18 Mar 2015

Budget 2015: the public reacts… in emojis

Under 30s have suffered disproportionately in the recent economic downturn, so what do they make of George Osborne’s pre-election budget pledges?

Harry Bedford admits his personal financial situation is not the best. But he’s happy with today’s budget for one simple reason: “because beer’s gone down.” One penny off a pint was enough to please this 23-year-old who works in a bookmakers.

Speaking to MPs, the chancellor was keen to emphasise that “we’re all in this together” – he used the phrase several times during his budget speech.

But 23-year-old Sally Mears, who works in market research, wasn’t impressed. As for her personal financial situation – “shoot me now” was her emoji of choice.

Natalia Czaja

It was the same verdict on personal finances from 25-year-old Natalia Czaja. Natalia earns £20,000 per annum, an amount £5,000 below the national average as an assistant manager at one of the world’s largest fast food restaurants.

Shanice Wilson

26-year-old Shanice Wilson works in a high street bank. Shanice said “the threshold rise will benefit me” but for her the more pressing issue is housing.

“I’m pregnant now. We need more housing options. I pay almost full rent [in a local authority home] but options you have if your families expanding is minimal”.

Sean Callanan

IT consultant Sean Callanan, said he welcomed the headline offers in the budget.

When asked if it would sway his vote ahead of the general elections, the 20-year-old maintained that he was still unsure which party would get his vote: “I’ve got more reading to do. I’ve never voted before but [the budget] sounds good”.

Harry Bedford

And finally, here’s Harry again – still positive about his cheaper pint.

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