13 Sep 2013

Afghan Taliban’s deadly attack on US consulate

Afghanistan’s Taliban detonate two suicide car bombs in an attack on the US consulate in Herat and engage security forces in a gun battle.

Taliban militants in car bomb attack on US consulate (picture: Reuters)

The attack began early on Friday, when militants set off the two bombs – one in an SUV, the other in an explosives-laden small van.

Taliban fighters on foot then opened fire on Afghan security forces around the US consulate compound.

Two members of the security forces and seven of the Taliban fighters, including the drivers of the two car bombs, were killed.

It is currently unclear if the Taliban managed to get inside the facility.

The US said all of its personnel were safe. US forces moved into the area following the attack to secure the site.

At least seven militants and two members of Afghan security forces died in US consulate attack (picture: Reuters)

General Rahmatullah Safi, chief of police in Herat province, said a private security guard working at the compound and an Afghan police officer were killed in the attack.

Police, guards and civilians were wounded, though the number of those hurt is unclear.

General Safi added that the situation was under control around an hour after the start of the attack.

The Taliban have taken responsibility for the attack.

Around the same time, a suicide bomber detonated a truck full of explosives near government offices in eastern Paktika province after security personnel opened fire at him.

At least seven members of Afghan forces were wounded in the explosion, an official said.

Four police were wounded as were three members of the Afghan national army, Afghan said. The road was badly damaged, and windows were shattered in nearby buildings.