29 May 2013

Craig Whyte’s lawyers send Letter Before Action

Channel 4 News has seen a copy of the Letter Before Action now sent from lawyers acting for Craig Whyte, to Rangers FC and key shareholders involved with the club.

Of course they insist they are absolutely serious and this matter is heading to court if the Principals don’t get what they want from Rangers, Charles Green and Imran Ahmad (who remain major shareholders though physically departed from Ibrox).

There are 333 pages of evidence. There are company forms; agreements; text messages; emails and tape-recordings supplied as evidence.

The case they plead is essentially that Craig Whyte and his associate Aidan Earley were deprived of their legitimate interest in the Rangers that arose from the ashes of Administration and Liquidation.

Specifically that Craig Whyte is due £137,000 and “an opportunity to redeem his reputation by achieving a turnaround success at Rangers Football Club.”

And this not happening is deemed to have “…hindered his ability to conduct business activities in Scotland and/or elsewhere.”

This is an interesting claim which will raise some eyebrows since it rests upon Craig Whyte being keen to be involved in Scottish football from which he’d been banned by the SFA just prior to his Rescue Plan for Rangers unfolding.

But the Principals – as Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley are referred to – believed that if a new Rangers company was “quoted on a public market” then the SFA ban could be got around.

Initially the whole Rescue Plan relied on Craig Whyte not being a public part of it at all:

“The Principals also decided that it was desirable that Mr Whyte should not be seen as directly involved in any bid. This was because Mr Whyte was unpopular with the Rangers fans…The Principals concluded it would be necessary to find someone to front the transaction for them.”

And that man – they claim – was Charles Green. Mr Green of course vehemently denies it.

The documentation lays out in great detail how this situation and what followed arose. Hotel meetings in London laboriously listed and detailed right down to tape recordings, texts and emails.

And how they were keen to bring in others to pump investment into Rangers:

“The Principals introduced Jim Park as a consultant in order to introduce Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United, who became both a key investor and developer of the RFC retail arm…”

And it all boils to this, from Craig Whyte’s lawyers:

“Our clients have instructed us to issue court proceedings on their behalf against the following Defendants:
– Mr Ahmad and Mr Green for breach of contract and unjust enrichment
– Mr Ahmad, Mr Stockbridge and Mr Green for conspiracy and deceit
– Mr Ahmad and Mr Stockbridge for dishonest assistance
– Mr Green for breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty and for indemnity and/or
restitution and/or an account of gains under s195 Companies Act 2006
– RFCL for knowing receipt, unjust enrichment, indemnity and/or restitution and/or an account of gains under s195 Companies Act 2006 and for a declaration that it holds property on trust for Sevco 5088
– Zeus for, inter alia, dishonest assistance, conspiracy and deceit
– Rangers International for unjust enrichment, knowing receipt and a declaration that it hold any shares registered or to be registered in its name in Sevco 5088 on trust for the Principals”

Channel 4 News is seeking a response from Mr Ahmad, Mr Green, Mr Stockbridge, Zeus Capital and RFC.

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57 reader comments

  1. Mart says:

    A similar Letter has been sent on behalf of Whyte previously.

    If he really thinks he has a case let him take it to Court.

    1. Rieperman says:

      The similar letter to which you refer is a Letter Before Claim. This is quite different to the Letter Before Action. To put it very simply, the LBC is a letter designed to inform the other parties of a claim against them and is asking them to settle the matter without court action. The LBA signals a move to take legal action and outlines the charges to be brought against the other party (or parties as in this case).

      1. Mart says:

        Rieperman, I have seen the previous Letter. There’s plenty of detail in there. Have you seen it?

  2. Jamie Roldos says:

    TRFC fans are forever telling us this is desperation and not newsworthy. But feel the need to comment on every tweet and article. An interesting duality.

    1. David B says:

      An even stranger occurrence “Jamie Roldos” is that obsessed celtic fans in their large numbers come on to comment on these excuses for articles or tweets from Thomson and his cronies to throw their 2 pence worth in all in the hope they have something credible but fail.

      I can state for a fact if this was about celtic I’d be nowhere near it as personally I couldn’t care less about them or what they do.

      I’ve lost count of the amount of articles with alleged exclusives that has Alex salivating at the prospect of a big story only for it to boil down to nothing, EBT’s, Duel Contracts, Cheats, Tax, zzzzzzzz all in name of a desperate man who befriends those tarred with the sectarian brush – maybe the story should be about him?

