19 Oct 2014

Breakdancing at Aleppo’s daytime disco – in pictures

Thoughts of war are put to one side for a few hours at a daytime disco providing some relief for students in Aleppo, Syria.

These student break dancers in Aleppo show off their moves at a daytime disco.

It is too dangerous to go out at night, so these young break dancers keep their skills going at an afternoon disco in a hotel in west Aleppo.

At a bar in the early afternoon, thoughts of Syria’s war are put to one side for a few hours.

Aleppo’s break dancers said the music gave them a chance to forget about the carnage going on around them.

A student performs his robot dance with a silver mask to roars from his adoring crowd.

The DJs play music to keep the dance floor full, ranging from traditional Depke music to Psy’s Gangman Style.

Friends look on as others show off their skills.

The war in Aleppo has raged for more than two years, but dancing offers some light relief.

At a bar in west Aleppo, which is largely in regime hands serves drinks of all kinds to the mainly student crowd.

Despite ongoing fighting, the falafel stands in west Aleppo still prove popular.

Mountains of ingredients lie waiting to be wrapped up for what they promised was the city’s best falafel wrap.

At lunchtime, there’s barely room to stand as falafel wraps are dished out to hungry customers.

Wrapped at lightning speed, these stands hand their skills down to a fine art.

Towers of tomatoes, salad and carrot, wait to find their way into the next falafel wrap.

Images: Channel 4 News producer @thompwalker.