26 Apr 2012

In the 21st century rules apply – even to Rangers

I’ve waited a day or two to write this. And I write on the train from Amsterdam to The Hague to witness the first ever head of state receiving sentence for war crimes.

So everything’s relative. Even Rangers…

And from outwith Glasgow the perspective’s glaring.

Faced with a judicial process at the Scottish Football Association and a due appeal process (active now) to be heard before a retired judge or QC – faced with all that, what does the Rangers manager Ally McCoist do?

Bide his time? Seek appeal advice? Reserve comment on an obviously sub-judicial procedure?

No – he suddenly demands on Rangers TV on Tuesday that the Scottish Football Association panel which imposed a 12 month ban on the club buying players be identified in public.

As an act of such irresponsibility in the current climate beggars belief. Like so many in this drama Mr McCoist goes “public” in an environment where I doubt he’ll never be properly questioned.

Far from letting due process happen and preparing the case for appeal, Mr McCoist chooses a lynch mob approach potentially putting the safety of these people at risk.

It’s an action redolent of the lack of reality, prudence, judgement and moral decency which has characterised so much of a club that’s brought the game into deep disrepute. Moreover, some might observe that Mr McCoist’s inflammatory tantrum is in itself likely to bring the club and himself into disrepute.

Will Mr McCoist be equally “public” in facing up to the responsibility of what he’s done? Given the cowardice of his initial act, you have to say it’s doubtful.

Mr McCoist and Rangers need another reminder that even Glasgow football is now living in the 21st century. Rules get applied – even to Rangers. Outside Glasgow football where else would anyone in normal public life question the independence of the panel as he did – then call for them to he named for the mob? Yet the sheer and obvious outrage his actions should provoke raises little adverse comment in the city. No – so much attention remains focused on the astounding fact that a club that broke rules got punished. Doh!

Small wonder it leaves SFA chief executive saying the rules will be applied without fear or favour. But why should he have to? In any normal world this is a given and accepted. In Glasgow football the man imposing the rules has to say he’ll do his job as if it’s news.

Meanwhile, if I get time in the small matter of a war crimes court, I shall ask the SFA if they intend charging Ally McCoist with bringing the game into dispute for questioning the SFA’s motives, independence and arguably, putting the safety of its independent panel at risk.

Meanwhile… Charles Taylor… Sierra Leone… mass rape… child soldiers… death by machete… and a city and a court where yes, they apply the rules without fear or favour and they don’t feel the need to say so.

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  1. tired_mum says:

    Well said, Alex. Again. It beggars belief the attitude of Rangers and all associated with them since this whole mess began. I truly hope that they get what they deserve – not because I don’t support Rangers, but simply because they have done wrong and should be punished accordingly.

    1. CE says:

      I’m a fan of neither of the Old Firm but, thank you Alex.

      I am however a big fan of a tolerant and law-abiding Scotland. To use Scottish parlance, I don’t mean to blow smoke up yer a*se, but I am truly grateful for your honest and diligent work on this matter.

      Unfortunately no Scottish journalists are willing to grasp the nettle and stand up for the silent majority of decent, respectful Scots, even when some of them are being threatened by vigilante hate mob!

      Beggars belief doesn’t begin to cover it. #cowardmccoist

      1. Gav says:

        This is a worth a read. Glenn Gibbons, possibly the only football writer in Scotland that would write a piece like this.

        To quote phil…….Tip of the hat to you Mr Gibbons


    2. lo says:

      I think Alex should run along to his wee war who knows there might be some glasgow reporter waiting over there to slap him about lol oops thats right there was no reporter was there hmmm!

    3. Jim says:

      From a historical perspective Alex, I can recall events from the previous century where a group of people railed against the absolute injustice, as they saw it, of the punishment imposed on them for the crimes they committed, complained bitterly about the appropriate sanctions taken against them,offered no apology for their crimes and the misery they inflicted on others, organised protest marches and rallies, sought to intimidate opponents, and vowed to fight back and enact revenge of those who were kicking them when they were down. And, oh, they also identified some “November criminals”; honourable men, who they deemed complicit in their previous downfall.
      As Bertold Brecht said of the period “the bitch is in heat again
      What were are witness to now in Scotand is nothing less than fascism. Based on the evidence of recent weeks this is now indisputable.
      It is a sad epitaph for a once “proud” but now disgraced club

    4. Matthew says:

      Well said, your having a laugh.
      Sanctimonious pompous attention seeking now discredited journalist.
      Trying to win favour with the anti Rangers, anti uk, anti me brigade.

      Never told everyone the Scottish journalist who threatend him was discovered to be a fake account set up by someone from celticminded.

  2. tiltic says:
  3. Steve says:

    I expected a little more dignity from McCoist, he has weathered this storm pretty well, but he has sunk very low in my estimations after this outcry.

    1. Marty says:

      Ally McCoist had every right to ask for transparency when his club had been hit by sanctions which could have such a disastrous effect on it. After all, to put matters in perspective, the names of judges and lawyers in serious criminal trials are in the public domain. Mr Thomson’s piece is hysterical, overheated nonsense.

      1. Bruce says:

        McCoist and Rangers knew the names, that much is now widely acknowledged, so there was transparency. What he was doing was drawing the attentions of a volatile support with a track record of harassment and violence against people it doesn’t like.

      2. Marty says:

        Anybody who genuinely thinks McCoist was deliberately inciting violence should examine their own attitudes.

      3. lo says:

        Not as bad as racist and death threats from celtic fans towards bartley or death thre3ats to referees your a joke!

      4. NOTACHEAT says:

        Rubbish! Rangers knew fine well the panel’s identities. McCoist tried to incite the knuckle dragging majority of fans of this “Draconian” club and “Draconian” culture that they live under. YOU ARE NOT THE PEOPLE. ITS TIME YOU REALISE THAT. THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF SCOTLAND.

    2. lo says:

      Did you really hmmm good because when it comes down to it I pmsl because you should give ned lennon advice on how to show dignity!

  4. Androcles says:

    Yet the sheer and obvious outrage his actions should provoke raises little adverse comment in the city.

    I agree entirely, i think that the public are so inured to the behaviour of Rangers throughout the years that they expect this.

    It’s an irony not lost on anyone that it’s Rangers’s arrogance and expectancy of operating with complete impunity that has brought about their own downfall.

  5. AndrewD says:

    Of course the International War Crimes court in The Hague apply the rules without fear or favour: they don’t have to deal with irate Rangers WATP who-don’t-walk-away types.

    They’ve got it easy.

  6. James A Barr says:

    A hard hiiting article. My only concern is your references to ” Glasgow Football”. Believe me, this is not about ” Glasgaow Football”, this is about Rangers. Cltic, Clyde,Partick Thistle and Queen Park managers would be very heavily criticised had they behaved in the same manner as McCoist. The media response to any misdemeanours by the Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, offers all the evidence needed to support my view.
    James A Barr

  7. Iain says:

    Can you tell me why no such blog was written on Neil Lennon and his constant attacks on referees which has indeed also led to death threats directly to then and harm towards their children , unfortunately Glasgow is a fish bowl and idiot about full of bampottery on both sides , however your blog and investigative form of journalism is now beginning to look vindictive rather than fair and balanced , but i suppose being a buddy of Mr McGilliven (real name) makes that the norm.

    1. thekwizatshaderach says:

      Cause it all happened in your mind and the laptop loyal have wrote about these imaginings thoroughly.

      Remember me ?

    2. P J Fox says:

      I can feel your shame Iain. Alas, not one word of criticism condemning McCoist and his indefensible cowardly actions. The rotten stench coming from Ibrox suggests they are dying alright. Just like their infamous history, they wont do it with one shred of dignity.
      Actually perhaps we owe a debt of gratitude to McCoist (of course not the independent SFA jury and their families now being terrorised in the Rangers way) but perversely he has shown Rangers up for what they are. The eyes of Britain and Europe are watching and boy can they hear clearly the death knells of the beast that is “The Rangers” for whom the bell now tolls. Good riddance.
      Scottish football may well be worse off without Rangers but by God, Scottish society will be better off without this cancer.

      1. gee says:

        spot on mate i could not have said it better my self.keep up the good work

      2. Androcles says:

        Tell it like it is mate.

    3. Pauline says:

      Did Neil Lennon demand the public naming of the panel who gave him a ban? Did he come out ranting on public tv about the timing of his punishment? No don’t think so and if ally wanted to no who these ppl where why did he not just ask the rangers representative sitting across from the panel instead of goin on tv to demand to know? He went way too far with wot he did on tuesday night n I hope he gets the appropriate punishment

      1. John says:

        Mr.McCoist knew who the panel was.like pauline said a rangers representive was present at the meeting.What Ally was wanting was for these people who were doing their job to be publicly named.And he got his wish. What did mccoist think would happen when these guys names were in the public domain?? This situation was a certainty!!

        Ally knew fine well what he was saying,as we all do. He was speaking on rangers tv my god. A very ill advised move i must say

    4. T34 says:

      C,mon Iain, wake up and smell the coffee man. Striking out wildly with exagerated “whataboutery” statements is childish in the extreme. Look whats happening to your club. Alex hasn’t been mismanaging it illegally for years, nor has Neil Lennon. Sometimes the truth is hard to face but you have to do it. I think Ally could do with taking that advice as well.

      1. Hector the Tax inspector says:

        “Cornered Rats” come to mind with anyone concerned with Rangers just now. Arrogance is something that people don’t like – in ALL walks of life. If you look at any other Business that go into Administration, they have appeals and use humility to get support – they dont start up “fighting” funds and declare war on anyone who criticize them. What-about Celtic, Lennon, Catholics, etc etc etc. Its all completely irrelevant. Your club are dying = accept it.

  8. James says:

    Great piece again Alex I’m just wondering when the succulent boys will start to realise they need to change ? No scrap that Alex they have no shame like wee Sally McCoist and his club.

    Alex this is the 2nd time McCoist has done this and he won’t be pulled up after all he’s a Ranger, 1 rule for the Ranger another for everyone else.

    Mr McCoist you are a disgrace to your profession and you should walk after putting the 3 gentleman in danger.

  9. Mat says:

    another Myth explodes, Dignity indeed! i hope this cretin is spoken to by the law, in no uncertain terms. I am glad it has been noticed that his behaviour and attitude is correlating with the Clubs, obviously nurtured in the womb of the dressing room, and thats being generous.

  10. SM - Durham says:

    I have heard on the news today that three of the independant panel have received abuse and threats (though no one is reporting on who is doing it!).
    I wonder two things: 1. will the threats and abuse be investigated? 2. will the media (scottish) view on the outcome of that investigation be similar to that of when Neil Lennon was publicly assaulted, received death threats, letter bombs and bullets – and which basically amounted to it being his own fault and that he has only got himself to blame.

  11. Sean says:

    McCoist should be charged by the SFA. It has already been reported that these 3 people’s lives are at risk, and all because of McCoist war call!

    If Neil Lennon was to say the exact same words, he would be summoned before the SFA Disciplinary Commitee yet again, but when its someone else, the rules dont apply.

    I do agree to an extent that the SFA need a serious wake up call, there has been major bias toward the blue half of glasgow for about 20 years now and this has been proven by lean sentencing of players (El Hadji Diouf and Majid Bougherra mnd handling a referee last season being a prime example), but this time, they have been left no where to run nor hide because of the huge exposure of Ranger’s situation.

    It will kill them to do so, but they have to come down on Rangers with the full arm of the law. anything less and it will be final nail in the coffin for Scottish Football as an entity

  12. Charlie says:

    A strong but balanced summing up of the latest chapter in “rangers death throes”.
    But I doubt there’ll be much similar condemnation of McCoists imflamatry out-burst in the Scottish press – going by the BBC Scotland reaction so far.
    They kick Neil Lennon for any minor or imaginary indiscretion but are loathe to critisize Ally.
    The Scot meadia bias clearly exposed.

  13. TerryONeill says:

    Alex ,Stewart Regan says the rules will be applied without fear or favour that is metalanguage up there alongside “full and frank discusion”.

    It means nothing.

    When you look at the sanctions applied in the case of rules 14 and 66 the protocol maximum sanction is a fine of £50000 and (not or) termination of SFA membership .

    A fine of £100000 and (not or) termination of SFA membership for rule 66.

    Add to that censure instead of being expulsion from the SCup.

    1 year insted of the proscribed 30 days to pay fines.

    Think the above shows Stewart Regans assertion re fear and favour to be full of fear and favour.

    As you said you do not have to tell us you are applying the rules just do it.

    We can check.

  14. iain says:

    What a load of hyperbolic nonsense!

