5 Oct 2017

Brexit Reality Debate: Should Brexit be stopped at all costs?

Welcome to our second Brexit Reality Debate. If you voted Remain should you fight Brexit or accept it. Have the people spoken – or could they change their minds? Are you sick of the whole thing and want to get on with it – or are you terrified we are sleep walking over a cliff? Last week in Wakefield we brought together Brexiteers.

Tonight in a city that voted strongly to remain we’ve got just Remainers – in the Georgian splendour of Bath’s Assembly Rooms. And in many ways things are going their way.

Four rounds of Brexit talks haven’t made huge progress, the government admits it needs at least two more years of transition and is gripped by a leadership crisis after Theresa May’s grim performance yesterday.

One man who thinks it should be stopped at all costs is Hugo Dixon – the founder of the pro-Europe think tank Common Ground – who believes the public can be persuaded to change their minds