3 Jul 2014

Alastair Campbell: Egypt hasn’t paid me a penny

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As ever, an illuminating conversation with one A Campbell this morning, as he ordered his morning latte and granola bars or something along those lines, en route to the Tour de France on what for him is very much the wrong side of the Pennines.

First off, a flat denial that he is in the pay of the Sisi regime to spin for them: “I have not had a penny from the government of Egypt.”

But he said he had been to Egypt and had met and talked to government officials there – as well as many other people – on a variety of issues.

“I went to Egypt. I was paid to be there – but not by the government. It was something completely different. Yes, I did talk to government people, I talked to opposition people, I talked to all kinds of people.”

He conveyed the strong impression of someone who does not want his name “mixed up in all this” on the one hand – but who also passionately believes we should be talking to and engaged with the Cairo junta.

“Should the West and other powers understand the significance of what’s going on in Egypt? Yes they should.

“Non-engagement would not be desirable at all.

“If a member of the Egyptian government phones me up – and I am not saying that this has happened – and said what do you think about such and such, if I talk to them, is that being an advisor?”

I said yes, it is, particularly if you are being paid for it – which he insists he is not.

But as ever, he is a man of strong opinions who says he is deeply interested in what is happening in Cairo and beyond:

“The Muslim Brotherhood, ” he said ” were a complete bloody disaster” for the country.

Equally, he said, David Cameron and William Hague were quite right to condemn the imprisoning of the three Al Jazeera journalists.

“Of course they should be freed. As a general principle imprisoning journalists is not a good thing to do. Cameron and Hague were right to condemn putting journalists in prison. But you can’t just not talk to the guy who has been elected.”

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3 reader comments

  1. Philip Edwards says:


    I quite believe Campbell hasn’t been paid by Middle East governments for his “services”.

    It is the people of the Middle East who have paid in innocent blood, destroyed societies and deaths running into many hundreds of thousands.

    Campbell has been paid with the Wages of Death. His masters have made their money in oil revenues. He is the puppet and they pull his strings.

    The man and his type are a disgrace to the human race. They make me ashamed of my country, as do the current ruling gang in Westminster itching to instigate even more mass murder so long as they don’t have to pull the trigger or push the button.

  2. Susan Galea says:

    It’s dispiriting when ” slippers” of the yard and politics and press/ PR actors are all in cahoots. Blair’s operations where he deposes dictators, schmoozes dictators, shills for dictators is beyond sinister. His behaviour is out of control and his position as ” Middle East Peace” negotiator is such a parody of diplomatic shilling that the only conclusion possible is that it suits the Quartet to have him ineffectually covering for business as usual.

  3. Andrew Dundas says:

    How could Alastair Campbell believe that the Tour de France was starting on the “wrong side of the Pennines?” He’s a Keighley lad, is he not? True he’s also a Burnley supporter, but that just demonstrates that Burnley is nearer to Keighley than Leeds.

    He’s certainly correct about the awful consequences of the Muslim Brotherhood’s occupation of Egyptian Government. That “Brotherhood” believes that the winner of a democratic election is automatically the Absolute Dictator. Actually, that’s not true at all. It’s the wrong way altogether. What matters is that governments MUST always be subject to the Law. And law may only change with the consent of democratic elected Parliament.

    The rule is: “be you ever so mighty, the Law is above you”. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t know that order of priorities and gave up the best chance Egypt ever had to become a democratic State. Shame on them!

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