Former generals urge government to allow more Afghan interpreters to settle in UK More than 40 former military commanders are calling for urgent action to help Afghans who served alongside British forces to settle in the UK.
Meet the women taking on the Taliban in Afghanistan As the last of the American and Nato forces withdraw from Afghanistan, concern is growing for women and girls in the country. Over the past month there’s been a wave of attacks against prominent women, while peace talks between the government and the Taliban flounder. And fears are mounting that the fragile gains for women…
Afghanistan: the forever-war no more What’s changed in Afghanistan after years of international involvement? Or rather, why does it feel like nothing’s changed?
Afghanistan: Fears schoolgirls will be first in line of fire after US withdrawal The horror of this month’s bomb attack on a girls’ school in Kabul is still being felt across Afghanistan.
Afghanistan battles emboldened Taliban as country prepares for US withdrawal Afghan government forces are struggling to repel hundreds of daily Taliban attacks, and the spectre of a return to all out civil war now looms over the country. 

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