      1. davey broon says:

        Tell me more about these ‘Duel contracts’ –

        Craig (seconded by Aiden) vs Charles (seconded by Imran)

        Pistols at dawn, on the marble staircase…

      2. Bruce says:

        ‘as personally I couldn’t care less about them or what they do.’

        Yet your comment is about Celtic supporters.


    2. Ian Taylor says:

      Pot, kettle black springs to mind – only an imbecile would find it strange that Rangers fans comment on an article about Rangers FFS!!

      1. Bruce says:

        Only an imbecile would find find it strange that a Celtic fan would comment on Rangers.

        Now go back and read what I actually said.

  3. brian corcoran says:

    Thank you for that sir, most appreciated. It does need someone from outside the tiny bubble of Scotland to get to the bottom of this undiluted enormous cheating of fans and public by all concerned in the Rangers (whatever) club(whatever)

  4. kalashz says:

    The joke club.
    And it’s a joke that keeps on giving.
    Rangers are dead
    Long live sevco
    But I don’t know what one :-)

  5. RichB says:
  6. Angela says:

    Craig Whytes lawyers Alex? Who are they?

  7. Stevie says:

    And the plot thickens.

  8. A Stor Mo Chroi says:

    Who (or what) is the “truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”, scaring the most?
    The truth won’t hurt the innocents (if there are any).

    Get it into a court of law. A public court of law.

  9. mrs b says:

    Alex have you asked the man whyte what he did with all the unpaid tax ( which employees paid ) the money from selling Jelavic and the money from selling the arsenal shares,since you seem to be batting his corner and as he seems to be your new best friend.

    1. Bruce says:

      He spent it to keep the old club going on a day to day basis. He bought it with a business plan involving income from European football to keep the club running. He didn’t realise just how hopeless McCoist was going to be at his job.

      Weren’t you paying attention?

      1. Mart says:

        The notion that a bit of a run in the Europa League would have covered the debts Whyte ran up is absurd.

      2. Bruce says:

        No, but it would have helped quite a bit. And you conveniently ignore that there was also a Champions League qualifier, which would have covered the running costs.

    2. Mr G says:

      Rangers had been running at a loss for years. The answer is he used it as cash flow to pay wages and other associated costs, although not all associated costs clearly.

    3. Frank McGaaaaarvey says:

      Mrs B,

      Have you ever thought of asking those questions yourself?

    4. Jmac says:

      He used it to keep the club alive for longer than it should’ve been

    5. know the struth says:

      yes certainly. he used the proceeds to keep Rangers 2012 going till the end of the season.hence if he didn’t do it they would have ran out of money mid season.Super Ally getting knocked out of europe twice in the same season didn’t help the man but i guess we are not allowed to say that are we…..

    6. gerrym says:

      mrs b
      why don’t you ask about the monies that were meant for various charities

  10. Iain MacPhail says:

    The Old Firm are yesterday’s pizza. Scottish football is more exciting without them. Hibs for the Cup in 2014 (please)

    1. Gerry Sweeney says:

      There is no Old Firm, one half of it is being put into liquidation. There is only Celtic FC. 125 years of unbroken history.

    2. Frank McGaaaaarvey says:

      What has all this got to do with Celtic Iain? In case you hadn’t noticed they are still here! I know you probably want to forget Saturday but I think Celtic are here to stay.

  11. Bruce says:

    Happy first birthday to The Rangers!

    1. Carntyne says:

      I’ll fix that for you.

      Its been a very unhappy birthday to Sevco Scotland.

    2. Mart says:

      Supposed new club, same old obsession.

      1. Bruce says:

        Is that your new mantra? You think no one else has the right to comment on the demise of Rangers and the start up club?

        The thing is, perhaps if you lot pulled your heads out of your backsides and listened, you might just have saved your club.

  12. Billy says:

    Alex, you state that you are seeking a response from Rangers and others about this claim. Do you actually believe ,after all the abuse you have givenRangers over the last year, they will give you an interview? I would never allow you to step over the door. Why do you hate Rangers so much? Why do you not write a hate filled article about Celtic and their support have with the IRA? Alex I used to admire your articles from far off fields but after the last year I have lost that admiration. I can understand the likes of Phil three names being an out and out republican but I cannot understand how an Englishman can hate his country so much that he supports Celtic who hate all things British. In future Alex try to be fair

    1. know the struth says:

      “celtic fans hate all things brittish” we area scottish club you idiot how do we hate all things brittish. im a diehard supporter and can tell you this. iys only a small minority of our support that dont like parts of what the brittish army do and thats it………and that minority is getting smaller by the day.

