6 Dec 2018

Brexit withdrawal agreement debates – watch the key speeches

Watch the key speeches from the Brexit debate below. We are live streaming the debates every day on our YouTube channel. Each link here will take you to the start of the key speeches. The list is collated by order of appearance.

Theresa May MP: watch here.

Prime Minister

“We should not let the search for the perfect Brexit prevent a good Brexit that delivers for the British people.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP: watch here.

Leader of the Labour Party

“Two years of botched negotiations have led us here today… To vote for this deal would be to damage our economy, to make our constituents poorer and to take a leap in the dark for the future of this country.”

Boris Johnson MP: watch here.

Former Foreign Secretary

“I really can’t believe that there is a single member of this House that sincerely believes that this deal we have before us is a good deal for the UK… It is a democratic disaster.”

Ian Blackford MP: watch here.

SNP Westminster Leader

“This is a moment of self-harm in our history.”

Anna Soubry MP: watch here.

Former Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills

“We should now have a People’s Vote, on this the most important decision that our country will take and face for decades.”

Hilary Benn MP: watch here.

Former Shadow Foreign Secretary

“I believe that history will record the Prime Minister’s red lines to have been an absolutely catastrophic mistake because they created the problem of the border in Northern Ireland.”

Sajid Javid MP: watch here.

Home Secretary

“It is my belief that the deal on the table is the best option available in ensuring a smooth exit from the European Union.”

Diane Abbott MP: watch here.

Shadow Home Secretary

“My party has said from the beginning that we respect the referendum result.”

Justine Greening MP: watch here.

Former Education Secretary

“We aren’t taking back control, we are giving it away.”

Yvette Cooper MP: watch here.

Former Shadow Home Secretary

“Parliament is being asked today to vote with a massive blindfold around our heads.”

Sir Michael Fallon MP: watch here.

Former Defence Secretary

“We’re confronted with a completely vacuous political declaration and in my view, we need something better and much firmer if we’re to take that decisive step at the end of March.”

Chuka Umunna MP: watch here.

Former Shadow Secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills

“Not one trade deal will be in place by March 2019.”

Emily Thornberry MP: watch here.

Shadow Foreign Secretary

“It is absolutely no wonder that this House is only a week away from rejecting their dismal Brexit deal and already holds this dismal Government in total and utter contempt.”

Jeremy Hunt MP: watch here.

Foreign Secretary

“Let us grasp this opportunity for a new and different partnership post-Brexit.”

Watch the debates as they happen on our YouTube channel.