7 Jul 2012

Despicable’ actions of Scottish football authorities

My sources are senior and widely respected figures in Scottish League Football and rarely have I heard men so angry about an invitation to a meeting.

They describe it in many ways, some of which I know my lawyer will not allow me to pass on. So let’s just choose one adjective:


Their reaction of course, all flows from that second paragraph of the invitation to next Friday’s meeting where the SFL says:

“That the Scottish Football League Members direct the Board of Management of The Scottish Football League (the “Board”) to provide that Rangers F.C. shall play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League during Season 2012/13 unless the Board shall have to its satisfaction negotiated and reached agreement with The Scottish Premier League and The Scottish Football Association on a series of measures which the Board shall consider to be in the best interests of the game, how it is structured, how it is governed and how it is financed, whereupon the Board shall be authorised to provide that Rangers F.C. shall play in the First Division of the Scottish Football League during Season 2012/13.”

Read the full invitation here: Rangers – the vote that never was?

My sources have spoken exclusively to Channel 4 News and say that many in the league are not simply enraged that their vote is being taken away but that the SFA and SPL are now also directly involved and directly involved in effectively gagging the League clubs by stifling their votes.

My sources decline to be identified at this stage but one said:

“They’ve just gone ahead to steamroller us. It’s farcical. They’ve cooked it all up amongst themselves.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity he says there is now very little trust held by many senior League people in either the SFA or the SPL both as organisations in this matter and in terms of the conduct of their respective Chief Executives Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster.

 He was one of a number this afternoon accusing Scottish Football of simply tearing up its own rulebook and suggested that either FIFA or UEFA might well be interested in taking a look at what is going on.

I have not been able to contact UEFA, the SFA or the SFL on this matter, it being a weekend.

This will further enrage fans across the country who have long suspected a stitch-up. Recent threats and hyperbole from Scottish football’s authorities about “Armageddon” if “Rangers” go to D3 won’t have helped.

Still less the SFA’s Stewart Regan contemplating “social unrest” if “Rangers” disappear. Leaving aside various police forces who dealt with actual social unrest when Rangers FC fans did appear, his wild speculation looked desperate, not least given its hypothetical context.

Like today’s extraordinary letter of intent, it speaks of the utter desperation Scottish football’s governing bodies have to find some way, somehow, somewhere to go on milking the so-called “Rangers” cash-cow.

At least now this latest tactic is unmasked, leaked as they surely knew it would be.

Many will conclude that fans, chairmen and players  have five days now to counteract the latest gambit-of-despair from Hampden Park.

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  1. Paul says:

    We’ve been out all day. We had to get out as we live near Glasgow Green where the “main” Orange Walk was heading for. There are many throughout the summer and, as always, we came back an hour ago to find that out security door had been forced and our communal stairway used as a toilet.

    So, I’ve just caught up with the latest desperate attempts to get the newco into the first Div rather than the Third. This was expected but it is mindboggling given that the details were bound to be leaked.

    The SFA and the SPL have lost and shred of dignity and credibility they may have had. In future, any player or official cautioned for bringing the game into disrepute should mount a serious challenge on their right to criticise or fine anyone. No-one is bring the Scottish game into disrepute more damagingly than the SFA and the SPL.

    1. Prince Charles says:

      I do not see the connection between the goings on at the SFA,SPL,SFL,Glasgow Rangers FC and an Orange walk?
      So why was the first paragraph of the above posted,it is irrelevant in its entirety.

    2. Stephen says:

      I’m Sorry, but what does an “Orange walk” and “urination in your Stairway” have to do with the current situation at Rangers? Yet another veiled Sectarian comment. That is what is wrong with our Society in Scotland. Narrow minded bigots using any opportunity to put the “enemy” down !!

      1. Kevin says:

        to be fair most spectartors at any orange walk wear rangers tops and most members of orange orders support rangers so theres your link plus it does show how animalistic SOME of the people who go to these events are (And i challenge the average walker to tell me exactly why these morons march (I use morons beacuse A i am offending you as its a march of hatred not of protecting the protestants from the ”Dirty little catholics” B they claim they arent sectarian but a mainstay of these marches is to promote a victory over a catholic king)and they do generally behave as such while listening to their sectarian tunes) and these walks are whats wrong in scotland they actively promote bigotry amd sectarianism within central scotland

      2. Prince Charles says:

        Wow,a “tune2 can be sectarian!
        Kevin,exactly how many Orange Walks have you witnessed to become such an expert?
        Please give us a rough figure of how many Orangemen you actually know.
        I watched “The Twelfth” on BBC iPlayer and never identified one spectator wearing a Rangers top.No kidding.
        Not once during the 1 hour program was Rangers even mentioned.And there was no anti-Catholic rhetoric.
        They did mention one of the bands played “The sons of Athenrye”,possibly a new inclusion.Not sure of the spelling as I no nothing about Orangeisim,unlike the rest of my fellow bloggers,who know even less.
        There was also a mention of a speech made recently in Dublin by an Orangeman which was warmly received by ALL political parties including Sinn Fienn.
        And a non Orange Irishman made the amusing observation that “You might have won the battle,but you never won the river!”,everybody laughed.
        For those of you who do not know,(quite a few I suspect)the Boyne is a river,and is in the Republic of Ireland.
        Here endeth the lesson.

      3. kevin says:

        Being what I am I don’t actively attend these walks most of my research into this subject is through videos posted on youtube and facebook as well as posts and pictures though sometimes unfortunately I have to witness them and I can count more rangers tops than I care to admit. I’m not on about edited Tv peices of these walks as they wont show the sectarianism, what’s more anti Catholic than marching to celebrate a defeat over them as well as the protestants promoting protestantism in the work place by giving employment to protestants even when there were better qualified Catholics or paying Catholics less for the same work

      4. Prince Charles says:

        It might surprise some folk,it surprised me,the BBC have been covering the Orange parades in Ireland for over 50 years.
        If you go into BBC iPlayer and click on “Regional” then “Northern Ireland” then “The Twelfth”
        Bands from Scotland,England and Ireland,a bit of history,wee bit of patter,tourists and some music.
        It is actually quite good.

      5. Prince Charles says:

        Kevin,Francis and Paul I suspect you are all paranoid or narrow minded.Try thinking for yourselves.You have made unfounded accusations and assertions with very little to back it up.The twelfth of July is a public holiday in Northern Ireland and is celebrated in a festival like fashion.People come from all over the world to spectate.OK some of them ware Rangers tops,big deal.A bit of music and a bit of history.
        We had riots in London last summer,the rioters were bored opportunists,much like the bored minority(get a life)in the Ardoyne area who threw petrol bombs at police officers,under the pretence of protest.Sinn Fienn do not have a problem with the Orange Order,and neither does any other political organization in Ireland.So why should you?

      6. Brian Hine says:

        Charlie boy, you start off above telling Kevin, Frances and Paul to think for themselves then finish it off by asking them why they shouldn’t tow the ‘psrty’ line. Make your mind up sunshine as you can’t have it both ways ;o)
        As for saying that no political party has a problem with the OO well no one had a problem with the Nazis at the beginning either and we all know how that turned out don’t we. If the OO ever got the political reigns of a country what do you think one of their top priorities would be? All I can say is thank the lord that they don’t and that they are restricted to a few silly wee walks banging their drum and showing off their new and old rangers tops :o)

      7. Prince Charles says:

        Mr Brian Hine you appear to represent the silly side of the Celtic and Hibs followers.To compare the Orange Order with the Nazis is nonsense,but the irony has not been lost to me or the rest of the world.Thanks for the post.

  2. 61bernie61 says:

    despicable is being kind, how can this mob be allowed to get away with this. scottish football is truly finished if this comes to pass, there will be a lot of walking away from the game, and not just fans but good football people running clubs all over the country

  3. Starry Plough says:

    What cash cow, they’ve sold 250 seasons tickets!!

    Sevco is a complete shambles reflected by the omnishambles that is the SFA, Disband the SFA and start with an emergency commitee for this season and reform the whole game before it dies..