    2. william milne says:

      just where is the abuse?he’s running a story in the public interest with no agenda whatsoever and to say otherwise is denial and sticking your head in the sand,maybe if rangers fans had paid attention to what the shysters were doing to their club earlier and taken action(like celtic fans in 94)they would not have been liquidated but they were too busy saying it was fiction and the work of obsessed celtic fans.
      are they going to have the same ostrich approach this time?

    3. Bob Marley says:

      Billy, you are nuts man! Where has the Celtic-IRA thing come from? This case is about the club formerly known as Rangers and corporate tax avoidance/evasion in British football. That’s why some of us wont let it go. Rangers was only the beginning and HMRC are after much bigger fish.

  13. Philip Edwards says:


    Never mind all that Rangers nonsense. Let them knock each other out in court.

    Meanwhile, what about a REAL football issue?…….Have you seen The Saga of the New Badge at Goodison Park?……Comedy at its highest since Morecambe and Wise.

    Why do I get the feeling that football off the pitch is becoming more entertaining than the efforts of twenty two athletes trying to boot an inflated spheroid into a suspended section of netting?

  14. gerry says:

    Nearly as interesting as the internal enquiry into whether there was any evidence that Green and Whyte were in cahoots. Interesting in that the enquirers never deemed it neccessary to speak to the two cahooters………….

    1. Ian Taylor says:

      Gerry – there’s clearly no need for any form of enquiry when YOU clearly KNOW that the ‘cahooters’ were in ‘cahoots’ !!
      LOL it may well be that you are right ya daftie – but the idea that you care about anything but your own agenda rather than whats good for the governance of Scottish football or what is morally right or somesuch?! Pleeeease give us all a break ffs??!!!

  15. hugh says:

    Will Craig Whyte honour the contracts completed by the ” new signings” Maybe yes maybe no.

  16. GoogleEyesHimself says:

    Oh dear where are all the zombhoys frothing about sevco/rangers/the rangers/sfa/LNS/hmrc/btc/EBTs ad infinitum? A long long list of getting it wrong.Mind you throw enough darts at the dart board eventually one dart will hit the bull. I think Alex has just reached that “bull” optimum now..

    1. Bruce says:

      A long list of getting it wrong? The BTC is under appeal (remember, you won an appeal), LNS actually found Rangers guilty, Celtic supporters first pointed out that Whyte was going to end disastrously for your old club, oh and Rangers got liquidated. We didn’t get that wrong.

  17. Evil Harry says:

    Several months ago I posted a comment on here telling you that Green was a front man for Whyte Alex but your moderation team did not allow it to be published.

    I suggest you go back and read it.

    Green is Whyte’s frontman. Exactly like I told you months ago.

    The question you should be looking into is, fo whom is Whyte the front man.

    Ask yourself why did David Murray sell his club to Whyte for a pound BEFORE the big tax case was even decided? A case which he then won!

    Why would Murray pre-empt the big tax case outcome and assume the worst and sell his beloved club to a known sleaze ball and corporate butcher for a pound?

    Answer that question and you will be on the right road Alex.

    1. know the struth says:

      my thoughts entierly. Murray has his dodgy mitts all over this…..i just hope it all comes out one day. however at the end of the day i know most celtic fans dont want to see rangers gone forever (in whatever form they are in). the reason most of us obsess over this( yes obsess) is because when it all turns to being a level playing field again it WILL be a level playing field again forevermore. thats all i think most of us Celtic fans want.

    2. Mart says:

      You forget that Whyte also had to pay the company’s debts. Well, he was supposed to….

      1. Bruce says:

        Whyte wasn’t supposed to pay Rangers debts. Rangers was supposed to pay Rangers debts. It didn’t, which is why it went bust.

  18. StevieCoops says:

    What’s the matter Alex?

    I’d wager the hit rate of your blog dropped like a stone since you stopped stirring it up about the Rangers!

    How about you release the number of unique hits on your stories for the past year?

    Would be interesting to see.

    On the subject at hand – CW has been described as ‘a wholly unreliable witness’ by a judge, and similarly slated by another, been caught submitting forged documents to court, has threatened to take to court the following :-, the BBC, the SFA, Ticketus, Collyer-Bristow, without doing so and now Rangers and Charles Green.

    The reality is that the guy is a liar, who is desperate for cash after a court ruling said he was liable for £17m to Ticketus and is trying to make a nuisance of himself and get some kind of cash payoff.

    He is using people like yourself (who in turn are using this story for publicity) and any hope of the truth emerging or balanced informative reporting has long since disappeared.

    Channel4 and football fans deserves better!

    1. Bruce says:

      ‘I’d wager the hit rate of your blog dropped like a stone since you stopped stirring it up about the Rangers!’

