottish media tried to blame the ref who did the honorable thing and exposed the conspiracy, that is exactly what it was.
        To this day the ref who exposed the corruption has been vilified and removed from the game, not for any wrongdoing but for exposing corruption.
        At the moment, the Scottish media are actually consulting the perpetrator of that whole sordid affair for his opinion on the refs decisions at yesterday’s game.
        If that does not identify something is badly wrong with the media in Scotland then the Scottish education system is not all its cracked up to be.

      4. Bruce says:

        No they didn’t. They mostly defended him and slated his linesman. As they slowly and belatedly realised Dougie Dougie’s position was untenable they reluctantly conceded he had to go.

      5. Simon says:

        The easiest way of defending him would have been to take it out of the headlines after a couple of days, they didn´t…you know the “pro-Rangers” media….and the same media including Mr.Succulent Lamb stated catagorically thet the ref should resign.

        Now the supposedly “anti-Celtic” media don´t want any clarifiaction on the director´s box issue.
        Where a false impression was deliberately given to make a club and country look bad.
        To make a headline that hasn´t been balanced with the retraction.

        The same media, biased towards Rangers and anti-Celtic…aye right !

        That after “it was the ref´s fault” line again.
        Frankly sad, embarrassing and pathetic !

      6. Bruce says:

        Simon, Simon, Simon…

        Your team, at home, in your biggest game of the season, couldn’t put the game to bed when you were a man up. You needed two extra players and even then you only just shaded it against the best team in the country. Who knows, perhaps if you had been gifted two extra players against Malmo, Maribor, Falkirk and Dundee Utd, your footballing season wouldn’t be such a car crash.

        Meantime, enjoy…

        Position Team Played Goal Difference Points

        1 Celtic 31 44 75
        2 Rangers 31 37 57
        3 Motherwell 31 6 54
        4 Dundee Utd 31 11 46
        5 St Johnstone 30 7 46
        6 Hearts 31 5 42
        7 Kilmarnock 31 -10 37
        8 Aberdeen 31 -5 33
        9 St Mirren 31 -14 32
        10 Inverness CT 30 -16 31
        11 Hibernian 31 -29 23
        12 Dunfermline 31 -36 20

        And the reality of Scotland is that if there’s any gathering of Rangers supporters and Neil Lennon’s closeby, then his safety is at risk.

  21. Paul p says:

    Mr no Joe Strummer, please change your handle you are far to lacking to represent a legend with Scottish and socialist ties, cheers!

  22. scotty Thomson says:

    If this is a tainted title whose fault is it? Is it Celtic’s when we have paid all our taxes and other bills such as vat and paye or Rangers who have not?
    Will you say its a timmy conspiracy or will it dawn on you that it is the legal responsibility for the management of Rangers to pay those bills

    1. Simon says:

      You used emotive language yesterday (“Utterly ridiculous and shocking”) after Mr.Lennon hadn´t taken a seat in the stand after allegedly showing disent or abusing officials again.

      Given that RFC and the Police had no problem with Lennon taking his place in the directors and the rhetoric that that Mr.Lennon used post-match, which included tarnishing Scotland for the incident,..would you like to revise your view on the incident ?

      It would seem as if the big bad media don´t need further clarification on this because Mr.Lawwell would have told them not to follow the issue up.

      Media treatment is a live issue on this blog.
      You´ve just had preferential.

      1. Scotty Thomson says:

        If you accuse me of using emotive language you too are guilty of the same charge. Do show the pictures of neo nazism in the Celtic area of Ibrox? Do provide proof of these accusations.
        Where did Lenny tarnish Scotland in any of his comments?
        You have made serious accusations I hope you have the proof to substantiate those claims

      2. Simon says:

        Emotive language
        I might be able to if I had said the remarks you attribute to me.
        At least you´ve tried to address the points, unlike Bruce although I´d recommend being more accurate in future when attributing quotes.

        Tarnish Scotland
        Remark´s made by Mr.Lennon on Sunday WRT to the “Director´s Box Controversy”. (see post-match videos).

        Although the line was suddenly dropped by media (you know the media that always makes trouble for Celtic) because Lennon made an attempt to cast aspersions on the name of RFC and Scotland as a country by giving the impressions he was prevented going into said area by RFC.

        Statements came from both clubs on what may have become an “diplomatic incident” due to the bad taste that Lennon´s uncalled for inferences.
        In the absence of leadership at Ibrox it looks like Lawwell has tried to nip the situation in the bud.

        It was CFC themselves that said no to Lennon going to the directors box.
        There was lots of Celtic representatives in the directors box and physical violence wasn´t an issue.
        Lennon has visited same box to take in SPL fixtures involving Rangers with no security in tow, only Alan Thompson. He was given hospitality and there were no problems whatsoever.

        Whatever has happened to the manager of CFC in the past it does not give him the right to be above the standards you´d expect of a manager of CFC nor does it give him free reign to infer unjustified slurs on other clubs or countries in a public manner.

        I ask again….would you like to revise your view on the incident ?

      3. Scotty Thomson says:

        Anti British racism and Neo nazism? is that not emotive langauge.I am not anti British nor a neo nazi yet that is a slur on myself which is unjustified. What about the anti Irish racism that was displayed on flags or does that not count? Has Alan Thompson or any other person on the board of directors at Celtic had numerous social media pages that glorified in his murder? Has any other member of the Celtic staff had to have a panic button installed in their house due to numerous threats?
        What about the headline who is hated at Ibrox more the tax man or Neil Lennon on the eve of an old firm game.

      4. Scotty Thomson says:

        Simon I owe you an apology as I attributed comments to you that you did not say. I was mistaken and I wholeheartedly apologise.

      5. joe strummer says:

        Wasting your time, Simon. Even when Lemmon is caught bangs to right lying as to who informed him that his safety couldn’t be guaranteed, Celtic’s deluded will still defend a proven liar.

        They are also the kind of individuals so politically dumb they can’t see the irony and just how stupid they look when they pose as ” left-wing anti-fascists ” wearing Che Guevara t-shirts whilst simultaneously waving a Vatican flag…. extreme- right wingers who Guevara opposed. Very odd individuals, indeed.

      6. Simon says:

        S.Thomson of 3.59pm
        Going off on a rant instead of addressing the post or the question.
        You know when they do that though, they can´t address the points without being shown-up.
        They try and change the subject and deflect.

        Lennon has been badly shown up with this directors box claims compounding his behaviour with match officials.
        A case where he claims to have witnesses, well Scotty Thomson I´ll bet those witnesses are suddenly forgotten about come the hearing.

        Similar to when he said that Celtic were taking legal advice WRT Lawwells public spat with Traynor, who basically said he had lied.
        No sign of the writ….do you know why…because there won´t be one…because Traynor was right and Lawwell was lying.
        Bit like CW and the BBC.

        So for a club perched on the moral highground it has a lot of people who restort to lying within.

        This would make these figures somewhat unreliable when making public pronouncements.

      7. Scotty Thomson says:

        do explain which part of what I wrote was a rant?
        I asked you if using such a statement as neo nazism was emotive? I asked you to provide proof of neo nazism from the celtic support. I was being calm and didnt resort to using statements such as yours.
        Again I ask (in the calmest way possible) where is your proof of the aforementioned behaviour? You have accused fans of neo nazism. Strange how none of that was highlighted by TV or radio.
        it has been asked why was rangers security staff mentioned in this. It could possibly be because it was happening at Ibrox.

  23. Reality Bites says:

    It is hysterical the Rangers fans hang on to this tainted title nonsense. At one point this season CFC were 15 points behind RFC. even if you forget the 10 point deduction for the decades of cheating catching up on them, we still have a swing of 22 points. Thats not a fluke, or tainted…its hard reality.

    Now about RFC’s tainted titles…..

  24. joe strummer says:

    Mr Lemmon will quite rightly be hammered for lying at the post-match press conference. Now, a Rangers-biased media would be demanding a lengthy ban for Lemmon’s shocking, but not untypical or unusual behaviour. However, one can hear a pin drop this morning from all these Rangers mad journalists. I think that says it all, eh, Alex ?

  25. scarlet says:

    I note none of our resident rangers supporters have commented on the Beat the fascists link I posted yesterday. I wonder why that is. Anyone any ideas as to why that may be?

    1. joe strummer says:

      Scarlet, maybe that’s because you are not too clued up on political theory / ideology and just what a ” fascist ” really is ? Also, maybe by studying the likes of IRA fascist Sean Russell, who died on board a German Nazi U-Boat, perhaps a debate can be had ? Folk also can’t lower their IQ simply to endure futile arguments with deluded Celtic supporters.

