9 Mar 2009

Breast massage is best in China

DanweiTrawling through the Chinese blogosphere, I come across this gem on www.danwei.org about how the Chinese celebrated International Women’s Day:

“Yesterday, at the Liberation Monument (解放碑), 300 nurses were dancing the “breast protection exercise”. The nurses were dancing to music in formation on Monument Square.

“They were stretching their chest, arms, and massaging (their breasts), forceful yet graceful.
The performance attracted lots of passersby, who stopped to watch.

As International Women’s Day came, in response to the municipal government’s calling for constructing a ‘healthy Chongqing’, medical professionals organized this activity whose theme is ‘healthy Chongqing, take care of women’ (健康重庆,关爱妇女). In addition, twenty doctors gave free medical advice to the public in regard to woman’s breast health and daily habits to help prevent diseases.”

Well, yes, I’m sure the 300 nurses massaging their breasts (forceful, yet graceful) did attract a lot of passers-by….

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