• Published on 2 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    Bank of England Governor Mark Carney talks about the decision to raise interest rates, prospects for the economy and Brexit.

  • Published on 2 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    “This is good news,” said the Governor of the Bank England about the decision to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. From 0.25 to 0.5  percent. Doubled but still to no more than a whisker. So what will that mean for the millions of us with mortgages and credit card debt?

  • Published on 2 Nov 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable discusses the Westminster harassment saga and the interest rate rise.  

  • Published on 1 Nov 2017 Sections Politics

    Interest rates have now been on hold for the longest period in living memory, but all that could end tomorrow when the Bank of England is expected to put up base rates for the first time in a decade. The increase is likely to be fractional, but the psychological shift could be far more profound.…

  • Published on 25 Oct 2017 Sections UK

    The Chancellor has said he’s confident that the main details of a transitional deal to help businesses adapt to Brexit could be in place by December. Philip Hammond was speaking as the latest growth figures for the UK showed a modest improvement, climbing 0.4 per cent in the last quarter. But he also acknowledged the…

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    Joining us from Brussels is the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan to debate the issue of EU citizens in the UK.

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    We spoke to Pascal Lamy earlier and began by saying that the EU’s Chief negotiator Michel Barnier is surely just that – a negotiator?

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    Theresa May tried to thaw relations with EU leaders was to write an open message on social media today to EU citizens in the UK, all 3.2 million of them.  

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    Europe’s leaders put on a show of friendship and support for Theresa May at the European summit in Brussels this afternoon. But underneath the bonhomie, the tough message remains the same – cough up.

  • Published on 18 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    Tomorrow Theresa May sets off for her second trip in a week to Brussels, where she will address EU leaders on Brexit. In the Commons today she insisted the option of walking away without a deal must remain on the table. But her visit comes as her government’s EU withdrawal bill, which transfers EU legislation…

  • Published on 10 Oct 2017 Sections

    Almost 2,000 jobs are to be cut at the UK’s biggest defence contractor BAE Systems, in what’s being described by unions as a “bitter blow” for manufacturing. The company, which is facing a lack of orders for its Typhoon jet, claims the restructuring will result in a “sharper, competitive edge”. Labour says the move will…

  • Published on 2 Oct 2017 Sections

    Hundreds of thousands of people have had their travel plans thrown into chaos after the collapse of the budget airline Monarch. On top of around 110,000 customers currently overseas, three quarters of a million people with future bookings will now be left scrambling for alternative flights. And in the last few minutes, the administrators said…

  • Published on 30 Sep 2017 Sections

    A new study claims the “millennial” generation has been the hardest hit by the rising cost of living compared to other age groups. Our business correspondent Helia Ebrahimi reports.

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections

    The Civil Aviation Authority has welcomed what it called Ryanair’s capitulation after the Irish airline bowed to demands to clarify customers’ rights to refunds. The airline updated its advice after the regulator threatened legal action, accusing Ryanair of “misleading” disrupted customers. But even today, one passenger said they were still being given the wrong information about…

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections

    The UK’s economy grew at its slowest annual pace since 2013 and house prices in London have fallen for the first time in eight years. The figures come as the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said he was concerned about what he called a “pocket of risk” in personal loans, consumer credit…