20 Jan 2019

Brexiteer fury over Remainer MPs’ plans to delay Brexit

“Stealing brexit.” “Hijacking” the will of the people. There’s been fury about Remainer MPs’ attempts to allow parliament to dictate terms to the government over Brexit.

Remainer MP Dominic Grieve is one of those under fire for proposing an amendment that would allow rebels to take control of parliamentary business. If a motion for debate is backed by at least 300 MPs – just 46 per cent of the total – and those 300 MPs include ten Tories plus representatives from at least four other parties – then it would be the first item of business the next day in the Commons.

We speak to Dominic Grieve and the Labour MP about their plans to delay the UK’s departure, and we also speak to Brexiteer and Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi.