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  • Matt Frei met Prime Minister Morawiecki in his grand Warsaw office today over tea and roses. He began by asking him, whether the EU’s member states are as united over the Brexit talks as they say.

  • The May/ Juncker talks

    This visit is in fact part of the “selling of the deal” which Theresa May is now embarked on.

  • 20 Nov 2018

    Kim Jong-un, Jose Mourinho and Jacob Rees-Mogg in a cheese-rolling contest, watched with bemused horror by Steve McFadden, best known as Phil Mitchell from EastEnders. The crazy world of internet sensation Cold War Steve, whose absurd collages portray a dystopian image of Britain’s future. His satirical take on Brexit has won over staunch Remainers and disillusioned Leavers alike.…

  • Support isn’t getting to deaf children who desperately need it, according to a leading charity, who say there’s a “heartbreaking” funding crisis for special needs education. A survey by the Deaf Children’s Society shows nine out of ten parents of deaf children are worried about how much support they’ll continue getting at school. Ministers, though,…

  • President Trump and his entourage have come and gone, along with most of the media, but almost two weeks after California’s deadliest wildfire on record destroyed the town of Paradise, the official list of the missing is still fluctuating wildly. At the last count, 699 people have yet to be accounted for.

  • He’s one of the most senior figures in the car industry and he’s now under arrest. Carlos Ghosn, the Brazilian-born chairman of Nissan, credited with reviving its fortunes over the past two decades, was detained on allegations of under-reporting his own income and misusing company assets. Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault, a three-way alliance of carmakers, all led…

  • Cabinet ministers got a glimpse of those plans this morning at a meeting variously described variously as “tense” and “constructive”. In the Commons, has Mrs May really dodged an attempt by Eurosceptic MPs to unseat her or is the plot continuing?

  • The Kremlin has denounced what it called “western meddling” in an election, after Britain and the United States urged the international police agency Interpol not to elect a former Russian interior ministry official as its new chief. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said that if Alexander Prokopchuk was appointed, it would be like turning Interpol into…

  • Brexit: Cabinet meetings, tweaks to the text and a Brussels day trip

    Some Cabinet ministers say this morning’s gathering was a more low-key affair than last week’s. One around the table said “it was like the steam had gone out of it.” Chris Grayling spoke up, challenging the idea that Theresa May’s deal could ever get through the Commons. But others, one source said, were rather low-key. The Chief…

  • Theresa May has been defending her Brexit plan, after it was heavily criticised last week. FactCheck examines two of the main concerns. Could the UK really get “trapped” in a backstop?

  • 19 Nov 2018

    Ten thousand homes were destroyed, a third of the schools, and dozens of people died, amid the most destructive wildfires in California’s history.

  • “Be in no doubt, I am determined to deliver” my Brexit deal, Theresa May has told business leaders at the CBI conference. 

  • Lawyers are calling for tougher rules governing online dating, arguing that the internet makes it possible to deceive victims on a widespread scale.

  • The new Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has admitted there are problems with Universal Credit.

  • From the future of the nuclear weapons deal to the conflict in Yemen, the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt had plenty on his agenda today when he met senior Iranian officials in Tehran.