      1. John C says:

        its just a pity Alex is no interested in your rhetoric, or maybe he is using you and your friends as examples of the typical response to bad news about Rangers, from Rangers supporters.
        Nothing from any of you about how your club got into the mess they are in, or even suggestions on how to improve your lot.
        Typically its all about big bad Celtic and their place in your clubs downfall, a big bhoy did it and ran away.
        No remorse about your clubs abdication of fiscal responsibility, its all Celtics fault.
        You blame the people who have exposed the corruption, and the fact you have to be legally force to end your corruption says it all.
        Your club stole the boots off British Soldiers by refusing to contribute to this nations armed forces through your tax responsibilities, just so you could buy some football players, how sick is that ?
        The hypocracy is is only surpassed by the arrogance and self delusion.
        Your club, in no way represent the good people of the UK we pay our tax, and people like you who try to justify and obfuscate this issue, are more akin to foreign aggitators, trying to undermine this counrty, if you want to be part of the UK pay your taxes, thats all that is being asked.
        But I expect you will never accept responsibility for your part in your own clubs downfall or your clubs crimes.
        From what I’ve been reading on here from the Rangers support, you dont do responsibility, do you, its the blame game everytime, even when your caught red handed.

      2. scarlet says:

        Still in denial about Rangers fans I see.

        No one cares about your dragging up historical issues like the IRA and U-boats. They both had a common enemy, so what? What you going on to next, the first world war?than The American Civil War? The British Empire caused more wars, as well as introducing concentration camps, than anyone else. Fortunately, Britain seen the light and shed its imperial dreams. Well, almost, there’s still one or two little pockets, like the Falkland Islands and…eh…what’s that other one called…it’s not far away from here…just across the water…is it France…no…don’t be silly…it’s Northern Ireland.

        Just out of interest, all you Rangers supporters, are you British or Scottish? Is Scottish independence for you?

      3. joe strummer says:


        You just embarrass yourself again with your self-denial concerning IRA Nazis, also a severe lack of both emotional and historical intelligence when discussing fascism. If you wish to debate Nazism, fascism, or even imperialism, I’d suggest being knowledgable on the issues before posting would help you create a better impression. For instance,if you claim that the Falklands Islands belong to Argentina simply due to their location nearest the Argentinian mainland, then logically and using your very own argument, the island of Ireland therefore belongs to Britain. Thanks for clearing that up.

      4. John C says:

        Or the British mainland belongs to Ireland

  26. Bruce says:

    ‘you used emotive language yesterday (“Utterly ridiculous and shocking”)’ So are we to assume you don’t consider the treatment of Neil Lennon – frequent sectarian abuse, frequent physical assaults, death threats, attempted murder – to be ‘utterly ridiculous and shocking’?

    ‘Mr Lemmon will quite rightly be hammered for lying at the post-match press conference.’ Now, Joe, the liar here is you, with your comments about the Celtic support and Neil Lennon. You’re such a transparent bigot, you can barely bring yourself to use the man’s name. We’ve still to hear exactly what happened and specifically why Celtic’s security thought there was a problem. Its ridiculous to claim Lennon was lying. Do you have actual quotes from Lennon? Do you know know what was said to him. He was speaking in the aftermath of a controversial and emotive game, do you know he simply didn’t make a mistake. I don’t particularly expect any serious answers from you, Joe. You’re more interested in hopping up like some demented Jack-in-the-box than in the truth.

    1. joe strummer says:


      Mr Lemmon stated that he wasn’t allowed to join the visiting Celtic directors in the Rangers Directors Box as Rangers security staff couldn’t guarantee his saftety….and that situation ” summed up this country “. We now know that it was his own Celtic security staff who advised him not to. He was caught lying. Why did Mr Lemmon even bring Rangers security staff into the director box discussion at the press conference ?

      1. Bruce says:

        So, you were party to this conversation.

        Still can’t even write his name, can you?

      2. joe strummer says:


        Lemmon was caught lying, and rightly he’ll be hammered for it, hopefully a ban for 6 months to a year. Now if you wish instead to play the archetypal paranoid Celtic fan and state that Lemmon’s yet again the hapless ” victim “, then go right ahead…..no-one is interested anymore.

      3. Bruce says:


        you’ve already amply demonstrated that you are a bigot. Once again, you can’t even bring yourself to write his name. So I know you have no interest in anything which goes against your irrational hatred of Celtic and Neil Lennon. I haven’t seen his this quote where Mr LENNON is alleged to have blamed Rangers. However you don’t answer any of my questions, so I’ll assume you weren’t party to any of this. But I’ve heard broadcast interviews. Neil Lennon was clearly very angry in the aftermath of the way he was treated, so its perfectly possible he made an error in what he said. An error, not a lie. I will give you two guarantees. Firstly, whoever made that recommendation to Lennon would not have done so without good reason and Neil Lennon would not have complied unless they had good reason. Secondly, if Neil Lennon had intentionally deceived the press, or lied if you will, there is no way the Celtic statement would have clarified the issue so clearly and so quickly. Hope that helps your poor we befuddled brain make sense of it.

        Oh, and Joe, do you know how conflicted and confused you are, naming yourself after an occasional member of The Pogues?

        Simon, I note that you still haven’t answered my question of 3.03pm. A simple yes or no is all that’s required. No obfuscation or qualification, please. Your silence will speak volumes.

  27. old says:

    What we have here is the stereotypical argument from the east end of the city. A blatant lie is told, which is then held to be the gospel truth. (sound familiar?) by those who would see the death of Rangers. They are all over it like a plague. Then, when found to be untrue, they seek to insult those who would defend their club. They only believe what they want to hear, they are not interested in truth or anything that does not fit with their agenda.

  28. Simon says:

    S.Thomson @ 5.23

    Deflecting from the issue and a waste of time to debate with.

    But let all recognize your initial jumping on a bandwagon that only had 3 wheels, subsequent inability to stand-up your claims or answer points.

    1. Scotty Thomson says:

      Simon I did answer your question if you read my reply. If you read it I stated that Rangers security was mentioned as it was at their stadium. There would have been discussions between celtics and rangers security staff.
      Now if we are talking about deflection of issues how about the proof I have asked you to provide about neo nazism at the celtic area on sunday.
      Where were the damning statements from police, football authorities and media?
      If we had neo nazis at our club would we cheer for Beram Kayal (Jewish) and if we were anti british would we cheer for Alan Thompson, Fraser Forster, Kris commons, Gary Hooper, Joe Ledley and so on?
      Maybe you should read up on some history but I’ll go over this one for you. When Nazi Germany invaded the sudetenland in the mid 30s the Prime minister at the time a Mr Neville Chamberlain was complicit in not opposing the Germans thus giving them a free reign to occupy foreign lands.

    2. Auldheid says:

      Three wheels on my wagonn
      And I’m still rolling along
      The SFA,SPL ,HMRC
      Are after me but I’m singing my happy song.

      Two wheels on my wagon
      And I’m still rolling along
      SPL,,HMRC, are after me
      But I’m singing my happy song

      One wheel on my wagon
      And I’m still rolling along
      HMRC is after me
      But I’m singing my happy song………..

      As long as yer happy Simon.

    3. Bruce says:

      You don’t debate because you have no answers.

      Surprise me. Care to answer my question above?

  29. joe strummer says:


    Do we really need to do this ?

    Mr Lemmon, and I quote… “I would have sat in the stand but RANGERS’security people told me that wasn’t a good idea. That sums up this country. ” Unless you’re now calling football reporter Hugh Keevins, who heard it from the horses mouth, a liar ?


    Scottish Daily Record 26 / 3 /2012

    I await the apology.

    1. sallypointer says:

      Hugh Keevins a liar? Disgraceful accusation. Hugh isn’t clever enough to tell good lies. Good spring lamb recipe (The Full Ogilvie) appearing on better web site soon.
      I’m a Motherwell supporter. I don’t want my club fiddled out of second place this season by tax-avoiding charlatans who are beneath contempt.

    2. Bruce says:

      Joe, Joe, Joe… now, lets see. Now what you say doesn’t rule out any of what I said previously. But out of courtesy, I read that article. Hmmm, interesting, thought I, maybe old Joe’s right after all. So I dug about. First, two words deal with Keevins commitment to the truth – Artur Jorge.

      Second – ‘I would’ve sat in the stand but I was told by Rangers’ security people that wasn’t a good idea.’ If that is exactly what he said, and he absolutely intended it that way, then that is an explosive quote. So I did a search. And the only place that quote turns up is from Keevins. Now, in a press conference, surely such an explosive quote will have been recorded by all those other journalists. So I searched for that quote in the Sun, The Daily Mail, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Evening Times. How often did it turn up, how many other journalists recorded this explosive piece of news?

      None. Not one. No other journalist heard him say it in the post match press conference. Which leads me to wonder, did Lennon actually say that? Did Keevins lie? Or did he actually just hear what he wanted to hear? Or can he not read his own notes?