    Why is it ok for other panels (even ones including Alistair Murning) to be named but not this one? http://tinyurl.com/c4cjvpv

    Can can something be transparent yet secret at the same time?

    Even at the height of troubles in N.I. the terrorists knew who was sending them away for the rest of their lives.

    You accuse McCoist of subjudice, yet in the next breath priase Regan for his own subjudice (statment)! Is it okay for Regan to prejudice any appeal? http://tinyurl.com/7pgfusd

    “Outside Glasgow football where else would anyone in normal public life question the independence of the panel as he did”

    You honestly think it is only in Glasgow that an organisation hit with outrageously draconian and unprecidented sanctions that can threaten its very existane would call for transparancy on the process???
    Honestly “Tommo” I think you need to take yourself on holiday…the “threat” you received from that hoax twitter account has obviously fuddled with your brain

    1. P J Fox says:

      Defending the indefensible is quite a trait of yours Iain isnt it? Here’s a few things for you to ponder.
      Ever wonder why Rangers and all the other member clubs agreed to this annonymity of SFA juries in the first place?Hmmmm.
      Ever wonder why SFA juries (infact all juries) are anonymous? Hmmmm.
      Ever wonder why Rangers didnt ask for the SFA jury to be named before the proceedings began? Hmmmm.
      Ever wonder why despite McCoist know the names of the jury he still wants them to be made public despite knowing their lives will be threatened? Hmmmm.
      Ever wonder why Rangers only wont the rules changed after decisions go against them and not before? Hmmmm.
      I’ll leave you to ponder the morally bankrupt and corrupt institution that is “the Rangers” McCoist by his actions and words has exemplified what they’re all about for all the world to see. Nuts! But at least what we’re witnessing is the real Rangers, true to form.
      I’ll tell you one thing that’s not two Iain, if Carlsberg done bad press they wouldnt get a look in as far as Rangers are concerned. Idiots!! If it didnt have such serious repercussions for the families of the SFA jury it would be laughable. Let’s hope it’s “only” vile threats and not bombs, bullets, or physical assaults on this occasion.

    2. Bruce says:

      Ian, Ian, Ian…

      I’m not sure the make up of this panel was particularly secret. It got out very, very quickly. But what is apparent is that naming the panel, thanks to the hysteria of the Rangers support, is the equivalent of hanging a big target roundel over those individuals. Does that not give you pause for thought? There are many instances where football supporters act idiotically and make threats. What is apparent is that there are elements of the Rangers support that are more than willing to act on them.

      Your support has a great deal of previous for insisting on names when things go against you. Its just another sign of your complete inability to accept responsibility (apologies to Clarkston Loyal, but from what I’ve seen he/she is in the minority). Again, its always a big boy did it with you. Hell, there Ranger’s supporters who’re already suggesting that these threats to the panel are the work of Celtic supporters.

      As for McCoist… since he returned to Rangers we’ve seen the sleakit side of him come to the fore. Just as he knew exactly what he was doing when he spoke to Neil Lennon during the shame game, he knew exactly what he was doing with these comments. At least this time it looks like they might backfire on him. People are appalled by the intent of his words and its created a situation where the SFA has to reject the appeal.

      And the sanctions are very, very far from being draconian. Almost every punishment mentioned gets condemned by the Rangers minded as draconian. Rangers have abused the transfer system for a couple of years now. A fine and a year’s transfer embargo (which will likely be coming from UEFA anyway) is nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

    3. Carntyne says:


    4. frankie says:

      God Bless, Iain and get well soon.

    5. PB says:

      Ever see the film “Tombstone” Iain?

      Wyatt Earp has to clear the territory of the “Cowboys”. A law unto themselves who threaten, terrorize, injure (and worse)the innocent.

      That is what is needed here. An Earp and a band of regulators to round up the cowards who threaten those who speak the truth and apply the laws.

      Nobody gets it over there. The team cheated and must pay the penalties. McCoist and company have to buy a vowel and get a clue. It’s everyone else’s fault but Rangers. I can’t see any team with any character hiring McCoist because he obviously has run out of character

      1. Androcles says:

        I love that film and yes i see the comparisons that you are making.

    6. Althetim says:


      What do N.I terrorists have to do with naming the members of an independant SFA appointed judicial panel? In your earlier post you mentioned Neil Lennon. What does he have to do with it? Why can’t you focus on the subject? Blinded by rage and denial I expect, much like John McMillan.

      Rangers*, along with every other SPL club agreed to the anonynouse panel system being adopted. Perhaps they didn’t realise that the rules applied to them too. As for the sanctions, rather than Rangers* howling about not being able to sign more players, I suggest the energy expended would put to better use attempting to find ways of paying for the ones they already have.

      Oh, and Ally McCoist is an undignified rabble rousing idiot. He deserves to be charged for his irresponsible comments. Innocent people have been threatened by morons as a direct result of them.

      Before you respond Iain, if you chose to do so, please remember that this has nothing to do with anyone or anything other than Rangers* and their employees.

      (*In Administration)

  15. J Maclure says:

    Listen the SFA should have published the verdict and the reasons of their findings and the make up of the panel. There is no reason on earth why they should not have.

    To write about Ally McCoist and Charles Taylor in the same article is nothing short of scandalous.

    Then again you have a penchant for sensationalism, we only have to think back to your so called claims being threatened by a journalist.

    For a Channel 4 journalist, a much admired news programme, you have failed to live up to their high standards.

    1. P J Fox says:

      The findings will be made public in due course. I know this must be hard for the Rangers support to understand but there are rules and procedures to be followed.
      These new rules and procedures were agreed, in June 2011) by all member clubs including, wait for it…..Rangers!
      Why is it that Rangers and their followers have such a problem staying within the law? Cheating in sport, tax evasion, failing to pay PAYE, VAT and NI? Is this part of their sub culture? Is this what the peeple are all about?

  16. geoff says:

    A sad indictment, but an enjoyable read.
    I can’t imagine that football managers ordinarily gain PR or Legal advice before being interviewed for their Club TV Channels. considering that, however, if RFC(IA) had any nous at all, particularly in light of everything that has gone this year, why did they not give Alastair some very heavy tactical pointers about subjects to avoid or ‘No Comment’.
    At the very least, the filming company should have been given some very strict pointers – failing that, the transmission should have been delayed until it had been vetted afterwards.

  17. Andy Holland says:

    Mr Thomson,

    You are probably correct that no charges will be brought against Mr McCoist by the SFA or by Strathclyde police under the Offensive Behaviour and threatening communications act which was brought in to eraticate this kind of behaviour from our society.

    This is a quote coming from Mr McCoist today on the BBC website.

    “Rangers Football Club was a victim of what happened during the tenure of Craig Whyte. The club was not an accomplice, a co-conspirator nor a perpetrator of wrongdoing.”

    Is his club not in London just now trying to sue a Law firm for neglegence although it was the act of one lawyer who has left the firm? Like everything in this case it stinks of double standards.

    1. Marty says:

      What nonsense. The law firm can be held legally liable for the conduct of their employee.

      1. Dominic says:

        Craig Whyte was an officer of the company at the relevant time and his actions bind the company.

      2. Mat says:

        much the same as Rangers for their ahem chairmen and employees, whats up Marty? do you not like it when Rangers are called on their double standards?

  18. James Gallacher says:

    Alex do not give up on the normal football fan in Scotland, expose what is going on not only in Scottish football but with the Scottish media. Even Sky News are failing badly, simply rolling out Rangers minded people who have no grasp of the facts.So keep it up we need you to get this story out.
    Thanks you

    1. Marty says:

      Good grief. Even Sky News are in on The Big Conspiracy? Shocking.

  19. GP says:

    Good article and one that would sadly never appear in the Scottish mainstream media.

    It looks worse if, as those cast as ‘internet bampots’ by the Scottish MSM are currently asserting, Rangers were informed of the panel members as part of the process.

    If that is the case then it’s not just bringing the game into disrepute is it?

  20. Bobby Gillespie says:

    Yet again top notch journalism,shining the clear light of day upon what is Scotland’s shame

    I do note the Daily Record took it upon itself to name the panel, making their money through conflict & discourse

    The reality is that Rangers & the Big Hoose is for total liquidation by HMRC anyday now

  21. Joe Public says:

    From the Telegraph:

    “However, Strathclyde Police found no evidence to support Thomson’s complaint. “Frankly, it was laughable,” a source told Telegraph Sport.”

    What an embarrassment you are Alex.

    1. Carntyne says:

      The Telegraph has retracted the story.

      Are you now embarrassed Mr. Public?

    2. deiseach says:

      Hey Joe Public, do you want to carry on down the article for another paragraph?

      ‘A Channel 4 News spokesperson said: “Strathclyde Police have confirmed to us today that the investigation is ongoing and has not been dropped. We take threats to our journalists incredibly seriously, and are satisfied that Strathclyde Police are doing the same.”’

      Shame on Roddy Forsyth, a man of whom I’ve found much to admire over the years, for repeating these succulent lamb ‘sources’

  22. William says:

    “three stooges” screams the Daily Record while the Sun’s Hannah accuses the panel of hiding behind anonymity stating that they should be prepared to “stand by” their decsions. Why? because the verbally incontinent McCoist says so.

    All the while ignoring the slightly inconveneient fact that this panel’s remit and matters relating to inter alia anonymity were signed up to by every SFA member club. Scotland’s media is truly the theatre of the absurd.

  23. rob donnelly says:

    I never thought I would hear the names ally mccoist and charles taylor in the same blog
    it really is a funny and mad world that we live in.
    whats the bets only one of these people is held to task for there action’s
    I wont hold my breathe with regards of the scottish media or the sfa carring out there duties the wat they are supposed to.

  24. Paul Kennedy says:

    After three decades of Scottish football being reported by those with an agenda, I get a tingle every time I read this blog which, for the first time in my lifetime, reports on football in Scotland from a completely objective point of view. I’ve had to re-read every instalment of this series twice to make sure I’m not imaging what I’m taking in.

    Please, please see this through Alex as we are at a monumental stage of Scottish football history, one that might, just might, yield a level playing field on and off the park.

    I doff my cap to you sir!

  25. A CA from Fife says:

    Your credibility is shot thommo – you would be better back in Sarajevo

  26. David says:

    I see this morning that Ally has embarked on a “damage limitation” exercise. Scottish media to confirm that he is really a victim in all this,the pressure……nothing about the panel member having to miss work because of the threats

    Well he got what he wanted when he gave the interview. He knew it would whip up Rangers fans into a even more dangerous frenzy than they are in currently.

    A half decent journalist, or even a Scottish one that momentary remembers what a journalists is supposed to do could have asked Ally if he already knew who was on the panel, given that Rangers had a presence at the proceedings. Ah but if he already knew then why was the rant required? the sleekit one was putting those who “harm” Rangers on notice “we know who you are”

    Can Rangers drag Scottish football any lower?

  27. David Figgins says:

    what a pile of rubbish and dangerous at that.Have you not taken enough of ridicule-judges in high court crimes are named -this is football.
    I met you outside Ibrox on Old Firm day along with that wee lassie and my initial opinion is correct-you are a fantasist and a liar.
    Nice report in the media today today-even the police are mocking you clown

  28. Carntyne says:

    The fact that you have managed to get to the heart of all that is wrong with Scottish football after investigating for only a few short weeks shows the media in this country up for what they are.

    Rangers fans with tyewriters, apart from a few noble exceptions.

    If they had the courage and moral fibre to write stories like the one above Rangers might never have found themselves in the pickle they are in.

    Nah! They’d probably have found a way.

  29. Tom Doherty @funnyhandshake says:

    The intelligence and rational thinking behind this blog is like a gust of fresh air. What a change from the Scottish mainstream media.

  30. tup says:

    It’s high time this organisation was brought to heel. Their reaction to being rightly punished for years of cheating?

    Threaten the safety of those responsible for punishing them. That tells you everything you need to know about Glasgow Rangers.

    The authorities in Scotland have an obligation to hammer the club with sanction.

    There is not even a hint of contrition from within Rangers at their 10+ years of fraud, tax evasion and cheating. They errantly blame all their woes on Craig Whyte. The chief perpetrator of their downfall was ‘Sir’ David Murray.

    The toxicity of the club is there for all to see. Well done to Alex in highlighting this.

    They heap disgrace upon disgrace for Scottish football. They have exported that disgrace across Europe. The modus operandi of the club beggars belief, but it’s easy to see why they occupied such a position of power within our game for so long. The power of intimidation.

    Good will triumph here, it has to, or Scottish football is finished as a going concern.

