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Deployed to Afghanistan: three profiles

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 27 April 2010

Lance Corporal Richard Savage, Lance Corporal Ashley Jones and Lance Corporal Rob Wright have been deployed to Afghanistan with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF), where they blog for Channel 4 News.

BRF soldier in Afghanistan (MoD)

The three soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan where they take up the story for Channel 4 News from Trooper Pete Sheppard, who blogged for us at the beginning of the year.

Lance Corporal Rob Wright

Lance Corporal Rob Wright is 26 years old and comes from Leeds. He has served with the Royal Dragoon Guards for three and a half years.

He has had a number of aunt and uncles in the armed forces so has always considered it as a career option.

This trip marks Lance Corporal Wright's first tour of Afghanistan - he was deployed to Iraq in 2007 on vehicle patrols.

However, this time around he will be serving as a "recce", ensuring all areas are safe and clear for his comrades and the civilian population.

His primary concern is IEDs, stating "anyone can handle being shot at, but these are always in the back of people's minds."

On being selected for the BRF he said: "Everyone is proud of what they've achieved - it's a really good accomplishment." He expects to be contacted a lot.

Lance Corporal Richard Savage

- Read LCpl Savages's frontline blog
Blog 1: Frustrations of the stag

Lance Corporal Richard Savage is 21 years old and comes from the Staffordshire town of Tamworth. He serves with the Queen's Royal Lancers.

He joined up to the armed forces in 2005, following his father's footsteps into the military - his dad served with the Royal Green Jackets for 26 years.

This will be Lance Corporal Savage's second tour of duty in Afghanistan, having previously been deployed to the war zone in 2008, where he acted as a driver.

He will be mainly involved in the mobile manoeuvre group where he will "bounce around", clearing areas and the last of any insurgents.

His biggest fear echoes that of many others heading into the theatre of war: IEDs.

Lance Corporal Ashley Jones

- Read LCpl Jones's frontline blog
Blog 1: The worrying wait

Lance Corporal Ashley Jones is 22 years old and from Peterborough. He has served with 1 Battalion REME for the past six years.

This will be his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, having been deployed in 2007 as a vehicle mechanic. This time he will serve as a driver. His fiancée is currently serving out there too.

He is the first of his family to step into the armed forces since world war II, but has always expressed a keen interest in the military, signing up to cadets at the age of 13.

Lance Corporal Jones shares his comrades' concerns surrounding IEDs, but is confident the skills and drills they have learnt will not make it an issue. With the right mental attitude, he is keeping a positive view on the road ahead.

He is extremely proud to have passed selection for the BRF.

All three servicemen have trained for over a year, coming together after the first six months to work as an elite unit. They have been preparing in heat and sand to gain a full understanding of the conditions they will face.

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