26 Dec 2013

Big fat graphic of the year – who and what shaped 2013?

We twerked, we worked (zero hours), we fought the trolls and we tried to pay for our lunch in bitcoins. Channel 4 News takes a look at the people, words and events which shaped 2013.

Malala or Bowie, Assad or Brand: who were the winners, losers and influencers of 2013? Did you spend your wonga wisely or stash it all in bitcoins before going on a digital detox? And who are the people, unknown a year ago, who scorched into the headlines for better or for worse?

Click around our big fat graphic of the year to find out. And if you think we’ve missed a bit – tweet us @Channel4News

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Our presenters, editors and correspondents have been blogging on why they think the personalities featured in our big fat graphic are important.