  4. Stephen Barnes says:

    Fifa Rules
    SFA Rules

    Sickening to think SFA are willing to ignore their own rules

    Wonder what Fifa would have to say to this

  5. raymie says:

    Keep up the fight, you have 100,000’s of fans willing you to bring this farcical chaos to an end.

  6. Merciatic says:

    Surely only by voting no to SEVCO allowed into the SFL at all as point(i) can stop this.

  7. View from Gorgie says:

    The ONLY recourse the clubs have now is to NOT accept Rangers into the SFL in the first place (as they seem to still have a choice about in paragraph i) of that “invitation”)

    I personally wrote to FIFA and UEFA yesterday about this situation … unfortunately, not being a journalist, I don’t expect a response!

  8. Moomins says:

    25.1 The Members may, by resolution duly passed at a general meeting of the
    Members, direct the Board to take, or refrain from taking, specified action.

    The clubs need to make sure they control their board, not the other way around. The powers are there for them to do so if its what the members want.

    The SPL clubs took the power away from their board to make the decision themselves, and the SFL clubs need to do the same.

    As much as I’m enjoying the SFL chairmen tell us how corrupt Scottish football has become, they have the means to step in and stop this. Nobody else can now, not the fans, and not the media.

    If none of them are willing to step up and actually take action then its fair to say they are complicit and all this outrage is just rabble-rousing.

    I guess we’ll see over the next few days.

  9. Spikey says:

    If, as Ally McCoist says, Sevco would prefer to go to Division 3 then Ally and Mr Green should contact SPL/SFA and tell them Division 3 is their preference.

    1. Marty says:

      Ally did not say Rangers would prefer to go to Division 3. When he was discussing the matter he gave his opinion that it might have some plus points.

  10. John Smith says:

    Disgusted. As a season ticket holder of more than 25 years standing I now ask myself ,What is the point? What will the SFA, SPL and the SFL do next season if Newco don’t get promotion on their own merits? Will order league reconstruction or just tell referees to make sure than Newco don’t lose. The way this lot are carrying on it is as if they are trying to bring down Scottish football on their own.I seriously think this will be my last season watching Scottish football and I wish my own team would just walk away and leave them to it.

  11. Ritchie says:

    Alex, dont you think this is not about Rangers anymore? The ritual attacks on Rangers fans should cease.We have made our choice and its SFL3 rather that being shackled like a prisoner in SFL1.Instead the wrath should now be aimed at the incompetent SFA.My biggest concern is this body will punish Rangers excessively to prove they are in control.

    1. Agent One says:

      Hi All

      Rangers are DEAD !! They died a wee while ago ,this is not punishment for whatever your NEW club will be called,click your brain in to start mode,the club you supported don’t exist.This new Gang ran by Charlie and the Bhoys Green are a shambles and the Gang that they are dealing with are a total shambles,think we should all send messages to FIFA/UEFA about this mess that Scottish Football is in,and Ritchie your new club are luck we dont have a 10th Division because thats where you should be.

      To Be continued

      Agent one

    2. Neil says:

      No punishment has been imposed on rangers for years of cheating and mismanagement. 10 point deduction is mandatory. Any new club starts in div.3 and are not allowed to play in Europe. Where’s the punishment you’re talking about ?

  12. the_Torch says:

    Oh well. Looks like all Scottish clubs in Europe and the International team are prices worth paying to orchestrate their precious ex-Rangers back into the SPL next season.
    Between the behaviour of the SPL/SFA and various media outlet, the harsh truth has been exposed – Scottish Football exists solely to provide decent salaries for a handful of people. The fans are merely idiots who had the misfortune to have mistakenly believed football was something worth caring about in their eyes.
    It’s a faint hope – but a hope nonetheless -that FIFA step in before the crime is committed and Regan and Doncaster choose to save the rest of Scottish football before their beloved cash cow. Even if they do – your time is up Mr Regan AND Mr Doncaster. You’ve had a fair shot at this and have proven yourselves not only to be lacking in leadership and moral fibre , but also to have seriously undermined our game by valuing it so lowly. Sky and ESPN keep our game in footballing slavery , but you can’t blame them for it. They are just trying to get a good deal. They aren’t the idiots that sold a 10 pound gift voucher for 20p. If SKY and ESPN aren’t giving us what we need – a true leader would make another option work (SPLTV) – not do what Regan and Doncaster did. Which is sit back and do nothing and pretend what a wonderful job they’ve done.

  13. dorlomin says:

    “. Leaving aside various police forces who dealt with actual social unrest when Rangers FC fans did appear,””

    The mask slips.

    1. P J Fox says:

      You’re not being serious are you?
      Manchester, Birmingham, Barcelona.

    2. ged says:

      Aberdeen this season , Manchester, vilareal , Barcelona…..list goes on as u say no one likes u , we dont.care, go to div 3, byebye rangers ! Do the crime do the time

      1. jazbeer says:

        So what crime have the board and the directors of the newco actually done?
        Would this happen to a manufacturing company, or a bank or even a golf club?
        For any other organisation the slate is wiped clean after liquidation, something that a number of people on this list don’t seem to understand

    3. khenny says:

      Truth hurts does it? Oldco did in fact cause wide social unrest, fact.

      They should be consigned to the bucket where they belong.

  14. megz says:

    there are no words….ok there are a few choice ones i can think of. this goes beyond utter disgrace, the football authorities are supposed to be working in the clubs best interest but all i can see is them desperately trying to work in one clubs interest (i cant even say its their best interest as Div 3 is a far kinder fate for newco than Div 1/SPL2 i can imagine they would struggle to compete or even win promotion, which would be hilarious and most likely cause some of the social unrest regan speaks of)

    Right now as an individual i feel rather impotent because i really want to be able to do something about this. The entire footballing authorities need rebuilt from the ground up. will FIFA/UEFA be able to do something about this, do clubs need to complain? I think if fans from all clubs band together we could effect some change, otherwise this will go ahead unchecked. Regan/doncaster clearly think they can act and we will just take it, but i for one refuse!

  15. Jim W says:

    Am I correct in my thinking that the only way to avoid this is for them to reject section 1 and refuse to admit Sevco as an associate member? and if so, do you have any feedback if they are willing to go that far?

  16. James Grieve says:

    Time for change. The whole cabal including Campbell Ogilvie, Regan, Doncasster and Longmuir should look at the word “integrity” and resign en masse

  17. Morgajx says:

    On one hand newco are refused entry under the guise of “Sporting Integrity” yet that is forgotten when it suits certain parties. Almost every fan including newco fans believe it is right to start in Div 3. Newco fans want to start with a clean slate and not have preferential treatment cast up against them. They need to start listening to the fans.

  18. Mike says:

    The clubs are being backed into a corner. They must now vote NO to proposal one, to prevent the stitch-up proposal two taking place.

  19. Ewan says:

    I was hoping for a rallying call from SFA: “tough times, pulling together, integrity makes us stronger, etc etc”. Regan’s comments have been jaw-droppingly agenda driven. Having painted such a black future without RFC, is it reasonable to ask if SFA knew about events at RFC long before now. With self-preservation suggesting to guarantee no whistle blowing, i’d be unable to trust their answer. Regan’s comments surely make his position untenable.

