21 Oct 2013

Britain’s Niqab – a woman’s right?

Britain’s Niqab is a series of special Channel 4 News programmes looking at the controversies surrounding the wearing of the Niqab in modern Britain.

From Tuesday to Thursday, Channel 4 News will be presenting a series of special reports examining and debating the wearing of the niqab.

Britain’s Niqab will include a series of films about women who have made a deliberate choice to wear the niqab.

Another is a point of view film following one woman who wears the niqab and explores why.

On Thursday 24 October, Channel 4 News will broadcast a live debate in east London hosted by presenter Jackie Long for a special programme discussing the issues raised in the films.

The debate will engage with women who wear the niqab and others who do not approve of it being worn.

In September, Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne said there should be a national debate about the niqab – about whether the state should step in to protect young women from having it imposed on them.

Britain’s Niqab – starts at 7pm on Channel 4 on 24 October.