27 May 2014

After Europe, Farage’s Ukip sets sights on Newark

Following success in the EU elections, Nigel Farage is setting his sights on Westminster – and on next week’s Newark by-election. Are the parties pulling their weight?

The candidates standing in the Newark by-election are –

  • Paul Stephen BAGGALEY – independent
  • David Laurence BISHOP – Bus-Pass Elvis party
  • Nick The Flying BRICK – Official Monster Raving Loony party
  • Andy HAYES – independent
  • Roger HELMER – UK Independence party
  • Robert Edward JENRICK – Conservative party
  • David Charles KIRWAN – Green party
  • Michael PAYNE – Labour party
  • Dick RODGERS – Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain’s Money
  • David Kenneth WATTS – Liberal Democrat
  • Lee WOODS – Patriotic Socialist party

Also available here: http://www.newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk/newarkbyelection/whocanivotefor/

Newark by-election Ukip posters