    1. Marty says:

      “10+ years of fraud, tax evasion and cheating”? Has the tribunal given its verdict? That would be a start. As for threats, sadly they are not new in football. For example, Celtic fans have threatened referees and linesmen on various occasions. That is certainly not to condone any threats but to put things in perspective.

    2. Ken Morrison says:

      Power of Intimidation??? Isn’t that what Celtic, their fans and it’s manager have been doing over the last year with aggressive actions by NL to referees, death threats etc. Come on! it’s not only one side of the OF that has it’s idiots. Ally McCoist was stupid in the extreme to utter that statement regarding names as there is always the idiots out there who will interpret it they way they want to. BUT it is not Rangers problem alone and taking moral high ground standing on quicksand always leads to a great fall.
      Rangers should be punished for what they have done…what that punishment should be to be fair, I don’t know. However, i really think that the anger should be turned on david Murray much, much more and he should be made to0 answer some serious questions and in court if necessary.

  31. Johnnie says:

    Alex, please ask the question of the SFA “do they intend charging Ally McCoist with bringing the game into dispute for questioning the SFA’s motives, independence and arguably, putting the safety of its independent panel at risk.” Rest assured no one else will.

  32. Sparts says:

    Alex, like you I am stunned by the reaction of Rangers and their fans.
    It simply doesn’t seem to sink in that they have broken the rules (massively) and must be punished. The Rangers board have made several ‘mistakes’ and repeatedly lied. Rangers fans and administrators seem to be happy to blame anyone but those running their club. Craig Whyte for example has been made a scapegoat. The truth of the matter is the club was a basket case when he took over. Murray knew this. The board knew this. It is they who are the culprits. Not the SPL, SFA or other clubs.

    One point that the Scottish media fail to understand (or at least ignore) is that fans of other SPL clubs have not embarked on a witch hunt against Rangers. They are not motivated by a hatred of the club (this is frequently said by the hosts of radio phone ins etc). They simply want to see fair play. It would not be fair for Rangers to simply carry on as normal. The other clubs in the SPL have been living with self imposed sanctions for the last 15 years and generally speaking survive within their financial constraints. Any punishment given to rangers thus far have fallen way short of those expected by other SPL fans. Looking to other countries they have been let off very lightly indeed. Just look at the English leagues new rules governing financial fair play as revealed this week.

    Rangers must be thrown out of the SPL and can apply for a spot on the 3rd division.
    Rangers should be banned from competing in any cup competitions for a number of years.
    Rangers should not be allowed re-entry into the SPL until they have paid all debts to other SPL clubs and suppliers.

    On a more general point, Rangers FC have stolen from me, you and everyone else. I personally think that all debts should be settled even that to HMRC. If that is not possible and an agreement cannot be reached then all assets should be sold so that money they have stolen from the pockets of each and every one of us is at least partly repaid.

    I do feel sorry for McCoist. He is a decent chap and to be fair has held his nerve and kept his dignity intact for much of this process. I think the interview you reference is probably his only slip up and the benefit of the doubt must be given on this occasion.

  33. marcobhoy says:

    Again very well said Mr Thomson. Even now with the discussions and debates you have had both in the press, blog or indeed local radio football phone-ins, I’m amazed you are still surprised at the lack of urgency and blatant inactivity of the “Glesga Media” to condemn Ally McCoist for his potentially dangerous and life threatening outburst. Remember these are the same individuals that sent parcel and nail bombs, threatened public figures and even retiring MSP’s for daring to wear a football strip of another persuasion. He could have obtained the names of the panel from the club’s own representative present at the hearing Surely he must have known this!. This is just a very blatant attempt at intimidation and coercion of the very worst kind prior to any appeal process. I once had a lot of respect for Mr McCoist, a likeable cheeky chappie from his TV days. Now the mask has well and truly slipped revealing something ugly underneath. The same ugliness which sadly pervades the corridors of a once great club. It is time for the authorities to punish, within the laws of the land, this club and individuals that have contributed to its demise. Only a clean slate will suffice. Pay your debts, take your punishment, and come back with humility and dignity.

    1. Colin McBurnie says:

      Michael Grant of The Herald and champion of us ‘Diddy’ Clubs Bill Leckie of The Sun have gave good reports on this debacle, as evidenced by there articles today:



      To my mind, Rangers have got off VERY lightly… so far…

  34. marco says:

    Crazy to think that in a democratic country Rangers should not know who is making the decisions. Whats next criminal cases where the Judge is hidden behind a screen. All tribunals should be open and transparent. That is whats morally right in a first world democratic country. Should Lord Hutton have remained unnamed in the Iraq enquiry i am sure you would have had a very strong opinion against it.

    1. Mat says:

      what are you on about? have you read anything about this? Jurors are never named (they decide the verdict) seems to work for obvious reasons in law courts,i would think even more obvious now if such a thing is possible.

      1. Marco says:

        I think you will find that they where judges and not jurors. Jurors do not decide on sentences/punishment. That is the job of Judges. That is why you should always know who is judging you.

      2. Bruce says:

        I think you will find that, far from being secret, Rangers, and McCoist, knew who the members of the judicial panel were.

      3. Mat says:

        Rangers have known for over a week who were sitting on the panel, Rangers ALSO had a representative at the session, sadly Bruce there are some so blinded by ignorance (I am being kind here) that they miss the points made in the blog entirely.

      4. Mat says:

        not a clue, eh!

      5. Marty says:

        The people sitting on the tribunal were not the same as jurors in a trial. They were not ordinary members of the public selected at random from the population as a whole.

      6. Mat says:

        see above reply..sigh

  35. Koalabhoy says:

    Once again your spot on , And I hope the authorities look into McCoists statements as they have set a bench mark by hauling Neil Lennon before them for questioning things, rules are rules etc . Keep up the good work

  36. Ian says:

    Alex, No further comment required, this blog sums up the whole issue.

    It will be interesting to see the SFA response.

  37. Andrew McCowatt says:

    Mr Thomson, I have never visited this blog before and have to admit that the hyperbole from yourself is frankly, astonishing. Having watched the interview with Mr McCoist it appeears that he has basically called for transparency, clarity and fairness with regards to the judgement which the panel appointed by the SFA passed. If you have watched the full interview – and also took note of the remarks that he has made since this whole sorry saga began – I’m sure you will have noted that Mr McCoist fully excepted that Rangers Football Club should not and must not get off ‘scot free’ and that there are individuals outside of Craig Whyte who must also take a portion of culpability. You have also within your blog referred to Rangers Football Club as one lacking ‘moral decency’. As someone who has lived in Glasgow all my life, I find the recent level of high minded ‘morality’ coming from many within Scottish society, and now yourself, regarding Rangers Football Club, frankly excessive in the extreme. Much has been made of the EBT’s which have as yet, as far as I am led to believe, to be ruled on by the tribunal and, also as far as I have been informed are not and have not ever actually been illegal. This has not stopped many however, taking the ‘moral’ high ground and led to a degree of hysteria in Scotland (something that is never far from the surface during even the calmest of times)ranging from the NHS and all vital public services being ripped off, leading to – and I’m sure your experience of being on Radio Clyde may aid you – to the most of ‘abhorrent crimes’ and most probably the recent rise in chiild poverty figures (although I would suggest to many that if you want to see your taxes being ripped off, wander the round the streets of Glasgow any day and you’ll see).

    Also I find the remark about Charles Taylor, frankly ridiculous and I would have thought beneath a C4 newss reporter. In all your ‘high mindedness’ and talking of morality, I’ll think you’ve forgotten that Rangers Football Club, it’s fans, manager and staff associated with the club have accepted guilt on the acts of the previous owners of the club. Guilt is something that Charles Taylor has never accepted, hence the reason your travelling to The Hague and not to Hampden.

    1. Carntyne says:

      Another post acknowledging Rangers must be punished, but there’s always a ‘but’.

      The punishment must be acceptable to the punished.


      You have a bit of a shock coming if you are under the illusion that Rangers will survive the EBT scandal, to say nothing of £15mill already owed to HMRC and they effect of the BTC which will add approx another £50mill owed.

      Rangers Till July!

    2. pat says:

      Your reply sums up Rangers’ blindness.

  38. Bruce says:

    Hopefully Rangers will do the decent thing for once and withdraw their appeal. Not only because the punishment was entirely proportionate to the offences they were found guilty of, but because McCoist has now stoked up a lynch mob mentality which place completely unfair pressure on the appeal panel. Pressure bordering on coercion.

  39. Whullie says:

    The attitude of people in RFC leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Consider that the protocols within the articles of the SFA demand expulsion from the league for being found guilty on 2 of the charges levied against Rangers. RFC were found guilty but were fined. SFA did them a favour here by NOT demanding the full punishment. Suggestions that these fines will not be paid fly in the face of UEFA regulations that dictate clubs owing monies to their home associations will not get a license to play football. RFC are digging themselves deeper into the mire.

  40. Duncan says:


    He’s not exactly apologising for having unleashed the hounds, is he?

    “I would not for one moment want anyone to interpret my remarks as a signal to engage in any form of threatening behaviour.”

    He’s claiming an ignorance of the mentality of some of his clubs fans which is hard to credit, especially from an ex-player.

    Not impressed Mr McCoist.

    1. Carntyne says:
  41. Esteban says:

    Well done, Alex. Good luck in The Hague.

    “Without fear or favour” is a well kent phrase in Scottish football. John Reid used it while chairman of Celtic. I

    In 2008 Dr Reid had the temerity to complain that it was racist of racist Rangers fans to sing the racist Famine Song, inviting those of us of Irish origin to “go home”.

    David Murray, then still the Wizard of Oz, said John Reid needed to be more careful in remarks labelling the racist Rangers fans as racist. John Reid said he would “continue to comment when appropriate without fear or favour”.

    Implicit in this, of course, is that fear and favour have mitigated lots of criticism of Rangers and their support down through the years. To give just one recent example, your friend Graham Spiers has said on the record that David Murray asked the Scottish media for a three-year period of grace regarding reporting instances of racist and sectarian singing by Rangers fans. The Scottish media, you won’t be surprised to learn, complied, almost to a lapdog.

    Fear [say of being struck off the succulent lamb list]? Favour [because Murray knew he was pushing against an open door]?

    I think probably both.

    The phrase obviously caught your eye and ear. Well done. I just thought this wee bit of background might be helpful.

  42. David says:

    See, Daily Mail? THIS is responsible journalism, as opposed to Mark Hateley’s inflammatory bile: http://blogs.dailyrecord.co.uk/markhateley/2012/04/sfa-allowed-three-people-outsi.html

    1. Nuclear Sheep says:

      I was initially amazed that Hateley has a column, but then considering the, not fit to be turned into toilet paper rag, that is the Daily Ranger, I suppose I am not that surprised. I thought Hateley’s job was filling and refilling the trough every second Saturday at Ibrox, but no, he is a journalist as well. I couldn’t get the link to work and I’m glad. I have no desire to read this man’s no doubt simplistic biased views on the situation.

  43. Steve says:

    So Mr Thompson, pandering to the Celtic minded again.
    Any mention of death threats to referees in the last 2 weeks and the lack of SFA response to that.
    Any mention of the police finding threats of violence on a C4 journo “laughable”
    I’m sure in time you’ll realise that you are being taken for a ride by the Cellik minded in Scotland

    1. Carntyne says:

      Denial doesn’t even begin to describe the attitude of Rangers fans.

      Best Wishes in division 3 next season.

  44. JohnfromManchester says:

    Alex, are other UK national media outlets likely to pick up these points – or do they simply see it all as a parochial and uninteresting problem in Glasgow?
    I ask because your points (valid as they are) would be even more hard hitting if they resonated through more national media figures and not just yourself – given the hostile attitude you face in Glasgow.

  45. Carson says:


    Says a lot in my eyes that even when reporting the language used in Ally McCoist’s staged interview for Rangers TV, the BBC omit the crucial words ‘supposedly independent’ from McCoist’s description of the judicial panel.

    The Scottish mainstream media just can’t seem to mend their ways when reporting on Rangers and their woes.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. P J Fox says:

      So “the BBC omit the crucial words ‘supposedly independent’ from McCoist’s description of the judicial panel.”
      Arent the BBC supposed to be impartial?
      Makes you wonder doesnt it?

  46. Clarkston Loyal says:

    Like every single club in Scotland we agreed to these rule changes last year. Ally McCoist has been the one grounded figure throughout this debacle yet his rabid appearance on TV on Tuesday gave the baying mob the green light for their disgusting behaviour.
    I hope now we can simply now take our punishment (and any extra punishment for this latest act) with the dignity and that Ally show a bit more maturity and leadership.

    1. Carntyne says:

      A realistic appraisal.

