8 Aug 2011

Ballistics report into Duggan death imminent

The results of the police watchdog’s ballistics report in connection with the death of Mark Duggan in Tottenham last Thursday are expected within 24 hours.

Tottenham riots - Getty

The forensic analysis carried out by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into last week’s fatal shooting of Tottenham resident Mr Duggan is expected to end to speculation about a bullet lodged in a police officer’s radio during the incident.

A report in the Guardian newspaper suggests that the bullet was police issue, the suggestion being that the Metropolitan police officer was shot by a fellow marksman rather than 29-year-old Duggan, whose death at the hands of police sparked unrest in north and south London over the weekend.

But marksmen involved in the incident in Tottenham believe that the bullet was home-made, a source close to the officers has told Channel 4 News.

It is understood that after the marksmen had shot Duggan, they immediately attended to their fellow officer who had been injured when the bullet hit his radio. The source said that the marksmen were of the shared opinion that the bullet lodged in the radio was home-made.

A spokesperson for the IPCC said that the ballistics report is expected within the next 24 hours. She would not divulge any of the findings of the initial ballistics tests.

Meanwhile, the watchdog defended itself against claims it has not had enough contact with the family of Mr Duggan.

Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne, who is overseeing the investigation into the father-of-four’s death, said the family were frustrated by a lack of contact from the police, not the IPCC.

Her statement said: “I am aware of various media reports suggesting that we have not had adequate contact with Mr Duggan’s family since his death.

“Following my meeting with the family yesterday (Sunday) I am very clear that their concerns were not about lack of contact or support from the IPCC.

“Their concerns were about lack of contact from the police in delivering news of his death to Mark’s parents.

“It is never the responsibility of the IPCC to deliver a message regarding someone’s death and I have told Mr Duggan’s family that I would be addressing this issue with the Met and that, if necessary, this would become part of our investigation.”

On Saturday, 26 police officers were injured, eight requiring hospital treatment, during clashes with upwards of 300 rioters in Tottenham.