  20. Integrity says:

    Don’t allow them in as a member they dont fulfil the citeria anyway simples

  21. Ally says:

    1. SFA Management should have had a Disaster Recovery plan in place for ALL eventualities. To simply say that no-one could have forseen this is not good enough and if this was anything but Football in Scotland, resignations would be expected.
    2. SPL clubs outwith the “Old Firm” now have the chance to change the stranglehold at the top as Celtic would now have to court other teams to maintain the 11-1 votes and also the existing 12 team league – Rumours are that the Belgian League Model is favourite.
    The “We let our Fans Decide” declaration sounds a bit hollow when last weekend they were still in talks with Rangers NewCo with a view to change their minds.
    On the Upsurge in “Season Tickets” for the SPL clubs? How many is “We have more applications than last year”; 1, 10 100, 1000?
    3. Of all the clubs in the SPL, you could not help but laugh that the owner of Hearts (Vladimir Romanov) led the “revolution” with talks of the often used and quoted “Sporting Integrity”. How Many times did he NOT pay wages on time ? How Many HMRC Winding Up Orders were they given ?
    4. Now to the SFL, the poor relations being made to carry the can now. After seeing the above article it is quite clear that providing the “Sporting Integrity” of the SFA/SPL is maintained they should do the right thing and accept Rangers NewCo into Division 1 – providing that a certain “Series of Measures” are agreed to and accepted. What these are God only knows and probably have not even been dreamt up yet, but it will almost certainly permit further penalties to Rangers NewCo as Stewart Regan has already stated publicly that the SFA Application allows them to set any appropriate punishment; even after The Rangers fans have voted for the 3rd Division.
    This does not sit well with the SFA as they have quoted £15.7m lost if this happens, all well and good then, but where is the “Sporting Integrity” and where is the leadership in this this? It just comes down to one thing, Regan will call it “for the good of Scottish Football” everyone else will see it as gross mis-management at a corporate level. I personally hope that the SFL abstain from the vote and put the ball back into the SFA – “you allowed this to happen, you fix it !!! … and turn off the lights and leave the keys when you leave”

    One further point; The SPL were informed that Craig Whyte was not a “Fit and Proper Person” to run Rangers by a committee from Rangers itself BEFORE he acquired control – yet they chose to ignore this; so why did they not take action then.

  22. JimmyD says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that the Scottish Football authorities have taken advice from Vladimir Putin,President Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao before drafting the proposals being presented to the SFL clubs on July 13th?

  23. Keir Husband says:

    Fans have been trying to get journalists to ask serious questions of Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster since the SFL meeting earlier this week.

    We have seen the figures produced in justification of parachuting Rangers into SFL1 and a little research suggests they are questionable in the least.

    Yet during this time Doncaster has been silent and Regan was allowed to get away with his continued assertions of armageddon and financial meltdown without a single journalist challenging him seriously. This is simply not good enough.

    I am glad that your ire is raised. You have five days to help Scottish football make a serious decision based on principles of democracy; openness, honesty and with freedom of choice.

    Stewart Regan recently described the need for the SFA to carry out its job without ‘fear or favour’. The statement seems all too laughable now.

  24. Marty says:

    No doubt some will see this as a sinister, pro-Rangers plot but the men in charge of Scotland’s football bodies are obviously in a panic about money. No it’s not greed either, but panic.

  25. Paul says:

    This just sent to everyone who represents us at every level, Councillors, MP, MSPs and MEPs (writetothem.com is a great resource just key in yr postcode for all details, easy peasy!).


    We had to get away from our flat this morning as we are disgusted by
    what we have seen on Orange Walks previously. We spent the day away
    and got back just before 7pm.

    We knew that, as always, there would be a mess. People wearing or
    showing various Union regalia were shouting, falling and/or vomiting
    around the Gallowgate, London Road and the Green. As always on these
    Walks, our security door had been forced and there were vodka and
    Buckfast bottles at the edge of a urine lake. A few steps from our flat

    It’s not new, it doesn’t surprise us but, this time, we made a report
    to the Police and it will register as a crime incident with the code

    Can we ask you please to use all the powers you have to rid our City
    and Country of this barbaric behaviour. We are rarely ashamed of
    Glasgow and Scotland but this has to stop! How should we explain any
    of this to the many tourists who are attracted here? I cannot imagine
    what they think of us.

    PLEASE – let’s stop tolerating vile, inhuman behaviour – politicians of
    all parties need to drag these people into the 21st Century, the voters
    would support a combined approach.

    If they must celebrate whatever it is they are FOR (it is obvious what
    they are AGAINST and I am neither Irish or Catholic) then let them hire
    a space/venue at their own cost and let let them get on with it off our

    Yours sincerely,


    We all know that no politician will ever stand against this trash (either because they have “links” and/or because they fear the loss of votes) but it must be time for a cross-party campaign to rid us of this vile behaviour. The cross-party approach defeats the vote-loss argument.

    Fans across Scotland seem to be clear that their views should be listened to despite the desparate efforts of the SFA and SPL (who cannot possibly ever fine anyone for “bringing the game into disrepute”!) .

    I hate being ashamed of Glasgow and Scotland and I am determined that there is no cause more urgent for the City and Country than to flush out this vile, rancid cancer.

    Glasgow is a vibrant, open, welcoming and lively city as more and more visitors have seen. The energy and humour are palpable and that’s why we love being back here after almost 30 yrs in London (which was amazing). We cannot let these neanderthals drag our reputation down!

    We need a cross-party response to drag them into the reality of the 21 Century.

    1. Prince Charles says:

      What does this reported incident have to do with Scottish football clubs?
      And why is it on this blog?

      1. Francis says:

        Because the “walkers” are part of a big Scottish social problem and are “related to” the football club under discussion. One feeds the other. If, out of the present administrative mess, football in Scotland could be divorced from such primitive sectarian mind-sets and such anti-social behaviour, it would be a great step forward and someone’s stairwell would be a lot cleaner. Oh, I am such a dreamer …

      2. Prince Charles says:

        You are a typical West of Scotland bigot who obviously knows nothing about what she is ranting about.Get an education.

      3. Francis says:

        She? And you’re telling me to get an education! How does an accusation of bigotry come out of what I stated? West of Scotland? Nowhere near, my dear Prince, so keep your ignorant name calling to yourself and try to engage in proper debate, educated discussion.

      4. Thomas Hamilton says:

        Why do the majority of followers at these anti catholic marches wear Rangers tops,that’s why it’s on this blog.

      5. jazbeer says:

        Unfortunate name, that. Thomas Hamilton.

      6. Thomas Hamilton says:

        What does my name have to do in relation to this blog, and why, in your opinion, is it unfortunate. GROW UP !!

      7. Prince Charles says:

        Mr Hamilton,the Orange Order is a church based organization and is not anti-Catholic.
        If you are curious about someones choice of attire I suggest you poll them.

      8. Francis says:

        Not anti-Catholic? Tell that to the orators in this organisation who have raged and ranted against the Catholic Church down the years and to those who have suffered as a result of their rants.

      9. Thomas Hamilton says:

        So the Orange Order is not anti catholic and is church based.Why then, is the Pope of Rome, leader of the Catholic church, demonised by the orange order , why do the hangers on at these marches continually chant F*** the Pope,a chant that echo’s around Ibrox Stadium at every Rangers game.
        And as you are obviously ignorant on this subject, may I remind you that in 2004, Judge Lord Kingarth ruled in favour of MP George Galloway when Orange Order member Adam Ingram sued him for stating that the orange order is Sectarian anti-catholic Protestant-supremacist.
        And there you have it, the law of the bigoted little country that we live in agrees that the orange order IS anti-catholic.

      10. Prince Charles says:

        Mr Hamilton,Adam Ingram was,for 1 year a junior member of the Orange Order and attended 3 walks.He never renewed his membership and claims to have never played a flute.
        How many Orange walks have you been in attendance of,to hear these,alleged,”continual chants?
        An expletive in front of a name is not something to get worked up about.In my opinion its only air,and on its own is benign.You might find it disagreeable,and I might prefer they did not chant it either,but at the end of the day it does no physical harm,so it is harmless.

    2. jazbeer says:

      Republican and hibernian parades don’t have this kind of behaviour then?

    3. Cllr Peter Lockhart says:

      I’m one of the Councillors for Cowdenbeath and believe me, I’m fighting against this disgraceful situation.

  26. laptop loyal says:

    Thanks for exposing this Alex. The behaviour of the SFA and SPL beggars belief. While Regan and Doncaster have clearly lost all authority and credibility, you have to ask who has persuaded them to pursue an agenda that is so blatantly pro – Rangers / sevco, and that would be so obviously unacceptable to everyone else. Prime suspect must be Campbell Ogilvie. Despite being at the very heart of the EBT scandal at Rangers that led to the current crisis, he has, incredibly, retained his position as the president of the SFA. Perhaps Alex could invite him to explain his role in drafting the latest proposals.