      Wish there were more like you.

  47. Gerry O'Brien says:

    Very well said, Mr. Thomson! Ally’s comments are quite likely to contributed to an atmosphere that has led to members of the SFA committee receiving death-threats. If this is not consistent with bringing football into disrepute, I don’t know what is.

  48. Tony Hendrix says:

    Alex,many excellent points there as usual.
    Crazy as it may seem,this may lead to the closure of two websites who’s fans had the stupidity to print the names of the panel,namely Follow Follow,a website by all intents and purposes should have been closed down years ago,and Rangers Media,the obcenity which comes from both websites is an utter disgrace.
    As for Mr McCoist,the ‘cheeky chappie’,well you already know how Laptop Loyal works,I won’t hold my breath waiting to read of any condemnation whatsoever.

    1. Bruce says:

      Hopefully it’ll also stop broadcasters treating Dingwall as a credible, responsible representative of the Rangers support. There is no way those names went on Follow Follow without him okaying it.

  49. Scotus=Irish says:

    Ally McCoist’s behaviour has gone unchecked since he bacame Rangers manager. His response after the so called shame game when 10 players under his charge received yellow cards and 3 received red cards was inappropriate, as was his behaviour during it. However the leniency shown to him from the authorities and the media was remarkable. Just reflect on the manner of his comments and in particular those after the Sone Aluko dive aimed at the authorities – I dont recall him being held to account after these. He obviously thinks he can say these things without re-course and I am therefore not surprised he has shown such immaturity again. He has been disengenuous in demanding names when he and his club knew who was on the panel and he has been in and around the media for long enough to know the consequences of his statement. I am of the opinion he should resign before he regurgitates any more odious remarks in this increasingly ugly set of circumstances.

    1. Nuclear Sheep says:

      Walter Smith was the master at putting pressure on officials, when decisions went against The Mighty. McCoist has learned but, with only half the intellect of Walter, he struggles a bit.

  50. The ghost of John Lennon says:
  51. Stephen says:

    Thank god someone’s coming out with this Alex. Maybe just maybe you can see why the media in Scotland were reluctant to write anything negative about Rangers….have any sympathy for them yet?

  52. A sorry state. says:

    Would you expect anything more Alex? As I am sure you are aware one of the red tops known for its fine , insightful, non biased reporting was good enough to name the members of the committee for Mr McCoist (as if he did not know) and the mob. The Scottish press won’t ask about McCoist bringing the game into disrepute, so you probably should after all it is only fare on the committee members and there family’s, who will be concerned for their safety. While on your travels through Europe please keep a look out for UEFA,because they don’t seem to be here in Scotland where they perhaps should be. PS stay of the succulent lamb it destroys integrity.

  53. BoredOfTheOldFirm says:

    It’s so refreshing to have an “outsider” properly getting involved in this whole sorry affair. For so long supporters outside of the gruesome twosome have had endure the journalism of Old Firm sycophants fawning over the Glasgow “giants” at every opportunity.

    The sycophants have directly contributed to the demise of Scottish football by constantly pushing propaganda for two clubs in the country, day after day discouraging more and more people from paying attention to their local team.

    Let’s ditch them, the Old Firm, and their hateful supporters who are riddled with self-entitlement. We should just start again with equally distributed TV revenues (even if those revenues are lower).

  54. Rubicon says:

    Keep up the good work. You are a rare shaft of light on the murky world of Glasgow ‘journalism’
    While you’re in the Hague, you could lighten your spirit by viewing Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earing at the city’s gallery.

  55. CarloC says:

    Spot on Alex!

    McCoist’s ‘demand’ that the identities of the three-man judicial panel be made public was tantamount to inciting violence, and he should be held accountable for his actions!

    The police are now involved, and I would hope that they whisper in his ear as a matter of urgency!

    Today he has issued a grovelling statement in which he deplores the actions of a certain element of RFCs sopport(about 99% of them), for their vile threats to the members of the SFA judicial panel, whose names appeared on several sites yesterday the day after McCoist’s call to the lynch mob!

    1. Marty says:

      About 99% of Rangers fans threatened the panel? More startling objectivity.

  56. oli says:

    This is a why rangers are is the state they are now in, John McMillan from the rangers supporters trust on the BBC. http://snd.sc/IlbaDB . (courtesy of sound cloud) The only thing he can focus on in hate rather than the club that he allegedly supports. Even kind of depressing as a non rangers fan.

  57. streamingpandora says:

    As far as I’m concerned, far from being an outburst in the heat of the moment, I’d say what Mr McCoist said was cold and calculated, knowing exactly the reaction his words would get. The representatives from the club who attended the panel knew who the three members were – why not ask them? Are you telling me that members of his own club wouldn’t tell him? I highly doubt that, given that rules have absolutely no meaning to RFC. The club also signed an agreement, as did all clubs, that the independent panel would not be named publicly – again Mr McCoist openly flouting the laws of the game. Knowing these facts Mr McCoist, appealing to the lowest common denominator, still took it upon himself to ask on Rangers TV no less, for these people to be named. He used inflammatory language when he said that the SFA sanctions would kill the club – I think you’ll find Mr McCoist that the actions of your club along with the helping hands of BoS and Gavin Masterson, et al did that of your own accord. (I implore anyone to read a post by a regular contributor to Rangers Tax Case to see how the BoS fixed the whole league ever since they started throwing money at Rangers: http://celticunderground.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=912:the-corporate-vandalism-of-scottish-football&catid=47:season-2011-2012&Itemid=83, a devastating and vomit-inducing article by any standards and going much further up the food chain than just David Murray).

    Will Mr McCoist be taken to task over his words? Certainly not by the MSM it seems. I have yet to see anything from the usual suspects condemning his words, and in fact, some of them haven’t even bothered to publish the statement by the SFA or mention that the police are involved. Should that not be front page news? Threats to those investigating Rangers, yet again? Every word that pours forth from the mouths of these people is nothing but the language of intimidation and threats – threats to the league, threats to the governing body, threats to the fans of Scottish Football and it is the the club itself who is inciting those threats. They know exactly what they are doing. Make no mistake about that. These people (Mr McCoist and co.) are very dangerous and it’s about time they were dealt with.

    1. pat says:

      This is what I was going to write.

      The big issue here is that Mr McCoist – and the rest of the individuals involved in producing and sanctioning this interview – knew who the people on the panel were, or was at least very likely to.

      Some reporters have touched on it but few have really explored the implications this fact.

  58. missteeray says:

    In regard to the disciplinary process, the SFA’s own website states that its new disciplinary procedures provide greater efficiency, accountability and transparency. Why then are the members – who act as both jury and judge – on the Judicial Panel not made known as a matter of course? How can anonymising them be described as being transparent?

    The Judicial Panel that recently decided Neil Lennon’s 2 match ban was enough for his recent misdemeanors was made known. Indeed many in the MSM printed each of their names when reporting on the decision. And this despite others voicing surprise and concern at the leniency of the outcome. I don’t recall any claims of irresponsibility being made then. But then, of course, it was the MSM that “outed” them. Hypocrisy anyone?

    The law may be blind but it must never be invisible.

    1. P J Fox says:

      Makes you wonder why Rangers voted for the new procedures in the first place or at least it should do.
      Makes you wonder why before the hearing there wasnt any complaint concerning anonymity? Strange that isnt it? Not one wordfrom the cheeky chappie himself or indeed anyone else connected with Rangers.
      Hypocrites and cowards springs to mind.
      Dignity? Pfffft.

      1. Carntyne says:

        Because they wanted other clubs to be kept in line by rules which obviously wouldn’t apply to them….obviously!

  59. dermot mullins says:

    it took a child to recognise that “The King had no clothes”. it takes a English journalist to point out that despite all the desperate acts of morally corrupt politicians,masonic institutions and inept journalists, RFC are Guilty of a multitude of crimes against Scottish and European football.

    And yet they still cling on to the notion that whilst “we’re guilty its not fair that we’re being punished!”

    And all the time Craig Whyte is villified, DM the real culprit in all of this continues to wave a magic wand over Scottish journalism and avoids all blame.

    you couldn’t write stuff like this.

  60. A Little Lebowski says:


    Why shouldn’t they be named? Perhaps because the club being sanctioned have two of their supporters awaiting trial for sending bombs to people for being Catholic? So the manager of the club telling the Rangers fans that this decision could kill the club, and then directly apportioning the blame for that decision to the people who applied the rules to Rangers might be a bit dangerous. Rangers had a representative at the panel that made this decision. They knew exactly who made the decision. Mccoist knew this. But he wanted to start a lynch mob so that Rangers would find more favour with any future panels by hoping that putting their panel members lives in danger would see to that.

    Bringing the game into further disrepute? Aye, just a bit.

    Since the names of the panel members were leaked, I’d hope the SFA do a full investigation into who done the leaking. I’d guess it wasn’t the panel members. I’d guess it wasn’t the SFA themselves. Which leaves Rangers own representative as the man in the frame I’d suggest. If this turns out to be correct, I’d suggest the SFA should ban any Rangers representative from even attending the panel as they simply cannot be trusted.

    1. missteeray says:

      For you to suggest that the actions of a minority few reflect the views of the majority is obviously flawed. No one would condone them.

      You are mischief making, and clearly don’t know your facts. Members of the SFA Judiciary Panel are deliberately anonymous. The JP members were not made anonymous because it was a hearing concerning RFC.

      And your claim that Mr McCoist deliberately attempted to instigate a lynch mob is simply preposterous and unfounded. How can asking for further transparency and honesty be regarded as bringing the game into disrepute or instigating a witch hunt? Plainly it cannot be.

      In law a defendant has the right to face their accuser. The SFA and its JP are not above the law.

      1. Carntyne says:

        In criminal law yes.

        But this is SFA rules that have been breached, not the criminal law.

        Although in my opinion what Rangers have done is criminal.

        Not long now missteeray.

  61. HJC says:

    Great article Alex. The reason Mr McCoist can and has said such a thing is because up until you started shining the light of truth on this club they were completely untouchable, not only in Glasgow but throughout Scotland, even now as you say, Mr McCoist’s comments have gone without much of a comment from the media in Scotland. They basked in a press that was so suplicating to them that they could say whatever they wanted about whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted and no one in the Scottish press batted an eyelid, but now, thanks to your good self the light of truth is shinning in upon them and their behaviour is being laid bare for all to see. I doubt if anything will happen to the media friendly Mr McCoist, twas ever thus. Murray and the rest of the directors, managers, coaches, and players who have benefited from all their bad practices, not a peep from them, not an ounce of humility shown.

    1. P J Fox says:

      Very few Rangers authority figures, or fans for that matter, will show any contrition or humility.
      That’s the Rangers way.
      They are the peepil or so they keep telling us. White supremacists have no sense of decency.
      That’s why I would prefer Rangers to be liquidated.
      It wont be good for Scottish football.
      It will be good for Scottish society.

  62. Colin Dudgeon says:

    How refreshing to read an unbiased viewpoint of what is happening in Scottish Football.
    Puts to shame Scottish based journolists like Traynor, Jackson, Keevens, etc, who whore themselves to Rangers just to have their “succulent lamb”.

    Well done Alex Thomson. Keep it up.

    1. SJ says:

      Since when was Keevins a journalist?

  63. Richard Barrett says:

    McCoist could easily found out the names by asking the people from his club who were at the hearing.
    What he said is criminal and he should be charged.
    He knowingly instigated this witch hunt. To apply fear and pressure to get the punishment overturned. If he is not to face crimminal charges, i will be disapointed in the justice system. People have been charged because of facebook posts , what he said was targeted to do damage.

    1. Marty says:

      Ironic that you should talk of a witchhunt. Anybody who really believes McCoist deliberately incited abuse should examine their own attitudes.

      1. Bruce says:

        Then can you explain why he made that public statement, drawing attention to the identity of the panel, when he almost certainly knew who they were?

      2. Marty says:

        Ah, “almost certainly” is it? At least you’ve got a bit of honesty about it as opposed to those who simply make the allegation as if it were proven fact.

      3. Richard Barrett says:

        Of course he knew what he was going to say, it was for rangers tv he said it. He was directing it just to rangers supporters at the time.
        Come on he knew that would encite them. He wanted their outrage to try get the decision overturned.

        If he didn’t know what kind of affect that would have, you would need to wonder WHY.

        Or as the weegie press have said . He is a rangers fan and just got emotional because he is under so much pressure. Or other media spins on it.

  64. Chris (Glasgow) says:

    “Like so many in this drama Mr McCoist goes “public” in an environment where I doubt he’ll never be properly questioned.”

