26 Aug 2011

A cyborg eye’s view of the world

Rob Spence lost an eye following a childhood accident. Because of that he has helped create a camera which sits inside his eye socket and gives a unique world view.

The camera is not connected to Rob’s brain and is not an eye replacement. He is using the device to make films which literally give his viewpoint on the world. The machine records everything Rob sees via a wireless transmitter which allows him to transmit what he is looking at to a computer.

Rob’s day job is as a film-maker and he usually works as a director and producer in Canada but he has been developing the Eyeborg Project in conjunction with a small team for several years.

His broader aim is to highlight the issue of surveillance in western society as he will be recording everything he looks at. His aim is to use his cyborg eye to make people think more about the amount of surveillance they are subject to in their daily lives and about how that data is stored and accessed.

He said: “People are more scared of a centre-left documentary maker with an eye than the 400 ways they are filmed every day at the school, the subway, the mall.”

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