  27. Abzer says:

    Can we stop referring to rangers, they are no more. Liquidated, gone with all the history. Newco5088, in my understanding, should be lucky to have an application for the SFL accepted at all.

    Just as a matter of interest, what colours have newco5088 applied to play in, do they have an aesthetically appealing designed shirt to generate some sales…?

    1. obsessionat says:

      They will be soon be playing in an asset strip!

    2. Marty says:

      Rangers the club aren’t gone. In fact even the old company hasn’t been liquidated at the moment. The club was there before the company and it will be there after it too. Even the term “newco” tells you that – new company, not new club.

      1. Bruce says:

        Which is why many object to the lazy expression…newco.

        Rangers incorporated in 1899. Do you understand what that means? It was not taken over by the company, it became the company. So it follows that when said companies liquidation is complete, Rangers are gone.

      2. Marty says:

        A business (whether it be a hotel, a shop, a pub or whatever) can of course come under the ownership of a new company and still carry on. And why are so many folk going on about something they claim doesn’t even exist?

    3. Alan J says:

      Aree you really that stupid? Rangers still exist. It is merely the ownership that ceases to exist. The club is still there, the ground is still there, and players (with some excewtions) are still there. The clu, the ground and the players contracts were sold to the new owners. Rangers commenced in 1872 and changed hands in 1894? But there stadium depicts the commencement of the team in 1872. I wonder why that is?

      1. Bruce says:

        The stadium’s still there, but that bears no relationship to whether a club still exists or not.

    4. Alan McConnell says:

      Bruce – thank you. You just shot down your own argument! The club, ‘RANGERS’, was founded in 1872 and celebrated its 140-year anniversary in 2012. In 1899 the ‘ownership’ of the club became incorporated which of course had no impact or relevance as to the founding date of ‘RANGERS’. This incorporation may have ceased in 2012 but ‘RANGERS’, as it did in 1899, continues as a football club.

      Nice of you to point some of the earlier facts and supporting evidence.

      1. Bruce says:

        No, I haven’t. The club changed its legal identity and form in 1899. It can’t revert to that now.

      2. Alan M says:

        The Club is still there or are you totally blind? A company in liquidation can be sold on as a going concern – which is exactly what has happened to Rangers. The limited company cannot be sold on but the assets and trading name can be and thus continued. If rangers cease to exist then why are they still called ‘Rangers’? Why am I telling you this? …go read a law book!

  28. Henry Clarson says:

    This is further proof of the overwhelming need to be done with Rangers once and for all. When you see the evidence of how despicably the so-called football authorities are prepared to act in order to serve Rangers, you have to conclude that there is nothing about that club which is worth saving.
    Its very existence comes with a price tag which is too high to pay.
    This is also why I took issue with Alex’s recent blogpost which proposed a corporate-style “rebranding” exercise to relaunch the new, improved, toxin-free “Rangers”. It can’t be done.
    The very essence of this club is a moral disease. It has to be eradicated.
    For ever.

    1. jazbeer says:

      So presumably Celtic fans are all angels then? And Aberdeen? And Hibs?

  29. stewart flynn says:

    im sorry for scottish football that they have or will allow a team of rangers pedigree to fall victim of un support from league management and all the governing bodies of scottish football i am personally not a rangers fan but i would have it said that lots of the other teams´´lesser teams ´´would not survive without rangers or celtic cash it is or will be a very sad day for scottish football to lose an old established club ,ok religious bigotry and spending willy nilly on foreign players aside the scottish league and sfa need rangers to survive so i hope for a way out of the problem which is helpfull and benefitial to all

    1. KLATU says:

      as always you betray yourself with you spelling

  30. tazheats says:

    Here is an interesting theory for you and perhaps one which may merit further investigation?

    I’ve been struggling since Regan’s absurd rant to make any sense of the whole situation…..

    but this SPL vote letter actually ties together a lot of factors…..

    What I couldn’t understand was Doncaster’s – and now Regan’s – obsession with avoiding Newco in Div 3 at all costs – despite that being what nearly everybody in the game clearly wants, INCLUDING the vast majority of “Rangers” fans.

    What was stopping them taking the easy route, doing what the people want and sticking to the rules that are laid down for all to see. Why make life hard for themselves? Why make up all the obviously fake, scaremongering figures?

    BUT if Doncaster and Regan originally guaranteed Green a place in Division 1 at worst (and we’ve heard all sorts of stories of players and others being promised this) and Green only purchased the club on this understanding, you can begin to see how a horror story might currently be unfolding for Doncaster and Regan on a personal level….

    If Green never had the intention – or financial backing – to cope with Newco playing in Divison 3, then if faced with that prospect, he might well take the nuclear option – referred to by Brown on the Ibrox steps, which would mean he had to join a witness protection scheme in Canada, i.e. sell the lot, and make “Rangers” another Third Lanark. This situation could indeed cause a riot – the ‘social unrest’. But more significantly, although Green would be Public Enemy No.1 – Doncaster and Regan would be joint Public Enemy No.2, for their part in bringing in Green, luring him with promises that they couldn’t keep. The ‘social unrest’, rather than a vague notion of violence across the land, would be directed at them personally. They would be seen to have blood on their hands in the “murder” of Rangers. I think they’re scared, desperate men.

    It’s interesting that Green has now adopted a ‘que sera sera’ attitude to the vote – he at least stands to make a fair amount of money, and has no qualms about the consequences, being first and foremost a businessman. For Doncaster and Regan though, there would be no financial consolation.

    Now if you look at section 4.23 of the the D&P / Sevco CVA/liquidation document …..

    4.23 In the event that either this CVA is not approved, or the other Conditions of the loan are not satisfied or waived by 23 July 2012, Sevco is contractually obliged to purchase the business and assets of the Company for £5,500,000 by 30 July 2012. All further terms of that sale have been agreed in advance and are confidential.
    My reading of 4.23 is that Sevco have not yet paid a penny for the assets of RFC and will not have to pay up until 23/07/2012.

    Now could it be that the “other conditions” are a get out clause for Green should the newco not at the very least be allowed entry at SFL league 1? It would make sense for Green to have this exit strategy if he does not think he can fund the newco for the 3 years it will take for them to get back into the SPL?

    1. Dade says:

      You’ve got to think there is something else at work here that is yet to come out as it doesn’t seem long ago that fans were in hope that Regan would step in and show Doncaster the rule book however it now seems that the two are in cahoots and devising some plan to hoodwink Rangers back into the top flight.

  31. mikeb says:

    social unrest? what like Manchester, Birmingham and Barcelona and everywhere else these hordes of triumphilistic neanderthal hordes have trodden? 140 years an institution, 140 years of rancid sectarianism and cheating, they havent paid a bill in 2 years so how is anyone going to miss their money

    1. dfc Dougd says:

      A very good point so much for all the money they bring to the game….they have pillaged the Scottish teams taking their finest players for peanuts….when and if they do pay

  32. MSM says:

    I have not been able to contact UEFA, the SFA or the SFL on this matter, it being a weekend.

    If there is any chance at all I hope you contact UEFA first and foremost as it is more than obvious now that the SFA & SPL are not in the least interested in anyhting other than their own agenda to push “Rangers” into the 1st Division for season 2012/13, something has to be done otherwise there will be “social unrest” and “Armageddon” from all the other fans across the entire football divisions including managers, players and boardmembers who are all being bullied and intimidated there has to be notification to FIFA or UEFA I have read and I have also contacted UEFA but are our voices being heard – it does not look like it – may be someone of your position and standing in the media can be heard – hope you try Alex.

  33. m. stewart says:

    I would like to suggest that Supporters get in touch with Uefa and Fifa , this has become farcical and you fear you cannot trust anyone who is running Scottish Football. What a shambles. Please, someone get this mess sorted .

    1. Dougie says:

      I contacted both FIFA and UEFA over a week ago – as fans we don’t count – not even an acknowledgement. Similarly the SFA have not responded to any of my e-mails.

      All e-mails have been polite.

      It has to be media driven so hoping Alex has more success than the ordinary fan who supports the game here in Scotland.