      So no apology to you. On fact, I expect an apology from you, not to me, but to Neil Lennon. Unless you have absolute categorical proof that he said those words. Are you man enough to do that.

      Meantime, what you will get is called out, again, for being a bigot. Still, you cannot even write Neil Lennon’s name, so deep is your irrational impotent hatred. You are like a cartoon character. All your posts are is so much white noise. Bzzzttt…Lemmon….Bzzztttt…Celtic… bzzztttt…fascists…bzzztttt…Irish….bzzzztttt…IRA…bzzzzztttt… But what rings through, loud and clear, is your sheer hatred. Of people who’re probably your neighbours too.

      ;Course, you could also be a tim on the wind up?

      1. joe strummer says:


        If you’re not honourable enough to apologise even after I posted a link confirming Mr Lemmon’s lie, then is it really worth me continuing to indulge your obvious delusions and self-denial ? You can’t even bring yourself to believe that Mr Keevins spoke to Mr Lemmon face to face when receiving the ” Rangers security staff ” quote. I can offer you an honourable way out by discussing Sunday’s demolition of Shellik instead, if you wish ?

      2. John C says:

        Demolition beat 9 men 3-2 ha ha ha

      3. Bruce says:

        ‘If you’re not honourable enough to apologise even after I posted a link confirming Mr Lemmon’s lie’ – as I have demonstrated, that link is extremely suspect. It confirms nothing. If you have a link from anyone else who was there, confirming that quote, lets see it. After all, it was a press conference. In fact, if you have any kind of proof at all, lets see it. Otherwise, be a man and enter your apology to Neil Lennon.

        ‘You can’t even bring yourself to believe that Mr Keevins spoke to Mr Lemmon face to face when receiving the ” Rangers security staff ” quote.’ Because there is absolutely nothing to indicate that he did. In fact, the ‘sums up this country’ line is direct from the press conference, which points to Hugh ‘Artur Jorge’ Keevins getting no private audience. And underlines the significance of no-one else hearing any reference to Rangers security. I’ll come out and make my opinion clear on this – Neil Lennon did not say the advice came from Rangers security. Keevins is either mistaken or lying. Its not the first time that could be said of Hugh.

        Joe, you’re dealing with grown ups now. You’ve been exposed as a bigot, and a thick bigot at that. Why make a bigger fool of yourself?

  30. old codger says:

    A wonderful insight into the “never defeated, always cheated” mindset of the average yahoo on radio clyde tonight. That sums up this country.

    1. Simon says:

      When you have the spine of the club as…Lawwell, Lennon and Brown is it any surprise ?

      Lies, insults and a disturbing lack of intelligence.

      1. joe strummer says:

        Simon. You really are being generous saying all of the above at Celtic suffer from a lack of intelligence.

      2. Simon says:

        I´m a generous type of guy !

        I see they´re still trying to wriggle out of the issue…see Bruce below.

        Re. “directors box controversy” where Lennon besmirched the reputation of the country he lives in deliberately, knowing the impression he was giving didn´t tally with actual events.

        I will c&p part of an article I found this morning written by someone who has worked in security.

        “Let me explain a bit about how security planning works. The fundamental basis for all plans is the threat assessment. If you get that bit wrong, then every plan you put in place is potentially flawed. The threat assessment is formulated by identifying who the principal is, who is likely to want to cause them harm, where are they going, and where and when are they most vulnerable.

        I don’t know who the security adviser used by Celtic was. However, you don’t get to a position like that without having a demonstrable track record of “being worth your salt.” Logically speaking, the Rangers supporters are the people who in this case might want to cause Neil Lennon harm. Within the confines of Ibrox Stadium, Neil Lennon is, without any shadow of a doubt, at his most vulnerable in the dugout area. There he is exposed to potential attackers from all directions, and it is well known exactly where he will be and at what time. He is relying on the security staff stopping any perpetrator.

        Following a threat assessment, the dugout area was deemed safe for Neil Lennon. Taking into account the known threat and the resources available to combat that threat, any risk was clearly manageable. If the dugout area is deemed safe, then there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the directors box would also be safe. Straight away the number of people who could potentially attack him is slashed by around 90%.

        To get to Neil Lennon, you would have to know beforehand that he was going to be sent from the technical area. You would also have to obtain a seat in the vicinity of the directors’ box. These seats are occupied by season ticket holders and guests of the Club. You would have to climb over fellow supporters, jump over the small barrier surrounding the directors’ box, and climb over those occupying the box. At the same time you would have to rely on no supporter, steward or policeman either stopping you, or removing Neil Lennon from the danger area.

        Neil Lennon’s safety was not at risk in the directors’ box, and I don’t believe any security adviser “worth his salt” would have assessed it any other way”

      3. Bruce says:

        Okay, Simon, you’re back. Care to provide a source for that that article? Follow Follow?

        Again, do you care to answer the question. Yes or no?

        Death threats, attempted murder, physical assaults, a mass attempt by Rangers supporters (an attempt Strathclyde Police laughed at) to smear the name of Neil Lennon. All this aimed at a football manager doing his job. You don’t consider that to be ‘utterly ridiculous and shocking’?

        I’m giving you an open goal here, a chance to show to anyone looking in that you are a reasonable, intelligent human being and not a bigot, but you’re doing a Van Vossen on it.

        Why won’t you answer the question? What are you scared of? Remember, that the longer you evade and deflect, the clearer your answer is.

  31. Bruce says:

    Simon, once again, there’s no answer to my very simple question. I’ll repost it for you –

    ‘So are we to assume you don’t consider the treatment of Neil Lennon – frequent sectarian abuse, frequent physical assaults, death threats, attempted murder – to be ‘utterly ridiculous and shocking’?

    Yes or no, its not difficult. Are you man enough to answer, or will you continue to let your silence speak for you?

    1. Simon says:

      We´re dealing in the here and now, a live issue

      You bring up other issues that have been or are being resolved by due process.
      This is simply to deflect.

      You´ll soon be on about a referee´s decision in 2008 no doubt !!

      Why ?

      Frustrated and peeved…bad losers to boot.
      Oh and it´s all the ref´s fault.
      Nothing to do with the team not turning up, team selection etc.
      We´ve heard that before….when was it that Willie Collum missed all those sitters against Kilmarnock.

      Sad and Pathetic !

      Chance to make history, treble and winning the League at Ibrox ?

      But No !…Instead it was Broken Bottles and Melted Ice Cream !


    2. scarlet says:

      You’re wasting your time, Bruce. Simon doesn’t do answers…or walking away. He seems to like digging, though.

      1. Bruce says:

        Scarlet, exposing a bigot is never a waste of time.

        Simon, you could not be more wrong.

        ‘We´re dealing in the here and now, a live issue’

        This is absolutely a live issue. There’s a trial going on. Do you think Neil Lennon’s safety is not a live issue, every day, for Lennon, Celtic and the police? Seriously?

        You’ve had several opportunities to answer the question I keep posing. You haven’t answered in so many words, but I think your answer is loud and clear.

        You do not consider it ‘ridiculous and shocking’ that in Scotland, in the twenty first century, a football manager doing his job is subject to multiple death threats, multiple physical assaults and attempted murder by complete strangers. People who hate him only because he’s a proud, Northern Irish Catholic who works for Celtic. That makes you a bigot. That you are not alone in this, that there are still elements of the Rangers support who would attack him, is why Scotland should be ashamed of the treatment of Neil Lennon.

        Alex, in case you read these comments, this is what you’re dealing with. In Simon you have something insidious. He’s someone who gives the superficial impression of intelligence and reason. I expect you’ve met a few people like this in the last few weeks, people like Mark Dingwall. But it doesn’t take long before you see who they really are. Simon doesn’t think its shocking and shameful that a football manager is subject to attacks and attempted murder. To me, that’s a no-brainer. Of course its wrong and shameful. What sane, reasonable person could think otherwise? It would be just as wrong if McCoist were the victim.

        There are people like Joe, above. He’s a bigot, but he’s not a coward – he puts his hatred out there with no shame and no apology for everyone to laugh at.

        Simon, however, shows every sign of being a bigot and a coward. He hates Neil Lennon and he knows that hatred shames himself. He knows his hatred is nasty, bitter, pathetic. He doesn’t even have the balls to stand behind his own opinions. So he deflects and evades when asked a simple yes or no question.

  32. ross says:

    From this blog I would hardly say Alex is a credible reporter for Scottish Football….he plainly talks alot of mince. The usual rubbish we hear from English reporters on our game. Its all well and good trying to do a report on Scottish Football but when it reads like a 2 year olds account of it all then best staying well clear Alex. I am sorry mate but you sound like I do when I comment on rugby game….pretty stupid….as i dont know what i am talking about.

