3 Jun 2018

Baroness Warsi: ‘the party needs to get out of denial mode’

The Home Secretary has rejected calls for an inquiry into alleged anti-Muslim behaviour by Conservative politicians. Earlier this week the former party chair Baroness Warsi backed such calls saying the party had to act on Islamaphobia within its ranks. Her comments come as Tory councillor Stephen Ardley was suspended from the party, after it was reported he had allegedly posted anti-muslim comments about the London Mayor Sadiq Khan on social media. The Conservative MP Bob Blackman has also been accused of sharing anti-Muslim comments – including fake news – leading to calls from the Muslim Council of Britiain for an independent investigation into Islamophobia in the party. This morning, Sajid Javid dismissed the need for an investigation.

Baroness Warsi joins us from Wakefield to discuss this.