  34. craigakconnolly says:

    A stitch up for sure, scare mongering at the highest level.
    I am a recovered alcoholic, 15 yrs sober . I love life and it riches of good emotionally healthy grounded relationships, the respect I now have among friends and family, I am a decent man, inwardly organised, content and full of life.
    These riches haven’t come to fruit by chance, they have come about by admitting my faults, taking an honest , truthful inventory of myself , my thoughts and actions.
    By making amends to others I have trodden on, mending broken relationships , eating a banquet of humble pie and retaining the humility and using it as the fuel to propel my life. I have stood at many a turning point and unsure of what road to take , the voice inside my head has always said “do the right thing and the right thing happens” and it has always turned out to be the right way.
    Scottish football is at the turning point I hope and pray that they too see past their greed, corruption and bias and do the right thing, let rangers eat their humble pie , again they might flourish as scottish football would also , lets start again and let the new shoots rise from the ashes. If the sfl and sfa do what they have always done then they’ll get what theyve always got – a corrupt and toxic unfair game.
    Neil and Stewart ? Ask yourselves are you really doing the “right” thing.

  35. MikeGood says:

    Absolutely disgusting. EUFA must intervene. Are Rangers any better thgan Juventus? This whole farce only creates doubt as to the integrity of everyone at the top of Scottish football – Regan and Doncaster in particular. Rules most apply to every club, if this had been Dunfermline or St Mirren or Kilmarnock, etc they would have been demoted to Division 3 immediately, with no spec ulation or manoeuvering. DISGUSTING.

    1. Marty says:

      Juventus? You mean the club that got put down a single division for being involved with match-fixing, no less?

  36. Andrew Sim says:


    Firstly want to thank you for your dogged, rational and enlightening pursuit of all that is rotten in the state of Scottish football. This, along with the RTC Blog have unearthed layer after layer of scandal, intrigue, cover-up, deceit and collusion.

    And yet, despite all this, the bungling incompetents that constitute the various Scottish football authorities continue to act as though they are not under the microscope, that fans aren’t united on this and that the days of succulent lamb are over. The vested interests are so obvious and callous that it beggars belief. How can Campbell Ogilvie still be actively involved in ANY decision or debate? How can the Daily Record continue to print pro-Murray era releases almost verbatim?

    Neil Doncaster has proven himself to inept. Why have the various men in charge not been planning since last year, when the totality of this scandal became clearer and clearer, for what to do in the event that RFC cease to exist? Surely that is there job. Scottish football was on its knees WITH the Rangers-Celtic duopoly and in urgent need of renewed interest, finance and…..excitement! Now, with the threat that Rangers will not be involved, they are clambering to preserve the ancien regime, when that needed a revolution anyway! This has presented an opportunity for improved grass-roots football, fan involvement and a much needed realignment of the Scottish game. It has been in a dire state for the last decade and the SFA/SPL are not capable of finding a solution. Their inaction to propose alternatives, scare-mongering and outright incompetency throughout this entire story has made each and every one of them unfit for their role.

    Scottish fans and football deserves a new chapter.

    Thanks again. Stand Free.

  37. scottishfootballfan says:

    It would seem that members of the SPL board aren’t trying to push the SFL into a decision.


    Mr Thompson being a member of the SPL board.

    Therefore should we assume the pressure being applied is coming only from Mr Doncaster? If so, it would appear he’s going against the wishes of the board and the majority of Scottish football fans, including Rangers fans.

    Questions have to be asked of why pressure is being applied and who it’s coming from.

  38. Get Reagan and Co Out says:

    What about the despicable actions of the Daily Record Censorship on all stories about rangers for the last 3-4 days?

    They now don’t allow ANY comments on new rangers stories as most were seen as detrimental to getting rangers into the SPL.

    It is obvious that they don’t want free speech as it would highlight that the majority of Scottish supports believe they should go to the 3d division.

  39. Robert Taggart says:

    Scottish club football (not to mention the national team and their ‘Tatters Army’ !) have always been a joke (not mention a ‘two horse race’). All the more so since the best of their managers left in ’86 !

    Scottish club football has always been joke (not to mention the national team and their ‘Tatters Army’ !) being for the most part a ‘two horse race’ !
    All the more so since the best of their managers ’emigrated’ in ’86 !!
    Question. Would not a united Celtic League – Scotland, Wales, Ulster, Eire, Cornwall (?) make sense going forward ?

  40. Philip says:

    As a Eng-Brit not a Scot, I’ve been following this with amazement. As a Berwick Rangers fan, I’m sure we’d welcome the chance to beat Rangers again. But the actions of the Scottish football establishment seem almost incredible. Haven’t they learnt that people expect a little bit more than just seeing the financial aspect of an issue. Hasn’t the banking, Leveson enquiry & MPs expenses not taught them that people are concerned with the morality as much as the cost/benefits? I confess, however, I’m not sure what would happen in England if the same sort of thing was found to have occurred with Manchester United, for example.I realise there is less polarisation between the “haves” & “have nots” in England & the 2 “haves” in Scotland, just about to be halved. But the prospect of trophies must counterweight that to some extent. It’d also be an excellent opportunity to impose a realistic salary cap – which is what we should also be doing south of the Border.

  41. John D says:

    Thanks Alex for continuing to expose The breathtaking arrogance being displayed by those who purport to be working in the best interests of the game in Scotland. Surely UEFA or FIFA must take a serious look at this – member associations cannot just tear up their rule books because it doesn’t suit their political agendas at a point in time – can they? Also really perturbed by the sheer lack of proper investigative journalism in Scotland – no wonder those in authority think they can pursue their own agendas without challenge. If Regan, Doncaster, Ogilvie et al get their way on this they will never be trusted in the eyes of fans again – surely that can’t be good for the future of Scottish football? Thanks again Alex, really grateful that there is someone out there shining a light on the ineptitude at the heart of our game.

  42. Mac says:

    Scottish football run solely for the benefit of two clubs and which allows cheats to prosper. This is the end of football in Scotland.

  43. CarloC says:

    Quite simply RFC no longer exist! Sevco is not a football club! There is now a vacancy in the SFL and only clubs who have at least 3 years of audited accounts can apply. Sevco, if they are in a position to establish a club, will not be elegible to apply for membership of SFL3. They can apply for membership of the SFA, and there are about 40 clubs who are not members of the SPL or SFL but are members of the SFA. Membership of the SFA does not automatically confer membership of the SFL.

  44. frank a says:

    hi alex when you make contact with the sfa and spl could you ask them what is happening about the ebts everybody and their granny is saying that is for another day

  45. Gutted says:

    I am totally dumbfounded by what is going on in Scotland and in particular the farce that is SFA and the former team known as rangers fc. If Alex Salmond thinks that I, an SNP supporter is going to vote yes, to an independent Scotland, whilst this sorry tale is unfolding around his watch then he is delusional. He was the first to grab some media headlines after the so called game of shame. So where is he now that a far greater crime has been taking place? Media bullying, tax avoidance, Fraud and all other criminality that one cares to mention. I have often said the football in our country can sometimes reflect the mood of a nation, but I am deeply concerned as to what I am witnessing. We have the head of an organization (SFA) telling the voters (SFL members) that no matter what you vote we will ignore and enforce upon them their will. And all the while, a large portion of the Scottish written media are complicate in ensuring that the basic democratic principle of journalism is being ignored for their own self gratification and connection with the so called establishment within Scotland….I fear for our nations future if we stand by and allow this circus to continue…..time for the politicians to get involved now and save democracy in Scotland before this allowed to go any further…Once all this is cleared up, I would like some attention switched to the Standard of journalism in Scotland and a review in to how we have allowed some of these so called tabloid journalists to ply their trade.

  46. Cosa Nostra says:

    As with many posters I commend your determination in bringing the truth to fans of all clubs who appear to be getting hood-winked again. Despite the overwhelming evidence that supports any Newco starting in division 3 there is a concerted effort by the powers that be to act as they please and ignore or distort any rule they see fit.
    The recent SFA charge found that only match fixing would have carried more serious penalties and to resolve the Newco issue our games leaders resort to league fixing as a solution. It would be funny if it were not so sad. In what other business or sport would you tell paying customers that the voice of the majority is going to be ignored and expect to flourish. The reputation of football in Scotand will be damaged beyond repair if this sham succeeds.