  33. pat says:

    I came on here to see how the discussion had progressed but it’s clogged up with a load of nonsense.
    It seems to have almost completely deviated from what has been covered in the the article.

    Alex, do you think we could have a bit more quality control?

    joe strummer, you may have raised some interesting points, you may not have, but do you realise that by constantly referring to Lennon as Lemmon you just sound childish? Do you really expect the majority of people to pay attention to you or to take you seriously? It’s no wonder there’s now so few people posting on here.

    Simon, you started out as a voice of reason on one of the previous articles. You seemed to be a Rangers fan capable of discussing things objectively. Sadly, since then you have shown this is not the case and instead of addressing pressing issues which have put your club in danger you bring up Celtic at every opportunity.

    It’s a real shame that the well meaning Rangers fans have been yet again made to look bad by others in their support. They would probably like to discuss what has went so badly wrong with their club but are drowned out by posters like Simon and joe strummer.

    Bruce, I don’t know why you bother. Judging by some of your previous posts, you should know better.

    I expect Simon and joe strummer to reply to this with more of the same. Nazi U-boats perhaps or some other irrelevance about an online Celtic mafia who are to blame for Rangers not paying taxes and overspending on their playing squad.

  34. old codger says:

    Once again we have the shellick support all over a blog like a rash, about a statement,taken as read (gospel according to Saint Neil).
    Then we find out it was a lie after all. Does that change the opinion of the support? NO! ‘you did this’, ‘you did that’ Good greif!

    1. Simon says:

      It´s a waste of time OC.
      But you see how it goes, they employ Mark Regav tactics.
      They refused to discuss the issue or answer question/s then make their own and pretend to wonder why we haven´t answered them.

      – Lennon lets himself down on and off-field and it can´t be talked about rationally.

      – Lennon deliberately misleads the public, besmirching Rangers and Scotland and it can´t be talked about rationally.
      Oh and by the way he was talking about something that happened on Sunday, not before.

      Let´s make it very clear, everytime Lennon behaves badly, lies or whatever they´re going to come back with the victim card and call you a bigot for wanting just action to be taken against him.

      That´s very Isreal-like tactics for the “peoples club”.

      Oh and Pat, you wouldn´t know reason if it come up and hit you in the face.

      1. Bruce says:

        ‘Lennon deliberately misleads the public…Oh and by the way he was talking about something that happened on Sunday’

        Prove it.

      2. Simon says:

        Lennon´s comments led to the likes of…


        Neil Lennon said (via Daily Record – direct quotes): “I would’ve sat in the stand but I was told by Rangers’ security people that wasn’t a good idea. That sums up this country.”

        Then on Monday came the statement from CFC to try and prevent a “diplomatic incident”, saying it had been the Celtic security.

        However the negative headlines about Scotland had already been printed.

      3. Bruce says:

        Assuming you refer to the nonsense about Lenny saying that Rangers advised him to not go in the box, I don’t believe he said it. Unless you really think that Lenny made this explosive comment in a press conference and no-one but Keevins – who has previous for printing lies about Celtic – heard it. Take that quote and google it. Its quoted nowhere else but in Keevin’s report. I think Keevins either lied or cocked up.

        If you mean the ‘sums up this country’ part, which Lenny did say, then he’s entirely justified. The fact is that wherever there is congregation of Rangers supporters, there is a concern for his safety. Look at the threats routinely on Facebook and twitter. Look at the people regularly wishing violence on him on the Rangers fan sites. Look at the history of assaults by Rangers fans. Look at death threats and attempted murder. Look at hundreds of Rangers supporters calling the police to lie about him. That is a dismal reflection on this country. Only a tin foil hat idiot could deny that. But then you don’t think there’s anything wrong with Rangers supporters attacking Lennon and trying to kill him, do you?

        Interestingly, Walker and the reporter from the Sun have been suggesting on Clyde today that the police were involved in the decision. I look forward to hearing more about that.

  35. scarlet says:

    Joe, I will humour you for just one more time. After all, your ignorance has given me such a laugh, even though it is very, very sad people with your attitudes still exist in the twenty first century.

    1. I’m in no denial of IRA links with u-boats or nazis or even nazi-zombies from Call of Duty. Like I said, if you’d read my reply, they both had a common enemy.

    2. I never claimed the Falklands belonged to Argentina. I said they were one of the last outposts of British imperialism.

    3. I don’t think any part of Ireland belongs to Britain.

    So, seeing as I have once again been kind enough to clarify a few of your spurious claims, answer me one question, will you vote for Scottish independence?

    As you can imagine, I don’t really expect a clear answer from you, but you may yet surprise me.

    Here is not the time and place, but if you’d like to discuss the history of the British, or indeed any, imperialists I’d be willing to hear your views.

    In the meantime, go breathe some fresh air and have a nice day in the lovely sunshine we’re lucky enough to be experiencing at this time of year. You know it never lasts.

    1. joe strummer says:

      Admitting that Celtic fans celebration of IRA Nazis is a welcome start to not only facing up to reality but also to their serious issues with supporting fascism and Jew-hatred. Congratulations with that. Also, Britain cannot be imperialist regarding the Falklands anyway as they are already ours. Lastly, as for Scottish independence, no point. We are all British in the British Isles, and always will be.

      1. scarlet says:

        Thank you, Joe. This little nugget of yours deserves to be framed.

        ‘Also, Britain cannot be imperialist regarding the Falklands anyway as they are already ours.’

        Thank you once again. You are a star.

      2. scarlet says:

        Sorry, Joe, I forgot to ask, do you think the whole of Ireland is part of the British Isles and therefore should belong to Britain, or should it just be the wee bit in the north east?

      3. joe strummer says:


        You forget a lot of things for some reason, such as basic little irrelevances as historical reality and the like when debating. No problem though, I’m always here to assist the less fortunate. Oh,and we’re all British in this wonderful, awesome, archipelago.

  36. joe strummer says:

    Not a good weekend for Celtic fans. Destroyed and humiliated at Ibrox on Sunday in Rangers easiest game of the season. Today the official reports of domestic abuse saw a rise of a massive 600 % in violent incidents after Celtic’s humbling on Sunday.We also saw today UEFA for the second time this season fine Celtic for their notorious supporters hooligan and sectarian behaviour at Europa League ties. Most would agree that Celtic supporters passports should be revoked and withdrawn when their club plays abroad.

    1. Bruce says:

      Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe…wretched as ever. Destroyed? As I said, you couldn’t put the game to bed till you had a two man advantage.

      So, do tell, how on earth do you connect a 600% rise in hits to a website to Celtic? Shock us by getting your facts even remotely straight.

      ‘We also saw today UEFA for the second time this season fine Celtic for their notorious supporters hooligan and sectarian behaviour at Europa League ties’. No, you thick liar, we didn’t. Again, get your facts straight.

      ‘Most would agree that Celtic supporters passports should be revoked and withdrawn when their club plays abroad.’
      – wouldn’t have stopped you in Manchester, would it?

  37. joe strummer says:


    Tthere were only 42 arrests in Manchester, 12 being Rangers fans. Of an estimated Rangers support in the city and surrounding area of more than 300,000, that is a mere trifling amount. Indeed, there would have been more arrests on an average Glasgow Saturday night than of Rangers fans in Manchester. The Rangers support were a credit to themselves and the country. Naturally, you’ll be envious but I can’t help you with that, I’m afraid.

    1. Bruce says:

      Ah, right. Manchester never happened did it. Or could the police have been too busy avoiding being killed by Rangers supporters to worry about making arrests? Talk about denial and deflection. You take it to clownish new levels.

      Anyway, I’m ignoring you now. The quality of your trolling is in freefall. You’re clearly too stupid to debate with.

      1. Bruce says:

        Oh, one last question, are you liking your own posts? You sad little thing?

      2. Simon says:

        The here and now !

        A gang of Celtic Football Club supporters
        attacked a man wearing a Northern Ireland top in the Waterside on Sunday night.

        A man in his twenties was attacked in the Spencer Road area shortly after 9pm. He was set upon by a group of around 15 youths. The victim sustained injuries to his face and body and was treated in hospital. The victim was wearing a Northern Ireland top and the assailants were wearing Celtic Football Club tops.

        Police are keen to speak to anyone who was in the area of Spencer Road around 9pm on Sunday night and may have witnessed the attack or saw the group of youths. Anyone with information should call 0845 600 8000 or anonymously through the ‘Crimestoppers’ charity on 0800 555 111.



        Celtic have been fined £21,000 by Uefa for fan-related incidents during their Europa League match against Udinese.

        Uefa charged Celtic with “the displaying of an offensive banner and setting off of fireworks by fans” in their match in Italy on 15 December.


