1 Jul 2011

A poem for a Briton at Wimbledon

As Andy Murray bows out of the 2011 Wimbledon tournament, poet Adam Taylor reflects on what it means to be Britain’s number one.

Poet Adam Taylor writes for Channel 4 News.

A Briton at Wimbledon

you assert
he dictates
you go for the kill
he assassinates

he knows he will
you think you might
you say good evening
he says goodnight

he lifts an eyebrow
you’re known to quibble
he is a canapé
you are the nibbles

you are the liver
he is the pâté
he’s an espresso
you are a latte

you are a penthouse
he is a chateau
he’s at his peak
you’re at your plateau

you’re a repeat
he’s an encore
you are his battle
he is your war

he gets the cup
you get the mug
we shake his hand
but you we hug

For more poems from Adam Taylor visit his website www.adamtaylorpoetry.com.

A poem for a Briton at Wimbledon