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Vote 2010: Grant Shapps Twitter interview

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 14 April 2010

Interviewed on Twitter by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Tory shadow housing minister Grant Shapps tweeted his responses on abortion, Europe, house prices and gay rights.

Grants Shapps's Twitter page
Hello Grant - are you there and ready for our C4 News twinterview
sure... fire away...

Great . so - after a big glossy launch this week why are the polls even closer than they were before?

Do you accept that many people do want change, but don't think you are offering it?

shouldn't David Cameron have sealed the deal by now? If you can't pull ahead in these tough times then surely you're sunk?

we'd love to have convinced everyone, but these are sceptical times & ppl are barely engaged in the election w/ 3 wks to go.

Let me fire a few quick q's at you gathered from our twitter followers....

1. Are you committed to protecting the right to abortion up to 24 weeks?

I personally voted to lower the abortion limit from 24 to 20 in last Parliament & I'd do same again.

2. Do you agree with Chris Grayling on B&B owners being able to choose who they admit to their homes?

the law is the law & huge progress has been made over the yrs. I'd never want to turn the clock back.

3. Haven't the Tories lost influence in Europe since withdrawing from the EPP? Awkward when Merkel wouldn't meet Cameron ?

DC has good relations w/ German leader, but Cameron isn't PM yet. With DC as PM of course Merkel would meet. We share much in common.

DC and Merkel have already met on several occasions.

Would it be a good thing if house prices fell?

I don't think govt should target higher or lower house prices. Key thing is stability. Brown's boom & bust has been a killer.

but would it be a good thing for those priced out right now if prices fell - just want an opinion not a policy

yeah of course, twice as expensive to get foot on ladder since '97. So permanent stamp duty cut & scrap HIPs to get market moving

also... too few homes built - this yr lowest peacetime build since 1924. That's why prices have shot through roof. V bad for ppl.

So that is a 'yes' it would be a good thing if house prices came down. just to be clear

good for prices to be affordable, not a Q of collasping prices, but mixture of salary to price ratio + cut red tape (stamp duty)FTB

'the law is the law' doesn't sound like a big banging of the drum on gay rights. A bit reluctant on this issue?

spotted follow up on gay rights. Big supporter. Legislation passed prior to being MP. Would definitely voted for civil partnerships.

Do you think too many twits make a twat?

no. twitter just like any other time you're asked a Q, spk without thinking & you'll end up like that Lab candidate in Scotland!

though quite what that Labour candidate was doing thinking those things in first place another question!

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