      3. scarlet says:

        Bruce, I’m actually beginning to feel a bit guilty at exposing poor Joe’s amazing lack of intellect and reasoning. Although, I sometimes can’t help think he is just being a wind-up. It’s obvious he can construct a sentence and his spelling is rather good, it’s just a pity his points are off the planet. Still, as there is a lack of Rangers supporters coming on here and telling him to put a sock in it, maybe his views represent the silent majority after all.

        Alex, hurry up with a new blog. Hopefully, the comments from everyone will stay on topic. It’s rather tedious when people with their own bigoted agendas hijack what is already a very interesting topic worthy of debate.

      4. joe strummer says:


        You just perpetuate myths concerning Rangers and their supporters. Once confronted with reality, the comfort blanket is removed and you can’t handle the truth. You can’t even accept the reality that Celtic have been fined twice this season by UEFA, once against Rennes for sectarian singing, and now again for their hooligan fan behaviour at Udinese, where a Udinese steward was violently assaulted and for which Celtic themselves banned for life one of their own supporters. Exist in misguided ignorance and self-denial if you wish, the world however sees Celtic and their sectarian hooligan supporters for what they really are.

  38. Simon says:

    The Here and Now (after Suday game) !

    A gang of Celtic Football Club supporters attacked a man wearing a Northern Ireland top in the Waterside on Sunday night.

    A man in his twenties was attacked in the Spencer Road area shortly after 9pm. He was set upon by a group of around 15 youths. The victim sustained injuries to his face and body and was treated in hospital. The victim was wearing a Northern Ireland top and the assailants were wearing Celtic Football Club tops.

    Source: Newswire, Derry.

    1. joe strummer says:


      Just because these cowardly sectarian, fascist thugs brutally assaulting an innocent man were wearing Celtic shirts doesn’t mean they were Celtic fans. Copyright – The Scottish Media

      No doubt the same view would be held by the majority of Celtic fans.

      1. Simon says:

        15 to 1…..Celtic style !

        Brave Bigots !

      2. Bruce says:
  39. Bruce says:

    Come off it, Simon, you know there’ve been plenty of Celtic supporters attacked by groups of Rangers supporters on Glasgow derby day. Just as there were Mancunians attacked by mobs of Rangers supporters in 2008. But then you’re not interested in the truth, are you?

    If 15 Celtic supporters really did attack 1 Rangers supporters, then I condemn them without hesitation. As I would any Rangers supporters doing the same.

  40. Simon says:

    Re.Latest Regan interview footage.

    Stewart “facts” Regan 2 Alex “ifs, buts & maybes” Thomson 0

    Poor Alex, you´re being shown-up.

    Have you got the rabbit to pull out of the bag or not ?

    1. Jack says:

      So then Simon, you must surely feel that it is Rangers’ own fault for their current position and that the SFA are not to blame. Seeing as you agree with Regan and all…

      1. Bruce says:

        No, Jack. Simon thinks its all the work of a sinister ‘cabal’ run by Phil, RTC, Some guy called Tony and Alex Thomson. Somehow they conspired to make Rangers diddle their taxes.

      2. Simon says:

        I am talking about AT and his reports.

        What Rangers have or have not done is another issue.

        Pay attention to detail.

  41. Simon says:

    Serial offenders, CFC receive their 5th fine from UEFA in 5 years, including the assault of opposition players at Parkhead.

    Should Celtic get a year´s ban from European competition ?
    Lennon alleged to have lied again.
    Old Firm referee Calum Murray claims Celtic manager Neil Lennon told him to “get a f***ing grip” in the tunnel at Ibrox on Sunday
    Source: The Sun
    ps. Cha (sending off) appeal turned down.

    1. joe strummer says:


      Don’t confuse those paranoid Celtic fans with little irrelevances like facts, it only disturbs the gamma rays protector on their tin-foil hats. Loving Big Kyle’s quotes about Celtic yesterday also…..tremendous !

    2. John C says:

      Every headline, straight off the Scottish Media shelf.
      Your trying to practice the “Scottish” strategy right here for everyone to see, this is so not sneaky its hilarious.
      A blog discussing the media’s involvement in the downfall of your club, and you come on here and and do the same, distraction, obfuscation and lies.
      This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, it brings a bit of light relief to an otherwise
      Did I ask are these clowns part of some media or PR exercise ?

      1. Simon says:

        Scottish media headline….”Rangers 3 Celtic 2″

        It´s been reported that many Celtic supporters are refusing to believe the big bad Scottish media about the above headline, claiming “obfuscation and lies”.

        To be fair the same group didn´t have a problem with other headlines that appeared in the same newspaper back on the 29th of December 2011.

      2. joe strummer says:

        John C

        I’ve asked on numerous occasions on this and other blogs for empirical, irrefutable evidence of Rangers being ” protected ” by the SFA / SPL / Scottish media and not a shard has appeared ? Do you have any ?

      3. John C says:

        it looks like you’ll get your answers tomorrow evening, your problem now is, will you accept it as truth ?

        You guys really do a great bert and ernie double act, keep it up, the laughs just keep coming.

      4. Simon says:

        AT will have to up his game because up until this point he´s not produced anything new.

        Only a “prosecution” slant, “direct” script that has come from his sources and on occasion unbalanced emotive language.

      5. joe strummer says:

        John C

        So what you’re saying is that you have no evidence ? I think we knew that already, tbh.

      6. John C says:

        can you tell me howmany time Alex’s report was mentioned in the Scottish media since broadcast ?

  42. Bruce says:

    Latest :

    Celtic still going to skoosh the league.

    Keep clutching at those straws, Simon. We’re all enjoying your pain.

  43. pat says:

    Genuine question(s) for Rangers fans (I would very much like get the opinions of Simon and joe strummer here):

    Let’s suppose another club – could be Celtic but doesn’t have to be – were in the exact position Rangers now find themselves. What would you be wanting to happen?

    Would you think that they should be made to pay back their debt to the British taxpayer?

    If they were found to have improperly registered players, do you think they should have titles removed?

    How would you feel that they may had broken rules to give themselves an advantage on the playing field?

    Or that they put their future in doubt by continuing to purchase and pay wages to players that they couldn’t afford, in the pursuit of trophies? How would you feel about those trophy wins? Would you tell them that they should have been more financially responsible, even if it meant they may have not won said trophies?

    How about offering some of their squad bumper deals on large salaries even though their income levels were not big enough to sustain them? Indeed, what if the money going into these salaries could have been used to pay tax?

    What if, in addition to the British taxpayer, they also owed money to numerous other football clubs for things like ticket money and transfer fees?

    What if through all the time of overspending, there was little questioning from the media as to where it was all heading? In fact, the media was applauding it?

    I would really like to know what you would think about all this. Basically, what if the shoe was on the other foot?

    I expect Simon and joe strummer will somehow refuse to answer though, giving some excuse about how the Celtic fans didn’t answer them about Neil Lennon being a Nazi or something.

    Whatever it is they reply with, it’ll be something that doesn’t have any real relevance to the fact that Rangers have done all those things listed in the questions above and are edging ever closer to going bust.

    1. Simon says:

      Pat refuses to address questions then waxes lyrical about why I won´t answer his questions because he refuses to answer my questions first !!

      That´s the type of trick you´d expect from someone who:-

      1. Is stuck for an answer.

      2. Doesn´t like the answer.

      3. Whose quote “didn’t answer them about Neil Lennon being a Nazi or something” is disingenuous in the extreme given at no time did I mention the word “Nazi”.

      Pat, here´s a novel idea for a debate…you answer questions, then set questions if you want, then I´ll answer.

      Reason isn´t the strong point of too many Celtic supporters who have jumped on the “everyone´s against us bandwagon” and twist any event in a way that it can be used in political capital.

      The sad thing is that the club themselves do the same !

      CFC are and have been bringing the game into disrepute on and off over the last 18 months.

      Their push to maximise damage on RFC re. ongoing due process is very much part of this.

      RFC will have to answer for any wrongdoing if found guilty.
      I will say the PAYE, NIC and VAT withheld since CW tookover the club is wrong and improper although it isn´t a criminal offence.

      1. John C says:

        It is a criminal offence if you have no intention of paying it

      2. Simon says:

        Does the prosecution employ mind readers ?

        Deary me, you wouldn´t do well in a court of law.

      3. John C says:

        Mind readers need not apply, simple review of historical data provides enough evidence.

  44. joe strummer says:


    How many times do you have to hear this and shouldn’t be difficult ? Rangers usage of EBT’s were not illegal, not illegal under any jurisdiction, either British Law or any Scottish football laws. HMRC are currently trying to make illegal what was perfectly legal business practic years ago, which is against natural law, never mind anything else. Going by your own logic, Barca have ” broke the rules ” by winning trophies whilst in £ 400 million debt. Should they have all titles stripped and Champions League wins removed ? This is crackpot stuff, tbh.

