3 Feb 2012

A long tough winter for Kabulis’

Alex Thomson posts a video diary on how Kabul’s most vulnerable are suffering brutally in the unusually harsh winter.


You can see more from Afghanistan on the ChannelĀ 4 News photo gallery.

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  1. B Shaw says:

    how does one donate money so that it goes directly to those such as fathima and her daughter suffering in the Kabul snow???

  2. Jay says:

    This is exactly the question I wanted to ask but finding a problem in getting it accepted… can’t send a tweet to alextomo for some reason.
    Some readers might think the idea of supporting Fathima and daughter from the UK ridiculous; just remember that one postcard, sent in hope to Terry Waite when he was being held in captivity, actually got through against all odds.
    Grateful for some advice on joining B. Shaw’s idea

  3. B Shaw says:

    My tweet wasn’t accepted either. I have resorted to emailing Alex Thomson at C4 and I will try the C4 helpline later. I don’t want to believe they are a lost cause. There must be a local charity who can help them? And Alex must have spoken to them to get their names, plus if they go to the same place every day – they are reachable. It’s such a desperate image, one has to try and do something, surely.

  4. Alex Thomson says:

    Thanks to the generosity of C4News viewers I was able to make sure that Fatima – and five other women begging in the snow in Kabul with babies – now have enough money not to need to do this. At least while the weather is cold and for some time to come.

    The money pledged by viewers also enabled me to make a substantial donation to Oxfam working on long-term projects across Afghanistan to alleviate poverty.

    If anyone wishes to help further I would urge that they make a donation to Oxfam for their work in Afghanistan.

  5. B Shaw says:

    That’s good to know. I will donate some money to Oxfam then, thanks Alex!

  6. Jay says:

    Some might comment that this has nothing to do with the news (“reporters must remain impartial”) and whilst that’s true, it still does not stop anyone, including reporters or cameramen, expressing ordnary compassion when they see another human being’s suffering.
    The way most folk in that clip were walking past the child and her mother forced me to recall the ‘good Samaritan’ story.

  7. Carol Doyle says:

    I have used the photo of Fatima and her baby has the backround picture on my laptop to make me
    appreciate all I have. I too wanted to contact Alex about helping Fatima and baby. I will do as he suggests and make a donation to Oxfam to help
    other Fatima’s of which I am sure there are many.

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