  47. viktor komorowski says:

    the sfa has got aaway with so much chicanery for years in smoke filled rooms it has not grasped the light of publicity the “internet bampots” and alex thomson are committed to shed on this despicable affair.

    the only threat of armageddon is the one posed by the actions of the football admiistrators who will end up forcing uefa and/or fifa to act.

    1. dfcdougd says:

      We are already seriously damaged by Rangers re Uefa and Fifa since they took a football matter to the law,ie Edinburgh Court of session. This puts Scottish football in a very disadvantageous
      position…Cann we now expect their help or co-operation? Thanks Old Rangers

  48. Jimmy D says:

    Seems to me that the SFL clubs are being asked to deal with a problem which is not of thier making.Why don’t the clubs get together with a set of proposals of their own and present them to the so called heirarchy at the SFA.

    They could propose what the vast majority of football supporters have been saying all along which is that newco application should be submitted for entry to the SFL division 3.

    It seems to have turned into a bizarre version of pass the parcel so why not pass it back to the so called powers that be with the clear message that we would not be in this farcical situation if they had learned from the mistakes of the past club administrations, and put the correct legislation in place which would have avoided putting the SFL clubs in a no win situation.

    To the majority of decent supporters it beggars belief that the people who are supposed to run the game in this country can get it so spectacularly wrong.

  49. Jon says:

    The SFL have got to be strong on this stinking situation.

    What the SFA are proposing is hypothetical because there is no vacancy as yet in the SFL for a new team.

    The SPL should be forced to decide who they would like to invite to replace the old Rangers FC.

    Only then does a vacancy exist in the SFL and no vote should occur until that is the case. This also means the old Rangers share is no longer held within the SPL – and this is very important in all of this.

    Once that is accomplished the SFL should then impose their own rules and state that new applicants are welcome in accordance with their rules – which I believe includes 3 years of audited accounts.

    Sorry Sevco – no room at the inn.

  50. Brian Hine says:

    Although written by a Hibs fan I’m certain most other fans will agree with the statement below :-

    ‘Hibernian Supporter’s Association Statement’

    For Hibs and their fans this summer should have been solely about a much needed rebuilding process.

    Instead we have watched with increasing concern as the whole Scottish game has been tarnished by the financial collapse of Rangers.

    As Hibs fans we know only too well how men concerned more with profiteering than the wishes of fans can risk the very existence of a football club.

    So it is with increasing dismay that we have watched Scottish football tear itself apart in its attempts to protect a business model that operates more for the benefit of TV executives than ordinary supporters.

    We believe that the new Rangers – if they can satisfy the usual standards demanded for SFA membership – should start out again in the Third Division.

    We welcomed the “no” vote passed by the SPL, including our own club, but we have watched with dismay as the SPL clubs have stood silently on the sidelines as their own Chief Executive – with the help and approval of a now entirely discredited SFA – has tried to bully and threaten lower division clubs into submission.

    Not only do we find the tactics used by Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan abhorrent, we also take issue with the doomsday scenarios they have offered as evidence.

    While TV money and corporate sponsorship are undoubtedly important we do not believe that all of them would vanish if the Rangers newco was not guaranteed a place in the SPL within 12 months.

    We would also argue that additional benefits – including a return to more regular 3pm Saturday kick off times – would offset some of the lost revenue.

    This, however, is an issue that should go beyond finances.

    It is essential that Hibernian – like all clubs – are part of a fair and equitable league structure with governing bodies that are consistent and reasonable in their treatment of all clubs.

    We do not believe that is currently the case and we would call on all SPL clubs – including our own – to urgently address the damage being done to the game by Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan.

    We have long felt that reconstruction of the league structure was a critical factor in strengthening the Scottish game.

    The proposals that are currently being discussed destroy the prospect of a strong Scottish game and are aimed solely at rebuilding a strong Rangers.

    These attempts at craven gerrymandering for the sake of one club are an affront to all the commitments to “sporting integrity” we have heard over the last few months.

    Many Hibernian fans feel cheated. While the financial sacrifices made at Easter Road have not always found favour with many of our fans we do appreciate that these decisions have been made in the interests of long term stability.

    We now find our voices ignored as rules are broken or rewritten to favour a club that has spent money it could not afford to buy success.

    It is heartbreaking for us to hear members speak of not going back to Easter Road or of turning their back on the Scottish national team.

    These are not hollow threats. They are a symptom of the disillusionment many fans feel at a game that seems to constantly betray its paying customers.

    While we have sympathy for ordinary Rangers fans left bewildered by current events we have also been saddened over the last few months to hear Ally McCoist attempt to destroy a disciplinary process that had been created to help move the game forward.

    Other comments from high profile Rangers figures such as Sandy Jardine have seemed to be nothing more than vindictive threats against other clubs. These have left us shocked and angered.

    Now we find ourselves in the unacceptable position of watching Charles Green attempt to sign players while footballing debts to other clubs – debts that are as important as any projected TV or sponsorship income – remain unpaid.

    Yet this apparent lack of contrition is being ignored as the Scottish football authorities unite to do what they feel is best for just one club.

    We would hope that the European and global footballing authorities are watching these developments with interest and will move to censure the Scottish governing bodies.

    Hibernian Football Club is our passion. We want to see a strong Hibs on the pitch and off the pitch. We want to see a sustainable Hibernian at the heart of our community.

    22 years ago we united as fans to save Hibernian.

    Today we find ourselves united in calling for Scottish football to end the current uncertainty, withdraw the current campaign of bullying and threats aimed at our friends in the Scottish Football League and allow Rangers to rebuild their devastated club from the Third Division.

    Fans of other clubs have been accused of “hating” Rangers.

    We are defined not by hatred of any club but by our love of Hibernian.

    A strong Hibernian in a strong Scottish game will forever be our one and only aim.

    A few men motivated by greed and money currently risk that vision.

    Fans of Hibernian and every other club cannot stand silently by and let that happen.

    Hibernian F.C. Supporters Association

    1. KLATU says:

      I DREAM

  51. Jason says:

    We are at the point of no return now. Either we can persuade UEFA/FIFA to intervene or the fans must get together and march to Hampden. There is no other way left to fight this.

  52. disgusted but not surprised says:

    It makes me wonder where they are going to find a sponsor for any of the Scottish football leagues next season. Who in their right mind would want to get their good name associated with this level of corruption?
    Why are our politicians so silent on this populist matter? Usually they are the first to lecture others on morals or jump on the bandwagon when they see the how the wind is blowing. There is something weird going on.

  53. West Lothian Steve says:

    Why do Rangers want their history when its obvious teams they`ve won against haven`t had a fair chance.
    Past Honours (?) are not real when they have been achieved with players fielded with undeclared side payments (EBTs) etc.
    Future Honours (?) SFA, SPL now SFL very publicly falling over themselves to favour their new team into SPL1 at the expense of SPL2 & 3 teams chance of promotion.
    No honour in winning next years SPL1 when other teams have been denied an even chance at their expense – its cheating. What is the cost of honour?

  54. gorillaintheroom says:

    I’m actually embarrassed to be in this wee cuntry….. as a republican i would still rather be ruled by westminster than this silly wee, sewn up masonic neandrathal place.

    joke factory.

    1. Prince Charles says:

      Obviously you know what side your bread is buttered on,so you will not be heading back to Irish run,debt ridden Ireland any century soon.

      1. Bruce says:

        Fans of the dead club are still on the charm offensive, I see.

      2. Francis says:

        Why assume that, if someone is a republican, they must be Irish? More narrow-minded and ignorant calculations from the Prince.

  55. Alan McConnell says:

    I fear Rangers will no longer get a fair hearing. The Scottish football authorities have put the SFL clubs in a no-win situation. If the rules state that the clubs vote as to what division Rangers should go in (assuming their acceptance back into the SFL) then that’s the ballot that needs to take place.