    1. Bruce says:

      Now, Joe, I know I said I was going to ignore you, but as you’ve actually managed to get through a whole post without any bigotry (well done you) I’ll give you the courtesy of a response.

      Are you sitting comfortably? You are wrong, wrong, wrong on just about every score.

      EBT’s were legal, if used correctly – as a form of loan not as wages. That is what the FTT is determining – were Rangers guilty of abusing the EBT’s? If the FTT rules for HMRC, then Rangers are also guilty of playing illegally registered players. If so, ‘natural law’ will demand that Rangers be stripped of any trophies won using those players.

      Its a myth to say that EBT’s were normal, uncontroversial business practice at the time. Celtic looked into using them and concluded that they represented an unacceptable risk. That blows the ‘everybody was doing it’ defence out of the water.

      ps – did you enjoy the clips of the Rangers fans being ‘a credit to themselves and the country’ which I posted above?

      Consider yourself ignored again.

      1. joe strummer says:


        Celtic used an EBT for Juninho, so please take a day off from embarrassing yourself on here. Indeed, Celtic were also in debt of more than £2 million pounds when they cheated their way to their tainted league title back in 2008.

        Also,if you like I could post on here endless clips of Celtic fans racist, fascist, sectarian behaviour….but I’ll just leave that to UEFA to fine them.. again, and again, and again. Who knows, UEFA might even shut The Piggery down as they did before in 1984. ?

      2. Banquo says:

        By calling in the pages of the NME for “Troops out of Northern Ireland” and wearing an H-Block tshirt onstage in London, Strummer became an apparent target of a loyalist terror outfit, the Red Hand Commandos. Salewicz also includes an account of a solidarity speech Strummer gave in carefully rehearsed Spanish during a Clash concert in Madrid as IRA prisoner Bobby Sands lay dying from the effects of his hunger strike. The author concludes that he would have been prepared to give a similar message in front of a British audience but was simply out of the country at the height the of Republican hunger strikes.

      3. Bruce says:

        Oh, its fish in a barrel time.

        Actually Joe, your facts are as utterly and embarrasingly for you, wrong as ever. Juninho came with an EBT. Celtic got him to close it and paid their share of the tax. If only every club’s tax affairs were so exemplary. But, hey, you keep telling your lies.

        So a £2 million debt means Celtic’s 2008 triumph is tainted, does it? So when you won the league last season, with £18 million of debt, does that mean your title was nine times as tainted? In fact, that means your three in a row was tainted, by your own admission. Wow, we’re actually making progress with you.

      4. joe strummer says:


        Unsurprisingly,you just don’t get it, it just doesn’t sink in. It is irrelevant if Celtic later closed Juninho’s EBT, it was still in use whilst he was at The Piggery. If EBT employment is retrospectively deemed illegal, then Celtic, like Rangers will have ” broken the rules “.

        Also, it is Celtic’s sectarian fans that are claiming that Rangers debt means their prior SPL wins are ” illegal “. Naturally and logically, then it must follow that any Celtic league title wins whilst in debt are also null and void. But you don’t do simple things like logic and reason, do you ?

    2. John C says:

      they did break the law and you will find out how seriously tomorrow evening, will you be watching the national broadcast with an open mind ?

      1. pat says:

        Simon, I haven’t answered any of your questions because they are pointless and irrelevant to Rangers’ situation.
        The articles here are, as I have said many times, to prompt discussion about Rangers’ current state of affairs.
        I’m not interested in going down the road of tit for tat arguments about who has the worst fans, it has little to do with what Alex Thomson has been writing about and fans from outside of the Celtic-Rangers rivalry find it boring.

        My “Lennon is a Nazi” comment wasn’t supposed to be taken literally but was more a mock example of the the kind of irrelevances spouted by you and joe strummer to steer the discussion away from Alex’s articles. My questions are on topic, yours aren’t and largely filled with hatred for all things Celtic.

        joe, it is not the fact that you went into debt that people think titles might have to be stripped. It is because Rangers may have broken rules to help them win these titles. As you rightly point out, nobody would be calling for the likes of Barcelona to have titles stripped merely for being in debt.

        I wasn’t suggesting that the last 3 title wins for Rangers be stripped, far from it. This is not when they were alleged to have broken rules. I was pointing out that the expenditure for those 3 seasons has contributed to the position Rangers are currently in. Signings like Jelavic (correct me if I’m wrong, £4m plus wages? and still not fully paid for yet) may have helped to win these titles but was it worth it? Had you not made these signings or continued to employ title winning standard players you may not have won things but might not be close to going bust.

    3. John C says:

      Rangers use of the EBT’s was illegal, had they used them properly then your club would not have received a tax bill.
      However, your club used them illgally, the tribunal is deciding on the extent of illegal practice.
      Pay attention.

  45. TheIceman says:

    Joe – you are blindly deluded.

    EBT’s are and were illegal as constituted by RFC – they are not designed and never were designed as a means of paying salaries. The HMRC has already found them guilty – we are at an appeal stage against that judgement!

    The SFA registration issue appears to be a prima facie case that payments were made regularly to players with letters of intent (in Scotland a de facto contract) who were not registered as being paid these which is again a clear breach of the rules.

    Anything between 180 million and 230 million pounds of money has been poured into Rangers more then they have earned in the last 24 years and that the collapse of MIH has meant that this could no longer be sustained,

    It is also clear that the SFA knew EBT’s to be non kosher when in 2006 Brian Dempsey and Celtic revoked Juninho’s and made up the tax – so it was not inadvertent.

    There are many rumours to the effect that the SFA through Ogilvie acquiesced in covering these up. There is a lot of stuff here for Rangers to answer. In addition they are in administration and facing probable liquidation.

    Neil Lennon, Celtic, IRA, Fenian fascists and whatever other ramblings you concoct will not in any way negate these unfortunate truths. The story here is Rangers – here and now – the mess that they are in – their failure to meet thrir obligations and the probable consequences of that.

    I am sure that as a Rangers fan you are hurting – were it my team I would be too – but blaming all and sundry and ranting incoherently is not going to help.

    You are symptomatic of a curiously Rangers phenomenon. Celtic fans in the 80’s and early 90’s attacked their own board for getting them into the mire – Man U fans attacked the Glazers for basically stealing their club but the majority of Rangers fans seem utterly incapable of directing their anger (which is righteous and totally justified) at the true culprit – Sir David Murray and his lick-spittle lieutenants. Loyalty should not be so blind nor so misplaced – be loyal to the Rangers if you must be – but recognise that that loyalty needs you to understand where it went wrong and if you do survive this ( which I for one hope you do) to ensure that you don’t simply watch and stand idly by and let it happen again.

    1. baxterboy says:

      “The HMRC has already found them guilty – we are at an appeal stage against that judgement!”

      provide sources for this statement!

  46. Bruce says:

    ‘It is irrelevant if Celtic later closed Juninho’s EBT.’

    It is absolutely relevant. Celtic inherited one, looked into EBT’s and closed it. It wasn’t ‘later’ it was very quickly. I tell you what, though, if it makes you happy, you can have us stripped of the cup we won in the Juninho season, we’ll have you stripped of everything you won with a player on an EBT. Deal?

    ‘But you don’t do simple things like logic and reason, do you ?’ You don’t do simple things like truth and facts, do you? No Celtic fan has asked for Rangers to be punished for playing with debt. What we want is that if you’re found guilty of fiddling your taxes to buy a calibre of player you could not otherwise have afforded, we want you stripped of titles that those players helped you ‘win’.

    Meantime, its gratifying to see you consider that you cheated to win titles by having so much debt and that your titles are tainted.

    And as for Manchester, Joe, you assured us that your supporters behaviour was a credit to club and country. Do you still stand by that? Or is the bar for ‘a credit to Rangers’ set so low as to be subterranean?

    1. joe strummer says:


      Get back to me when UEFA shut down Ibrox as they already have The Piggery back in 1984. Your supporters have massive problems with a public image as fascist, racist and sectarian bigots. Just endlessly obsessing about Rangers only endorses and confirms your inferiority-complex towards the Ibrox club.

      1. Bruce says:

        ‘Just endlessly obsessing about Rangers’

        Absolute comic genius, Joe. You’re my hero.

        So you are a tim after all!

      2. Simon says:

        National semi-finals and Finals.
        European KO ties
        Days when the SPL slips away….
        Opportunities to write history at Ibrox…

        Altogether now….

        10 green bottles standing on the wall.
        Ross County
        9 green bottles standing on the wall.
        8 green bottles standing on the wall.
        7 green bottles standing on the wall.
        7 green bottles standing on the wall.
        6 green bottles standing on the wall.
        6 green bottles standing on the wall.
        Samaras, penalty, Ibrox
        5 green bottles standing on the wall.
        4 green bottles standing on the wall.
        3 green bottles standing on the wall.
        3 green bottles standing on the wall.
        2 green bottles standing on the wall.
        2 green bottles standing on the wall.
        1 green bottles standing on the wall.
        0 green bottles standing on the wall.