    You need only look at the response from Scotlands national newspaper to know how accurate this comment is.
    Instead of condemning McCoist or even criticising him they print a column by one of his former team mates containing the names of 3 panel members.

    I despair of so called Scottish journalism, they haven’t even got the spine to tell the truth now and again never mind expose corruption.

  65. joe mcdermott says:

    A bit of perspective, thank you Alex. As a Glaswegian living in Shanghai I often get shocked by just how parochial Glasgow still is at times. Big fish in wee pools. From the outside looking in this whole farce is embarrassing for our great wee country- certainly not what we should be known for worldwide. Put it to bed before any more damage is done please.

  66. Craig Durand, Wick says:

    Sick of people trying to bring the mighty Rangers down – when does the investigation into Scottish Football’s other murky waters begin?

    We are, after all, the people.

    1. Bruce says:

      If anyone’s bringing Rangers down, its Rangers.

    2. John C F says:

      Me too Craig. Rangers should be welcomed at the very highest level of European football so that they can spread the word that ‘WATP’. After all the good burghers of Manchester, Lisbon and Barcelona should not be the last to ‘benefit’ from Rangers visits.

  67. patrick h says:

    A RFC representative was sitting with the 3 man panel when their judgement was announced.
    So for the manager of the club to come out and say he wanted to know the names of the 3 men as he didn’t know is frankly ASTOUNDING.

    Why did he not have the names given to him by his clubs representative is he that far out of the loop with club business or did he know what his comments would lead to ,its not like fans of his club have never been known for taking matters into their own hands when they feel they are not getting their own way.

    They have been that used to getting favours & honest mistakes going their way they react the way in this way when anyone dares question them.

    ONE QUESTION to all did the SFA just wake up one morning and say I think today WE will fine RFC £160k and ban them from signing players for a year.
    The answer is a resounding NOOOOOOOO they were banned from signing players for the simple reason to punish them for what they did and try to get it through to them that they cannot continue to do as they have been,Which is bringing OUR game into disrepute by not paying clubs they owe money to & SIGNING PLAYERS & NOT PAYING FOR THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hearts.Man city ,Rapid Vienna,St Etienne and more ,

    So to a mccoist i say why did you not ask your club representative who the men were (in fact WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK WHO THEY WERE)your club along with the other 92 clubs agreed last year to the set up that is now in place & finally If YOU CANT DO THE TIME DONT DO THE CRIME.

  68. D says:

    This baying mob is a common sight and sound in MANY parts of Scotland – the mob connected to Rangers, they claim, by a religion that many don’t even practice and a misplaced loyalty to a monarch and state their club hasn’t payed their taxes to. The former could be said about many Celtic fans too.

    This is the loudest I’ve heard Rangers fans protest since this new low in the club’s history came to the fore on Valentine’s Day. Misplaced anger and talk of criminal intent is coming from those ‘fans’ who taint the decent Gers fans with a very bad name. David Murray isn’t getting abused and threatened this badly and he is at the top of this pyramid of shame. If anyone thinks it’s Whyte then wake up! And that’ll be another 3 people advised not to go to Ibrox Stadium for their own safety. Then another 3 when the appeals panel gives its decision… Really, what does that say about too many Rangers fans? “Tawdry bigotry, violent fans”, quoth Alex Thomson.

    The above blog is saying what I’ve wanted shouted from the rooftops for decades. Equality and justice, not just on the playing field, but across Scottish society please. I won’t recount here the anti-catholic and anti-Irish words and actions I’ve witnessed in my life – often hidden behind a “it’s not racist or bigoted, we just hate Celtic” defence.

    Those who don’t abide by the laws, sporting and otherwise, should feel the force of those laws. A concept missing in Scottish football regarding Rangers for so long. The football authorities have been complicit in giving Rangers, let’s just say, less of a hard time than they’ve deserved over the years. Finally, they appear to ‘grow a pair’ and the Rangers lynch mob come out to get them! The irony is lost on the empty vessels making all the noise and threats. Also, McCoist’s ‘gentleman of Ibrox’ persona has slipped! Reminds me of when he had a gentle word with Lennon after losing at Celtic Park. The remark was obviously so offensive to Lennon it caused him to lose the plot. However, the ‘gentleman’ act is, after all, just that – an act. A veneer.

    Has Alistair forgotten the tears he shed carrying Tommy Burns’ coffin? Come on Ally, life is difficult enough without picking on people. We’re all in this life together.

    Alex Thomson states he is reporting as a neutral. He also states other Scottish journalists have been doing a good job on the subject of exposing mis-management at boardroom level. However, to non-Rangers Scots, hearing an outsider rattle cages and point out the glaringly obvious, he is a godsend. The parochial cosy media here can be blatantly one-sided and don’t care when it’s pointed out by a ‘bampot’ or ‘paranoid Celtic fan’. Who has listened to Alex gently putting the boot in, ever so politely, on Clyde Super Scoreboard? A programme I’ve only ever listened to because Alex was on it!

    If a spotlight isn’t kept on this whole subject to the very end regarding the Rangers boardroom failings, ‘Bear bitterness’ and threats, and the disposing of a fit and proper punishment to a club that may be found to have cheated for over a decade, then justice shall not prevail. The old ways will return. Believe me.

  69. RTYD says:

    Excellent reporting.
    This odious club will hopefully die very soon and the other cheek will die soon thereafter leaving Scottish football to have a league which is competitive and in keeping with the size of our country.

    1. whsm says:

      As Jock Stein once said, a race between two grannies is competitive – it’s just not very exciting to watch. No old firm, no scottish football

  70. manandboy says:

    Alex, after this piece, my admiration for you knows no bounds.
    You are an oasis in the Scottish media desert.
    Thank you.

  71. Tommy says:

    Alex, congratulations, you have ruffled the feathers of many ignorant “people” who simply assume that the gospel according to the weegie “journalists” is the truth. Scottish football needs rangers like a hole in the head. I was talking to a few people about McCoist and Gough’s ridiculous comments and hell will mend them and their club. We all agreed from Administration Day onwards it’s been Magic.
    Stand Free.

  72. Andy says:

    A typical rangers fans view….

    I am not a fan of either of the bigot brothers, I am in fact a fan of a non sectarian club and one that has lived in the shadow of these institutions for a very long time.

    The sooner that both menaces to Scottish football are rid of the better.

    1. Esteban says:

      Let me see if I understand.

      One menace cheats its competitors, the football authorities and HMRC for more than a decade and now owes HMRC and other creditors about £140 million. It won’t pay these debts, even if it puts the future of rival clubs in jeopardy, it just wants someone to make all the bad money stuff go away and for football to ignore the cheating, all for the good of the Scottish game.

      Faced with the first of (I hope) a few rounds of fair (actually quite lenient, as Terry O’Neill points out above) punishment, the manager of this same menace to Scottish football issues a call to arms. Its fans respond. The police get involved.

      The other menace flies the flag of a neighbouring EU country.

      Down with this sort of thing.

      1. Marty says:

        Of course Rangers could owe much less than that, depending on the result of the tribunal. Debts will be paid but sadly not in their entirety. However, that is the long-established law of the land and has applied to plenty other football clubs plus countless other companies. If anyone has a problem with the law of the land I suggest they complain to the government.

      2. Bruce says:

        ‘Debts will be paid but sadly not in their entirety’ – then debts will not be paid.

      3. Pally says:

        Noting to do with flags. Two cheeks of the same arse that’s all.

    2. DAVID KANE says:


  73. Gordon says:

    Well said ALEX.If you ever get the chance to speak to ALLY or WALTER SMITH, will you ask them if they both had EBTS.

  74. Welsh Dragon says:

    Surely this is tantamount to incitement?

    I would hope that the authorities is Scotland look into this and punish Mr McCoist as swiftly and harshly as possible.

    Then again he would most probably demand that the arresting officer be named as well.
    The man is quite obviously a buffon!

  75. manandboy says:

    Alex, you are an oasis in the Scottish media desert.

  76. Dom Curry says:

    Put out the lights and close the door…for good and Scottish football will be better off without such a toxic football club!

  77. Craig Durand, Wick says:

    Some nonsensical comments, especially from the likes of tup, Tommy and RTYD.

    Balanced reporting is what is required – will we expect to see an undercover report into the goings on at Celtic Park any time soon?

    1. Bruce says:

      Why? Do you have any evidence that there needs to be? Or is it just pure ‘whatabootery’?

  78. Drew Adamson says:

    Here we have a manager who by his ill-thought statements at worst elicits, or even encourages, the worst knuckle-dragging elements of his team’s supporters to grab their battleaxes and march on the headquarters of the SFA, pitchforks and burning torches (maybe ropes and whit e robes with pointy hats?) at the ready. He accuses the SFA panel of possibly putting the final nail in Rangers’ coffin, but a coffin needs many nails to secure its lid, and the other nails include Murray’s mismanagement, the financial sleight of hand of the EBTs, the sale to Craig Whyte, his financial wizardry, the threats and “bombs” directed at Neil Lennon, etc, etc. It may well be that Mr McCoist himself has put the final, final nail in the coffin, in that Scottish football might now say “OK, enough is enough, we’ve had it”, and decide that the best thing for Scottish football’s reputation, if not its financial well-being, is to euthanise RFC. Remember it was only a few years ago that Rangers (and the other guys) decided that they didn’t need the SPL, heading down south was their prime focus. Now, all we hear is “Scottish football needs the Old Firm”.
    And, now that Rangers are in the brown stuff, their fans are taking umbrage that people are apparently enjoying the schadenfreude associated with their potential extinction, it’s perhaps appropriate to bring up Super Ally’s comments, that he “couldn’t say he wasn’t enjoying it”
    Rangers have skewed the financial landscape of Scottish football to their advantage by their illegal dealings, perhaps cheating Celtic out of Championships, perhaps cheating clubs like Hearts, Motherwell, Aberdeen, etc, in years gone by, of 2nd places and depriving them of European participation and the resultant financial benefits, and should consider themselves luck that the penalties applied by the SFA this week are all they were handed down, in the current circumstances, it amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist, as even the transfer embargo means nothing, they can’t even afford to pay for some of the players they’ve recently sold, never mind still have.
    It ain’t all good for the other end of Glasgow where we have a manager, running about in a cheap trackie, foaming at the mouth and ranting at folk like a wee ned oot o his face on Buckie. Can any Celtic supporter mentally put Jock Stein’s head on that of Mr Lennon ranting at a ref and see it making a coherent picture? But that’s less dangerous, and more easily dealt with. I have a mate, a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Tic fan, since 1963, and his only word for NL is “ned”. He won’t waste any more of his (significant) brain power (2 degrees and a directorship of a major company) trying to come up with anything more. Perhaps the removal of RFC from the scene will help to eliminate that crazy, uncontrolled intensity from the equation, but still leave the necessary, and worthwhile, passion.

    By association, Rangers fans have to bear the brunt of any punishments, it’s your club, you can’t have the club disobeying the rules, then not expect any punishments just because “you’re only hurting the loyal fans” Sometimes the innocents suffer when someone else commits an offence, like the wee boy whose dad goes to prison for murder, it’s no his fault but he suffers. If you don’t like what the club does, if it’s not like the club you supported when you were a boy, just like when you fall out of love with a wife cos she’s not like the girl you married, you leave, just like a divorce, painful, but the only way to feel better. They can’t say they weren’t warned about CW, but they chose to believe he was a White Knight, not a Blue Knight (btw, anybody heard anything from them in the last few days? Generally they’re as shy a as Brooklyn hooker, always in your face, dead quiet recently,eh? Have they chucked it?

  79. charlespatricktully says:

    Thank goodness for people like Alex who will investigate the issue without fear or favour to anyone.
    If its wrong then its wrong.
    Pity the succulent lambs in Scotland toe the party line where ” The Ranguurs ” are involved.

  80. Jim O'Donnell says:

    For McCoist to whip up a lynch mob with his inflammatory statements was nothing short of a dsigrace. Especially when you consider this was against a backdrop of Rangers supporters sending live bullets to Celtic players and bombs to the Celtic manager, a member of parliament and a leading light in the Scottish legal establishment. It was all the more sinister considering a Rangers representative was at the hearing so McCoist could easily find out who was on the panel if he didn’t know already know. The Daily Record should also hang it’s head in shame for their incitement of the situation.

  81. Tony Balboa says:

    Well said Alex … both Rangers (and he unmentioned Celtic) are indeed Glasgow’s shame – two cheeks of the same posterior.

    – however please don’t tarnish the city and the good fans of Partick Thistle and Queens Park with being akin to the bigoted filth and knuckledragging elements that support these two clubs.