  56. SW2 says:

    The frothing at the mouth from rival fans is hilarious. They should film the next installment of the 28 days later trilogy in Scotland. The lust for sporting integrity.

  57. Roy Stewart says:

    The current situation suggests that Doncaster and Regan considered their current posts as sinecures. As long as Rangers and Celtic dominated, and everyone else acquiesed, then everything in the garden was rosy. Now that Rangers are no more, and change is demanded, both individuals appear decidedly uncertain as to what line they should take. It all smacks of an endeavour to ensure a return to the situation ‘as was’ allowing Doncaster and Regan to again settle back into their old (perhaps too comfortable) ways. Their lack of direction is otherwise breathtaking, and should be aggressively questioned.

  58. Philip Edwards says:


    The only thing that will work now is organised and long-term mass direct action by the fans.

    This corruption runs so deep all the paper or electronic petitions in the world cannot work of themselves. The affect will be almost nil.

    If there’s one thing to terrify the Suits it’s the prospect of many thousands of protesting peaceful fans outside their front door, office or domicile. They’d change their direction pretty sharpish then.

  59. orri says:

    The main point being missed here is not that somehow permission is being asked to allow Rangers to enter the SFL in division one. It’s that the board is asking for the right to agree to a change in the SFL structure without any further reference to it’s member clubs. If that is not the case then even if that vote passes it’s still not an end to the saga, if the deal the Board feels right is rejected by the members are Rangers in D1 or D3?

  60. Del says:

    The powers that have run Scottish football are the same ones who were compliant in that one of their member clubs discriminated against Catholics and people of Irish birth and ancestry.These are the same powers that are now using bribery, intimidation and threats to force this same newco club and its bigoted fans into SFL1.When the whole of Scotlands other clubs and fans are telling them,we dont want you.

    1. Alan J says:

      Why bring the fans into this they’ve done nothing wrong? Clearly your the bigot.

  61. Brisbane Bill says:

    As a Celtic fan down under I have observed the saga from a safe distance. The “social unrest” comment leaves me speechless and concerned for the welfare of fellow football fans. The gerrymandering and blatant hypocrisy of the governing institutions is just astonishing. The succulent lamb often discussed must have been laced with hallucinogens. The whole sorry tale is confirmation that truth is so much stranger than fiction.

    I will miss the old firm games; as will fans of the oldco Gers. But the question is simple; Can the newco become a sustainable and viable organisation ? I suspect that the answer is yes in the fullness of time. If we all have to wait a few years for another “old firm/new firm” encounter then it will be worth it if the game has cleaned up its act. This will only be achieved if the will of all the fans (remarkably united) is accepted. Surely, associations exist in order to represent clubs and their fans. To help them maintain order they publish rules and guidelines; they maintain records and rely on precedents to avoid ambiguity. Associations that ignore their own rules and precedents are unworthy to govern and must be replaced. If rules are to be reconsidered the usual process is typically slow and laborious involving motions, meetings, compromise etc. This “emergency” approach reveals that the SFA have lost control of the agenda and are responding in panic to events. This is not good enough for Scotland and it will not be good enough for FIFA.

  62. KLATU says:

    Alex-from the first day you took up the challenge-of reporting on RFC(L)-i posted on the first article you wrote about this being the biggest story in British sporting history-never in my wildest imaginings could i have conjured up this unfolding saga.
    Between yourself and ch4 ,internet”bampots”,and Hugh Adams honesty(buried by the press for years) and the rare Scottish hacks(cant think of any brave enough to write when they knew the truth at the time)-thank you all.
    Its frightening when the scottish football authorities see fit to threaten the scottish public(social unrest)-football??????-downright irresponsible gangsterism-the police should be called and all these thugs made to explain on tv just exactly what they mean-its incitement-this is not Rwanda-most of us dont care about football-but YOU are impacting on US-law abiding ,tax paying peacefull citizens-GROW UP

  63. Robero says:

    Thanks again Alex, you are doing a great job.

    Are you aware of the analysis of TV income in other European countries shown at http://saintinasia.wordpress.com

    This seems to show that rather than have reduced income post which should actually increase our income to at least European averages.

    This deserves to be brought to the attention of the SPL chairs, journos etc. Can you help?


  64. Nile Rodgers says:

    On the subject of lost revenues to other clubs . Could someone explain how a club that has been running at a loss for x amount of years and has a history of tax avoidance/evasion and also owes other member clubs money for tickets and purchase of players could possibly be a cash cow for other teams ? Not to mention owing millions in unpaid tax / NI contribuitions and also local businesses who have all lost due to the pending liquidation of RFC . Do we turn a blind eye to all of the above and get whipped up into a frenzy because RFC are the ‘lifeblood of scottish football’ ….don’t think so .

  65. St Sid says:

    Simply a case of the footballing bodies putting their own survival ahead of the survival of Scottish football as a spectator sport.

    My season ticket will be binned if this goes ahead along with my SKY subscriptions.

    The baw will be well and truly burst for genuine Scottish football club supporters. Football is a sport and once you disregard a breach of competition to this extent you no longer have a sport.

    The OF cartel was just about palletable; however the extent of the cheating for the sake of sectarian oneupmanship is disgusting. Friday will be the death of Scottish football.

  66. Patrick says:

    Prince Charles is surely being a touch ingenuous when he asks what the Orange hordes have to do with Scottish football.

    All decent people in Scotland have been asking this for years.

    The real question is why have they been tolerated for so long.

    1. Prince Charles says:

      Patrick,you can Google it if you want,but you will find no connection between the Orange Order and anything pertaining to Scottish fitba.
      I am interested,who gave you the authority to speak on behalf of anyone,let alone “All decent people in Scotland…”?

      1. Francis says:


        There’s plenty more on Google, Charles. There’s one big connection and it’s pointless to deny it.

  67. KLATU says:

    FROM 1960S-1980S

  68. jazbeer says:

    I am a fan of an SFL club and there is going to be a momentous decision taken on Friday 13th July at Hampden Park about which division New Rangers should play in this season
    Our fans had a vote. At first they were sceptical and were going to vote no. Maybe they believed all the crap posted on forums such as this. Then the board very eloquently stated the facts, the financial implications and the probability of an SPL 2 coming to pass if rangers were to be playing in Div 3. After careful consideration we voted for Rangers to go into DIVISION ONE. The vote was carried by a two to one majority. Incidentally the SFL board has 8 members and one of them is our chairman, and he will be putting the case for Div 1.
    I realise that this will annoy some of the fruitcakes on forums such as this, with their barely hidden agendas, but the 1st Division is where Rangers will be playing on August 10th and there is not a thing you can do about it.

    1. Alan J says:

      As a Rangers fan we need to expunge all the misdeeds of the Whyte and Murray eras and their legacies and if the rules state that Rangers start in Div 3, then Div 3 it must be. If ‘football integrity’ demands same, then Division 3 it must be. If Scottish football is so financially dependent on Rangers (and Celtic) then what a sorry state it is in.

      All I read about is ‘football integrity’, football integrity’ and more ‘football integrity’. If that is the priority that will appease all the other football league clubs, then Division 3 is the solution, then Division 3 it should be. The vast majority of Rangers fans will not argue with that.

    2. orri says:

      In proposing item 2 the Board have given an indication that any reform of the SFL can only take place with the agreement of the other clubs. If the majority of clubs reject item 2 then the board have no authority to agree to any proposal as a pretext to Rangers in SFL1. If item 1 is accepted and item 2 is rejected then Rangers are in SFL3. If an SPL2 is proposed then it needs teams from SFL or elsewhere to form. As a vote is deemed necessary to accept the resignation of a club from the SFL it is obvious that such permission may not be granted and the 3 year notice period or a financial penalty be imposed. Given the overwhelming rejection of Rangers from the SPL it is hard to see how what amounts to an expansion and then split into two will be allowed. Also if there are less applicants to join so that SPL1 has to shrink in order to fill the ranks which clubs in the present SPL will be happy to accept what is a de-facto relegation.

