29 Jun 2022

America after Roe

What next for women’s rights in America?

It was a decision that America knew was coming. Jubilation from those who want abortion banned across the US but a devastating blow for those who’ve fought for women to retain the right to choose.

The Supreme Court has reversed five decades of legal protection for abortion rights created by the 1973 landmark judgement, Roe v Wade that gave women the constitutional right to have an abortion.

Now, the Supreme Court with it’s Conservative majority has done what pro-life campaigners have desired for 50 years, taken that right away from women, and handed it back to the states. And nearly half of them will ban abortion outright, even in cases of rape and incest.

In this episode of The Fourcast, we speak to Professor Mary Ziegler, who has written extensively on abortion rights in America, and to Tamaya Cox-Toure, part of the Amerian Civil Liberties Union in Oklahoma, about the ramifications we’re already seeing in her state and beyond.

Sources: AP, CSPAN

Produced by: Nina Hodgson.


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