  82. Raymac says:

    Pontius Pilate washing his hands did not absolve him.The panel was adjudicating on the SFA rules,and was independant,as voted for by all the SFA clubs.It wasn’t a footballing offence,but a look at how the SFA rules were breached, and as a previus poster pointed out,they could have been thrown out of the SPL on two of the rules.They weren’t,yet still complained.McCoist knew exactly what he was doing.That his own club let him go ahead with the statement on their own TV site tells you all you need to know.He also interfered in the Sone Alukop case where he questioned the SFA’s authority .He got off that one as well.Given that posters on here have already given the website for Tony Hateley’s arcticle,I don’t need to.Just read it and you’ll understand why Scottish football is in a mess because of one club.The article was obviously written for him.Just don’t ask who wrote it.Just as McCoist spouts venom and then deflects,someone ghostwriting for Hateley does the same.It will take someone to be killed before the MSM and the Rangers support stop ranting.But then,people have been killed before and it didn’t stop.

  83. martin brennan says:

    Well said, Sir. Scotland’s shame is the absence of even a single voice in the mainstream media which would dare write what Mr Thomson has written. His is the truth that dare not speak its name in Scotland.

    And this cowardly self censorship could get a whole lot worse. Independence is potentially only two years down the road.

  84. K. Morrison (I put my 2nd name because I get asked it in Glasgow) says:

    Ah, so this is what journalism looks like. I’ve heard of it. But I thought it was far, far away from Scotland. Thankyou Alex.

  85. Ignorance is no defence says:

    What about the piece by Jim Traynor of the Daily Record….basically saying that the Rangers hordes were justified in whatever action they take and have a right to feel hard done by and to bear a grudge for years to come???

    Bordering on incitememnt to cause criminal acts whilst justifying unjustifiable reasons to do so.

  86. tambo says:

    Brilliant piece Alex.

    From a man who they cannot ignore, the points you raise Alex cannot surely continue to be ignored as has so much been ignored about Rangers F.C. down through the decades.

  87. BillCo says:

    Well said, Alex!

    The not-so-mad Vladimir Romanov was right about ‘the Mafia’. It’s a classic Mafia tactic to threaten and ultimately perpetrate violence against any judge who has the temerity to make a decision against them.

    We’ve known for years that Rangers FC and their supporters see themselves as special ones, something the football authorities and the Weegie media have pandered to with their slavering, arse licking and fawning bias.

    Now we’re beginning to see the vile depths to which their delusional sense of omnipotence could drag their club and the already tarnished name of Scottish Football.

    Let’s see if the SFA and SPL have the cajones to see things through to a just and proper conclusion.

    Should they buckle in the face of intimidation, whether from the scum end of their support, their ‘fans with typewriters’ or the past and present players, managers or directors, then the professional game in Scotland will be well and truly goosed.

  88. Stuart Rollings says:

    The Scottish Press actions in this have been shameful, if Kilmarnock were in this mess the press would take the stance rules are rules. Traynor, King, Jackson and the rest are hating this. The comments made by McCoist who insisting in naming panel was disgusting and vindictive. The press have ignored this. Could you imagine the outcry if Neil Lennon did this, their would be calls for him to resign. Rangers have to accept all the punishment that is coming and the Scottish Press have to accept it. This is a time for a change.

  89. Andrew McCowatt says:

    Having returned home and having read through the various posts on this blog; dismay is the only word that I truly feel. My own initial post sought to, or at least attempt, show that the language the Alex Thomson used was hyperbole in the extreme and to use a clumsy analogy at the start of his blog with the (rather self aggrandising ‘on the train from Amsterdam to The Hague…) and then proceeding to end the blog with a further reference to the Charles Taylor trial read akin to the actions of Taylor and his Sierra Leone ‘cronies'(strange that Naomi Campbell and even Nelson Mandela appear not to have known anything about Charles Taylor but they may have been experts on Rangers Football Club tax issues) appear like a walk in the park, appears – at least to to this reader – as highly inappropriate. And yet, reading on the several comments since 11.00 am it would appear that the only story in town (or at least, Scottish towns) is the heinous, outrageos ‘crimes’ of a football club.
    Anyone who has, over the years, been concerned about the genocides of Rhwanda, Sierra Leone, the Balkans, Chechnya, the self emmolaton of tibetan monks living under Chinese persecution, the on-going atrocities in Syria and the fight for democracy in the middle east, the rise of the religious far right in America and their desire to overturn the basic rights that any human can have with their own body, the rise of religious fundamentlism in this country with the now constant attacks on homosexuality as somehow being sub-human – and what do we get, Alex Thomson raging against the so-called ‘crimes’ of a football club and people who are so courageous in their condemnation that they don’t have the guts to put their real name to their vitriol.
    Should I be suprised, probably not I’ve lived here long enough, and I very much doubt Edward R Murrow, Mike Wallace, Charlie Wheeeler, Sandy Gall, Don McCullin, Bob Woodward would be applauding this kind of journalism as what they fought hard for. Goodnight and Goodluck.

    1. Bruce says:

      What a monumentally silly post. Whatabootery on an olympian scale.

    2. Fine and Dandy says:

      It’s not the only story in town, but it IS a massive story, at least in this wee country of ours. I dare say though, that you’d prefer that it wasn’t being reported on, that someone would make all the nasty money stuff go away, and your team could continue to cheat their way to silverware for the next decade and a half unhindered.
      How DARE anyone have the temerity to report on financial crimes that have cost the UK taxpayer millions. How DARE anyone take umbrage at the Rangers manager speaking out as he did. How DARE a supporter of a non Old Firm team such as myself be wiling to see a club being punished for breaching regulations. How DARE we, don’t we know that Rangers are Rangers, above all reproach?
      I should hang my head in shame because i want an end to the 11-1 stitch up in the SPL, because I want my team to have a chance to comete in a fair and open league, because I think that Rangers should be punished for all the rule breaches they’ve been found guilty of.
      Sorry Andrew, I’ll change my whole philosophy and outlook on life, in case it upsets anyone who’s been happy to support a bunch of cheats for the past decade and a half

  90. The Iceman says:


    What exactly have celtic done here exactly? They have lived within their means and watched within the law whilst the cheats up the road dodged their taxes? Don’t give us this two cheeks nonsense. Truly pathetic. it’s Rangers who have behaved appallingly and rangers who are in this mess. grow up and get real!

  91. The Iceman says:

    @ Gordon

    And if they waved them in front of others as enticements to the Big hoose!

  92. Andrew McCowatt says:

    oh and you can add Kate Adie, and the sadly late Tim Hetherington and Marie Colvin to the list above…

  93. tbird says:

    I can’t believe people get paid to write this. Even more unbelievable is the bias support this journalist is receiving.

  94. Tup's_Ma says:

    Tup, are you posting on the internet again?! Hurry up, because your supper’s on the table!

  95. Bee says:

    Ally has never been the sharpest has he.

    Some managers should just not be allowed to air their opinions in public… Dalgliesh being another that comes to mind.

    This is the same Ally that some years ago used his column in a media rag to have a pop at the drinking habits of Aberdeen players.
    What happened the next day.
    ally gets caught driving while drunk!

    He clearly learnt nothing from that foot in mouth episode.

  96. we are the people says:

    we all know what this clown is that wrote this pile of crap

  97. Percy Vere says:

    Thank you for your steadfastness and integrity in shining a light on the murky waters of Rangers FC (IA). In listening to the whinging of many connected with Rangers FC, I’m reminded of the (true) story of the man appearing in court for sentencing on a charge of serious assault. His Lawyer addressed the Judge thus – “M’Lud, my client appears before the court today well aware that he has the sword of Damocles hanging over him. To which the Sheriff replied “Perhaps he should have thought of that before he pulled the Knife of Stanley out of his pocket”….

  98. ceasar67 says:

    alex you have put this laughable circus in a suitable light.you are a journalist that is “worthy” of the title.not surprising when the journalistic code in scotland when it comes to rfc and football is “repeat the mantra and take deep breaths”

  99. Mac1978 says:

    So the Celtic manager, managing director and fans have been accusing the SFA of being against them for years. Ally gets told he can’t sign any players for 12 months and can’t question who has made this decision. What year of justice are we living in??

  100. Scott s says:

    I have never read such nonsense and it’s pretty obvious you a pandering to Celtic fans.read their comments Alex and you can almost feel the venom and hatred in their words.THis who saga is a stain on our history but people shouldn’t be so quick to throw stones as their clubs also have a lot to ashamed about , one in particular.

    The comments made by Ally MCCoist hardly worth writing a serious blog about and I suggest if you really want to be taken serious by a broad spectrum of fans in SCotland you write more seriously and don!t just write what you think the Celtic fans want to hear.It’s a shame you havevlet certain peoplevropebyou in to their twisted world.

  101. Charles says:

    Alex, I respect your journalism and think you make some very good and relevant points both here and in other blogs, tweets and broadcasts. However, I often take issue with the style you present the Rangers situation in.
    There is a certain arrogance to the way you put across that you are a war correspondent covering this story.
    Here, for example, you mention that you are covering the Hague. Fine, but you tell us in a way that suggests you are having to bring yourself down from that high position to cover Rangers and Glasgow.
    There is a place for everyone and everything in this world. So if it is your place to cover the Hague and war then do so. If it is your place to cover Rangers then do so. But please do make out that you are above it all.
    Thank you and good luck.

  102. Anne Duff says:

    Did Gregg Wylde leave voluntarily or was he pushed? Hero or Opportunist?

    Duff & Phelps continue contradicting themselves…
    On 06 March 2012 Gregg Wylde and Mervan Celik leave Rangers
    The two players have left the club, with Wylde saying he hopes his move will “save other people’s jobs”.

    STV understands Wylde has agreed to waive his March salary and will not take any redundancy package.

    Earlier, Gregg Wylde and Mervan Celik left the club voluntarily.

    Today the story is retold in newspeak…

    26 April 2012

    Wylde has been left kicking his heels on the sidelines for the last month since being signed by Coyle on a free transfer from Rangers after the Glasgow club went into administration. Coyle is adamant Bolton, assisted by administrators Duff and Phelps, have categorically proven Wylde was made redundant and is owed money by Rangers.


    Gregg Wylde is not listed by name on the Duff & Phelps listing of Ranger creditors. There is just this statement…
    8.21 Two players, Gregg Wylde and Mervan Celik, were made redundant as part of this process, however, after lengthy negotiations with the Playing Staff, PFA Scotland and the Playing Staff’s agents, a package of salary reductions was agreed with the first team players varying between 25% and 75%. Given data protection issues, it is not appropriate to discuss this on an individual basis, however, the monthly cost savings created by this and voluntary salary reductions offered by several members of the coaching staff was in excess of £1m.

  103. Myself Alone says:

    Terrible behaviour by McCoist.He should act more responsibily like Lennon.
    Sorry I forgot Saint Lennon is beyond criticism.Are followers of Lennon known as Lemmings?
    By the way where is the authors proof of the threats made to him at an Old Firm Game by other journalists…….Now where’s that carpet?..sweep!sweep!

  104. old codger says:

    Once again the hysteria directed at a wounded animal from those whose raison d’etre is to see their mortal enemy dead and buried rears it’s ugly head. Did Mr McCoist leak any names? did he urge people to ‘threaten’ anybody? NO! and more importantly was Mr Drysdale threatened? Not in the interviews I’ve seen/heard. (SSN,Asmah Mir) Hey! don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.
    The bloodlust on this and other sites, (you know the ones) shows no signs of letting up.

  105. old codger says:

    Charles Taylor to Alastair McCoist…..what a giant leap of imagination that is.

  106. Davie says:

    I would almost believe that if Ally McCoist were to commit the crimes of Charles Taylor, in Scotland, he would probably get away with it.

    Ally and Rangers TV should be brought to task for this, when it is clear that they would have already known who the panel were. Expect nothing from the SFA. His latest antics will go unpunished.

    Like somebody mentioned before, the cup ‘shame game’ last season at Celtic Park when Bougherra was restraining the referee from issuing a red card, when Diuof barged the Celtic physio who was running on to treat a player, which then caused trouble on the sideline, Rangers had 2 sending offs and 10 yellow cards to Celtic’s 3 yellows, Diouf then ran down, with his top off, to the Rangers end against Police advice after his sending off, there is a scuffle on the sideline between McCoist and Lennon, yet the only punishment from the whole night went to Lennon. That tells you all you need to know about the SFA and Scottish Football.

    Rangers should be brought before the European Court….. Sorry I forgot, they’re not in Europe!!!!!!!! Ha Ha

    1. Marty says:

      Lennon could have appealed his punishment, as McCoist did, but the Celtic manager chose to go down the legalistic route of seeking a loophole in the SFA regulations with the help of a QC. So be it but don’t try to paint what was Lennon’s own choice as part of some sort of conspiracy.

