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Political humour: your coalition cartoons

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 03 August 2010

Channel 4 News viewers, from established artists to amateurs, send us their cartoon drawings and images of the new coalition government, after Political Editor Gary Gibbon's report on the effect satirical cartoons are having on the Lib Dems.

Coalition cartoons: Cameron and Clegg (Image: Gary Barker)

Gibbon was struck by the number of Liberal Democrats in parliament who told him how worried they were about the images that the cartoonists were embedding in the public consciousness (and in the minds of their party activists).

For decades the Lib Dems longed to be profiled. But with recognition, comes caricature and mockery.

If the coalition is "strong and stable" as promised, there will be years and years of the stuff, and it rarely gets nicer as time goes by.

We asked Channel 4 News viewers to send us their artwork, and below is a selection of cartoons. Many thanks indeed to all those that contributed.

If you would like to send us your own cartoon to add to this page, you can email it to

 Abandon all hope: David Cameron and Nick Clegg by illustrator Gary Barker.

Crispin Earle depicts Cameron as ventriloquist Keith Harris and Clegg as Orville the Duck.

Life under the Tories: MP Eric Pickles is mocked by illustrator Christopher Sharrock.

 Artist Roger Wade's "Twitbook" cartoon referencing Cameron's recent trip to India. 

 Artist Joyce Marriott's "comic duo who now seem to be running the country".

Iain Duncan Smith takes advice on reform, by Alastair Smith


 John Campbell sent a copy of The Somebodys single: I started a joke.

David Janes is currently drawing portraits of all 648 MPs, here is his take on the Lib Dem party.

Lewis Taylor's "doodle" depicting London Mayor Boris Johnson as a pig.

Glenn Platt's coalition cartoon: "Eton Contempt"


The Cotton Bud Coalition by Fran Edney: "This is how I see the coalition".  

Christopher Sharrock's caricature of education secretary Michael Gove.

Crispin Earle's second spin on Cameron as a classic ventriloquist, with Clegg as his puppet.

Cartoonist Steve Bright doodled this while watching George Osborne's debut "Pleasure/Pain Budget".


Sam Jones drew this cartoon of the coalition (Cameron, Osborne and Clegg) on their way to a fancy dress party - wanting in particular to show Clegg as C3PO. 


Two more cartoons from artist Roger Wade: Gordon Brown smiles on the left; Dee and Dumb (Cameron and Clegg) on the right. 


Stan Madeley's coalition cartoon 

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