31 Dec 2013

Channel 4 News blogs: the best of 2013

From Syria to Sri Lanka, Nelson Mandela to Weinergate, Nigel Farage to Quentin Tarantino – this is a selection of some of our best blogs from from the past 12 months.

Best of blogs: Channel 4 News in 2013

Alex Thomson’s View

‘He lies motionless on the road’: peacekeeping soldier shot in CAR – video

10 Dec – On the same day that two French army peacekeepers are killed in CAR, the Channel 4 News team witnesses and films a UN Fomac soldier being shot on the open road.


Nelson Mandela: the man who inspired my generation

5 Dec – Two decades on from his “walk to freedom”, Nelson Mandela walked his final mile. The impact of his death will reach far beyond the frontiers of South Africa.

Jonathan Miller on Foreign Affairs

Chasing the ghosts of Sri Lanka’s disappeared

13 Nov – As Channel 4 News tries to head to Sri Lanka’s militarised north, disturbing reports come in that the relatives of people who have been “disappeared” are being detained.

Matt Frei

Oops I did it again. Weinergate, round two

24 Jul – Sexting and the erotic potential of Obamacare: Matt Frei on Anthony Weiner, the rising star of US politics caught with his pants down. Again.

Lindsey Hilsum on International Affairs

For Russia, injustice and cruelty in Syria is better than instability

11 Sept – One reason why Russia opposes US intervention in Syria is that it could make a bad situation worse. And from a Russian viewpoint, instability is a far greater worry than injustice or cruelty.

Michael Crick on Politics

Godfrey Bloom: ‘Women knew sluts comment was joke’

20 Sep – It was a disaster one could have seen coming. Godfrey Bloom, the controversial Ukip MEP who was caught on camera over the summer talking of “bongo bongo land”, was billed to appear at a champagne reception to discuss women in politics. Champagne? Women? In politics? It was an irresistible combination.

John Sparks, World News Blog

North Korea’s unusual admission of instability

13 Dec – North Korea is a country where everyone agrees on everything – or so their officials and the state-run media would have us believe.

Geoff White on Technology

A lesson from the Silk Road – nothing dies online

3 Oct – As more details emerge of how the FBI snared their suspect in the Silk Road case, there are some chilling lessons to be learned in just how difficult it is to stay anonymous online.

Simon Israel on Home Affairs

Woolwich attack was unexpected, ‘incomprehensible and frightening’

19 Dec – The verdict was never in doubt. Bar the sheer brutality of it all, 90 per cent of the evidence was on camera.

Faisal Islam on Economics

Exclusive interview with the ‘Edward Snowden of banking’

4 Dec – It was the biggest bank heist in history, not of money or gold bullion, but something far more important — data — and it all stems back to one man, who worked in one branch of just one bank.


Quentin and me

10 Jan – I have to admit “I’m shutting your butt down!” was a slight disappointment from the creator of some of the most exciting dialogue of modern movies.