  107. old codger says:

    Oh, and for those who await the outcome of Mr Thomson’s dealings with Strathclyde police. He was conned by one who calls himself MK Ultra or Lee Bowyers on celticminded.com. Not by a scottish journo. I thought journos checked their facts.

    1. John C F says:

      Old yin, yer getting a couple of things mixed up here (bit like ra peepil and tax/paye/nic). There was a con act played on twitter but thst’s not what Strathclyde’s finest are investiagting. Check YOUR facts!

  108. MerryPloughBhoy says:

    Once again another great and insightful piece Alex, makes a difference to read something other than succulent lamb journalism. Keep a close eye on the situation at Rangers as it will be picking up pace in the coming weeks, heading into the abyss when the revenue somes in for them, May….

  109. pvsdb says:

    Bit annoyed by your comments re the assumptions re “Glasgow football”. Rangers are the mob with the historical assumption of superiority, not Celtic, Partick Thisle or anyone else.

    But thanks for finding the time to comment on this parochial stuff in the middle of the Taylor stuff! Top journalism which we don’t see often in Scotland!

  110. colosagh says:

    Great reporting Craig Whyte has been banned for life from being involved with a football club again perhaps the same should happen to McCoist after his inane comments just weeks after a court case where two people were imprisoned for sending bombs to people connected with Celtic football club.The other main point in my view is that nobody from Rangers past or present has denied that double contracts were the norm,three from that period presently managers in the Scottish premier league and one a columnist with the Daily Record who would perhaps be better not making inflammatory comments as well and Walter Smith has stuck his oar in today complaining that Rangers shouldent be banned from signing players for a year,they owe approx 140 million and rising in reality who would sell them a player plus they would have no money to buy any if they survive which is very doubtful I am not an old firm fan and think that if Rangers go it might not be the worst thing for scottish football after all of the three trophies this season they are going to three different teams and only one of these is one of the old firm.Having a level playing field for all would benefit Scottish football and long term would make it stronger.

    1. Marty says:

      “The three trophies this season they are going to three different teams and only one of these is one of the old firm”. I wouldn’t read too much into the consequences of a couple of cup upsets. These have always happened.

  111. Tony Hendrix says:

    Gordon,regarding Alex asking McCoist and Smith if they had EBT’s,in a few days time you will hear or read the real story that’s about to break out,that is that no fewer than 75 players an number of managers and back room staff were involved in a mass fraud.
    The consequences will be far reaching and if this means Rangers FC lose titles then that is because they had cheated for years and years,also take into consideration that many fans throughout Scotland and indeed the UK and Ireland have paid literally tens of thousands of pounds for tickets and travelling expenses for what? to see a club who have cheated,end of ….

    1. Marty says:

      “Mass fraud”? The hysteria about this is ludicrous. Rangers used a common tax planning device. Worst case scenario is that they made a mess of it.

  112. Derek says:

    What is your views on celtic manager lennon? accumulating 14match ban in 2years, 5 charges with a potential 3 more on the way. Great embassador for scottish football. Then he is helping fuel the anti-celtic vibe in glasgow by accusing referees of bias againast them. Do you think his comments have led to threats against referees? Or have celtic always hated officials anyway? Hugh Dallas?

    1. Fine and Dandy says:

      Lennon’s not ebing reported on at the moment, because, at the moment, he’s not a story. The media in Scotland will no doubt report on him at some point in the near future when he disgraces himself and his club again. it’s inevitable. And not everything Lennon does to disgrace his club is reported on, One example being him pushing the cameras away a few weeks ago when Aberdeen had the cheek to get a draw against them at Pittodrie.
      The media report stories they know will sell. End of story, and this story is the biggest in the history of Scottish football. It will ulitmately lead to the end of the 11-1 stitch up that benefits only the old firm, which will be a benefit to the entire SPL (apart from Celtic, who currently benefit from the old firm favouring 11-1 stich up)

  113. Laptoployal says:

    Its not just McCoist. Since his call to arms both Walter Smith and Sandy Jardine have made similar statements, and have supported McCoist. Their comments reveal the true state of Scottish football until now – its obvious that Rangers expect to continue be treated differently from all other clubs and to be above the law. They are outraged that their preferential status should be challenged. Sadly, the MSM in Scotland is still happy to collude with their story of being unjustly punished.

    1. Exiled Ger says:

      Err, they’re making up the laws to punish Rangers. Where were these punishments when others entered administration.
      Will the SFA punish & fine themselves? – they deemed Craig Whyte to be a fit & proper person to own a football club, or did Lawell & Reagan know of his plan all along?

  114. JP says:

    Once again we have Rangers issuing threats to every other SPL club. Sandy Jardine,for the second time. is telling us the supporters will take sanctions against any club they percieve has ”kicked” them when they’re down. At a time when Rangers need friends they issue threats, instead of showing humility they try and bully. They really do think they are ”the peeeppill”. If it wasn’t so sinister it would be laughable. The time has come for this club to go, their actions in the last few days have been disgraceful. What will they do when the further punishments, which will be much more severe, occur? The punishments they recievd this week will be nothing to what’s coming for the possible illegal, in football terms, registering of players. This could amount to almost 700 games played where wrongly registered players were used. If they think this week was bad they aint seen nothing yet.

  115. scottie says:

    Sandy Jardine’s comments are also a disgrace, backing sanctioning clubs that have been ‘unfair to ourselves’, what planet is this man on? There is really something rotten at the core of all this and I am really glad that you are looking into it Alex as nobody else is up here.

  116. Eddie says:

    I was sent this

    Rangers’ average turnover in the last two years according to D and P’s statement to creditors is about £56,000,000

    They currently owe 7 different teams for unpaid transfer or loan fees…. St Etienne, Arsenal, Manchester City , Orebro , Rapid Vienna , Palermo and Hearts. I assume these fees relate to Bocanegra, Bartley, Weiss, Bedoya, Jelavic, Goian and Wallace. Total amount owed is about £2,882,000.Five of those players are still available for selection and one was available until January of this year.

    The SFA have imposed a punishment on Rangers £160,000 and banned them from adding senior players to their squad for two transfer windows…

    Outrage has followed…

    Let’s take an analogy…let’s take three “zeroes” off those figures…

    Let’s assume someone called Ally earned £56,000 a year…..let’s assume he quite like buying clothes but only liked clothes from Marks and Spencer. Let’s assume that over the last two years Ally has wandered in to M and S and has picked up clothes worth over £6,000. Ally has a very special arrangement with them and they allow him to take the stuff by paying a part of the price up front with a promise to pay the balance.

    He still owes M and S £2,882.

    He still has most of the clothes except for a suit that he sold recently. Amazingly he got £2,500 up front for that suit which was a fairly special one. Original retail price just 18 months ago had been £4,500

    Marks are now a wee bit upset by his actions and have reported him to the authorities and he has been charged with theft.

    Ally appears at Glasgow sheriff court before an independent judge who has no connection to M and S at all and pleads guilty..

    The sheriff fines him the whopping sum of £160 and tells him that he is not allowed to buy any new clothes from Marks (or any other clothes shop) for a year. He can buy new socks and underwear. He is not ordered to make any payment to M and S. He is not told to return the stuff to M and S. He is not even told that he can’t keep wearing all of this stuff. He still has lots of clothes in his wardrobe. At the end of the year they might look a wee bit shabby but with some careful management he’ll still be pretty well dressed and much smarter than 90% of people..

    Would anyone think that punishment was remotely severe?…draconian?…even condign?..

    What would people think if he said that he was going to lodge an appeal against that sentence on the basis that it would kill him?

    Would the average onlooker not think that he has got away with it and the real victim here is M and S…???

  117. BillCo says:

    Alex, as a Hearts supporter of almost 60 years standing I cannot remember any journalist casting so much light on the untouchables of Scottish Football. Whilst the main thrust of your investigations are in relation to the current shenanigans at Ibrox, you have also highlighted the general bias in favour of both sides of the duopoly down the years from football authorities and the Weegie media.

    I am sure fans of all the other clubs in our professional game are just as grateful as I am that you have covered this story so thoroughly over the past few weeks despite much hostility from the knuckle draggers and their cheerleaders in the Weegie media.

    Keep up the good work!

  118. Rick Matthew says:


    You are to be congratulated for continuing your exposé of the compliant nature of the media in Scotland towards Rangers Football Club. For far too long this club has maintained a strangle-hold on the reporting, and crucially non-reporting, of its activities in the Scottish media. I believe your open and frank analysis is having some effect at long last, as in recent days there have been intelligent and critical pieces published in the Scottish broadsheets on the issue of Ally McCoist’s foment following the announcement of the Judicial Panel’s judgement. But one has only to read the tosh offered up by the Daily Record yesterday under a Mark Hateley by-line – surely ghost-written? – for the hope of a watershed in objective and rational reporting to be dashed as readily as it was raised.

    Amid the frenzy of comment regarding the perceived severity of the sanctions proposed as punishment to Rangers, and the sideshow of their manager’s ire played out for the cameras, it occurs to me that an intriguing line of enquiry has gone unexplored in the Scottish press. On the evening of the announcement of the SFA sanctions Craig Whyte was reported as stating: “It’s a joke, a complete joke. They’ve never spoken to me. Stewart Regan and Campbell Ogilvie had dinner with me in November and they told me it wouldn’t be a problem. Now they’re just reacting to all of the publicity since February.”

    So the Chief Executive and President of the SFA had a private dinner with the owner of a member club and discussed…. What exactly? Mr Whyte appears to be suggesting that the SFA senior executives have now reneged on what he took to be an agreement of sorts… on what?

    Were the potential sanctions that could result from a forthcoming enquiry outlined, and therefore made known to Rangers, as far back as November, including the apparently now ‘shocking and appalling’ prospect of a twelve-month transfer embargo on senior players? If they were, and we are not to know unless someone asks the question of Stewart Regan or Campbell Ogilvie, then it would certainly make some sense of the strange case of the attempted Daniel Cousin signing in February, straddling the period before and after the sudden placement of Rangers into administration.

    To recap that odd episode, Rangers signalled that they wished to re-sign the former player at what most journalistic commentators deemed to be an eye-watering salary given the paucity of funds available to manager McCoist. At the time it was broadly assumed that he was desperate to shore up his team following the loss in the January transfer window of his star striker Nikica Jelavic to Everton in order to mount a challenge on Celtic who were pulling away at the top of the league table. The wages being offered for an out-of-contract and ageing player aside, this appeared to make some kind of sporting if not commercial sense. But what happened next defied logic.

    Following the Rangers insolvency event the appointed administrators Duff & Phelps, contrary to the usual practice of seeking to cut costs from the company payroll, actually pursued the signing of Cousin with the addition of a further burden to the company operating costs. Despite their remit to act in the interests of creditors the receivers actually looked to increase the Rangers playing staff, while creditors such as Heart of Midlothian and Rapid Vienna went unpaid for players already transferred to the financially-stricken club. Now it turns out that it is against the rules for a club to sign players whilst in administration but even this did not prevent the administrators from making a plea for special treatment for Rangers (not for the last time) and requesting permission of the SFA to sign the player. This was of course rejected and the media here in Scotland were rightly incredulous at the administrators’ actions, putting it down to naiveté.

    But in light of Craig Whyte’s claim this week, one can ponder another possibility: one that would make sense out of nonsense. Did the SFA hierarchy discuss potential sanctions, including a transfer embargo, with the owner of Rangers? If so, would that information have found its way to the administrators and might that have influenced their judgement with regards to maintenance and enhancement of playing resources at that crucial time? Of course if true then Rangers could just have tried to hold on to Jelavic, but then there was a much greater financial imperative at play there, for both club and player. Probably as unlikely as it would be unethical; who knows – but then, who is asking?

    I note that even a respected, experienced journalist like you has been decried as a ‘fantasist’ in the comments attached to your blog. I readily acknowledge that the scenario envisaged above is indeed far-fetched and so the term fantasist – presumed pejorative in this case! – would be more fairly applied to my ramblings than to your reports. But what are we to assume, conclude, imagine or invent in the absence of a media line of enquiry into a reported claim of a shady discussion between the SFA and Rangers in November on rule-breaking and perhaps what sanctions would, or would not, result?