  69. Noise_Bhoy says:

    Thank you Alex. At last, we have a proper journalist taking an interest in this every expanding scandal. Your work is a refreshing change and as a Scottish football fan I would like to thank you.

  70. gerard reilly says:

    can anyone tell me in the wake of the olde club 1872 saga , no matter where your allegiance lies , what is the point of having the various so called governing bodies , i,e, – sfa, spl ,sfl , etc, when it,s plain to see that none of them excercised any authority during this chaotic situation , and probably made matters worse by the obvious lack of guidance throughout the issue ? – it,s time to gather all scottish league clubs at director level and fan bases to amalgamate , and sort out the mess those blazers have added to , elect an overall body to look after the clubs and show direction !! better to have the clubs in strength together than waste precious time as those cretins have done , swim together or sink together , at least we would be starting on a level field and more able to converse with the life nlood of the game THE FANS !! let,s get those dumplins to get out and stop the ongoing confusion asap ?

  71. jazbeer says:

    Many of you still don’t get it. The SPL and the SFA have rightly been criticised for indecision and cowering away from making decisions for fear of incurring the wrath of the political correct.
    So now they have left that decision to be made by the organisation that represents the wee clubs in Scottish football – the SFL.
    On Friday 13th they will make that decision. They will vote for Rangers to be reinstated back into the FIRST Division, in return for a complete overhaul of Scottish football, where more of the wealth is redistributed to the lower leagues and where the SPL is forced to become less exclusive and elitist and a system of play-offs to the top league is introduced. That happens in England and is very successful. Quid pro quo I think you call it. I hope that clarifies the situation to a lot of you.

    1. Bruce says:

      Oh Jeez, its you who doesn’t get it.

      ‘political correct’ – you mean the wave of revulsion your dead club has unleashed among the fans of Scottish football.

      Wake up, the SFL clubs are queuing up to make it clear they’ll be voting against Sevco in Division 1. Besides what their fans think, what do any of them really have to gain by letting them into Div 1?

      1. jazbeer says:

        So they will vote for financial suicide. The SPL will become a busted flush, a number of clubs will go to the wall and all because of ‘sporting integrity’. ie hatred of rangers. It is not ‘my’ club, by the way, and they certainly do have a bad element but I also don’t like with hunts by ill-informed journos who seem to be motivated by blind prejudice. Clubs are businesses and they have to pay their bills. TV income will almost certainly disappear very quickly, as will most of the associated sponsorship deals. Scottish football will soon become like the league of Ireland. The couple of chancers who were at the helm of Rangers did not pay their bills, most people at the club have been innocent (fans, cleaners, security men etc) and the club has been punished severely. But we move on. And we can’t allow those motivated by petty prejudice to win the day.

  72. martin,n says:

    Do clubs still have to show 3 years of audited accounts

  73. Ann J says:

    Friendly match:

    Ajax. 4 Celtic. O

    Seems the Dutch weren’t too friendly! LOL

    And this is our supposed Scottish Champions!

    They need to have an UEFA Champion’s League Division 3 for Celtic. LOL

    1. Francis says:

      This has nothing to do with this blog discussion. It is a cheap shot from someone who has nothing to offer in the way of debate and it should not be here.

      1. Ann J says:

        You know this post is full of cheap shots from Celtic fans about Orange Walks, urinating in closes, etc. etc. etc. None of these remarks has anything to do with the situation Rangers are in. Seems you Celtic bigots don’t like it when a retaliatory shot is fired across your bows eh?

        Ye that casts the first stone and all that…….!

      2. Brian Hine says:

        ann following on from your first post on 22nd July your post on 3rd august is the winner of the most hypercritical post on here…….so far.

        Ye who lives in a glass house shouldn’t play with stones…….and all that jazz ;o)

        Good luck in the, erm, ramsdens cup BTW ;o)

        ps I’m not a celtic fan. To me and the vast majority of non old firm fans celtic and rangers are two cheeks of the same Bahookie

      3. Ann J says:

        Brian Hine ….my post of 22nd July was simply a gibe at the Celtic fans that have peppered this post with totally inappriopriate and irrelevant diatribe. So hypoctitical it was not! The fact that you took the time to post and decry both old firm teams (yet another irrelevant diatribe) simply proves that you and the other so-called supporters of the smaller clubs (who don’t even buy season tickets to support your club) are the bigger hypocrites …you ooze jealousy and bigotry far beyond those of the big two clubs.

      4. Francis says:

        No I don’t and there’s been some reasonable and, for the most part, relevant debate until you arrived with your silliness and your casual, offensive and unnecessary use of the word, “bigot”. Look at your “retaliatory shot”: a cheap jibe about a lost football game. Pathetic.

      5. Brian Hine says:

        ann I didn’t say your post on 22nd July was hypercritical, I said your post on 3rd of August was and I stand by that comment and how in the name of the wee man do you know whether or not I’ve season ticket for my club ?! To then follow that up by accusing me of being a jealous bigot really made me laugh. It seems that your answer to every one that interacts or challenges you is to call them either jealous or a bigot. Thanks for showing the world what stereotypical actually looks like in black and white.

        ps I missed only 2 home games last season and that was due to illness but don’t let that get in the way of a good post about ‘totally inappropriate and irrelevant diatribe’
        pps Francis hit the nail on the head with the very last word in his post.

    2. Ann J says:

      Francis, I think you need your eyes tested. Read every posting on this blog. There are mentions of Orange walks, urinating in closes, sectarian songs, N. Ireland and Nazis to name just a few of the irrelevancies. Add that to the many other bigoted comments. You obviously don’t know what ‘bigotry’ means so let me enlighten you …..”narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination” so if you can tell me these don’t exist in this post then I am wasting my time addressing your comments because you clearly are not educated enough to read what is before you. My post above, which I agree was totally irrelevant to the blog, was no more irrelevant than many of the postings on here and was as I stated a sarcastic gibe at those bigots that went off-topic on here. But you sir were clearly not sufficiently educated to see beyond the written word.

      1. Francis says:

        You are wasting your time and every body else’s. I would not write as I have done if you were not so quick to insult people: “you need your eyes tested”; “you clearly are not educated enough…” etc. That use of “clearly” gives you away and it is repeated towards the end. It lazily searches to give emphasis and meaning to writing that is slack and rather thoughtlessly composed by someone who wants to dismiss others and their arguments as “bigoted”. Of course, blogs wander from the original article especially on a topic such as this. However, there are consistent threads here such as the discussion of links between RFC and the OO and that is relevant to the state that the now defunct club found itself in. And yes, I do know the meaning of “bigot”. As someone who has been seriously discriminated against, I know it too well. Don’t be so condescending.

        Quite well written for an insufficiently educated person, don’t you think?

      2. Ann J says:

        Brian Hine … my post of 9th August above to Francis is equally approrpiate to you! I further did not say that you had not bought a season ticket. Clearly the intracacies of the English language are beyond your education.

    3. Ann J says:

      You Mr Hine are equally uneducated. I do despair at the education of people sometimes Do re-read my comment. It did not accuse YOU of not having bought a season ticket …you really do need to get to grips with the written word. The hypocrisy it accused YOU of was, and I quote, “….fact that you took the time to post and decry both old firm teams (yet another irrelevant diatribe)”. I then went on and stated how the supporters of smaller clubs were just as hypocritical as you as they they did not buy season tickets to support their clubs. Get your facts right before spilling inane diatribe. Continuing in this vain only serves to reinforce my point. You are just one hypocritical ass!

  74. jazbeer says:

    Some of you are being conned into thinking tat the Orange Order is somehow connected to either newco Rangers FC or its supporters groups. This is simply not the case.
    Many Rangers fans wipe their hands completely of this mob and regard then as primitive and an embarrassment.
    To try and tie the club and its fans in with this lot stinks of mendacity and a rather tiresome continuation of an anti-Rangers agenda,
    Face the facts – they will come back stronger and their huge fan base will not go away.

    1. Prince Charles says:

      The first game in division 3 was a 2-2 draw with Peterhead.Might be a bit premature to talk of coming back.Another couple of results like that and Ally will walk,or get pushed.

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