11 May 2021

Boris Johnson says UK must turn ‘jabs into jobs’ after pandemic

Political Editor

A promise to “level up” and redistribute spending after the inequalities exposed by the pandemic might sound like an excerpt from a Labour manifesto.

But it was at the heart of 30 planned new laws in today’s Queen’s Speech, as the Conservatives looked to entrench an apparent shift in political allegiances.

Covid restrictions meant the Queen’s first major public appearance since Prince Philip’s funeral was sparsely attended and bereft of much of the usual pomp.

The government’s programme includes: a lifetime skills guarantee offering education to help adults improve their skills, an attempt to make it less attractive for illegal asylum seekers to come to the United Kingdom, reform of the planning process to make building homes easier, and making public transport outside London more connected across the bus and train network.

But there were no details on social care reform, 22 months after the Prime Minister said he had a plan ready to go.

We report now on that and other omissions.