    And why is the press in Scotland, seemingly hungry for every nugget of revelation in the unfolding drama at Ibrox, uninterested in finding out? Lazy or complicit? Certainly Campbell Ogilvie, an acknowledged recipient of EBT payments and past director on the Rangers board during the period of mismanagement, or misdemeanour depending on the result of on-going investigations, appears to be beyond query or reproach – one journalist going so far as to state on a radio show that he had no need to question Mr Ogilvie on the second contracts and EBTs issues simply because he had known him for years and knew him to be a man of integrity. The spirit of Woodward and Bernstein is no match for the fourth estate of the west of Scotland when it comes to cronyism across the board and complicity in whitewash at the blue house. I believe the alleged dinner and conversation demand scrutiny but the Scottish media seem not to want to know.

    Amidst this lamentable state of affairs, the press here continue to award themselves imaginary plaudits for a fantasy of their own – that they have been breaking the stories of the disintegration of Rangers. Breaking stories! Breaking out in an anxious sweat, perhaps… And they have much to be stressed about, for there are many like me in Scotland who have had their fill of the press-release led, pandering press whose paunch has grown proportionally with the succulent treats handed down from the master’s table. That the press fraternity who have turned a coin for so long from an Old Firm duopoly should be worried about its own livelihood in the aftermath of this sporting calamity is understandable but what is not forgive-able is a reluctance to change old habits and adapt to the new media world and demands of an informed and empowered readership. The same journalist who favours an instinct on personalities to his nose for a story also pitifully admitted to the listening public one evening that he didn’t pursue stories using online resources because he didn’t understand the internet. Well, that’s too bad. Whatever the outcomes of this desperate period for Rangers and Scottish football, new-media-savvy fans of all persuasions have surely had enough of reporting which is at best lazy and at worst partisan. To refuse to evolve against this context is, to use a term the web-befuddled gentleman would recognise, ‘bampottery’.

    You have already made yourself unpopular in some quarters for simply asking the questions that others would not. On behalf of all fair-minded football fans in Scotland it is important that you, and any others who are prepared to finally hold a torch to the self-blinkered media attitudes to this Scottish institution, Rangers Football Club, continue to ask the questions and press on till you get the answers. Complicit, careless or incompetent reporting (of which ‘Billionaire Buys Rangers’ is a typical example) has ultimately not helped Rangers fans to see what has been happening all along the path to potential destruction of the club they support.

    This debacle is unfolding to be many things by turns; shocking, suspicious, seminal, sad. But its mysteries should not remain unfathomable for the want of unstinting and objective investigation or the peddling of coloured opinion as truth (the consequences of the debilitation of Rangers is consistently portrayed as ‘bad for Scottish football’ without any thorough research, modelling, scenario planning or analysis beyond the predicted drop in media revenues). Surely even those hacks weighted down from indulgence in choice cuts can still appreciate that Rangers right now represents what real reporters and readers alike respond to: a good story worth telling?

  119. ballybough says:

    is it true genaral motors are having an emergency board meeting in detroit tonight to discuss the grave financial situation after hearing rangers supporters aregoing to boycott vauxhall motors.l.o.l.

  120. eejit says:

    Such a hard one is this, die hard fans are never going to accept that Rangers FC, badly managed though they were, are now facing the consequences of their enormous debt. Any decision taken by the SFA will evoke repercussions, and sadly, blind or blinkered emotion will not be swayed.
    What the rest of the world might not know or choose to forget, is that Ranger FC stands for a whole lot more than just football in Scotland and this disease will not die without a fight but will be seen as a major setback to the cause from the putrid minds of individuals.
    This is not the voice of a Celtic fan but from a person who is sick of the whole sensationalism of all this. it’s time to move on (que sera sera, c’est la vie) it will be of no sad loss to me if Rangers, or Celtic are no more.

  121. Gulberwick Stan says:

    As they say in Glasgow, sir, “Yer bum’s oot ra windae”. Your views on Ally McCoist’s comments where he wished the identity of those who had decided to possibly “kill” Rangers be known and your attitude with regard to the current Rangers situation in general do your profession a disservice. Using your “Alabama” analogy, it was the anonymity of those passing judgement on Rangers like the KKK in Alabama that was disgraceful. Your condemnation of Ally McCoist was like condemnation of the ‘negros’ in the States if they demanded to see the faces of those who were going to string them up. Now, stop pandering to your pals who have an anti-rangers agenda and do some decent journalism and perhaps grab back some credibility for yourself and your employers at Channel 4 news.

  122. no gods here says:

    thanks for keeping it real alex,only in scotland could the likes of mc coist get away with this outragous statement. i hope one day you will dig deeper into the religous war we have in glasgow and drag there sorry backsides into the 21st century. scotland needs you.

  123. CultsBhoy says:

    you are having the desired effect – Glen Gibbons and Jim Traynor both behaving like proper journo’s today..not often that happens in Scottish football media – well done!

  124. Rob says:

    Alex, rant away all you want but to use the backdrop of Charles Taylor and the attrocities in West Africa to have a rant at Ally McCoist is pretty shameful. Every day you are getting more and more desperate.Dont you realise yuo alienating Rangers fans from making a postive contribution to your blogs?

  125. Paul says:

    More tosh from a Celtic loving idiot how many on this blog are fans of the septic the club that supports the ira what about joe O’rourke and his bigoted comments no mention of that Alex naw coz you don’t want to upset Phil I need to change my name

  126. Joe Cannon says:

    McCoist,s outburst was to have his followers intimidate and threaten the panel members whilst knowing the upcoming appeal panel will also be intimidated to the point of reversing the original punishment or they to will suffer the same fate as the original panel, its not rocket science everyone with half a brain knows exactly why he did it, after all he already knew who the panellists where 24 hrs BEFORE the hearing, but then again this has always been the Rangers way threaten and intimidate and you will ALWAYS get your own way in scotland, so dont be surprised when the original punishment is overturned and Mc Coist walks away relatively scot free that the only certanty concernig rangers

  127. Russell says:

    Not sure if i should believe what you write Thomson. The police could not find any threats against you and you were flashing quotes from a spoof twitter page. Were you actualy reporting from the places you claim or is it all in your mind, maybe you should talk to your doctor its a shame your getting used.

  128. Betty Dunlop says:

    Why does he always have to start by bigging himself up. Soldiers coming back from war zones have more right to make such statements but don’t.

    “Drop the dead donkey” now springs to mind now when I see his name.

    I cannot for the life of me take him seriously

  129. Alistair says:

    Well done Tommo. A nice little trail of Eager Sycophants you have managed to build up with your tireless crusade against Rangers. Your mate Phil must be so proud. How’s the investigation into the ‘Presbyterian Slap’ progressing? We should be told! Seriously, a man with your supposed journalistic experience being owned so easily by an Internet hoax – Laughable!

  130. WB says:

    The articles misses the whole point of what McCoist was trying to say, the key points being(and missed by the article):

    – the timing of these sanctions are affecting the sale of the club which ultimately could KILL the Club. The Club is, as McCoist says, on the precipice. Therefore how can he be expected to “Bide his time”? He doesn’t have time.

    – the Club needs help not sanctions.Yes ultimately they need to be punished but ‘outside of Glasgow’ the FA in England actually helped Pompey when they went into Administration by giving them £800K. Yes, ‘everything’s relative’ and how the SFA have behaved here in comparison to their English counterparts is a disgrace.

    – these sanctions are so severe and their timing so questionable that the people who were given the responsibility to impose them should be held accountable. To suggest that McCoist adopts a ‘lynch mob approach’ and lacks ‘morale decency’ to ask for this transparency is utter nonsense. In fact for this panel to be given this authority and to be expected to be not named in the public domain is the real act of ‘cowardice’.

    To have missed so many key points from the interview suggests that the article only wants to highlight items that fit a certain agenda instead of reporting things how they actually are.

  131. Exiled Ger says:

    What a load of unadulterated & biased nonsense.
    The only “act of such irresponsibility in the current climate” beggaring belief, is that of the SFA. Reagan is an utter incompetent, who is making up the rules as they go along, at the behest of Lawell, in an effort to destroy RFC, at a time when only Ally is left to defend the club. Punishing & holding Rangers responsible, for the acts of fraudulent individuals, which appears to be the goal of all non-Rangers supporters, will spell the end for scottish football. We will be the equivalent of the Irish League (heck, maybe CFC could move there & be happy). The bigots commenting on this blog are just that, & make no mistake, we aren’t going away.

  132. McCoists Right Boot says:

    Mr Thomson I have to wonder if your latest article is maybe one to many for you and your employers. Your focus has moved from your initial investigation and now resembles little more than a crusade against a football club that you are clearly offended by. I can understand given the amount of abuse you have taken that you feel slighted enough to keep returning to your theme of attacking the club, it’s fans and now it’s staff. Given the need for our journalists to remain impartial I’d ask you whether you think that it’s still appropriate. Perhaps it’s time to shed the sycophantic praise, hero worship and attention seeking of the Celtic fans and move back to stories that need your reporting talents.

  133. old codger says:

    This is the blog equivalent of Radio Clyde, with better spelling

  134. Teacher says:

    Lesson for Rangers here – Humility gets sympathy and help. Declaring war on all who disagree with you and arrogance towards the rest of Scottish football teams and supporters get you NOTHING. “fighting funds” “Calls to Arms” having Managers and Close sources of the club on TV proclaiming war against enemies is “Draconian” – There I’ve used the words in the correct context. The sooner your disgusting backward thinking club is erased from Scottish society the better. You are NOT the people. We are! That is the law abiding majority of Scottish Citizens that see a life and football teams beyond Rangers and Celtic.

  135. tambo says:

    It is not football in Glasgow Alex as that implies that Neil Lennon would also have got away with the outrageous comments made by Alastair McCoist.

    McCoists cowardice as you call it Alex in this incident will remind other Glasgow football fans of the time after a Celtic – Rangers game McCoist whispered in Neil Lennons ear, that too was a good example of McCoists lack of a backbone. However, in their wisdom the SPL ounished only Neil and McCoist walked free !!

    In your short time investigating the shame of Scottish Football you are only scratching the surface Alex.

    Fairnesss, level playing fields and justice dont apply in Scottish Football when Rangers F.C.1873 are the opposition but please keep digging.

  136. Androcles says:

    Best slogan from weekend….four horsemen and apoke o chips……………

  137. Horatio says:

    Would Mr. McCoist publically state whether, or not, he is a beneficiary of Ibrox EBT’s?

    As far as football goes, Scotland would be a cleaner place without both Celtic AND Rangers contamination.

  138. Colin says:

    Well the hate & the poison continues & from people who haven’t the foggiest whats going on in our city, too many outsiders influenced by half truths and the demonisation of one groups propaganda against the the other, lies & distortions of the truth by the blind.

    As for the comments on the famine song ! the song itself isnt against the Irish !! its against any Irish who live here in Glasgow who want to show their hatred and their absalute poison against Britain, Our Queen, Our Flag & at the same time promote the murder of our soldiers and our people (both Protestant & Roman Catholic) by republican paramilitaries , many irish dont behave like this, the song is not against them !! but it is against the idiots who hold this murderous hatred within themselves against our people, its saying if you hate this country so much — Leave !! .

    Exactly ? who is the Racists ?
    All we hear is constant Anti British Racism from Celtic fans, so whos right & whos wrong ? maybe you should listen to & examine both sides of Glasgow before diving in with both feet at the say of the Raegan Bros and Others !!, Bias corruption & manipulation of others within Scottish football maybe be a bigger story for you Alex !!

    Get in there 1st , as someome will do soon , believe me it’s happening as we speak !.

    Deliver us from Evil !

  139. Richard Barrett says:

    i seen your comment in an email, it has brought me here to to show my disgust, that your type of hatred that stems from religion is still alive. You are sadly deluded, there is no excuse singing songs about anyone dying of hunger.

  140. Mary Shelly says:

    Ally McCoist pandering to lynch mob mentality?
    Well, this is coming from the “Journalist” shouting through the front door and deliberately obstructing vehicles in a bit of tabloid-esque sensationalist “kill the beast” nonsense.
    While I have no sympathy for McKenzie and feel that his actions were reprehensible, I would have felt that Alex Thompson’s mob attack on the individual would perhaps have been better left to the 21st Century Rule Book enforcers rather than an often inaccurate, self publicising journo who some how expected a hand wringing confession or was it just a stunt to deflect fading credibility?
    I know this is a new post on an old story but if we go through these hard hitting Ranger’s stories we can see some selective amnesia (John Greig Statue) and some regurgitation of the quite dreadful posts of the politically active Celtic gang. No mention of the invalidity of the punishment laid down by the faceless panel in the newly transparent SFA. That might be a bit pro-Rangers though, can’t have any of that or the fair minded folk of the Green Brigade who support / supply Alex with an unhealthy zeal may turn.

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