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Peter Robinson loses his seat

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 06 May 2010

The Northern Ireland First Minister, Peter Robinson, has lost his Belfast East seat to the Alliance Party. But his DUP colleague Ian Paisley Junior held off a challenge from the Traditional Unionist Voice.

Peter Robinson loses his Westminster seat (credit:Getty Images)

The Democratic Unionist Party received a setback as the first results came in from Northern Ireland. The party leader Peter Robinson was beaten in Belfast East by Naomi Long of the Alliance.

Mr Robinson, who remains a member of the Northern Ireland assembly and first minister, said: "I have a job to do and I have a mandate with my position in the assembly".

But his colleague, Ian Paisley Junior, held off a challenge in Antrim North from the Traditional Unionist Voice candidate, Sammy Wilson.

There was a setback for the Ulster Unionists and their Conservative Party allies when the dissident unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon - who left the party over its agreement with David Cameron - took Down North from them. 

With just Fermanagh & South Tyrone still to declare in Northern Ireland, the DUP have taken eight seats, down one, Sinn Fein have taken four, the Social Democratic & Labour Party have taken three seats, the Alliance Party have made the one gain and the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists have lost their one seat to independent Sylvia Hermon.

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