8 Jul 2013

Murray to become one of ‘highest paid’ British sport stars

He may have ended a 77-year wait for British tennis fans, but new Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is also set for big rewards himself.

Andy Murray is set to become one of Britiain's top earning sports stars (picture: Reuters)

Murray, who became the first British male Wimbledon singles champion since Fred Perry after defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets on Sunday, could now become one of the top earning British sportstars of all time, according to one marketing expert.

Because tennis is one of the “few truly global sports,” Nigel Currie, director of sports marketing agency brand Rapport says, this will help to boost Murray’s earning power.

You don’t want to go to sleep in case you wake up and it didn’t actually happen. Andy Murray

“Tennis is one of the few truly global sports. Along with golf it is played and followed in almost every country in the world,” Mr Currie said.

“Even sports such as football or Formula 1 have struggled to win over the vital American market. Also being an individual sport rather than a team sport makes it much more lucrative.”

Marketing opportunities

Mr Currie predicted that Murray’s off-court earnings could increase to £15m a year, up from £9m a year. Murray is currently ranked at number 32 in the Sunday Times sports rich list, with an estimated wealth of £32m.

And despite finishing as runner-up yesterday, Novak Djokovic will also not miss out on the financial boost, Mr Currie said.

“With Roger Federer beginning to show his age and his form perhaps fading, and Rafael Nadal with injury worries, it could mean that Murray and Novak Djokovic will be the main two for the next few years,” he said.

“If you’re number one or two in the world of tennis, which is such a global sport, the marketing opportunities are fantastic.”

‘Tough to get to sleep’

Andy Murray emerged into the spotlight again on Monday for a series of interviews. He has said he will spend the next few days celebrating with friends and family, and will then take a short break before returning to training.

Andy Murray kisses the Wimbledon trophy after beating Novak Djokovic (picture: Reuters)

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “No-one could really believe it and I was the same. You don’t want to go to sleep in case you wake up and it didn’t actually happen.

“I was just messaging my friends and laying in bed. It was tough to get to sleep last night.

“I’m sure I will see some of the newspapers around. I’ve seen some of the back pages and front pages of the newspapers this morning.

“I know I won Wimbledon yesterday but what it actually means – I think that will take longer than 24 hours to sink in and understand it.”

Murray’s father Willie, said it was “incredible” that a “little gangly boy from Dunblane” had achieved the history-making Wimbledon victory.

“From a little gangly boy from Dunblane, it’s just ridiculous,” he said. “You saw him a few years ago, he had nothing on his bones, but he’s worked very hard and that’s what he’s achieved. It’s just incredible. I’m absolutely delighted.”