      3. Scotty Thomson says:

        Simon you earlier commented about things being a live issue in the here and now. I hate to point this out to you but what you have said in the above comment is at least 60% in the past.

      4. Bruce says:

        Hey, Joe. Hey, Simon…


      5. joe strummer says:


        You don’t even have the emotional capacity or self-awareness to ask yourself why you spend more time on a Rangers blog obsessing about Rangers than doing anything else, which says it all. Irony probably means something like coppery to the likes of your good self.

        Alex, just watched your item on Channel 4 News there. Sad to say that as a Rangers fan we didn’t learn anything new, especially concerning Bain, et al. No smoking howitzer, after all.

        Also, you’re going to now have a lot of deranged Shellik fans berating you as you didn’t quite turn out to be their very own Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein. Knowing full well their legendary and infamous reputation as conspiracy theorists, they’ll now wish to include you as part of the Masonic Illuminati ” protecting Rangers. ” Be prepared now……

      6. Bruce says:

        Jeez, what a a pair of chumps, you are. Simon, Malmo? Maribor? Falkirk? Dundee Utd? St. Mirren? Kilmarnock? A 19 point turnaround from bonfire night to hogmanay? That’s just this season. All I read there was the death rattle of a support thatThe title’s coming home and you hate it.

        Joe, facts, again, facts. Not good at this, are you? This isn’t a rangers blog. This is a news blog which happens to have a few entries about Rangers. In fact, this particular entry is about Celtic and Rangers. Don’t worry, though you’re still my hero, your stupidity, ranging from all your nazi idiocy to pointing out that your last three titles are tainted, has given me so much entertainment. It’ll almost be shame when your tax dodging club is ancient history. Which brings me to Alex…

        …Very interesting report tonight. A few significant smoking guns. Rangers were disguising wages in EBT’s, they knew it was illegal and conspired to cover it up. Ignore the numbnuts trying to play this down. We all look forward to seeing your further investigations.

  47. John C says:

    “Pat refuses to address questions then waxes lyrical about why I won´t answer his questions because he refuses to answer my questions first !!
    That´s the type of trick you´d expect from someone who:-” is an adult.
    since the start of this blog, you have demanded the answers to your questions first, agenda ?
    You have yet to respond to anyone with a difinitive answer, ie, one without a follow on question, theres clarification and then there’s your M.O. obfuscation, and it gets funnier and funnier.

  48. patrick h says:

    Simon 29 March 2012at 10:42 am

    Re.Latest Regan interview footage.

    Stewart “facts” Regan 2 Alex “ifs, buts & maybes” Thomson 0

    Poor Alex, you´re being shown-up.

    Have you got the rabbit to pull out of the bag or not
    Simon I will look in tomorrow night to see what you think of our hosts Rabbit FAE a HAT trick TICK TOCK

    1. Simon says:

      AT now saying mibbes aye, mibbes naw !!
      Source: AT twitter

      Not another green bottle crashing is it ? !

  49. K says:

    More plants than B&Q

  50. Raymac says:

    Show me a Utube video of decisions going against Rangers. Got one? Now see if you can find similar for Celtic. What’s that? Your disc drive hasn’t enough memory? Dear oh dear! Pay the taxes. Help hospitals and schools and the rest. By the way–how much has the Rangers drive for cash collected? Probably not enough to pay Duff and Duffer, who are stringing you along like a kite. Celtic supporters helped raise 1/2 a million quid for Vanessa Little for an operation in America. Now that’s a support.

  51. pepsi says:

    Re AT’s interview with Reagan
    Begs the question ….
    Does SPL need a new rule book or does the rule book
    need new SPL?

    1. Simon says:

      Don´t you mean the SFA ?
      Those who criticise should at least try and get the simple things correct.

      Scottish football needs one governing body, not three.

      And given many opinions on here they should be operating from Parkhead with Lawwell as President and wee NL, “Never Lies !!!” in charge of refrees.

      1. Bruce says:

        So, how much raised in tonight’s game went to charity and how much went to Rangers? And will they declare it to the taxman?

        And did Milan know they weren’t really playing for charity?

  52. K says:

    More spies than the Orient express

  53. pat says:

    Guys, here’s another impartial observer on the Rangers story – http://2ndyellow.com/2012/channel-4-rangers-evidence-ebt

    It is mostly just going over Alex’s report last night but it is interesting to see the author repeatedly having to point out that he is English and has no allegiance to a Scottish club.

    Particularly noteworthy is this comment from them:

    “A couple of thoughts at this point: judging by the comments from Rangers fans here, too many are happy to dismiss this entire story as Celtic propaganda. This despite it being reported, with accompanying documented evidence, by the chief correspondent no less of an English mainstream media organisation.

    HMRC did not investigate Rangers because they overheard some Celtic propaganda. Rather, any Celtic propaganda in circulation (and I’m not so stupid as
    to think it doesn’t exist) is as a result of that investigation.

    If I were a Rangers fan, I would wondering what if this is all true? And then asking a lot more questions. This may be happening – and if you are a Rangers fan doing this, feel free to enlighten us – but for those who prefer to stick with the Celtic conspiracy theories, I would urge this:

    Think. Consider the possible ramifications if this is true – it would mean that for years the Rangers board abused a tax scheme. For years the directors of your club will have put its future in jeopardy with their cavalier approach to finances and tax.

    Whilst it may be far more comfortable to assume this is just a smear campaign by people with axes to grind, you would do well to be asking difficult questions of the people responsible. If it turns out to be all lies, you’ll have lost nothing as a result. But if you don’t and it turns out to be true, you’ll realise you missed your chance to collectively have done something about it before it was too late.

    And that would be just about the saddest element to the entire story.”

    1. Jack says:

      Any Rangers fans have on thoughts on this? The blogger has a point, though the warning may be a bit too late. These questions should have been asked long ago.

  54. joe strummer says:


    Yes, and that wouldn’t be you obsessing on numerous other blogs by Alex about Rangers and no other club.? Or is that only your other paranoid alter-ego ? Every amusing post by you on here only confirms the legendary Shellik inferiority complex towards their superiors at Ibrox. Prove me and everyone else correct yet again by posting more inane drivel.

    1. Scotty Thomson says:

      Joe if you are talking of inane drivel I ask you once again to provide proof of neo nazism at celtic and the proof of it in the Broomloan stand on Sunday.
      This article was about the Rangers vs Celtic game so any Celtic fan has the right to comment on it.
      Are we not allowed to comment on articles that pertain to Scottish Football and the consequences that any clubs action has that effects not just Celtic but the whole of professional football in this Country.
      Freedom of speech although not to slander people, is still a fundamental part of a modern society isn’t it?

      1. Bruce says:

        Scotty, you’re wasting time with that nugget. The poor wee befuddled soul can’t see what’s the more obsessive behaviour. Posting on a blog about Rangers…about Rangers (ie on topic). Or posting on a blog about Rangers…about Celtic (ie wildly off topic). I think his brain cell needs a bath.

      2. joe strummer says:


        Thanks for confirming Shellik fans legendary inferiority-complex regarding their superiors at Ibrox. What other news blogs by Alex have you posted on, btw ? I think that would be none…..don’t you ? This is too easy.

      3. joe strummer says:

        Scotty Thomson

        The IRA were open Nazi collaborators during WW2. This is indisputable historical fact. Shellik supporters celebrating the IRA in song and chants are by association thus supporting Nazi collaborators. Or are you denying that Shellik fans sing in support of the fascist IRA ?

      4. Scotty Thomson says:

        I ask you once again and yet you have not provided evidence of neo nazism at celtic park and in the Broomloan stand. You will say Im deflecting. Im not I asked you numerous times to provide the evidence yet you have been quiet about this. Would you not agree that if there was then the world press would have seized on this.
        I wholeheartedly disagree that there should be any links to the IRA as they have nothing to do with football. Do you feel the same about the groups such as the UDF for instance and for groups of “fans” singing about being up to knees in other peoples blood?
        I would really like to hear your opinion on this

      5. joe strummer says:

        Scotty Thomson

        The evidence of supporting IRA Nazi collaborators is there every week at The Piggery and at away grounds from Shellik’s Neo-Nazi supporters. Every pro-IRA song and chant is all the evidence you need. Also, why do Shellik fans wave Vatican flags ? These “anti-fascist” Shellik fans do know that the Vatican provided passports to fleeing Nazis escaping justice to South America after the war, don’t they ?

  55. Bruce says:

    See what I mean, Scotty, he’s just another thick bigot with a grip on reality that it would be a stretch to call tenuous. He just wants to come here, spout his drivel about Celtic, then somehow twist that round to everyone being obsessed with his failed football club.Part deflection, part envy. Hell, he’s even talked himself round to realising that its his own club’s titles that are tainted. Still, when we’re champions and his club is gone, what will the poor wee soul do to bury his pain?