      Actually, the massive escalation in the number of comments suggests that the hit rate of his blog goes through the roof when he covers the demise of Rangers.

      Nopt too bright, are you?

      1. StevieCoops says:

        Go back and read it again Brucie… …slower this time.

        Yes that was my point – Thomson hasn’t written about Rangers in ages – notices the hits on his blog are falling off – decides to write another story using a ‘wholly unreliable’ source.

        Thomson is using the Rangers story to generate hits, with no thought to providing balance or reporting informatively.

        Not very bright Brucie!

      2. Bruce says:

        Now you go back and read my comment, even more slowly.

        I was agreeing with that part of your comment. It was the rest of your comment which made me question your ‘brightness’.

  19. wastrel says:

    Billy, your comment is the whole reason why your club went to the wall without any fight from it`s supporters, before they can react, they must have the facts, the MSM up here is terrified to mention Rangers in case they`re subject to the of abuse you`ve just directed at a journalist doing nothing more than his job!
    why is pointing out the main protagonists in this story `abuse`?
    stating the facts does not constitute hatred of anything!
    could it be because you learned more about what was happening at Ibrokes from people like PMG that now ANYONE mentioning the troubles at your club are termed HATERS?
    I hate your club- I make no bones about it! I LMAO every time I read the latest revelation but I can`t see how everyone stating the facts of the case can be termed Haters! it makes no sense, hense, nor do you! and your abuse of people like Alex is the whole reason we have to look to brave journalists like him to get the facts!
    if you don`t want to read the facts, stay away from this site-simples!
    how many times does the man have to say he has NOTHING against Rangers?
    as an investigative journalist (please look up those last two words) it`s his job!
    Alex, please keep at it, we need people like you to keep us abreast of the facts-fact!

  20. Clive Smith says:

    Last throw of the dice for Whyte.

    Using the cash left at Worthington to fund this legal claim, which will be bust soon anyway when they lose most of the Jerome Pension fund claim.

    Looks clear that Aidan Earley looks to laid the gorundwork using the @charlottefakes twitter account prior to this public claim.

    It is a bit fishy all the CW/CG meets, but they will not win any claims against Rangers, if they do receive any settlement claim it will be whisked away offshore before the bankruptcy of Craig Whyte occurs.

  21. Columbo4 says:

    Now I am no football genius but from what I have gathered on my many travels around the country I have learned this.

    For a brand new club just one year into the Scottish League football Sevco f.c aren’t half causing quite a stir. They now have a cup for their shelf but it seems like they have bad baggage and may not be able to do what the famous Gretna F.C did a number of years ago namely win all their divisions before getting into the SPL. . .and then imploding. I have more than a sneaky feeling that the new team (Sevco f.c) may not be around for very long given that their ex-Chairman was a front man for a billionaire outlaw and this will have humongous ramifications with the City and Shareholders should the truth be outed.
    Oh dear what a shame. Never mind I’m sure the sevco supporters will support their local club with zeal when this day comes – as I have been assured that come it will.
    Anyway, nothing to do with me. I’m a cricket man myself. But I do like to pass on stuff that I hear as I travel around.
    What is a Sevco anyway?

  22. Craig Whyte says:

    are you suggesting Minty was going to get something out of the deal at a latter date?

  23. D Baillie says:

    Usual pish from thommo,
    It’s actually boring now , the only reporter that can go to a champions league final and still do an article on the Gers !!!!
    but then again the Gers are still BIG news for a club that has supposed to have died !!!!!!

    1. roorback says:

      “..but then again the Gers are still BIG news for a club that has supposed to have died…” Ehh, because Sevco/TRFC etc are the source of the biggest sporting scandal in the UK, ever. That’s what is called news in the real world.

      @Wastrel: “…the MSM up here is terrified to mention Rangers in case they`re subject to the of abuse you`ve just directed at a journalist doing nothing more than his job!
      why is pointing out the main protagonists in this story `abuse`? stating the facts does not constitute hatred of anything!”
      Spot on. This is what needs to be addressed. Those with an opinion on TRFC are not haters, why on earth can they not accept this?

  24. unionbearBhind says:

    see TRIFC have learn a valuable lesson they’re cutting their cloth to suite their means, not spending money they haven’t got very refreshing £WALTER£ will make sure swally doesn’t spend money on players they cant afford, and I hope these new signings get some money upfront, because they might just find they don’t have a team to play for soon?

  25. laptoployal says:

    Alex, the material being released by Charlotte Fakeover appears explain a great deal about the Rangers/Sevco story, but the response from the mainstream media has been complete silence. Why?

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