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Channel 4 News on Twitter

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 26 February 2009

How and why you should follow the show on Twitter.

Where can I find Channel 4 News on Twitter?

The show

@channel4news: our main feed from inside the newsroom
@C4Nwestminster: digital TV's best watched news programme
@factcheck: a critical eye on political spin

Presenters, correspondents and reporters

@krishgm: updates from presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy
@alextomo: Presenter and chief correspondent, Alex Thomson
@julianrush: science correspondent, Julian Rush
@cathynewman: political correspondent, Cathy Newman
@benjamincohen: technology correspondent, Benjamin Cohen
@jrug: foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Rugman
@vsmacdonald: social affairs correspondent Victoria Macdonald
@SamiraAhmedC4: presenter Samira Ahmed
@carldinnen: reporter Carl Dinnen
@c4nickmartin: reporter Nick Martin
@annadoble: online producer Anna Doble
@kumquatkid: money reporter, Ben King

Behind the scenes

@martinfewell: deputy editor, Martin Fewell
@frasere: senior programme editor, Ed Fraser
@oliverjamesking: weekend programme editor, Oliver King
@c4news: guests, technical hitches and gossip from the studio

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Blog feeds

@jonsnowblog: the latest from Jon Snow's blog
@garygibbonblog: new posts from our political editor's blog
@faisalislam: economics correspondent, Faisal Islam
@worldnewsblog: the latest from our foreign team's blog
@iraqinquiryblog: latest developments from our Iraq Inquiry blogger

We'll update this list as and when the Channel 4 News family grows.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, aka @krishgm, walks you through the first steps to get on to Twitter. Click play to launch the video.

What is Twitter?

A micro-blogging service which allows you to post one-line updates (also known as tweets). Each one can be no longer than a text message.

Why do we use it?

It's fast, fun and friendly. It lets us throw out titbits of breaking news, newsroom gossip and links to items of interest pretty much in real time.

It's also becoming increasingly useful for newsgathering and opinion-gauging - rapid response from our followers can generate useful tips and gives us a good idea of what people are interested in, or not.

How do I get started?

The short answer: go to and sign up for an account. Follow channel4news, and ideally, the rest of the Channel 4 News family. Read our updates.

Tweet back in response: if you want us to read a Tweet, start it off @channel4news. If you want to pass one of our messages on to your followers, preface it RT @channel4news then copy and paste our message.

The longer answer: try one of these for a handy step-by-step guide.

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