    Sadly, he’ll just vent his hatred on someone else.

    1. joe strummer says:


      Even Charlie Nicholas on Friday was laughing at and mocking the likes of you, paranoid Shellik fans with both an inferiority-complex and unhealthy obsession with Rangers, which just makes it all the more funnier. Now post again about Rangers just to confirm Charlie’s assertion. This is too easy, just like last Sunday, and the humiliating destruction of the tainted ones.

      1. Scotty Thomson says:

        Joe i’m going to keep asking you to provide proof of neo nazism at parkhead? I have never heard songs of pro nazism from celtic fans. I have never seen celtic fans celebrate the nazi party so please enlighten me and a few other people on here what you have seen and provide pictures.
        Did Neville Chamberlain not sign a pact with Hitler allowing them to invade the Sudetenland? And you call Celtic fans neo nazis? Is this not collaboration between the British Government at the time and the Nazi party. If you say where’s my proof I have a wonderful article to back up my statement. I ask the question do you have proof of neo nazism at Parkhead?

      2. joe strummer says:

        Scotty Thomson

        You seriously believe think the British Parliament signing a Treaty to avoid a world war is the same as the IRA actively collaborating with the Nazis ? Indeed, the same British Parliament who fought and defeated fascism. That is just embarrassing. The question you should be asking yourself is why do Shellik fans sing and chant in support of IRA Nazi collaborators ? Why is that ?

      3. Scotty Thomson says:

        Why do some Rangers fans (do you see what I did there? I seperated that there are a small number, not all that sing songs of hate) sing about being up to the knees in other peoples blood. I ask you again, yet you deflect away, show the proof of neo nazism at Parkhead.
        How do you feel that the people of the Sudetenland felt when the Nazis invaded? Or doesnt it matter? The bottom line is that the Government of that time colluded with the Nazis. As far as I’m aware the Nazi flag never flew over Celtic Park but it has flown over Ibrox. Would you like to argue this fact?

      4. Bruce says:

        Scotty, poor wee Joe can’t see the irony even when he sings his song celebrating the cowardly scumbag who tried to bring the KKK to Scotland.

        Still, the clock’s winding down now, not long till we’re officially champions, and before the split too. A fantastic achievement for Celtic. And if there’s anything in the stories flying about Glasgow, Fourth Lanark will be liquidated too. This could be the second best week ever for Tims and Jelly & Ice Cream vendors.

      5. baxterboy says:

        would di fanio nazi salute count as an example of neo fascism at parkhead?

      6. Scotty Thomson says:

        Another person that I will ask to provide proof of the act. It would have been in all the papers at the time if he had done it while playing for Celtic.
        Does Walter Smith admitting he sang sectarian songs count as bigotry at Ibrox?

  56. Bear Necessity says:

    Joe, when are you going to stop embarrassing us Rangers supporters by going on about World War Two? Jeezo son, you’re like a broken record.

    Can I just ensure all non-Rangers supporters reading this blog that none of the fans I’ve spoken to find Joe and Simon’s comments representative of the majority.

    1. Bruce says:

      We were beginning to wonder, BN.

  57. gerry says:

    stewart regan ideally should be open about everything-but hes not-its depressing this lack of clarity and hiding behind articles-theyre all scared because the daunting reality of it all is that according to theyre own articles rfc forfeit 10 plus years of matches 3.0-now have they got the integrity to do the right thing?-most of the signs are they wont-because they dont have to in theyre twisted mindset

  58. joe strummer says:

    Scotty & Bruce

    Still evading the questions about your Neo-Nazi supporters.? Unsurprisingly, really, you do like your cover ups at The Piggery, as the Courts know, as others also knew during the 1970’s. Enjoy the melted ice-cream leftovers from your Ibrox demolition and humiliation. The world will be laughing at you celebrating an already accepted tainted title. Ask Charlie or Paulo Di Canio. Ciao !

    1. Scotty Thomson says:

      I have asked you to provide evidece of neo nazism at Parkhead and the broomloan stand. You have done neither so if anyone has evaded it has been yourself.
      Again it is not Celtic’s doing of the title being “tainted” but through the deeds of previous Rangers chairmen and owners.
      Paolo did his infamous facist salute after he played for Celtic. If you use this argument then Walter Smith is then a bigot after admitting He sang bigotted songs.
      Why use the name Joe Strummer? If that is not your real name why not use your name you were given at birth instead of hiding behind this one?
      You can’t seem to even grasp that not everyone at Celtic sings songs about things that have no need at a football match. You tar us all with the same brush in your little world.
      Well I’m glad that I dont live in that type of world as it is indeed a dark and dismal place. I don’t class all Rangers fans as mindless Bigots and thugs. There are those who hate Bigotry and only sing about their team not the religion.
      Will you tell us now do you disagree with singing about being up to your knees in someone elses blood?

      1. baxterboy says:

        will you tell us now your feeling towards about those who caused innocents in brighton to be up to their knees in blood from an ira bomb or for that matter the innocents who the london victims of the feni@n bombs.
        will you tell us if you disagree with the eufa and condone the continual singing of terrorists songs by celtic supporters who applaud terrorists who cause innocents up to their knees in their own blood?

      2. Scotty Thomson says:

        In my previous statements I have said that there is no place for IRA chants at Celtic as they have nothing to do with football. Will you do the same against certain pockets of Rangers fans who sing about being up to the knees in other peoples blood? If you do not then I think that you have shown that you are one of the type of “fans” that have no place in football.
        This is Scotland in the 21st century and its attitudes like this that are dragging the country back to the dark ages.

    2. Scotty Thomson says:

      Baxterboy why do you comment about a part of the anatomy being up someones backside in childhood yet you post about the disgrace that is sexual abuse?
      The only Bile I have read is coming from a couple of Rangers fans. You then have a go at another Rangers fan as he will not join in your tirades. He is like the majority of Rangers fans and concentrates on why your club is in the state that it is in and how it can carry on.

  59. baxterboy says:

    and what, pray tell, is your source for stating that joe and simon’s views do not represent the majority of rangers fans?
    there is no evidence to make such an outrageous claim and you should be ashamed of yourself for doing so.
    why do you, if you are a rangers supporter, concentrate on criticizing rangers supporters considering the surplus of bile being spouted against the team you supposedly support?

    1. Bear Necessity says:

      Baxterboy, because I don’t have my head up my ass hoping Bobby Ewing will come out the shower and it will all turn out to be a bad dream. Grow up son. Stop trying to blame others for Murray’s mismanagement.

      I can only assume you’re one of the neanderthals who relish the prospect of wading knee deep in blood of a certain type. This is the twenty first century.

      And just to show I have a sense of humour about the whole thing here’s a wee something a friend of mine wrote for you to read. Go on, smile, give your kids a hug and be thankful we don’t live in a famine-ridden war zone.


      1. pat says:

        baxterboy’s post is just bizarre. What a weird guy.

      2. baxterboy says:

        considering your vicious attacks on real bears on here, who are attempting to defend Rangers, i would never suggest that your head was up your ass when the content of your posts clearly demonstrates that your ass has had another part of the anatomy up it since childhood.

        thank you for the link regarding hungry children, i just returned from nicaragua where i was working for an ngo helping third world children.

        and i hope your concern for children also includes the sympathy for children in first world countries who have suffered sexual abuse, and the injustice of a team like celtic fc who remain, to this day, unaccountable for being accessory to this crime.

      3. Bruce says:

        Baxterboy, you’re just another bitter, hypocritical supporter of Fourth Lanark who sees the way the wind’s blowing and can’t take it, as your pathetic final paragraph shows.

      4. Scotty Thomson says:

        And Baxterboy do explain why you mention that someone else had another part of the anatomy up their ass when they were a child yet you vilify sexual abuse.

  60. bear necessity says:

    First, this –

    ‘considering your vicious attacks on real bears on here, who are attempting to defend Rangers’

    Attacking others is not defending Rangers. It just makes you look bitter, twisted and unable to grasp the enormity of the club’s current situation.


    ‘thank you for the link regarding hungry children’

    I didn’t include a link regarding hungry children. I included a link regarding greedy journalists who craved succulent lamb and a place at David Murray’s table.


    joe, or baxterboy if that is what you now want to be called, channel your energies into moving our club forward and out of the mess we’re in. Trying to drag others down with us just makes you look stupid. Stand up and be a man. We want to come through this with our heads held high. It is not the supporters who have put us in this situation so don’t drag us down further by trying to throw muck at others.

  61. J Maclure says:

    This forum is becoming a bit of am embarassment, it should be shut down, some real petty tit for tat stuff.

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